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2018-08-06, 08:22 PM
Saw the UA on Eberron Races and thought, eh, why not expand like they did before

Shifter Feats

Extra Shifter Trait
Used with same rules as regular feats but only for the Shifter race.
Choose an Additional Shifter Trait/subrace effect that you don't already have, except for the stat increase. Add an additional shift before needing a refresh with a short/long rest and have your level count as 1 level higher for temp HP
You may take this feat multiple times, picking a new Trait/Subrace each time

Shifter Healing
Shifting Speeds your healing when you shift as you tap into your ancestry. Heal half of Temp. HP you gain normally rounded down, up to your natural maximum when you shift.

Probably will post more after i wake up more

2018-08-06, 08:23 PM
Saving for Barbarian Subclass

Thinking Wereblood Master or Path of the Wereblood from a combo of both Tome of Battle (3.5) and Eberron CS (3.5) books

3rd Level
Choose between
Two Weapon Fighting and Great Weapon Fighting

and You gain Rage Benefits while Shifting

6th Level
Choose between the next two options that trigger when you hit the same opponent twice during the same turn

Improved Grab - Roll Athletics against target's Athletics or Acrobatics (DM's Choice)
Success means you grapple target and you can attack the target with advantage with Light Weapons or attacks gained by Shifting

Improved Trip - Roll Athletics against target's Athletics or Acrobatics (DM's Choice)
Success means you have rendered your target Prone and can use a bonus action to attack your target again

Additionally you can Shift one more time before having to Short/long Rest. Stacks with Shifter Feats
Attacks gained while shifting are count as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage

10th Level
Gain Expertise in Athletics
and something (Shifting Plus 1?)

14th Level
You can use Rage times per Long Rest to Shift instead (Really, kinda pointless till the very end or if they change the UA/Final version to have shifting be Long Rest Instead)

Additionally you choose one of the following
Nimble Charge - You can take a Disengage action as a Bonus Action and you ignore the effects of Difficult Terrain
Pouncing Charge - You can take a Dash action as a Bonus Action and are always treated as having moved 10 feet for Long and High Jump Actions

2018-08-06, 08:24 PM
Thinking that Extra Shifter Trait needs a +1 to any stat as an addon but unsure

2018-08-07, 08:55 PM
Would like input, fluff probably will be written later

Wumpus King
2019-09-26, 04:03 AM
Would like input, fluff probably will be written later

I think that this is very good, I like how you added the ASI to shifter trait. I would like to ask, how does the use of multiple shifts work? Does activating multiple simultaneously stack temporary hitpoints?
Otherwise, very good!

2019-09-26, 11:46 AM
I made home brew for shifter and a barb shifter like a year ago. Will post it if you're curious