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2018-07-26, 03:15 AM
Howdy All! Working on a set of empire-level rules for a Star Wars Saga Edition game I'm running on these boards, Imperial Warlords (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?525531-OoC-Imperial-Warlords-Star-Wars-Saga-Edition). I'd like to port the Fields of Blood ruleset into the Star Wars Saga Edition, to allow for play at the higher-end level of the Star Wars series. The movies are all about Han Solo and Luke Skywalker flying around in fighters and light transports. But what if you wanted to play as Darth Vader in the Executor?

Enter this thread. This is a work in progress, that will be filled out as I get time and the game progresses. I will try to reserve the first couple of posts in this thread for the ruleset as it develops, and then open the rest for commentary.

I appreciate any feedback! All of this will get updated as I get more and more time to put it together.

Introduction to Star Warlords
This ruleset mirrors the Fields of Blood ruleset, with two purposes: first, rules for large space and land battles with varied forces; and second, rules for management of an interplanetary government like the Empire or the New Republic.

Since it inherits strongly from those rules, it will eventually be written to allow both GM'd play with a group of players acting for a single realm, GM'd play with each players playing separate realms, or non-GM'd play between players in competition.

This post: Introduction.
Second Post: Interplanetary Governments and Strategic Play.
Third Post: Battle, on land and in space.
Fourth Post: Characters.
Fifth Post: The Force.
Sixth Post: Unit index.
Seventh post: TBD.

2018-07-26, 03:16 AM
The Second Post will deal with interplanetary governments and the strategic level of play, roughly corresponding with Chapters 2 and 3 of Fields of Blood.

Empires - All of the systems and planets within an interplanetary government
Systems - A single star system. Can include multiple planets. This is the base 'unit' in the strategic level of play - star systems are the hub around which production is generated and spent, and the setting in which most battles will occur.
Planets - A part of a star system. These determine what sort of assets you can build in a system.

Interplanetary governments come in several types, depending on how they divvy up power between their members.
Republic -




Any others?

Governments in star wars are usually quite cosmopolitan, including different populations from different systems with radically different cultures. System culture reflects what life is like in that system.
Civilized - Coruscant, Corellia, Eriadu

Technocratic/Corporate - Kamino, Bothawui, Collica, Mygeeto

Criminal - Tatooine, Nar Shadda

Primitive - Endor, Felucia, Dathomir

Cultured/Utopian? Naboo?

Any thoughts on this?

Resource Points

- Production
- Taxation
- System vs. Planetary Accounts


System-wide rules

System descriptions


System-wide assets

Planetary assets

Split off culture and government types, to allow for very different flavors within an empire.

2018-07-26, 03:17 AM
This third post is a placeholder for the battle rules.

I imagine these will be pretty complicated, as there are levels for:

Large scale ground combat - a la Hoth in Empire Strikes Back;
Large scale space combat - a la all the Clone Wars movies;
Space/Ground interface
Boarding Actions

2018-07-26, 03:19 AM
This fourth post is a placeholder for character level rules.

Characters in a saga edition game are not as powerful as equivalent level DnD characters, so there will be less emphasis on their independent deeds in combat and more on the capabilities they add to a unit (in battle) or an interplanetary government.

2018-07-26, 03:22 AM
This post is a placeholder for the force rules, corresponding with the "Magic" chapter in fields of blood.

I see the force rules as having three levels:
- Force and Characters
- Force and interplanetary governments (almost like 'realm spells' in FoB)
- Force organizations
- Force assets and sites and their game effects.

I think it's important to separate them, because while the force is essential to star wars it is not essential to equivalent high-drama sci fi stories, and one could easily port the ruleset over to another setting by discarding this chapter.

2018-07-26, 03:27 AM
This post is a placeholder for battle stats for common unit types.

I've inserted some handles to be developed later; more to follow once the rules get written.

Open question how to handle echelonment of forces. In the movies the scale varies wildly.

Stormtrooper Company
AT-AT Company
AT-ST Company
Rebel Infantry Company

TIE Squadron (wing?)

2018-07-26, 03:35 AM
This thread is a placeholder for random stuff that might come up, including a things to do list and whatever else comes up.

1. Hyperlink first post to the original Imperial Warlords OOC thread and all of the acts.
2. Hyperlink to FOB book on amazon.
3. Start with the realm chapter (since that's the next big thing, ain't it?)
4. Define time scale. Arbitrary seasons/time periods? How long?
5. Define government types. Obviously republic, autocracy, empire.... what else? Oligarchy (trade confederation from episodes I-III)? Kleptocracy (the Hutts)?
6. Population Centers and level of aggregation.
- Population centers should obviously be planets.
- What occurs at the system level?
7. Assets, improvements, economy.
8. Strategic level Actions.
9. Start brainstorming battle rules.

2018-08-15, 12:50 AM
Wow, real life's been hitting me harder than I thought when I initially posted this.

A few more sentence-length placeholders inserted, mostly focusing on strategic level play (second post).

More to follow as I get time.