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2018-08-04, 05:09 PM
I am currently working on a new home-brew class for DnD called the clockwork class which is centred around fusing technology (magical and non magical) to the user to assist in multiple ways, I have decided that most abilities will come from the class' subclass as in my opinion it fits the theme of someone upgrading themselves but doing so in selective ways (similar to how we design technology), the main class' abilities will come from what I will call modifications, this thread is about said modifications and seeing how I should change them more whether it be changing the power of the effects to be greater or weaker or maybe changing the prerequisites. Here is a link with all of them structured by the level of when you are able to obtain them. I know that I am not uploading the entire class to review but this isn't about whether or not the whole class is overpowered but more about making each modification on a somewhat equal playing field to each over and not having a few vastly more powerful than others and another few vastly weaker than the others but if the power of the modifications overall seems to powerful then please say as it may mean that the class would be overpowered.


(also if anyone has a name for a ability or a better way to write it do say, I am not the best at either of those and if you have a idea for a new modification also say, one thing I love about home-brew is seeing how people are able to think of creative ideas and it is also just helping me make the class)

2018-08-06, 04:45 PM
If this is a base class you want something that can be further refined into the subclasses.

So, giving the same advice someone gave me: get the boilerplate stuff like Hit Die, weapon and armor proficiencies etc. in there. Those things tell us if you expect every one of these guys to be on a front line which in turn tells us how to judge the impact of their abilities.

If this were mine, Iíd give them a d8 and simple weapons then split the class into 3 types:
Toymakers (make mechanical minions)
Widgeteers (grab bag of useful effects)

I created an artificer subclass called the Gragensmith that was a steam punk iron-man. Give it a look for some inspiration if you like!


2018-08-07, 07:14 AM
oh well thank you very much for the help but I have already finished the full class and made a post about it before you posted this and while I appreciate what you are trying to say but I want this to be different to the artificer, look over at that post and the start depicts the reason why I have the subclass decide the hit die and saving throws also originally I split the classes up into how they would work combat wise as this class was a combat based class like the barbarian, fighter, monk etc. but I can add more subclasses like the ones you suggested to give it more options

2018-08-07, 11:50 AM
Ah, I didnít see the full post, but it looks like you got all that stuff I was looking for. Iíll give the other a look!