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2018-08-14, 03:34 PM
Twisted Minds, Twisted Bodies
Jothol was an indifferent psion, happy to use his abilities to gain an advantage in a deal or sneak a few things from a shop window, but little more. Adventurers ended up dead, and the travel and hardship certainly weren’t worth the comfortable life that he had as both legal trader and illegal thief.

All of which changed the day he took the wrong turn through the sewers of the city, and saw the real source of power for the thieves guild. Mesmerized by the majesty of the aboleth, and the way in which it merely floated there while servants attended to its every needed, Jothol was inspired to recreate that calling in others.

He experimented with his psionic abilities day and night, giving people a nudge here, a pull there, until he could wrap the weak minds of the populace so completely about his finger than he only need speak and they came running, even fighting, for him.

Then his research carried him to other aberrations, to the fighting prowess they possessed, and his study grew more bizarre, grafting aberrant flesh onto unwilling victims, searching for the right way to bind physical power to people.

He found it, eventually. It lay within his psionics. And now he is the master of a strange half-realm where men and aberrations are one and the same and writhing horrors walk the streets, feasting on the weaker minds.

Perhaps adventurers will find him one day, perhaps not. Until then, his world of twisted minds and twisted bodies will walk the earth, feeding, expanding, whispering.

There are a great many power sources in the world of psionics, each mind being unknowable and strong, but there is one that rises above all the others – the aberrations, those great and foul beasts who have long mastered the world of mental power, and bring that power to bear on anyone who would dare stand in the way of their contorted and long-running plans.

Twisted Minds, Twisted Bodies is built on the idea that the aberrations are the true masters of psionics, and what they have to show psions is truly remarkable. Contained herein are four prestige classes that utilize the power of the aberration in new and unique ways, as well as a large number of feats and powers to compliment those who wish to walk the writhing path of the aberrant mind.

For those who wish to stand on the other side of the aisle, there are magic items and feats dedicated to killing foul aberrations, as well as monsters who can be slain, if they can be found deep within their subterranean kingdoms.

Download Twisted Minds, Twisted Bodies (https://1drv.ms/b/s!AiRF2tz6n4u1lu9ZbehkopSYduyCYQ)

2018-08-15, 08:09 AM
well fluff is already there and enough to sell the sucker to dreamscared press. but hey who am my kidding nice work. prerequste any one can use mindsuit armor. realy i mean realy. i think none will sufice it that place?

2018-08-16, 08:53 AM
This was actually made ages ago for DSP - they paid for it, but never published it. Given it's been about 9 years since then, I suspect they aren't that interested any more.

And for the Mindsuit armor, that's just the wording taken from the MIC. If it's good enough for WotC, I might as well reuse it.

Also made some minor quality of life improvements to the formatting.