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Lanth Sor
2018-08-07, 04:46 PM
Ritual Summoning
You call upon eldritch forces to construct a nonmagical object of your choice.
Prerequisite: Caster level 3, Craft(any) 6 ranks(3 ranks in PF)
Benefit: The caster spends a few minutes chanting and calling the mystic forces required before leaving the summoning to finish the work. The process takes 1 minute of chanting per 1000g of the objects market value. Each minute you must make a craft check each minute, DC of the item to be made. A failed check requires an additional minute of chanting and a critical failure ends the process and 1/10 of the resources are expended.
The construction is complete in 1 hour per minute of chanting. To start the ritual you must place materials or gold matching 1/3rd the market value of end product in the summoning circle. At the start of the summoning you must expend a spell slot, the materials are consumed in a display fitting the forces being called on. Then a similar display of constructive devices starts swiftly constructing the desired object.
The spell slot expended modifies the rate of construction. The base line rate of construction is 1000g per hour, as shown above. Rate of construction for 0 lvl is 250g/hr, 1st level 500g/hr, 2nd level 1000g/hr, 3rd level 2000g/hr, 4th level 4000g/hr, 5th level 8000g/hr, 6th level 16000g/hr, 7th level 32000g/hr, 8th level 64000g/hr, 9th level 128000g/hr.
Additionally by spending an equal number of minutes you may start unsummoning an object summoned by this feat. The unsummoning takes an hour and returns half the original resources used to pay for the summoning.
Special: To craft an object with this feat you must have the required ranks in the craft skill used to make the chosen item.
Special: The visualization varies widely person to person. A necromancer may have large bone spurs jut out from the ground slowly piecing together the object from an ethereal stockpile. A druid could have a small seed appear slowly growing to shape the desired object. Regardless of the visualization the process is a solid object that can be damaged. The summoning has a harness of 1/2 the craft DC and hit points equal DC for fine. For every size category larger then fine double the HP. So DC 13 hp would be 13 hp for fine, 26 hp for diminutive, 52 hp for tiny, 104 hp for small.
Special: The spell slot requirement can be fulfilled by expending a scroll or charge of a magic item equivalent to casting a spell. Use the spells level to determine the slot level.

2018-08-08, 02:02 PM
Inspired by Warcraft 3 Undead Acolytes? :)

The mechanics were a bit dense to read - I see you need 1/3rd the initial cost of the item but surely you need to pay the rest at some point, and have a limit on how often you can use the feat per day? Otherwise you'd break WBL verrrrry quickly. I certainly could have overlooked something though.

Overall very cool and thematic - explains how djinn can raise palaces, wizards can build towers, etc.

Lanth Sor
2018-08-08, 06:21 PM

Its standard mundane item crafting on speed track, but if you want to move the building or similar you loose 50% of the value. Only non magic items means the best you can get is a nice keep with less downtime or a suit of rare material armor in hours instead of irritating years.

Updated and added spell slot requirement.