View Full Version : Rebuild 4e Lamia as a 5e player race?

2018-08-03, 12:27 AM
So riddle me this: 4th edition had a delightful monster with an unfortunate name, what we can only call the Lamia* (since before and after 4e the Lamia was and returned to being a snake-sphinx-lady which, in my opinion, is a far less interesting creature). The Lamia* was an intelligent, psionically-hive-minded swarm of beetles that disguised itself as a humanoid; it could add new beetles to its hive every time it killed and send individual beetles out as reconnaissance within a certain radius. Great stuff.

I once played a hilarious postapocalyptic one-shot where my character was a swarm of 100 telepathic rats in a human suit. I'd love to see something like this reimagined in 5e as a playable monster race ( la Volo's Guide), ideally not utterly overpowered but with abilities just weird enough to inject some real unpredictability.

Maybe this has been done already? But I can't even find a 5e equivalent of the 4e Lamia* among the available monsters. Thoughts? Any courageous homebrewers want to give it a crack?