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2018-07-20, 01:34 AM
This is just an idea a couple friends and I had for a random encounter that could be done in the overworld, its fun and silly and turns the most pathetic monster I've found in the game thus far into a force to be reckoned with.

Warning: This Quest is stupposed to be stupid, funny, all around not too serious. the only reward the players will receive is possibly magical materials, and two level ups. Should the DM wish to not include this it is entirely possible not to, but it should be a funny and silly experience for the players. It also has a possible chance to kill the entire party in one swoop.

While traveling the party hears in the distance a distant roar and a faint cackling sound, In the distance the party will see the smoke of what seems to be a forest fire.
Should the party investigate they eventually come across the corpse of a fully Grown Red dragon in the midts of a blackened opening of forest where there trees had once stood. (the DM may choose a chromatic or metalic dragon but the dragonís breath attack should be either lighting or fire). (AC 18 Perception test) Players who pass the perception test hear faintly in the distance a mad cackle which fades into the distance.

With the party seemingly having a free dragon corpse on their hands they are free to loot if they wish and if they due they must each make a AC 15 Perception test. Players who pass will notice as they get closer to the dragon hundreds of little holes in the dragonís hide where something seemed to had bored or pierced its way through the dragons armor. As players seem to go further in looting the corpse of the dragon they will need to make another AC 15 perception test, those who pass will find that there seem to be plants beginning to form from said holes in the dragon hide.

(DM note: if you are leveling your players up through experience keep track of how many shrubs the party kills, it will be important later)

After this realization the party will be attacked by 1D12 Suishrubs. Suishrubs have the same attributes and abilities as a normal awakened shrub but with the following:

Fire attack: Should the shrubs be ignited in flames and still survive the flames they receive an additional 1D6 Fire damage to their normal attack.

Erupting seeds: Should a Shrub die due to fire damage they explode, each creature caught within a 10 ft radius of the shrub must make an AC 13 dexterity saving throw to take half of 2D6 Fire damage, Suishrubs caught in this explosion automatically fail the dexterity saving Throw. Should a player die from within the explosion they roll their hit die which will spawn more suishrubs. any NPC creature that dies from this rolls the health die to make up their health (example: Goblin Dies from a shrub roll for 2D6 Shrubs)

Fire attraction: The suishrubs on their own have an unnatural attraction to fire, any test to pass a dexterity saving throw to half any fire damage is automatically failed and any players who are holding anything that emits a fire-like light are targeted first. if there is a fire in the area that players are close to the suishrubs will go to the fire to ignite themselves

Zombify: Should a creature die from the erupting seeds ability of the Suishrub instead of spawning suishrubs they can raise the corpse of the creature. The creature is considered to be at full health, the zombified creature is not able to use any magic and any attack must be unarmed strikes, The zombified creature is not intelligent and cannot speak. At the beginning of each turn the creature rolls a hit dice to spawn more shrubs, each shrub spawned removes 10 HP from the creature. if a Zombified creature is dealt more than 10 damage from fire roll 2D6 for every 10 damage dealt, if the combined amount is above 10 the zombified creature explodes. Any creature caught within the blast radius must make Dexterity Saving throw with AC 13 or take 2D6 damage for each 10 health the zombified creature has left. The blast radius is 10 ft plus an additional 10 ft for each size above small.

(example: An adult dragon corpse zombified by the shrubs has 100 health left, the explosion would be a 40 ft radius dealing 20D6 fire damage on a failed Dexterity Save of AC 13, Successful saves halves the damage)

After surviving the first wave, to the players horror, The Shrubs will Zombify the Adult dragon

The party is free to flee at any time and should they choose to they will be able to easily escape from the plants and the dragon zombie.

Feel free to comment and if you try to do this with any of your players give me feed back on how it goes, it has a lot of dangers but it is supposed to be a little comical.

2018-07-21, 08:37 AM
Just as a side note, be free to check up on this more, I may be editing the encounter if I find better ways to describe it or new ways to make it easier to use