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2007-09-14, 08:02 AM
The evening was cool, countless tiny drops of rain reflected the red light of the setting sun. The rain helped settle the dust on the long road that came from somewhere behind the hills and vanished again between dense forests. But that evening the road wasn't on your mind. It had been driven out of it by the mouth-watering smell of roasted deer, by the sweet sound of chattering, and by the warm light that was shed out onto the wooden statue of Rojenica, in the form of a young halfling lass, which was the sole sign that marked the place as a shrine for those far away from home. But before really looking at the statue, you attention was drawn back to the inn, a place of rest for your restless soul. At least for a single night.

2007-09-14, 03:08 PM
Fasi stopped for a brief moment to watch the half-shadows of the early evening play against the statue's smiling and unchanging face, then gathered himself with a sigh, trudging the last few, tired steps towards the inn and the promise of food, rest and a warm fire -- if such things still existed. The pack on his back had been emptied over the course of the last day as the sun rose and as it had seemed to weigh heavier and heavier. The last trip had been a waste entirely, and there had been little reason to carry the few trading trinkets any further.

Propping his spear-tipped staff against the wall of the inn, Fasi brushed the worse of the road's dust off his patched, brown cloak. A half-empty waterskin dangled from a faded, rawhide loop around the spear's crosspiece, tangling around the wood and threatening to pull the pole off-balance onto Fasi's head; it shifted against the wall and Fasi caught it without seeming to notice.

Fasi tapped patiently at the inn's door, and tried the handle.

2007-09-15, 03:25 AM
Jondar stomped out of the nearby forest, slapping at the biteme's that were coming out at dusk. After several metres striding towards the road most of the biteme's gave up and Jondar stood looking towards an inn that sat at the crossroads. He reached into his pack and pulled out his last orange, bit into the skin, spitting out the bitter taste and began to peel it whilst watching the road and inn.

"What the hell am I doing here?" he asked himself. "Jondar you are a fool, an utter fool. Of course that map was no good. I should go back to the City of Gold and teach that filthy cheat a lesson." he muttered to himself.

Jondar bit into the sweet fruit, sucking at the juice so as not to leave a sticky residue on his chin. He thought about the day he'd found the map and lost himself in reverie for a moment.

Insert flashback scene

Jondar stretched luxusiously against his pillows, and rolled over to unfortunately get a perfumed mass of long brunette hair in his face. He woke suddenly and smiled slipping an arm around her waist when the girl suddenly woke.
"What time is it?" she squealed looking at the light streaming in the open window.

Jondar glanced at the window and sniffed the air. "Well judging by the angle of the light and smell from the bakery downstairs I'd say two hours past dawn, milady."

The Lady Bretienne Du Chavney looked mortified and leapt out of the bed pushing back the bed curtains and fleeing into the main room to dress. Jondar enjoyed the flash of her curves as she left and smiled as she rapidly pulled on her dress. "My father returns today Jondar and he will be less than impressed with my visits here should he find out. "

Jondar grinned, "Yes milady, but I know you and the discovery by your father that you have been bedding a commoner would merely add to the excitement of our encounters. This is part of the reason why you were attracted to me. I'm not afraid of the reputation of your family, and my skills with the blade can generally keep me out-of-trouble."

Bretienne laughed and sat to put on her shoes, "And I love a man who is confident." she said with a twinkle in her eyes and a toss of her hair.


After the lady had left, Jondar had dressed and walked downstairs to get breakfast from the bakery. He had an arrangement with the baker that he could use the ovens every couple of months to regenerate in, but it would have been a worthwhile residence anyway merely for the sumptious smells that he awoke to each morning.

Jondar stepped into the shop, hearing the bell chime Haran looked up from his last customer and grinned, "Was that the Du Chavney crest I saw tear off like a nightmare was on it's tail this morning lad?"

Jondar grinned and touched his finger to nose in the universal gesture, "Ah Haran, you know a Gentleman never tells." he replied snagging a bun and tossing a couple of silvers on the counter.

Haran chuckled, "You don't need to tell Jondar, You've been having your way with half the noble daughters in the city for years. If you weren't so feared with the blade, you'd have a knife between your shoulder blades years ago. So which daughter tonight?"

Jondar smiled, "Actually no one springs to mind tonight," He responded, "Tonight is for cards, playing for gold with the spoiled dandies from the palace."

End flashback now

He'd managed to win a sizable amount from the well dressed courtier when the ideal hand had come his way. He knew he couldn't lose and the courtier had fallen for the low initial bid to lead him on. When the map had been offered in place of the stake he'd been willing to accept it and won with his superior hand. Now he was wondering whether he'd won the hand too easily and it wasn't simply an excuse to get him out of the city for a while on a wild goose chase.

Jondar spat out a seed and looked once again at the inn here at the crossroads. It's just a point in the middle of the road you idiot. No one would set a trap for you here and that roasted deer is making my stomach growl. Sod it, I need a bath and a hot meal." he thought to himself and started crossing the meadow towards the inn.

"It's not like anything's going to happen in this flyspeck on the map." he thought to himself.

2007-09-15, 03:45 AM
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2007-09-15, 09:45 AM
OOC: I assume you don't arrive at the same time.

Nobody seems to have heard your tapping but the door opens easily as you try. The warmth of the fireplace at the far end of the tavern greets you as you enter, together with the now almost overwhelming fragrance of mulled ale and roasted deer. As you make the few steps towards the second door you notice the guard standing in a small alcove to your right. He scans you quickly but doesn't do or say anything as you walk past him. Opening the second door you see that the tavern is pretty much bursting of people. The six long tables which are positioned along the wall with the fireplace are full of mugs and half-empty plates and the two young waitresses scurry around them to refill everything. Along the shorter walls are a few smaller tables, most of them empty, the others occupied by the few who want to keep to their own. Situated at the opposite of the fireplace is the long bar, where all stools are occupied and where an old, very pudgy man serves drinks together with who you would guess is his wife, talking to the guests from time to time. A small wooden staircase in the corner leads up to the guest rooms.

As soon as you are noticed by the old barkeep he shouts over to you, trying to overcome the noise from the tables: "G'evening. Sit down somewhere and I bring you a good mug of ale and some of the finest meat you've ever tasted. Only 6 Piren silvers, 10 if you also'd like a bed for the night." He is speaking in a moderatley heavy southern Piren accent, obviously trying to make himself heard clearly.

2007-09-16, 04:32 AM
Jondar stepped in through the first door, nodded to the doorman and proceeded into the main room of the inn, bumping into a man standing in front of the doors as he passed on his way towards the bar.

"Excuse me." he said politely before walking up the barman and hearing his offer of food and lodgings.

"Excellent." he responded. "Now to important matters." he said putting some silver coins on the bar in front of the barkeep. "Do you have a bath on the premises?" he asked.

The old man nodded, "We have a copper bathtub out back."

"Superb, have it brought to your best room and get the kitchen to start heating water. I feel the need to sluice off some of the grime from a weeks worth of tromping through the forest on a wild goose chase."

