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Hey, didja like the warlock vigilante archetype?
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Mystic Bolt (Su)
Starting at 3rd level, as long as she has at least 1 point of Ki, a ki slinger can sling projectiles of magical energy at will by shooting a bolt or touching her foe. A melee mystic bolt requires the target to be within reach, and a ranged mystic bolt is a ranged attack with a range of 30 feet. A mystic bolt deals the unarmed damage of a normal monk of the ki slingerís level. A ki slinger does not add his strength modifier to this damage.
The ki slinger must choose one type of damage for her mystic bolt: acid, cold, electricity, or fire. Attacking with a mystic bolt takes the place of one of the ki slingerís normal attacks. The ki slinger attacks with mystic bolts as though they were light one-handed monk weapons, and the bolts can be used as part of a flurry of blows and with feats and abilities that apply to weapon attacks (unless theyíre excluded from that feat, such as with Power Attack). Weapon Focus (ray) doesnít apply to mystic bolts, but a warlock can take Weapon Focus (mystic bolt) and apply it to both melee and ranged mystic bolts.
Creating a mystic bolt requires the hand to be free, but the bolt appears only briefly, so a ki slinger using mystic bolts has a free hand any time she isnít attacking with a mystic bolt.
The ki slinger threatens with a mystic bolt, but only if she has a hand free. Because mystic bolts are impermanent, a spell that targets a single weapon (like magic weapon) canít affect it, nor can a mystic bolt be made with magic weapon special abilities. Abilities that affect all weapon attacks the ki slinger makes, such as the function with mystic bolts.
This replaces ki strike and the improvements to unarmed strike damage starting at 4th level

Ki Powers
The following Ki Powers are available to ki slingers

Bolt Expert
A ki slinger with this ki power can treat his melee mystic bolts as unarmed strikes for the purposes of feats and class features.

Bolt Master
A ki slinger with this power can treat his ranged mystic bolts as unarmed strikes for the purposes of feats and class features.
The ki slinger must have the bolt expert ki power before selecting this ki power.

Piercing Bolt
Ranged mystic bolts of a ki slinger with this ki power are resolved as a ranged touch attack.

Distant Bolt
A ki slinger with this power can pay 1 ki point to increase the range of her ranged mystic bolts by 30ft until the end of her turn as a swift action

Versatile Bolt
The ki slinger chooses another type of energy (acid, cold, electricity, or fire), and can choose to create mystic bolts of that energy type. This ki power can be selected multiple times; each time choose another energy type.