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2018-07-24, 06:55 PM
Welcome playgrounders, here is the thread in which you vote for which homebrewed class entered in the current D&D 5e Base Class is the greatest. The voting period will take place between 1:00 am on July 23rd to 11:59 pm on July 30th Eastern Standard time. Votes made outside of that time range while not be included in the total score of each class. It is required that people who compete vote, and failure to comply will result in disqualification, but other people who did enter not may vote as well. If you wish to vote, then give a first, second and third place vote. A first place vote is worth three points, a second place vote is worth two points, and a third place vote is worth one point. A person who votes for their own class must change their vote before the voting period ends or be disqualified. It is suggested that you include the reasoning for your votes, but it is not necessary. Let us begin.

When you make your vote, please also tell us what you would like the next competition's theme to be. It is not necessary to do this, but it would help us out greatly. So far people have suggested the following themes

1) Dragons

2) Monsters (such as vampires, mind flayers or angels) represented as PC classes

3) "Does not meet expectations". Classes that are based on nearly on the opposite of what is expected (e.g. Str based casters, Con based stealth class, Int based berserker). Likely using completely new mechanics/power or the existing rules in a unique way.

If you would like to come up with your own theme, please submit that here.

Time left until voting ends...
https://pending.me.uk/cd/bla_1533009599.png (https://www.pending.me.uk)

Submissions Thread: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?560208-D-amp-D-5e-Base-Class-Contest-II-expect-a-low-Margin-of-Terror

Chat Thread: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?560209-D-amp-D-5e-Base-Class-Contest-II-Chat-Thread

Voting Points
The Sleepwalker (by Mourne): 17
The Phobiamancer (By WarrentheHero): 9
The Overlord (By BerzerkerUnit): 3 Disqualified until further notice.
The Deep Spawn (By Requilac): 13

2018-07-24, 10:24 PM

1) Sleepwalker
2) Phobiamancer
3) Deep Spawn

2018-07-25, 02:01 PM
Looks like I'm going for the exact opposite of Ivellius... :smalltongue:

1. Deep Spawn
2. Phobiamancer
3. Sleepwalker

As for the next theme, I guess Four Elements sounds like the most interesting.

2018-07-26, 03:13 PM
1) Deep Spawn
2) Sleepwalker
3) Overlord

For the theme, I'd like "Elements", but maybe not just 4 of them. I really like the Quasi-Elements like Ice, Lightning, Steam, Magma, stuff like that. Maybe even mud?

2018-07-26, 07:02 PM
1) Sleepwalker: I already explained a lot of my reasoning behind this when I was commenting on it in the chat thread.

2) Phobiamancer: This is a really cool concept and has some rather thematic features, so there is a lot of potential to it. But when it comes to mechanics, things start falling apart for it. The only thing it can really do in combat is frighten someone or make basic weapon attacks. It is incredibly under powered. And in my opinion it should be a spellcasting class.

3) Overlord: I am really not fond of a class whose concept is literally doing nothing while it commands its monster buddies to take care of the action.

My personal favorite theme would be monsters represented as PC classes.

2018-07-28, 11:47 AM
1) Sleepwalker- Eberron's Quori were proof an entire setting or major setting element could be tied to the idea of astral entities tying themselves to people and devoting a class to exploring those connections in different way is cool. I'd even like to see a "good dreams" reflection, perhaps with the features remaining mechanically similar but having different themes. I was also a big fan of the Marvel Comics character of the same name.

2) Deepspawn- Love me some Lovecraft.

3) Erudite- This didn't completely jive with me, but I felt the Phobiamancer was too narrow a concept to carry a class, I'd prefer to see it spread as archetypes for a variety of classes.

Looking at one of the critiques of The Overlord (http://www.dmsguild.com/product/246120/Class-Option-The-Overlord), it's not that you do literally nothing, you're supposed to rant tyrannically at your enemies about how your minions (both your thrall and fellow PCs) will crush them, throw up your hands and call them a bumbling boob when they miss, shriek about having to do everything yourself when they fall, then berate them to get them back on their feet.

Next I think Monsters as Classes is more up my alley. I love dragons but I can do a dragon class if we do Monsters, and I think Elemental Stuff is a little too ready-bake for me (Power Rangers, Captain Planet, Avatar, Battle Beasts, etc).

2018-07-30, 02:31 AM
As odd as this sounds given the dearth of entries, this one was tough to judge. I really wanted to make a 1A and 1B rather than 1st and 2nd.

1. Phobiamancer -- I had some concerns on overall (combat) power being a tad weak, but the whole class was just so damn "clean". I had done a review for feedback but ended up with nearly no notes (so never posted it).

2. Deep Spawn -- ...or Deep Dweller as I internally christened the class. I really liked how Requillac didn't take the easy way out and use the baked in 5E fear mechanic. A very, very flavorful class which ended up a great Lovecraftian homage (which I must think is intended having seen Req's other homebrew). It almost came down to a coin flip between 'Mancer and this entry but, in the end, I went with the super clean mechanics.

3. Overlord -- I guess by default? Don't get me wrong, I actually found things I liked about the class and it was very well written/presented. My biggest issue, at least in the context of this contest, was that the class just didn't meet the theme at all (in my opinion). There just weren't any elements of using the fear mechanic or even features and fluff that screamed (ha!), "this is creepy".

As for the next contest, I'd like to see something along the lines of "Does not meet expectations". Classes that are based on nearly on the opposite of what is expected (e.g. Str based casters, Con based stealth class, Int based berserker). Likely using completely new mechanics/power or the existing rules in a unique way.

Quintus Vorenus
2018-07-30, 06:45 AM
1) Sleepwalker
2) Deepspawn
3) Erudite

2018-07-31, 05:47 PM
Voting has ended and the competition is over.