"Um that'll be extra though." he said looking at the ten silvers.

"For a small modicum of civilisation my good man I'm prepared to pay extra." responded Jondar with a smile. "Perhaps I can try that wonderful smelling mulled ale whilst I wait." he said leaning against the bar and nodding to the local on his left.

Once he has his mug he turns to the room to examine the other patrons.

2007-09-16, 09:32 AM
While the barkeep opens a wooden door in the wall behind the bar and shouts in a name before closing it again, you let your eyes wander to the other guests, table by table. A few seem to be travelling alone as you are, but most are arther obviously merchants travelling together in small groups together with what looks like some pretty expensive hired guards. They all seem rather tired and it looks like they haven't enjoyed such comfort for quite some time. There is even a Piren diplomat present, complete with delegation, and you guess - from the rumors you have heard - that they are probably on their way to Tiraba to even some things out. What seems really strange, though, is the single Aladon soldier in complete armor and insignia marking him a high-ranking officer. He is pretty tall and looks a bit too young for his rank with the short-cut blonde hair and clear blue eyes; there isn't even a scar anywhere in his face. The man seems to belong to noone in particular and after quick talks with one patron he changes to another table, doing this every few minutes. As you watch him you don't notice a teenage boy who, by his looks, must be the son of the innkeeper approach you furtively. "Sir? Your bath is ready, if you would follow me upstairs?" His voice is still that of a boy and hsi request sounds well rehearsed. Still, you notice a slight tone of apprehension as his eyes keep wandering between the ground and your weapon.

2007-09-16, 11:10 AM

The door opened, and a bit of the evening mist swirled in around Eldan's booted feet as he slipped quietly into the bar. He had the kind of appearance that naturally drew eyes to him: high, slightly delicate features that gave him a look that was almost beautiful, twinkling eyes that were a striking shade of lavender at the moment. Skin a shade or two paler than was normal, and long, silver-blond hair that fell to his shoulders. He was dressed in a deep, royal blue robe studded with tiny gems that made the whole thing look like an evening sky. In his hand he carried a long oak staff, and across his back a large pack full of traveling supplies. He looked around for a moment, taking the measure of the inn and its occupants. Then, striding over to the bar, he ordered a tall glass of mead and took a sip, enjoying the sweet, pleasant flavor of the drink as he sat at the bar, for now saying nothing.

2007-09-16, 04:45 PM

Jondar looks down at the teenager. "Bath is ready so soon? That was quick." he says before drinking the rest of his mulled ale in a long swallow.

"Mnah...that's a damn good ale your father makes lad. Lead on and bring me another when I'm in the bath." he responds, wiping his lips with the back of his hand and following the lad.

The lad's apprehension is a little puzzling thought Jondar perhaps he's just nervous about the weapon, or maybe he wants to try and take it? I'd better make sure he doesn't have those thoughts.

After entering the room and seeing the bath set up in one corner, Jondar walked over and placed a hand into the bath. "Hmm" he said "A little on the cool side." Making sure the lad was watching Jondar turned his palm upwards underneath the water, and focussed a scorching ray upon it. A large cloud of steam leapt from the surface as the water above Jondar's palm boiled furiously.

"Much better." he said.

Jondar turned towards the teenager noting his reaction. "Thanks lad. Weren't you meant to be getting me an ale?" He said pointedly as he removed his cloak and the mithral shirt became visible beneath it.

2007-09-16, 05:55 PM

Blaze walks into the Inn, completely unaware or ignoring everyone, except for that one exceptional fellow that is sitting at the bar, drinking mead. No matter how hard he tries to ignore him, he can't. He goes over to the wall where there seems to be less people than everywhere else, a golden scepter hanging from his belt, a head shaped like an eagles claw, the talons made of what looks like rubies, with a flame design running up the length of it, sits twinkling in the light.
That man is getting a little annoying. What is it about him that makes him so...noticeable?
During that short time of thinking, Blazes usually hazel eyes flash red for a quick second, then immediately return back to its natural color. Only those who were watching him intently can notice that slight change, and even then can get it confused with a flash of light.
Remember, stay focused.
He sits down at a vacant table, staring at that one, annoying fellow, but not really paying attention, just staring off into nothingness, his black hair drooping, almost covering his eyes. The scepter sits near his hand, still attacked by a loop in his belt. He is caressing the tips of the rubies soothingly.

2007-09-17, 09:16 AM
You all feel the gaze of the Aladon soldier once the last of you has entered the tavern. Reflexively looking in his direction you only see him asking another man a question, and, only receiving a shake of the man's head, leaving the guests finally alone. The soldier has eiter given up or gotten what he wanted, for he now climbs the stairs to the guest rooms.

Jondar, you have the feeling of being watched for a moment as you enter the room with the tub, but it vanishes as soon as you notice it. As you address the boy he scurries out of the room, shuts the door, and runs down the stairs; it seems that you little display didn't agree with him too much. As you begin to undress, you hear more movement on the stairs, this time of a much heavier, possibly quite large person.

2007-09-17, 05:49 PM
As the boy scurries away Jondar thinks to himself "Ah well, so he wasn't planning anything nefarious, I just made him nervous. Ah - I'll make it up to him later with a nice gratuity.

When Jondar feels the unseen eyes upon him he pauses and makes sure that his cutlass and shield are next to the tub within easy reach before getting undressed.

As he slips into the warm water, Jondar sighs gratefully as the warm water relaxes his muscles and he begins to hum a tune before breaking into song, the copper bathtub resonating with his deep voice. For a bard this would be an exquisite form of torture. Jondar manages to miss every note and the tune is disjointed and out of harmony. Jondar's voice is loud enough to be heard downstairs as he belts out his song with enthusiasm but no art as he lathers up the soap and washes.

The volume of sound downstairs drops a bit when Jondar first starts to sing until one of the locals comments. "It's like listening to a walrus tryin' to sing." The room then breaks into laughter and the normal volume of sound returns.

2007-09-18, 08:17 AM
As the evening continues, more and more guests are leaving upstairs, and the others are now discussing the same topic for the seventh time, less and less loudly. The fire is slowly dying down and only the barkeep is still bringing the odd mug of ale to one of the tables.
The young Aladon soldier is still sitting at his table, the same mug in front of him as before, apparently waiting, staring into the opposite wall.

By the time Jondar has finished his bath and has come down again to also finish his meal, which is still delicious, just rather cold, There are only six people left in the room. "I'm going to bed now. Keep a watch on the fire, would ya," the old man says, emohasized by a huge yawn, before he leaves through the kitchen door.
The young Aladon finally stands up, only to sit down at the large table right in front of the fireplace.
"Well. I still expect one more. Maybe he will not come here. If you would all sit down here. I have to make a proposal to you."
The man doesn't seem tired in the least, but it seems that his military career has rather damaged his ability to construct long sentences.

