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2018-08-07, 01:17 PM
This is an archetype for the unchained monk.
A false fool is a martial master who, for some reason or other, wishes to keep his abilities secret. He strikes unexpectedly, and when he does, it's difficult to tell whether it was even intentional. He hides his prowess behind a facade of utter ineptitude.

Class Skills
A False Fool adds Bluff and Sleight of Hand to her list of class skills instead of Climb and Intimidate.

Feinting Master (Ex)
A False Fool gains Improved Feint and Dirty Fighting as bonus feats at level 1.
Additionally, she adds Feinting Flurry, Improved Feinting Flurry, and all feats that list Improved Feint as a prerequisite to the list of feats available to her as bonus feats.
This replaces the bonus feat gained at 1st level

Bumbling Stumble (Ex)
Starting at 3rd level, a False Fool can, as a move action, move up to half the enhancement bonus to speed a monk of her level would normally receive, and make a free feint attempt against each opponent she becomes adjacent to during this movement, using a single feint check against all such opponents. Additionally, she gains a +4 dodge bonus to AC against opportunity attacks she provokes from this movement.
This replaces Fast Movement

Notorious Fool (Ex)
Starting at 4th level, the false fool can feign absentmindedness, clumsiness, drunkenness, or eccentricity very convincingly. When she fails an opposed Sleight of Hand or Stealth check, she can immediately attempt a Bluff check opposed by the onlookers’ Sense Motive checks to appear as though she had only blundered or stumbled in a spectacular fashion. If she succeeds at this Bluff check, the onlookers do not realize the false fool was attempting the action that prompted her to attempt a Sleight of Hand or Stealth check, although being in the wrong place or behaving in an inappropriate manner may still have negative consequences.
This replaces Still Mind

Innocence (Su)
At 4th level, a false fool can cast Innocence as a supernatural ability by spending 1 point from her ki pool.
This replaces the Ki Power gained at 4th level

Sap Attack (Ex)
Starting at 5th level, whenever the false fool deals lethal damage to a creature that she is flanking, or that is denied its dexterity bonus to AC against her attacks, she deals an additional amount of nonlethal damage to the target equal to the lethal damage dealt.
This replaces the style strike gained at 5th level

Appear Harmless (Ex)
At 13th level, all intelligent creatures are denied their dexterity bonus to AC against the False fool’s attacks during her first turn each combat.
This replaces the Tongue of Sun and Moon