View Full Version : Wandering Men @ Hub Con & several site updates!

2007-09-13, 02:10 PM
One of the Wandering Men (http://wanderingmen.com), Davis Riddle, will be present at Hub Con (http://www.hubcon.org/) this weekend. He'll be promoting the upcoming novel, Skein of Shadows, passing out fliers with yet unseen artwork from the novellas, free fiction from the web, other swag, and he'll be doing a Q&A session! Besides that, he's just a great guy to talk to, so anyone down south should stop by and say hello!

Also, the Wandering Men (http://wanderingmen.com) website has been seeing alot of updates this week, with Part 3 of an ongoing serial, Grey Beginning (http://www.plotstorming.com/content/view/257/152/) and an in-depth (and hilarious) interview (http://www.plotstorming.com/content/view/260/152/) with one of the Wandering Men, Hall! And there's more on the way!!