2007-09-18, 08:53 AM
Fasi notices the brief, interesting conversation between the Aladon soldier and the (amazingly tuneless) guest from earlier in the night. For most of the evening, a quiet table and some half-conversations with the merchants and their watchful guards had been enough entertainment while he counted his aches, but this cryptic exchange sounded quite promising.

Still leaning on his staff, he makes his way over to the soldier's table, coming to stand slightly behind the ex-bather.

"Now, I'd never dream of interfering with someone else's business," he says, "but since I've little business of my own at the moment, perhaps yours can be mine. In which case, I haven't interfered, have I? Beg pardon, you can call me Fasi. Famous traveller. Unless you haven't heard of me, which would make me more of a traveller and less than famous."

"But, to business, to business! Two more for what, my military friend?"

2007-09-18, 09:44 AM

A swirl of cool night air ripples through the room as the front door swings wide to admit yet another traveler. He is dressed in sturdy clothing that looks as if it has seen many miles of travel. His eyes, hidden deep within the hood of his cloak, sweeps the room as he closes the door behind him. After just a brief pause he walks to the bar and lays some coin down with a gloved hand.

"A meal, a mug of hot mulled mead, and a room for the evening." said the traveler, in a soft voice.

"Not a problem sir, it will just be a moment." As the barkeep sweeps the silver coins into a hand that disappears quickly behind his apron.

Even inside, he had yet to take down his hood or remove his heavy leather gloves. Settling onto a stool he quietly waits for his meal.

2007-09-18, 09:44 AM
Jondar's consumed rather more ale than is really good for him and is feeling very convivial. He had a fascinating conversation whilst he ate with one of the merchants. Contemplated whistfully of playing some cards and then decided againt it, preferring to laze by the fire comfortable, well fed and somewhat rested. I must get the recipe from the old man for this ale. It's really rather good he thinks to himself.

As the soldier makes his rather strange announcement Jondar looks at him crosswise and at the other guests he was speaking to. He notices the merchant he bumped into before as he was entering, a well dressed and handsome man wearing wizards robes, and a fellow he doesn't much like the look of with a mace or scepter adorned with ugly rubies.

Jondar opens his mouth to speak but when the merchant asks his question he closes his mouth quickly. He expected us? But I only decided to enter this inn at a whim. How did he know I was going to stop here? Maybe he just needs some warm bodies for a job and doesn't care who he gets?

As the cloaked traveller enters Jondar glances at him and thinks "Perhaps this is one the people he was expecting? an waits to see if the soldier will address him.

2007-09-18, 03:27 PM
Well well well, looks like this fellow wishes to have a word with us. Wait, us? Why us? If he really knew who I was, he would know that I do not like any of these people, especially that one.
As he mentions the one from before, his eyes flashes red for a moment, but then returns to it's natural color. No-one could see it this time, because they are too busy looking at that stupid soldier.
Oh yes, this might be fun, lets play with the little soldier, won't we?
Blaze then gets up and starts to walk towards the table where the soldier is, and then suddenly changes direction and sits on the opposite all that he previously was. He then just sits there, staring at the soldier, waiting for his reaction.

2007-09-19, 07:42 AM
OOC: I took from Bish's post that his character arrives before what is happening now, so if you could change your posts to accomodate that...

"I will explain myself once everyone is seated here. I do not have the time to answer the same question more than once."
The only thing one could take for impatience is the increasing lenght of the soldier's sentences. Otherwise he keeps sitting there calmly, his mimics unmoving.

2007-09-19, 10:14 AM
Fasi nods and pulls out a chair from the nearby table to sit in. He roots through one of his bags and piles an assortment of papers and scroll-cases on the table, musing over what looks like a tattered, somewhat stained map.

2007-09-19, 03:18 PM

Blaze doesn't look the slightest bit concerned about the soldier not responding in any way to his action, but on the inside his mind is reeling.
What's wrong with this man, not even caring that one of his clients doesn't seem to show respect to him? I guess I will have to play his little game for now.
Blaze walks over to the table that the soldier mentioned and sits down, waiting to see what this man has to say.

Cogito, what do you mean, edit our posts? Unless you were talking to the others, because I didn't address anyone except Eldan. If that is the case, then ignore this. :smallbiggrin:

2007-09-19, 03:25 PM

Eldan shrugs and grins, striding over to the table, an occasional spark coming off of his boots, flashing all the colors in the rainbow. He draws back a chair, sitting down with an easy, liquid grace. He continues to smile, simply sipping his drink and waiting for the man to continue without a word.

2007-09-19, 07:12 PM

Jondar is already seated near the fire, his feet crossed at the ankles, so he's actually quite close to the soldier. As the others begin to crowd around him however he stands, turns his chair around so the back is facing the soldier and sits, resting his arms on the chair back.

I admit this guy is making me curious he thinks to himself. Nothing like a bit of mystery to get the blood pumping but it's weird if he knew that a group of powerful adventurers would be here. Maybe he's a seer of some kind? Hmmf doesn't look like one in that armour. Perhaps he's just trying to distract us? Jondar you suspicious b$%stard what are you thinking of, that the soldier will distract us whilst...

Jondar stands, "Sorry, hold that thought for a second. Just need to use the jakes...too much beer." he says before striding off quickly towards the gardrobe.

Jondar will try and slip outside and do a quick circuit of the building before returning.

2007-09-20, 08:25 AM
While you wait for Jondar to return, he walks straight through the first door.

Jondar, after trying the handle you notice a short message pinned to the door:

Door locked for safety, please knock if you need to go outside.

As you knock you hear a muffled grunt from outside, the rustling of a few keys, and finally the sound of three locks being opened, one after the other.

As you step outside, you see the same man who stood guard inside when you entered. "Make it quick will ya? Around the house. Behind the garden."

2007-09-20, 10:00 AM
Jondar grins cheerfully. "Will do." he says hurrying around the side.

Once he gets around the side of the building he will check for any signs that the building is being watched.

Spot [roll0]
Listen [roll1]

Once at the jakes he ducks behind the small foul smelling building, sprouts his wings and takes off away from the inn. He spends about two minutes circling from about 200 feet in the air trying to search for any pinpricks of light below him that might give away someone's position.

Spot [roll2]

Should he find nothing to rouse his suspicions he will return to the spot behind the jakes and return to the room quietly, standing at the back of the group, keeping that ill aspected man with the scepter in sight.

2007-09-20, 10:41 AM
It is pretty dark outside and you can't see far beyond the range of the light that is shed by the inn's windows; nothing suspicious can be heard either, only the sound of owls in the distance. As you fly a round over the inn, you can see 3 sources of light. The inn directly below, and two small fires in a distance you estimate as about 3 and 5 miles. The latter fire might be the more interesting as it shines ifrom the middle of the woods.

As you return, the soldier looks at you for a moment, still quite expressionless.
"I suppose that has to suffice," he says, looking at each of you in turn. "Have you, by any chance, seen a large wolf outside?", he asks Jondar.

2007-09-20, 10:34 PM
Jondar shakes his head. "A wolf you say? Nope sorry didn't see one - but then I wasn't exactly looking for one either."

