View Full Version : Armor Spikes+ Special Materials= ?

2007-09-11, 06:18 PM
I have a question to pose to the collective knowledge of the forums: Say I wanted to buy a mithral breastplate with armor spikes. Would I have to pay the extra 1000 gold (or whatever the exact price is) to have the spikes made of mithral as well, would the cost of the metal be included in hammering the spikes out of it, or could I just get iron ones added ex post facto?

I don't think this is anywhere in the errata, so.... thoughts?

2007-09-11, 06:21 PM
If the armour is made of mithril then so is the spikes, which are an integral part of the brestplate. The spikes can be enchanted like any other magic weapon.

2007-09-11, 07:12 PM
I think the spikes can be made out of a different material. And can even be added later.

If you have +1 magical armor, the spikes still require their own weapon enchantment if you want them to be magical weapons.

It is worth noting that the description of Full Plate states that the suit comes with gauntlets. So if you have Adamantine Full Plate you have gauntlets that allow you to ignore hardness.... of course you provoke attacks of opportunity if you attack an opponent with them.