View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Seafaring Supplement (Stormwrack converted)

2018-07-28, 06:54 PM
Having played and DMed 3.5 edition for years and having been a huge fan of the Stormwrack supplement in particular, I found that 5th edition was sorely lacking in maritime rules. So I spent some time converting and adapting rules from older editions to 5E, primarily from Stormwrack.

I discarded a ton of things in an attempt to include only the rules a ship’s crew (and DM, obviously) would need for day-to-day travel and naval combat, which I also simplified somewhat. Then I replaced what I could with the existing 5E rules from the DMG, PHB and a few others, though there weren't many to work with. Mostly just the stats of siege weapons and environmental effects.

I posted it here four and a half months ago, when I first finished the rules. A lot of the feedback was about the lack of races and monsters, so I started converting the ones from Stormwrack to 5E's rules and power level. I'm posting it here again now that I've finished the races.

You’ll have to excuse the last page and a half of the supplement, I’m not finished importing the nautical bestiary yet. Converting monsters from 3.5 is way more time-consuming than I would have expected. But all of Stormwrack’s races and the core rules themselves are completed. Anyway, Here they arrr (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JxObgcSWyA3vnlclSg7DhrrbTUoZksdq).

2018-07-28, 07:33 PM
well I haven't fully read it, but in general looks good, and if I'll run sea based campigan, I will most defintly use it

2018-07-30, 07:18 PM
Thanks! If anyone has any feedback, let me know. I want to make sure it's as helpful as possible for peoples' seafaring campaigns.