Jondar looks at the others within the room seeing if any of them appear suspicious of the stranger and trying to assess their characteristics. "Ok soldier boy. I'd like some answers now please. Ididn't even know I would be here tonight. This place is a flyspeck on the map. I could just have easily slept in my tent. You pop up and say you have a proposition for us. Out of the blue. As if you know who I am. Or who these others are." says Jondar indicating the rest of the rooms occupants.

"Call me by my full name of Jondar "Mr Suspicious B*stard", but what's up with that eh?"

"Start talking and make it good or I'm walking out that door."
Intimidate if necessary [roll0]

2007-09-21, 07:38 AM
"There is no need for hostilities," the man says drily, "although I apologize that I didn't expect any paranoid tendencies from you."
Either the guy is really good at hiding his emotions, or he really just states this as a fact.

"But now to my proposition," the man continues, "it isn't a small matter, or I wouldn't have searched for such powerful individuals as you, so think carefully if you want to join in this while I explain. A few months ago, a unit of war veterans, who were stationed at the northern border of Caer Aladon, were recalled to join in the next Orc raid in the deserts of Oda Yon. They then decided to desert and fled with the taxes they were appointed to collect. They were last seen in this area. I confonted them once, but I underestimated them and had to flee. They might be veterans, but they served in the most skilled unit of the Aladon National Guard."
The soldier pauses for a moment, looking at you, before going on:
"My proposition is the following: You help me apprehend these men, and in turn you may keep everything they have with them, including half of the collected taxes. If you are interested follow me upstairs to my room, where we will discuss matters in private."
With that he leaves you sitting at the table and walks upstairs.

2007-09-21, 01:42 PM
I am not interested in that money reward, but maybe they have more valuable things with them. Besides, I have no-where else to go, nothing else to do. I guess I'll abide with this irrogant mans wishes for now.
Blaze walks up the stairs after everyone else has chosen what they are going to do, as the others are choosing, he seems like he is in a far off place, but if anyone knew who he really was they would know that that is just a disguise, he is really paying close attention to everyone elses choices.

2007-09-21, 10:07 PM
Fasi has folded away his map and the various odd items back into his pack as the soldier spoke.

"Interesting proposition," he says quietly. "I'll be curious to know how you found me, if we have time to speak later. But I've always been one to obey the, ah, law of the land, wherever I happen to be - an honest soul, that's Fasi.

"I'll take you up on that offer - and perhaps once we walk through that door, we can make some introductions."

2007-09-21, 10:21 PM
Eldan had been silent until now. He prefered to take the measure of strangers before saying to much for himself... it always helped to keep others off of their balance, too, particularly when you never knew if they might be hostile. But finally, as he walked through the door into the man's upstairs room, Eldan pushed back his hood, revealing his handsome, ethereal, slightly inhuman features. He smiled, his eyes, currently a deep lavender, twinkling in the low light. Setting his back against one wall, he arched an eyebrow as he looked at the stranger.

It seems a wee mite strange, friend, searching out such a powerful, and esoteric group just for a simple bit of collectin' some stolen taxes. So tell me, what's the rest o' the story?

2007-09-23, 12:43 AM

Jondar steps back and folds his arms across his chest. He doesn't look happy. That's it? We're looking for a bunch of clapped out veteran's who stole some money and taught this young pup a lesson in tactics? Nah it's too simple. There is something else to this that he's not telling us. So he's either lying to me or not telling me the whole story. I might be a good guy who follows all applicable laws, but I'm not stupid. I don't have to play by his rules. I'll visit him in his rooms but unless he's a hell of a lot more forthcoming about how and why I'm outta here. he thinks to himself watching as the others walk up the stairs, lured by the soldiers words.

Jondar stomps up the stairs to the soliders room. "Right let's see some identification." He says, "You say we get to share in half the taxes. I want to see your authority for being able to promise that, and by the sounds of it you want to be in charge of this little hunting party. What happened to the last group you led?" he asks in a hard voice.

2007-09-23, 09:40 AM
The room is rather simple. There is a bed, a small bucket with water, an oil lamp on a small bedside table, another table with a single chair, and no windows.

The soldier is standing near the wall opposite to the door, waiting for a few minutes, barely acknowledging each of your comments.

When enough time has passed he finally begins to talk: "It seems that someone is still indecisive about this," he begins while walks over to the door and closes it. Back to his place near the wall he continues: "First to identification and authority."
And before your eyes there no longer stands the young Aladon soldier, but an imposing creature, completely made of all kinds of mechanical parts, all with a red hue, and all moving like the gears of a clock. Most of the still humanoid looking creature's body is covered by ornate golden armor and a flowing golden robe.

Knowledge(arcana) DC 23 (untrained checks can't be higher than 10):
This is a kolyarut, a construct created for the sole purpose of hunting down contract breakers.

"I was summoned by the Aladon government to hunt down these deserters and bring them to justice. A copy of the contract, as well as an official document stating my business here in Piren," teh creature removes to folded documents from its robes ang gives them to Jondar. "There was no first group, I tried to apprehend them alone, which was a miscalculation on my part. I did a month of research to find fitting individuals to help me in my task, and created some small circumstances to lead you here, failing with one particular individual. I will answer more questions only after you have signed this." The construct removes another document from his robes and hands it to Blaze.

It is quite short and seems to be a contract in which you state that you will help the Kolyarut (the name is written in the document) in its task until it is done, and will receive said treasure in exchange. It is already signed by the chief judge of the Aladon high court, and an arcane mark of the Aladon king also adorns the document.

2007-09-23, 10:04 AM
Blaze doesn't even flinch during his transformation, but looks facinated when he figures out what had just appeared.
So, it seems we have a Kolyarut with us. I am lucky, I guess, being able to see one in person.
Blaze takes the documents and nods sliently, reading through the documents intently. After being sure he read through everything, he then signs the document and passes it to the next a person that hasn't gotten the documents yet. After he hands it to the next closest person, he then starts a conversation with the Kolyarut, and everyone else in the room.
"I do not remember anyone in the room from any other occassion than this inside this Inn. Let me introduce my self, my name is Blaze. What is everyone elses name?" He then shakes everyones hands once, while saying his name and waiting for everyone elses in return.

2007-09-23, 05:05 PM
At the transformation of the young man into an unknown creature Jondar's reaction is immediate. Light blazes from his eyes and flaming wings sprout from his back. A palpable sense of rightness and good erupts from Jondar and his attention snaps momentarily away from the creature to Blaze. The reaction seems to be instinctive however as his head tilts to one side and the wings subsides as the creature speaks and hands him documents.

Jondar carefully examines the documents he is given and thinks So he is a summoned creature? Given authority to hunt down these lawbreakers then. Interesting. But what of him? he thinks looking at the magic user with the scepter.

Jondar waits to be the last person to sign the contract, trying to think about what he knows of the government of Aladon. Reassuring himself from what he knows of Aladon he makes his decision.

