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Hit Dice: 1d6 per level of Martyr
Hit Points at 1st Level: 6+Constitution Modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 4 (1d6)+Constitution Modifier

Armor: Shields
Weapons: Simple and Martial
Tools: Any one artisan tool

Saving Throws: Wisdom, Charisma
Skills: Choose any two from Athletics, Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, History, Investigation, Religion, Insight, Perception, Performance, Intimidation, and Persuasion

You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:
-Any weapon you are proficient with, with 20 pieces of ammo if needed
-(a) A shield or (b) any melee weapon you are proficient with
-(a) Any three thrown weapons you are proficient with or (b) any ranged weapon you are proficient with and 20 pieces of ammo for it
-Any pack


Proficiency Bonus

Martyr's Death, Fighting Style

Death Effect

Martyr's Choice

Ability Score Improvement

Extra Attack

Death Effect

Choice Feature

Ability Score Improvement

Ritual Martyring

Death Effect

Choice Feature

Ability Score Improvement

Not Yet

Death Effect

Choice Feature

Ability Score Improvement

Extra Attack II

Death Effect, Ritual Martyring

Ability Score Improvement

Choice Feature

Martyr's Death-At level one, whenever you die, you may immediately come back to life as if True Resurrection had been cast on you, though you return with only half your maximum hit points. This ability may be used a number of times per long rest equal to one less than your proficiency bonus. (Note: Treat your number of uses based on proficiency bonus, discounting any levels from other classes. So a Fighter 19/Martyr 1 only has one use, not five.)

However, such is the vitality and potency of a Martyr's spirit that they cannot be resurrected by Revivify-it requires Raise Dead or more potent magic to return a Martyr to life once their final death has passed.

In addition, should you drop to zero hit points, you may choose to immediately die, rather than make death saving throws.

Fighting Style-Also at level one, you gain any one Fighting Style. Martyrs prefer Protection or Great Weapon Fighting, so as to better save their friends or punish their foes.

Death Effect-At level two and every four levels thereafter, you gain a special effect when you die. Unless otherwise stated by the effect, they all happen, and you may choose the order in which they do.

Martyr's Choice-At level three, choose what kind of Martyr you wish to be. You gain additional effects from this at levels seven, eleven, fifteen, and twenty.

Ability Score Improvement-Usual levels, usual deal.

Extra Attack-One extra at level five, two extra at level seventeen.

Ritual Martyring-At level nine, you gain a special ritual martyring effect, gained by causing your own death over the course of about ten minutes. You gain a second one at level eighteen.

Not Yet-At level thirteen, all allies within 60' of you gain advantage on Death Saving Throws.

Any time spellcasting is referenced, use your Charisma modifier as your casting ability.

Deathly Blow-You may move up to your speed upon dying, and take the Attack action upon dying.

Healing Death-When you die, you may cast Healing Word at a level equal to your proficiency bonus.

Mass Healing Death-Requires Healing Death-When you die, you may choose to cast Mass Cure Wounds instead of Healing Word, at a level equal to your proficiency bonus.

Feel My Pain-One target within 60' of the Martyr suffers the effects of whatever killed the Martyr. They may make their own save, if needed, but are hit automatically.

Curse Of The Fallen-Up to a number of people equal to the Martyr's proficiency bonus within 30' suffer disadvantage on all d20 rolls associated with a single attribute for the next minute. The Martyr chooses which attribute is affected when they die. The affected may make a Wisdom save against your spellcasting DC at the end of each of their turns to remove the effect.

Improved Curse Of The Fallen-The creatures affected by Curse Of The Fallen now suffer disadvantage on all d20 rolls for the duration. In addition, the range improves to 60'.

Righteous Fury-After dying, the Martyr gains a bonus on all damage rolls equal to their proficiency bonus for the next minute.

Guide The Spirit-One ally within 60' of the Martyr when they die gains a bonus on any single roll made within the next minute equal to the Martyr's proficiency bonus.

Mass Guide The Spirit-Requires Guide The Spirit-The Martyr now affects all allies within 60' with Guide The Spirit.

Blast Into Ruin-Requires Level 6-When you die, you may move up to your speed and center a Fireball on yourself, with a spell level equal to your proficiency bonus.

Wings Of Glory-Requires Level 6-Immediately after returning to life, you may cast Fly at a level equal to your proficiency bonus.

Bountiful Body-Upon killing yourself, your body forms into a Heroes' Feast. You may, upon returning to life, partake in this feast as well, gaining all the benefits associated with it.

Afterlife Communion-Upon killing yourself, your body may be used as a focus for any Divination spell with a level equal to or less than your proficiency bonus. The person using your body does not need the spell known, or even to be a spellcaster-anyone may use your body to Scry or other spells, including yourself.

Blessing Of The Deceased-Up to a hundred people who witness your death gain the benefits of the Bless spell for the next 24 hours. This does not require concentration on your part.

Inspiring Death-Whenever you die at level three, all allies (including yourself) within 60' gain advantage on saves until the end of your next turn. If this is your final death, they gain advantage until three turns have passed.

Improved Inspiring Death-Your Inspiring Death, at level seven, now grants advantage on all d20 rolls for the duration.

Forceful Death-Anyone affected by your Inspiring Death, at level eleven, now gains a bonus on all damage rolls equal to your proficiency bonus.

Lasting Inspiration-At level fifteen, your Inspiring Death now lasts for three turns, or one minute (ten rounds) if it is your final death.

Your Time Is Not Now-At level twenty, you may expend a use of your Martyr's Death to affect an ally who dies within 60'. The first time you do this per short rest, you do not have to expend a use.

Horrifying Death-At level three, when you die, all enemies within 60' must make a Wisdom saving throw, DC equal to 8+your proficiency bonus+your Charisma modifier. On a failure, they are frightened until the end of your next turn. If this is your last death, enemies have disadvantage on the saves, and normally immune foes must still make the save, though instead of having disadvantage on the save, they have advantage.

Improved Horrifying Death-At level seven, any enemy who fails their save is now Restrained by fear for the duration.

Devastating Death-At level eleven, any enemy who fails their save takes 6d8 psychic damage, or half on a successful save.

Lasting Fear-At level fifteen, enemies who fail their save are now Frightened and Restrained for three turns. However, they may make a save at the end of each of your turns to free themselves. If this is your final death, it instead lasts one minute (ten rounds).

In Any Death, There Is My Fear-At level twenty, you may cause Horrifying Death to occur whenever you die and whenever you kill an enemy, though only once per turn. If Horrifying Death happens due to someone else dying, enemies have advantage on their save against it, and take no psychic damage on a successful save.

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I wonder if this couldn't be pared down to a Paladin Oath of Martyrdom.

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I wonder if this couldn't be pared down to a Paladin Oath of Martyrdom.

I mean, yes, I could make an Oath of Martyrdom. But it would be very different mechanically from this. True Resurrection on a flip-flopping PALADIN would be a dang sight stronger than it is here on the Martyr.

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Made a couple of changes, mostly to Death Effects.