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2018-08-17, 10:48 AM
While most of the magic items in my gameworld are just scattered randomly, I like to occasionally place very character-specific items that are obviously built for my players. while it's EASY to make an item that just adds to their combat prowess, I try to focus on the things that make that character unique. The one I haven't made something for yet it my parties Ranger, who is themed after being a hunter.

I really like the idea of Critical Role's Blazing Bowstring: an enchanted bowstring that puts an effect on his arrow. Rather than just adding an extra damage type, I want to lean into the idea of him being a hunter. Once the arrow hits, it should lie in wait and be triggered from the bowstring. I'm not certain what the EFFECT should be. I think I'd like it to be an area effect, perhaps requiring a Dex Save. While it could simply be a burst of damage, say lightning (or acid... I kind of like acid...) but it also sort of fits thematically if the arrow's spell holds people or moves them somehow? (an entangle spell seems like it would do that, but entangle really just creates difficult terrain, which isn't going to do much exploding from an arrow 100' away.)

Druids have the cantrip Infestation... it's a con save or you take a d6 of Poison damage and are moved 5' in a random direction. If we make this a once-per day effect, we could get a little more vigorous. Howsabout this... triggering the arrow (after it's fired) makes it burst out a 20' area of thick goo, making it's area difficult for 1 minute. Anyone caught in the initial burst has to Dex Save or have their speed reduced to 0 for the round and take... say... 1d6 acid damage?

How does that seem to you guys?

2018-08-17, 11:15 AM
XGtE adds both Snare and Ensnaring Strike - Ensnaring Strike triggers off a "weapon attack", unlike most smite spells, it can be used with a bow. It requires a Strength Saving Throw.

RAW Snare has a 1 minute cast time and an 8 hour duration that triggers off a Dexterity Saving throw.

Of course, if you want something like an AoE Infestation, you could use Stinking Cloud.