When the contract is handed to him, Jondar reads it very carefully. It doesn't say that the creature leads or that we have to obey him, just to help him until it is done. he thinks to himself. Jondar signs it before handing it back to the creature. "Now you answer all questions?" he says. "So why him?" he says nodding towards Blaze.

2007-09-24, 05:42 AM
After Jondars statement about Blaze, he immediately puts on the offensive.
"Why me you ask, why me? Well why you? Why him?" He points over to Eldan. "Why any of us? I cannot understand why everyone that I have interacted with has in some way singled me out. I get handed the documents first, not such a big thing, but why would you point at me?" He points at Eldan. "He is much more noticeable than me by most standards, so I ask again, why me?"
As he goes on in his little rant, he seems fairly calm at first, but he starts to seem as if he can burst into hysterics at any moment.

2007-09-24, 07:31 AM
"I calculated the approximate strength of the criminals from my first encounter, looked for fitting individuals within an 100-mile-radius and gathered them, that is you, here," the construct explains, "I only made minimal compromises concerning the compatibility of the group. This is the most effective group I could come up with within less than two months. That is," the Kolyarut adds, "Why each and all of you are here."

2007-09-24, 05:38 PM
Jondar looks at Blaze as he has his small rant. This guy is unstable he thinks to himself. Why do I get the feeling I am going to regret this?.

Jondar looks at Blaze his expression closed for a moment waiting to see if anyone else is going to ask questions. When no one does he starts speaking.

"Well my name is Jondar. Just Jondar will do. I'm a fighter with some unusual abilities." he says modestly. "Depending upon how long this takes I have something I need to reveal to you if you are to be my companions in this venture." He sighs. "I don't know my history, but I've been told that I share my soul with a pheonix. What's important about that is that every couple of months I die and regenerate my body." he states. "To regenerate my body needs to be placed in a large fire. My next cycle will end in about 30 days." he says. "If I die in combat, do the same."

So, what are your stories? he asks the others.

2007-09-24, 06:21 PM
"My stories" he emphasizes the word stories "Are of none of anyone’s concern. None of you have gained my trust yet, and seems you" he glares at Jondar "Never will. By the way, my name's Blaze. You will soon see that it fits my character rather well."
He seems to have calmed down quite a lot, and you also notice that his eyes flashed red during his previous rant, and now they are fading back to their natural color.

2007-09-25, 10:24 AM
Fasi watches the Kolayut with intense curiosity and half-reaches for the scroll case and goose-quill pen tied to his belt before he catches himself. When Jondar's wings flash, however, Fasi can't refrain from making a quick, rough sketch and then tucking the tattered piece of parchment back into his case.

"Well, it seems I'm known to our benefactor at least - but to the rest of our group, whether or not we'll all agree to stay - my name is Fasi, or Fasi the Traveller," he says with a half-smile. "I've made a good living for myself trading from town to town and sometimes," he breaks off with a quick look at the court-empowered creature in the room, "...ah, well no matter. Still, I'm not averse to a change of pace - no, no, variety is the spice of the road, or some such, I'm sure. An adatable man, is Fasi! Spear and some small magics shall serve as best they can, in capable hands!"

"But tell me, O mysterious and benevolent emissary," he adds, "surely the task - these taxes - must bring the crown far less than the cost of your services. The travel alone -- well. Is it not so?"

2007-09-25, 03:47 PM
"I don't take any payment," the Kolyarut answers in a tone that could be mistaken for disdain.
"Any more questions? If not continue signing the contract. We will leave tomorrow at noon."

2007-09-25, 05:30 PM
Jondar grins at Blaze. "Blaze huh? Well Blaze why do you think I'm sharing? Why do you think Fasi is sharing? To feel all warm and fuzzy about our companions?" he asks rhetorically, "The Kolywhatsit over there said we are up against a group of military elite veterans. Now I don't know what that suggests to you, but what it suggests to me is that these individuals have had years to understand each others strengths and weaknesses, to fight as a unit. If we go after them unprepared and underestimating them we'll probably get our arses handed to us. If we are a team that has a measure of trust between us then we will be more effective, hence why I shared that little detail about myself. If you say to me I will never gain your trust when I have been open and sharing about myself and refuse to say anything about yourself from a fit of pique that I can detect you have done evil things in the past..."

Jondar shrugs, "So be it. I don't really want to trust someone who comes across as evil as you do. However I see no reason to protect you either. So I'll say this once and once only. Grow up, get over yourself and try not to deliberately cause friction and then people are more likely to help you if you are in trouble. Cause trouble, delight in other's pain and suffering and be a pain in the arse, chances are people won't like you. It then becomes a self defeating circle. No one likes you because you are unlikeable, because no one likes you they don't help you. And because they don't help you, you don't like them in return. Until you earn my trust I will give you the benefit of doubt that you can be trusted and will do everything in my power to make sure you are a protected member of the group. If you do something evil, or rash, or unstable that get's someone hurt or killed.." Jondar shrugs. "Then I won't feel the need to trust, respect, protect you or let you live."

As the Kolyarut asks if there are any more question Jondar rubs his chin thoughtfully. "Well yes there are a great deal of questions in regards to these elite veterans. I do not belive rushing in unprepared will serve us well. You've met them in combat so you should have an idea of numbers, any type of specialisation they may have, tactics they have used and what might work against them." he says.

"Tell us what you know about these guys." he says

2007-09-25, 05:37 PM
"I...I am sorry."You can tell that these words were hard to muster out and he regreted them the instant they escaped his clenched teeth."I need to learn to control my anger. I've been getting better, but there is still the every once in a while where I will just flip out."
Blaze turns around, finds a chair, and plops into it, no longer paying attention, so it would seem.

2007-09-25, 07:28 PM
The construct soldier completely ignores everything that Jondar says, except for the last bit: "You want to be briefed completely right now? Are you sure this cannot wait until you have slept. You tend to work a lot more efficient after sleep if I remember correctly."

2007-09-25, 08:38 PM
Jondar looks at Blaze with a little respect. That showed character. he thought to himself. He then smiles at Kolyarut, "Well that depends upon the circumstances." he replies. "What do you think these veterans do whilst we chat? If I were an elite veteran who had been attacked unsuccessfully by an enemy I'd do one of two things. Hunt him down, or bank on him coming back and prepare some surprises. So the question is - are these soldiers the type who fort up or the type that attacks when trouble brews?" he asks.

2007-09-26, 07:50 AM
"I was not defeated the first time. They attacked after I told them the charges, I retreated after I had seen enough know the probability af a victory was too low."
"Combined with the training procedure they underwent, I guess they are currently in hiding in the most dangerous area they could find, which," it points directly through the northern wall, "is approximately 6 days from here."

2007-09-26, 10:51 AM
Fasi reads the contract over carefully and signs his name with a flourish, seeming to ignore the "discussion" between Jondar and Blaze.... though he does edge out of the line between the two, as he scratches away at the contract with his stained quill.

"I, for one, vote for sleep before we hear about these misguided tax-thieves," he suggests. "Eager as any warrior for battle, is Fasi, but first - the best parts of life! Sleep, food, and baths if someone has not used up all the inn's water."

