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2018-07-31, 12:40 AM
Paying homage to Henry H. Neff's wonderful book series, The Tapestry, which depicts a world with celtic inspired magic overrun by demons. This thread will provide a semi-brief overview of the setting as of Book 3 of The Tapestry series (spoilers) as well as how to build a character in the world of The Tapestry. These guidelines aside from using Henry H. Neff's setting will use the FATE Core system, created by Evil Hat Productions.

Magic is real. It was gifted to people long ago by a people known as the Sidh in order to combat vicious entities known as Demons. Due to the combined power of The Sidh and the now mystical humans, the Demons were pushed back, but not wholly defeated. The Sidh retreated to their realm in a weakened state, and allowed humanity to take over the world at large. Now in control, the residing humans created a safe haven for Mages known as Solas, wherein Mages could study their craft in peace. This peace would not last.

A Demon known as Astaroth took lead over the other Demons, and led them en masse to take Solas. He led a siege of the mystic school, and destroyed it. The survivors of the initial attack fled by sea to the New World, and faced Astaroth in a last stand on the beaches of New England. It was there that Elias Bram, the most powerful of Mystics in that age, sacrificed himself to banish Astaroth into painting, and scatter his demon forces back to hell. A new school to support Mages was created on the very shores where Elias sacrificed himself, and they called it Rowan.

Centuries past, and the world changed. Technology had taken hold over magic, and horseless vehicles now crossed the street instead of carriages. It was during this time of technology when the mages had nearly forgotten the threat demons had posed that the forces of Astaroth gathered, and plotted his return. They brought back their dark lord from the painting he was banished to, and Astaroth had concocted a new plan to crush Rowan. He plotted to acquire The Book of Thoth, which contained the true names of everything in the universe, and could be used to reshape reality itself. Rowan uncovered these plots, and fought to get the book before Astaroth did, and succeeded. They found the book hiding deep in the Sidh realms, and spirited it away deep into Rowan's vaults. Astaroth was not going to simply give up on the chase, and sieged Rowan as he did Solas, and after a long battle, finally siezed The Book of Thoth.

Acquiring the power to reshape reality itself, the first thing Astaroth did with his newfound power was to unmake the world as it was today. He stripped away humanity of its medicine, its technology, and its memories of such fantastical devices so they could not be remade. He then gave his most powerful demon host complete rulership of all the lands of the earth. Now that humanity was no longer a ruling power, more fantastical creatures of myth started to resurface from hiding, claiming territory for themselves as well. Humanity as a whole had become nearly extinct, only a few million remained on the face of the earth. In their place now stood Demons, Vye, Goblins, Ogres, and other beasts. In short, the world is in ruins, and precious few stand in the ruble.

Rowan barely survived the siege, but it now stands as a beacon to any living human to retreat to in relative protection from the demon hosts. It lies on the northern coast of New England, and holds powerful Mystics as its fighting force.

Demons have overturned humanity as the dominant species of earth, and have made great kingdoms over humanities fading cities. Their largest kingdom, the Kingdom of Blys, resides over all of Europe, and parts of Russia and Africa.

The Witches are an ancient cult of magic users that split apart from the original mystics when they built Solas. They wear spellcarved runes over the entirety of their flesh, and hold tribal traditions punishable by death if broken. The dwell mostly in the Himalayas in ancient crypts worked into caves.

The workshop are a group of technologically superior engineers capable of feats of incredible bio engineering. They were allowed to keep their technologies by Astaroth in exchange for making war machines for the demon hosts, of which they have made many. The reside in vast underground facilities in numerous locations.

Aspect creation in The Tapestry is much the same as it is in Fate core, with the choosing of a High concept and trouble, with one difference. Instead of three aspects which describe general features of your character, you get two and a bloodline. Bloodlines are described in detail in the spoiler of the same name. The Bloodline you choose is the same name as this new aspect.

There are a few major bloodlines in The Tapestry series, and each one has minor benefits for the character. Bloodlines are also an aspect needed to be taken upon choosing, and each bloodline aside from its description of power and history also gives examples of how it can be invoked.

Mehrun is the muddled bloodline of the Mystics, though they are pale reflections of the original human Mystics who were gifted magic by the Sidh themselves. They are given the ability to use Will in an attack action, at weapon:1 efficiency. This bloodline imposes a -1 to starting refresh. Mehrun as an aspect can be tagged by GM to give an attacking demon an advantage, due to their hatred of Mehrun, but can be invoked to provide feats of astounding magic to a scene.

Oura Merun are mystics more reminiscent of the original mages, and are capable of great magical feats themselves. They are given the ability to use Will in an attack action, at Weapon:2 efficiency, and gain the ability to create powerful effects (such as what Mehrun can do if they invoke their aspect) to a scene with Will. This bloodline imposes a -3 to their starting refresh. Oura Mehrun can be tagged by the GM in much the same way as the Mehrun aspect can, but can be invoked to change the very earth you walk on (topple a few mountains, you can do it).

The Sidh bloodline is that of Demi-Gods, thrice as powerful as Oura Mehrun. They are given the ability to use Will as an attack action, at Weapon:4 efficiency, and gain the ability to create immensely powerful effects (Such as what Oura Mehrune can do if they invoke their aspect) to a scene with Will. This bloodline imposes a -5 to their starting refresh. Sidh can be tagged by the GM to force their character into a frenzy no longer telling apart friend or foe, but can be invoked to do incredibly powerful magic effects. This is a powerful bloodline, and requires GM permission to use.

Daemonia are scions of human and Demon, with neither race accepting of their progeny. They are given the ability to use Will as an attack action, at Weapon:3 efficiency, and gain the ability to create powerful effects (Such as what Mehrun can do if they invoke their aspect) with Will. However, due to their unique background, they start with two less skill points than normal to reflect their stunted nature. This bloodline imposes a -2 to their starting refresh. This aspect can be tagged in much the same way Sidh can, but can be invoked to draw upon immense infernal power to change the scene around you.

Vye are wolflike servitors of Demons, who possess the ability to change their appearance to a human guise to hide their inhuman nature. They can shift between the two forms at will, but in their wolf form gain a +1 bonus to their fight skill as well as Weapon:2 claws. This bloodline imposes a -2 to their starting refresh. The Vye aspect can be tagged when asked puzzling questions, as this agitates them and forces them into their wolf form, as well as stunning them for a time. It can be invoked to gain advantages to fight, as these beasts are wild in combat, and frenzy easily.

Some unfortunate souls are subject to two bloodlines, each one wracking in their skulls like two opposing forces. This bloodline allows for the selection of up to two different bloodlines other than this one. Your bloodline aspect is both of your new bloodlines, each one can be tagged and invoked, and you gain the benefits and penalties of each. Note that if more than one bloodline allows you to attack with the Will skill, you simply add 1 to the weapon rating of whichever bloodline has the highest. Also note that your starting refresh cannot be met or exceeded. A final note is that you cannot be a crossblood of Mehrun and Oura Mehrun.

You are just a normal mundane human, and gain an additional refresh. The aspect can be tagged in order to play on the fact that you're an average guy going up against demons and fear is a factor, and can be invoked to say that you've hit a lapse of courageousness. This bloodline cannot be taken by crossblooded individuals.

The Skill list for the Tapestry uses the FATE core default skill list, replacing drive with ride.

There are many thematic extras that can be taken within the Tapestry universe. Witch or Workshop user could be a good starting ground with what they might do. Players are encouraged to come up with their own extras, as the world as it is now is home to many strange a creature, and almost anything is a possibility...