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2007-09-11, 08:33 PM
Because of the biweekly loss of rpgwebprofiler.net, I think it's a good idea to post your favorite rule and hosting sites.
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To get us started:
http://www.d20srd.org/index.htm - Dnd 3.5, PH, MM, DMG, Psionic's, Unearthed Arcana.

2007-09-11, 08:44 PM
The official SRD (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=d20/article/srd35). Sometimes d20srd.org is down, and occasionally I just want to double-check the original SRD since d20srd.org incorporates errata into it. Also, having a single ZIP holding the entirety of the SRD is handy in general.

Shhalahr Windrider
2007-09-11, 08:49 PM
Well, I use Myth Weavers (http://www.myth-weavers.com) for hosting my characters.

I use the Sovelior Sage Hyperlinked SRD (http://www.systemreferencedocuments.org/35/sovelior_sage/home.html) because my browser usually has trouble with the way d20SRD.org uses text anchors. I'll follow a link that's supposed to take me halfway down the page, and I find myself staying at the top. Sovelior Sage works all the time for me.

Iku Rex
2007-09-11, 09:13 PM
Crystal Keep DnD index files (http://www.crystalkeep.com/d20/index.php). Feats, prestige classes, items, spells, etc., indexed and summarized. For example, the feat indexes has feats divided into categories like "shield feats" and "mounted combat feats" and the prestige class indexes has categories like "stacks with monk levels".

Searchable index of a long list of DnD/d20 books (http://timjoh.com/dnd/). Want to find some "shadow monster" for an encounter? Type in "shadow" (name) and monster (type) and get a long list of published monsters with the word "shadow" in their name.

Ema's Charsheets (http://www.emass-web.com/). I mostly use the dynamic spell sheets. Very handy.

2007-09-11, 10:46 PM

When I first heard Sylnae was going down, I transferred most of my critcal sheets over there before I heard about www.rpgwebprofiler.net