Fasi winks at Jondar and takes a seat, passing the contract to the next of the band. A thought seems to strike him and he looks quizzically at Jondar -

"You'd think a firey sort like yourself wouldn't jump as readily into water, but I suppose one learns something every day."

2007-09-26, 05:23 PM
Jondar grins at Fasi's remarks. "Hot water is the mark of civilisation" he says "and I enjoy the comforts of civilisation."

"Well I'm happy to continue this conversation in the morning after some sleep if everyone else is?" he asks standing and preparing to go to his own room.

2007-09-28, 08:09 AM
"You rest, I will tell you more when we are on our way."

With that, the Kolyarut transforms back into the soldier, although now you also see the faint form of the Kolyarut, as well.
He now stands next to the door, waiting for everybody to leave the room.

2007-09-28, 10:48 AM

The slightly pale, handsome fellow smiles. He'd been silent for a while, watching the scene carefully. A pheoenix-bonded soul, another sorceror, and a criminal-hunting construct. Interesting indeed. He gestured to himself.

Well, this sounds like as interestin' a job as any... and more interestin' company than most. My name's Eldan, and I'm born o' the Fae. My parents sent me into the mortal realm to grow up, for reasons o'... call it politics, I suppose. Got attached to the place. I'm a fair powerful sorceror, and I got a way with words and way with people. I'm all in favor of a nice sleep. Tommorrow we can get up and start huntin' these folk with a good night's rest and a hot meal in our bellies.

2007-09-28, 01:35 PM
"Good to meet you, Eldan - curious to see what your current attachments are to this mortal land of ours. A traveller always looks for new tales! Always ears-up, is Fasi."

"But for the moment... sleep, and then a morning departure."

Fasi gathers his things and heads off to arrange a room with the innkeeper.

2007-09-28, 07:56 PM
Sleep, ugh. As if I'll even get any after this excitment.

He goes out the door and into his room(After placing some money somewhere the owner can see it)and sleeps, knowing it will be a sleepful night.

2007-09-28, 08:26 PM
After all getting a room, you quickly retire into it, some of you noticing that there are another few rooms right below the roof on the third floor. Not quite unexpectedly the night passes without further incident and you assume that it is already past dawn as you decide to get up.

The whole inn seems to have decided to wake up at the same time, loud voices and wagons being made ready make it impossible to continue sleeping, and the smell of bacon is just too alluring to keep staying in bed.

As you walk down the last steps of the stairs you see that most guests have already eaten, walking by the windows over to the stables to get ready to travel on. Only two tables are still occupied, one by the party of merchants you've already seen yesterday, oblivious to the fact that a Kolyarut is sitting at the other table.

Looking like the young officer again, he acknowledges your presence, but does nothing else, the meal in front of him obviously untouched. When the girl behind the bar sees you she asks, in a fashion rather similar to that of her father: "Bacon and eggs for you, or do you prefer fresh bread with cheese?"

2007-09-29, 06:18 AM
"I'll have the bread and cheese." Jondar replies. "And get me some wrapped in heshian to go in my bag as well please." He responds.

He turns to the group around the table. "So Blaze, Eldan, Fasi and you." he says speaking to the Kolyarut. "What do we call you? I can't keeping thinking of you as the creature." he responds.

"How are we travelling?" Jondar asks. "I don't like horses - In fact I don't even have a horse." he says. Mangy beasts always stepping on my feet and not wanting to wear a saddle, I prefer my feet and when I need to go somewhare in a hurry my wings. He thinks to himself.

2007-09-29, 07:50 AM
It could be a trick of the morning suns light, but as you ask the Kolyarut for a name as grin seems to flicker shortly on the constructs face.

"The identification I have with me states 'Justician'. Not a very witty wordplay, but if you need a name call me that."
"And we will travel by flight as soon as we are outside of sight range of the inn," the creature explains while opening a small bag at its belt. It then seems to search somethign inside the bag, finally partly pulling out what seems to be a rolled carpet. "I was able to acquire this flying carpet. It should serve us well enough."

A few minutes later you all get whatever you have ordered, together with mugs of fresh milk.

2007-09-29, 10:09 AM
"I'll have some eggs, no bacon, with cheese on the side. It's been a while since I've eaten 'civialzied' food."
Then to Jondar/Construct
"I have yet to aquire a horse myself, good thing you came prepared. Walking is more my style, but I'll get used to it."

2007-09-29, 10:17 PM
Fasi is far too busy brooding, head resting on one hand, over a steaming cup of hot water mixed with... some odd, sour mix of herbs. He looks like he slept poorly, and barely looks at the rolled-up flying carpet.

He seems to pale slightly at the offer of eggs, and shakes his head, settling back to his slightly horrible drink.

He mutters something under his breath at Jondar's cheerful order to the serving girl, and makes a cryptic sign with his free hand, shuddering.

(Edited for spelling. Sigh.)

2007-09-29, 10:34 PM

Eldan consumes his food happily, eating with gusto, particularly considering his slim figure. He smiles as he finally pushes his plate back, dabbing at the corners of his mouth with a napkin before speaking.

Ah.. I've seen the like before. Marvellous items, they are. And dead useful. I'm ready ta leave as soon as the rest of ya are.

2007-09-30, 02:27 AM
Jondar chomps down on his bread and cheese, tucking the rest into his backpack.

He waits until everyone appears finished and then stands. "Should we go? How fast is that thing anyway?" he asks pointing to the carpet. "Are we likely to get within range of these miscreants before sundown?" he queries.

2007-10-01, 04:24 AM
"It is able to cover 8 miles per hour. Without getting tired, I might add. And as I said before, it will take us approximately 6 days with 8 hours of rest each day," the Kolyarut explains, "and as it seems that everyone is ready, we may as well leave now."

It stands up, and, on its way out, drops a small but obviously heavy bag onto the counter.

2007-10-01, 03:13 PM
Fasi swills down the rest of his drink in a gulp; a few spilled droplets almost seem to hiss for a moment as they spatter on the table.

He follows the new-forged group's employer toward the door, spear-staff clumping with each step -- Fasi reaches out to poke the odd bag on the counter as he strolls by, wondering if he'll hear the clink of coins, or something stranger.

"And way," he says loudly, as he does so, "off to tasks mundane and mysterious! An adventuring sort, is Fasi, yes, and always trustworthy."

And with that, he's out the door, wondering what a flying carpet looks like, and where he'd last heard of one. Why, there was the tale from the second son of a second son of a priest in that old village near...

2007-10-01, 04:11 PM
As you poke the bag you hear the seductive sound of a lot of platinum pieces. The Kolyarut obviously payed for your breakfast, and a lot more...

2007-10-01, 04:49 PM
Jondar stands and heads outside with the others. Once outside he removes his backpack and stretches before cracking his knuckles with a sharp popping sound.

"So Justicar, tell us about these veterans. How many of them are there and what are their specialities?" he queries.

