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2018-08-07, 12:24 AM
well this is something that is most likely gunna get shot down and riddled with bullets in seconds but maybe that's a good thing, I have been having this idea for a character for a while now and creating as a class is something I have been wanting to do for a while now so I hope that I can change this from the current version it is now to maybe a more well made version. Anyway ramble ended onto the class

The Clockwork class

As many home-brew people have done in the past I have created a new class designed by well myself, I have been getting into homebrew a lot and have been enjoying creating many of my own subclasses and such but I wanna try my hand at creating a new type of class. This class is based around fusing technology into the user whether, magical and non magical technology, it is designed to be similar to the artificer with the main difference being that this doesnít use much magic and is a more of a damage dealer/physical fighter than a spell caster, this class gains many abilities but most of them are centred around the idea of creating your class with the most design as possible similar to how when you design a robot in real life you choose many of itís details so this class doesnít really have any ability that no matter what you will have besides the unarmored defence and extra attack. I am still a bit of a novice to homebrew so if this class has some glaring gameplay mechanical mistakes in some way please do say, this is my first time making a full fledged class and I have forgotten even basic things and I also tend to make things which are either too overpowered or too underpowered so please critique away.

each subclass is defined by their designed purpose and their ďmodel typeĒ, I so far have created 3 different model types so far. One is the scout model type, itís based around increased mobility and speed above all else, the next is the brawler model type, this one is based around melee combat and endurance with the player being programmed for combat and battle, the last one is the destroyer model type, this one is based around destroying (obviously) and itís essentially based on very large amounts of firepower and damage with it having multiple weapons and damage types.


2018-08-07, 07:32 PM
Well first and foremost welcome to the board everyone is a little rusty withe their first. :) Though you are right to say this does have issues.
1. Is it isn't easy to follow what this does. You need better formatting. Look to your homebrewery for that or Zeigander has 5e preset tabled.
2. What does Overdrive do for that cost.
3. You have dead levels, nothing has dead levels period.
4. You have a lack of modifications making this class ultimately weak in comparison to almost all.
5. The concept of only enhancing yourself is very limited for a base class and limits your subclasses the same way.

2018-08-07, 07:36 PM
As for your subclasses don't have hit die, saving throws, and all those levels linked to them your base class is suppose to define what it is, subclasses expand on it. After all why does the Destroyer only get cannons it doesn't make sense

2018-08-07, 08:48 PM
Scout gains a flight speed at level 1, many DMs would have a problem with that. Maybe roll it down to 7 with some kind of limit (Iím a fan of exhaustion after first use). Or roll it down to ~14 where dragon sorcerers get it.

I think youíd get more mileage making the body modifying aspect a subtype and then having some kind of crafter type taking inspiration from the Clockworks in Moreenkainenís Tome of Foes.

In general I feel like this class is closely tied to a particular setting or set of assumptions about a setting. Thatís not a bad thing, it means I feel like thereís a specific voice and even aesthetic coming through. However, as is itís very narrow and I could see the whole list of mods youíve created just being a variety of options for a more tightly written subclass of a general artificer class (wherever you might find one you like, I donít have an issue with the current UA one).

2018-08-08, 08:04 AM
Looking at what you are all saying I understand more of your reviews and your ideas about it and I have to say thanks a lot for reviewing this and I am considering changing the subclass to choose hit die and saving throws so I am thinking about something like this instead

Hit Die: 1d8
Saving throws: Constitution, Intelligence

I also thank you for realising my idea and I wanted this subclass to have very little forced abilities as possible but realising that it wouldn't work all that well has made me realise I need to change some things. firstly as a suggestion about the dead classes would giving them the ability to add extra modifications there work? I feel like it would work pretty well but I feel as if I may have to create some forced base class abilities with this and I will also try to work more on the amount of modifications there are with copying abilities and such from other classes, secondly the overdrive ability is decided by the subclass, I feel as if doing that was a better choice as the subclass is meant to have a lot of sway over your abilities, much more sway than most over classes and as for the destroyer only getting cannons it is meant to feel like a type of Swiss army knife of experimental weapons in a way, does the current design not capture that? also taking into account your feelings about the modifications would maybe having certain levels give you them and you decide the modifications based on a list from your subclass work?

(also about the scout flight thing, 14th level would be very underwhelming and make it kind of meh, it's meant to be like the flying drone type of deal with it being able to fly and move at top speeds, the draconic soccer is much more about dealing high spell damage so I feel taking that fact from the sorcerer wouldn't work at all, I still like the idea of it having a flight speed so maybe as the third level ability but I am not the most sure)

2018-08-08, 10:10 AM
Since you're going with the d8 hit die, you could add an Archetype feature to the more durable melee fighter version that adds 1 hp/level. That brings it 1hp shy of a d10 hitdie class.

Flight at 3rd level for 1 minute a day brings it in line with the Aasimar, I might run it short rest or just give them the spell equivalent at 5th. I know you think full time flight at higher level is underwhelming, but when it has no tie to action economy, it means you can be running a concentration ability while flying and using sharpshooter with your crossbow.

Add a bag of holding to carry the dumbells you drop to fake your position and you have a character that can solo a purple worm at level 4 if you fight it anywhere with 40 feet of clearance.

Note: as a DM, I've never had a problem with races that fly at level 1, or classes that provide flying, I just figured you should be prepared for a lot of pushback out of the gate.

Best of luck with this, I'll check back in when you have a chance to adjust.

2018-08-08, 11:06 AM
Okay when you bring all that up I can see where you are coming from, maybe instead they just get a ability to increase their base speed and a type of once per short rest which lasts for 30 seconds and makes their base walking speed equal to their flight speed and if they are playing a race that has flying from the start they gain a +10 feet bonus to it instead. Also maybe instead they gain permanent flight at 7th level and I could move the 7th level ability, flexible body, into a possible modification of sorts.

2018-09-10, 02:49 AM
I have made some changes as suggested and presented it with home brewery