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2018-08-16, 06:52 PM
Hit Dice: 1d12
Hit Points at 1st Level: 12+Con Mod
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d12+Con Mod

Armor: Light and Medium, Shields
Weapons: Simple and Martial
Tools: Alchemist's supplies

Saving Throws: Strength and Dexterity
Skills: Choose two from Athletics, Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Arcana, History, Nature, Religion, Animal Handling, Medicine, Survival, Deception, and Intimidation.

You start with the same equipment a Barbarian would.

Ooze Warrior

Proficiency Bonus

Unarmored Defense, Archetype

Fighting Style, Oozing Nature


Ability Score Improvement

Extra Attack, Improved Oozing Nature

Archetype Feature

Improved Antimagic

Ability Score Improvement

Archetype Feature

Imbued Weapons

Greater Oozing Nature

Ability Score Improvement

Archetype Feature

Greater Antimagic

Improved Imbued Weapons

Ability Score Improvement

Ooze Eternal

Silencing Shout

Ability Score Improvement

Archetype Feature

Unarmored Defense-Your AC may equal 10+Dex mod+Con mod when not wearing armor.

Archetype-At level one, choose to be a Moss Warrior or a Slime Warrior.

Fighting Style-At level two, choose any one Fighting Style.

Oozing Nature-At level two, your body begins to morph and change into more like that of an ooze. At the level this is gained, this makes your indiscernible anatomy reduce damage from critical hits. Whenever you take additional critical damage, roll a d6. If it equals or is less than your Proficiency Bonus, you take no extra damage.

Antimagic-At level three, you may, as a reaction, gain resistance to the damage dealt by a single spell or other form of magic.

Ability Score Improvement-Usual levels, usual deal.

Extra Attack-Level five, usual deal.

Improved Oozing Nature-At level five, your body begins to fully oozify. This grants you proficiency in Constitution saving throws, resistance to poison and acid damage, and whenever you take damage, you have a chance of creating an ooze from yourself. To determine if an ooze spawns adjacent to you, make a Constitution save against a DC of 25-the damage you took. If you succeed on the save, an ooze is created next to you (in a square of your choosing) with HP equal to the damage you took, with a maximum number equal to your proficiency bonus. These oozes are blobby and not very effective in a fight, but do have a single slam attack for 1d4+your Strength modifier bludgeoning damage, with an attack bonus equal to your melee attack bonus. They also have a 10' move speed, both walking and climbing. However, they are rather durable, having resistance to all damage (except damage they take when you spend your reaction) and immunity to poison and acid damage. The oozes have your stats, except for Dexterity, which is half of yours.

In addition, as a reaction, you may split damage you take amongst yourself and your oozes, so long as the oozes are within 30' of you. Damage is divided by the number of oozes created plus one (because you still take damage), however, the entire damage must still be accounted for. So, if you have three oozes and take 21 damage, three of you take 5 damage and one takes 6.

Finally, you gain a climb speed equal to half your land speed, and may move through spaces as if you were one size smaller due to your amorphous nature.

Improved Antimagic-At level seven, you are able to absorb magic. Once per short rest, as a reaction upon making a save against a spell or other magical effect, you completely negate any effect it would have on you and instead gain spell level times your proficiency bonus THP.

Imbued Weapons-At level ten, you are able to imbue your weapons with a part of your oozing soul. You gain a number of enhancement points equal to half your proficiency bonus to spend on any weapon you wield, and they always overcome resistance that is overcome by magical weapons. Changing the enhancements may be done over any rest.

Each point may be used in the following ways:
+1 to attack and damage
+1d6 acid damage on a hit
+1d8 poison damage on a hit
Anyone struck must make a DC 12 Strength save or be restrained until the start of your next turn.
Anyone struck must make a DC 12 Constitution save or be poisoned until the start of your next turn.

You may have up to two weapons enhanced at a time, but their enhancements only work for you.

Greater Oozing Nature-At eleventh level, you may reabsorb your oozes as an action or bonus action. You regain half the HP the ooze has when using an action, or one-fourth when using a bonus action. In addition, you gain resistance to non-magical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage, and immunity to poison and acid damage.

In addition, your climb speed improves to your normal speed, and you may move as though you were two sizes smaller.

Greater Antimagic-At level fourteen, when you make a save against magic, you may violently rebuke the caster as a reaction. They immediately suffer Xd6 psychic damage, where X is the level of the spell (if used against a non-spell effect, use the closest comparable spell), if they fail a Wisdom save against 8+your proficiency modifier+your Wisdom modifier, with half damage on a success.