2007-10-01, 06:10 PM
"Only a few minutes more. Follow me," the kolyarut says, points roughly north and stalks off right into the wood.

2007-10-01, 06:30 PM
Noting at Fasi's strange behavior, Blaze walks at the door, and starts to speed up to walk up front with the construct,
"I don't know how to say this, so here it goes." He takes a breath for a moment. "Thanks-for-breakfast."

2007-10-01, 09:41 PM
What's wrong with right here? Why do we need to walk into the woods? Jondar thinks to himself. "Getting any explanation out of this thing is like trying to squeeze blood from a stone."

"I'll meet you up there I need to stretch my wings and feel the breeze on my face." Jondar says and leaps into the air, he climbs until he's a hundred feet up and starts circling above the group like a massive eagle.

spot [roll0] Is the way that the Kolyarut heading in the direction where I saw the campfire in the woods last night? If so I pay particularly close attention to this area of the woods

2007-10-02, 06:54 AM
The Kolyarut watches Jondar for a moment when Blaze comes walking up to him.

"You have been employed by me, and I have drawn you out here," the construct says, and marches onward.

Jondar can't pinpoint the fire's location anymore, but it should be at least roughly in that direction, where none of the streets which are now filled by merchants and other travellers comes even near.

As the rest of the group enters the large forrest of fir and pine trees you almost lose sight of them.

2007-10-02, 11:01 AM
Fasi raises an eyebrow philosophically at the clink from the bag - that much platinum could have bought the inn itself, most likely. Or maybe one and a half inns. Still, an employer wasteful with money is usually a good sign!

Fasi follows the Kolyut onward. At worst, if this bizarre job offer proves less than ideal --- and what is this "I've drawn you out" business? -- there's a good story to be had, and maybe a little extra platinum.

*(If Eldan is following, Fasi will fall in step with him to ask a few nosey questions.)

2007-10-03, 07:59 AM
After you have walked for about 15 minutes thorugh the forrest, the Kolyarut suddenly stops, pulls the carpet out of his bag and rolls it out as good as possible on the uneven ground. "I think we have walked long enough. Take a seat," it says and positions itself at the front of the carpet.

2007-10-03, 04:18 PM
Fasi eyes the carpet dubiously.

"A marvellous device. But are we likely to fall off the sides? My new, winged friend here would be fine, Fasi is sure, but flying is one thing Fasi does not do well."

"But beyond that... I for one am ready to be on our way to steal -- ahh, to reclaim the (sorrow!) missing tax funds. And to deal with any problems, such as armed soldier and such."

2007-10-03, 08:49 PM
Jondar lands nearby once the carpet comes out, his wings dissolving in the morning light. He rubs his head vigourously and grins with pleasure. "I love flying in the morning, it's so refreshing." he says, taking a seat at he very back of the carpet. He sits close to the edge, he has no fear of falling off of course, being able to fly. When Fasi makes his comments he leans forwards and says. "Don't worry too much, I can carry a fair bit of weight if I have to when I fly, so unless that bag of yours is filled with lead, I'll be able to carry you. Him I'm not so sure." he says pointing to the Kolyarut. "the Justicar might be too heavy for me to lift and fly at the same time." he says.

"So can we hear about these mysterious veterans yet? What are their names?"

2007-10-03, 11:09 PM

Eldan followed along, once again quiet with his own thoughts. Something about this still seemed odd... an extraplanar being in pursuit of some petty thieves? Huh. There was always more than met the eye. He looked the carpet up and down. It seemed like a suitable enough mode of transport. Lacking any other method of flight, he stepped on it and sat down cross-legged, apparently quite relaxed.

2007-10-04, 06:44 AM
The Kolyarut ignores the comments on falling down as it directs the rather large carpet upwards about 60 feet into the air.
While you are speeding northwards, apparently right towards the mountain range far away, the Kolyarut begins his explanation:
"You want to know their names?", it asks with an artificial air of incredulity. "Their leader is called Lukar Tallandro, I did not memorize the names of the others, but if you want to know them," it draws another document from its bag and hands it to Jondar, "This is the bill of indictment."

The document repeats the charges against the deserters, who will, it seems, face a life-long prison sentence, as well as the names of all the 14 criminals:

Lukar Tallandro

Taran Askarda
Adrin Corus
Valtar Entarro
Syro Eskeliendro
Coref Hetrion
Mirrus Karavastar
Urdan Karavastar
Jeffin Lerendazi
Tokorin Neskus
Adrin Ovion
Pentar Sarhain
Jahanah Tallandro
Zoder Vanatar

"I know that the leader is an excellent melee combatant, as are 7 others. They also have 3 arcane casters and 2 divine casters. The other 2 did not seem to be fighting types at all, they should be the stealth specialists of the group. If the information I was given is correct. The only woman of the group is the leader's younger sister and I think we can finish a possible fight quickly if we can apprehend her first. under no circumstances are we to kill any of them. As they will probably know the surroundings they have now chosen better than we do, we will have to be extremely careful. But with the help of three arcanists on our side we can use our flying capability to the fullest extent." It stops talking for a moment before adding: "Questions?"

OOC: Sorry I forgot to mention the carpet's size. It is 10x10 feet, which is more than enough room to place each of you far away from the edge.

2007-10-04, 04:52 PM
"We are not allowed to kill any of them? I approve of the concept and thoughts behind that but I have some reservations. I've been in a couple of battles before you know and one thing I do know is that in the midst of battle it's hard to know accurately how much force is required. When someone is coming at you with a dagger and the intention to gut you...well speaking for myself, I'll take them down easy if I can, but if outnumbered... well I won't pull any punches that's for sure." he says.

So what do they look like?

[ooc] Cog, not sure if you use reputations but would we have heard of some of these people? [ooc]

2007-10-04, 05:13 PM
"You can take them down as violently as you wish, jsut do not kill them," the Kolyarut says, adding, "they are all humans," as a response to your question.

A knowledge:nobility and royalty or a knowledge: history check against DC 15 (+5 bonus on check for those who have lived in Caer Aladon for at least a decade) reveals the following:
Lukar Tallandro is a great hero of the Orc Wars and everybody of Caer Aladon knows that he is enjoying his retirement in the north of the nation, where he is now stationed.

2007-10-04, 09:46 PM
[roll0] claiming status as a city of Gold resident - Okay I've not heard of these guys.

"You can take them down as violently as you wish, jsut do not kill them," the Kolyarut says, adding, "they are all humans," as a response to your question.

Jondar sighs, looking at the back of the Kolyarut in exasperation. "Getting useful information from you seems to be more difficult than it should be and explaining concepts also seems to be difficult. If I hit somebody generally that person stays hit. I've found in the past it's hard to tell how tough someone might be just from looking at them, especially if they are trying to hide it. But lets ignore that for now. What are the consequences if we should inadvertantly kill them should they resist arrest?