Improved imbued Weapons-At level fifteen, your imbued weapons special damage steps up one die (to 1d8 acid and 1d10 poison, respectively) and the save DCs increase by one, to 13.

Ooze Eternal-At level seventeen, you are an ooze. Your shape is fully amorphous, allowing you to move through a space as small as one inch without squeezing. You stop aging, and require only a little water and nutrients to survive. In addition, you gain resistance to all bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage, and immunity to fall damage. Finally, you regain HP at the start of each of your turns equal to 5+your Constitution modifier.

Silencing Shout-At level eighteen, you may, once per short rest, unleash a deafening shout of antimagic. Anyone within 120' who can hear you must make a Constitution save against 8+your proficiency modifier+your Constitution modifier. On a failure, they cannot use any spells with verbal components for one minute, as well as being deafened and taking 4d10 thunder damage. They may repeat the save at the end of each of their turns to shake off the deafness and silence. On a success, they take half damage and are not deafened or silenced.


Mossy Steps-At level one, you leave a trail of moss behind you wherever you go, if you wish. This moss is slightly thick and sticky, and acts as difficult terrain for your enemies. The moss retains its potency for one minute after you step, and after that becomes ordinary moss and not difficult terrain.

In addition, you are never slowed by difficult terrain caused by plants or overgrowth that is nonmagical.

Overgrowth-At level six, you can, as an action, cause moss to sprout in a 10' radius around you.

Slippery Moss-At level nine, your moss is now slick and slippery. Anyone who moves more than half their speed (after reductions for difficult terrain) in a turn and travels over your moss must make a Dexterity save against your spell DC or fall prone. A creature can only be forced to make this save once per turn.

In addition, you are never slowed by difficult terrain caused by plants or overgrowth, even if it is magical.

Hallucinogenic Moss-At level fourteen, your moss release strange spores that cause hallucinations. Anyone who ends their turn in your moss must make a Constitution save against your spell DC. On a failure, they are confused by hallucinations, and must roll a d8 every time they take an action. On a 1, they believe their action has happened, but it's merely a hallucination, and their action is wasted.

Acidic Moss-At level twenty, your moss now deals 1d4 acid damage for every 5' it is traveled through.


Acidic Skin-At level one, you may, once per short rest, have your skin secrete a deadly acid for a minute as a bonus action. Anyone who strikes you in melee, grapples you, or starts their turn grappled by you or grappling you, takes acid damage equal to your Constitution modifier plus your proficiency modifier.

Slimy Resilience-At level six, you may spend a hit die as an action.

Acid Spray-At level nine, you can shoot out a cone of acidic slime once per short rest. All creatures in a 20' cone must make a Dexterity save against 8+your proficiency modifier+your Constitution modifier or take 2d8 acid damage, and be coated in sticky acid slime, taking an additional 1d8 acid damage at the start of each of their turns. They may scrape it off as an action, or douse themselves in water to remove it. On a successful save, half damage and they are not coated.

Improved Slimy Resilience-At level fourteen, in any turn you use your Slimy Resilience ability, you may Dodge as a bonus action.

Improved Acidic Skin-At level twenty, you may permanently maintain your Acidic Skin. You may stop it or start it as a bonus action.

2018-08-17, 08:41 PM
1. Who controls oozes spawned by improved ooze nature? Whether itís the player or the dm, the mechanism should be specified.

I also feel that this ability is a little on the complicated side. High con saves means that the saving throw to create an ooze will need to be rolled every single time the ooze warrior takes damage, and the saving throwís variable difficulty will mean that calculations will need to be performed each time as well, further slowing down play.

A term causing the mini oozes to dissolve after 24 hours or something would be good to prevent them from being farmed during downtime as well.

Secondly, I think if the ooze warrior got selective physical damage resistance (slashing and piercing but not bludgeoning) like a real ooze instead of nonmagical resistance that would be cool and much more flavorful.

Lastly, the slime warrior looks a lot better than the moss warrior. A 5 foot wide strip of difficult terrain is not only pretty weak mechanically (not to mention the fact that itís just as likely to slow down your party as it is your enemies), itís also a pain to keep track of if youíre not playing on a battle grid.

~6-7 damage every time anyone hits you in melee combat and at the start of each round youíre grappling someone just doesnít compare.

Other than that, I quite like the idea and the fluff! Itís a very interesting concept.