Oh and I appreciate that as a summoned construct you might not be aware of all the nuanced differences between human beings, but your answer lacks details. Look at the four of us," Jondar says indicating his companions, "and you will see that there are significant differences between us in terms of size, weight, skin coloring, hair coloring, eye coloring, and so on. It would help if we knew what these people looked like so we can at least arrest the right people."

2007-10-05, 07:18 AM
"As long as their leader stays alife, they will be no reprimations from the Aladon government, but death is not their sentence."
At Jondar's little discourse one human appearance the Kolyarut just looks at you blankly.
"I will tell you when we have found the right humans, but I doubt that there will be many others where they have hidden. Before you killl the leader, though, he wears an Aladon Full Plate with the full rank insignia. The rest," he adds after a moment's thought, "all wear Aladon breastplates like the one my disguise wore, except for the arcanists who wear robes with the same insignia as the breastplates."

2007-10-06, 02:41 PM
Having nothing to add, Blaze just listens while thinking what kind of mees he got himself into. He smiles at the though, but it changes to a frown when they talk about no killing. It returns to the small smile when they talk about only not killing the leader, and trying to kill the rest.
I'll try not to kill anyone. Yeah, right. I'll have to try to lay off the leader though...

2007-10-06, 05:47 PM
You keep flying non-stop until dusk, the landscape below you barely changing except for the altitude.

"I need no sleep, and I am aware that you can go without sleep for much more than a day if necessary. I planned to keep flying for another 2 days before resting, but if you have something against that plan, we may rest now for about 6 hours."

2007-10-07, 01:42 PM
"We could always rest on this carpet. One or two at a time, with the others watching to make sure they don't fall off, and catching us if we do." He looms over to Jondar while saying the last of his sentence. "I am used to harsh sleeping conditions, I should be fine."

2007-10-08, 02:01 PM
Fasi nods in agreement to Blaze's suggestion.

"If we're in a great hurry," he says, "then yes, the carpet might continue to move while we travel... though on this, Fasi defers to our justice-seeking comrade, since it is his carpet."

(Fasi will rest if they choose to sleep now; otherwise, he agrees with the general suggestion of the Kolayut about how to handle the long trip.)

2007-10-09, 05:15 PM
"We will keep flying until we reach our destination, then."

And so you do for four consecutive days you do nothing but sit on the carpet, the cold air washing over your faces. You are almost indifferent when you finally land, somewhere in the mountains that seemed so far only half a week ago.

"Rest now. We arrived two days prior to my calculations, so you may take your time. I will keep watch."

And sleep befalls you as soon as your ears touch the bunks of the stone hut that you didn't notice was there at all....

When you awake you feal ravenous, and sitting up you see that it is sometime around noon. It seems that the Kolyarut somehow summoned this cosy stone hut; the only thing that is missing is the smell of food.

2007-10-09, 05:52 PM
Blaze wakes up a little too quickly, and gets a mild headache from sitting uo so fast.
"I hope there's food here somewhere, I need something to cure this headache." he mutters silently to himself, as he rushes to find the Kolyarut, rushing outside and maybe even making a meal of his own out of a wild animal if he can't find him.

2007-10-11, 07:41 AM
The Kolyarut stands right outside the hut, staring into empty space. When he sees you he just asks:
"Have you rested enough now?"

A small animal rushes back behind a rock when it hears the voice. You think it was some kind of goat.
Now that you take a real look at your surroundings you find yourself right at the foot of a cliff an looking down another into the forrest you flew over.

2007-10-13, 03:26 PM
"Yeah, I guess. Where's the food around here?"

Where is everyone?

2007-10-14, 08:19 AM
The Kolyarut hands Blaze a simple-looking spoon and a small earthen bowl.

"Imitate eating from it with the spoon."

You can see the tip of a horn protuding from behind the rock.

I would like to know the same. If this goes on for another week, I'll discontinue the game.

2007-10-14, 08:43 AM
Blaze looks down at the empty bowl and then looks back up. "Who do you think I am, some type of moron?" At that he takes the golden scepter out from his belt, and aims it at the rock this goat is hiding behind. He then silently walks around, staying withing 30 ft. of the rock, but getting a better angle at the goat. ([roll0]) Then, he shoots out a ruby colored ray from the scepter towards the goat. (What would my +'s be for a ranged touch attack? My Dex is +2, and my BAB is +4. Whatever it is, add that to this roll=[roll1]. And do I add my dexterity to this roll?=[roll2])

2007-10-15, 03:35 PM
Fasi simply watches in bemusement as Blaze stalkes the goat.

2007-10-15, 03:55 PM
The goat jumps and runs away as it notices Blaze sneaking up and it vanishes behind another rock which he hits with his scepter's spell.

Meanwhile the Kolyarut hands the bowl and the spoon to Fasi.

2007-10-15, 04:29 PM
(Is the goat dead, wounded, or hiding?)

If dead:

Blaze will walk up to the goat and bring it over to the group.
"Real food is heare now."

If wounded/hiding:

Blaze's eyes flash red for a moment at the though of missing. He will try to move silently again to attack it([roll0])and then attack it.([roll1] [roll2])

2007-10-15, 05:56 PM
Jondar wakes up with a snort as Blazes spell hits the rock. "Wassat?" he mumbles before coming fully awake. He stands and stretches rubbing his left shoulder. "Feels like I slept on a rock." he mumbles as he walks out to join the others.

He yawns hugely, scratches various parts of his anatomy and stretches his left arm until his shoulder clicks.

"Sorry I slept in... where are we?"

sorry guys got extremely busy - will try to pay closer attention from here on

2007-10-15, 07:21 PM

Eldan is quiet as they move towards their destination, absorbing information from what he hears the others speaking of. He watches the landscape go by bemusedly, enjoying the fresh air. He laughs a bit when Blaze has trouble with the goat... And he can't help but think the man might be more successful if he learned to harness his temper constructively.

2007-10-16, 05:05 PM
Blaze tries to follow the goat, but he does not see it anywhere; it must have climbed to a higher level and out of danger.

"We are about a quarter of a mile from the criminals' hideout, I scouted the area while you were sleeping."

The Kolyarut is still holding the bowl and the spoon.

"This spoon is magical and it produces nourishment once you imitate eating with it," he finally explains.

2007-10-16, 10:32 PM
"You what? You scouted out the enemy whilst we were sleeping?" he seems astonished for a second, and then he seems angry.

"Do you have any idea what that's called in the army? It's called desertion of your post and they hang you for it. Want to know why they hang you for it? Because whilst you are not here and we are all asleep, there would be nothing to stop one of them slipping in and cutting all our throats whilst we slept." he shakes his head.

"You may be an incredibly powerful construct, Justicar, but your grasp of tactics is childish in the extreme." he says shaking his head.

"So how are they deployed?" he asks squatting down, smoothing a patch of sand out for use as an impromptue map and handing the Kolyarut a dagger.

2007-10-17, 01:50 PM
"And you don't think far before making hasty conclusions. The hut was protected well enough. They have managed to find a natural cave, which, with a high porbability, has at least two exits. They all still live, although two of the spellcasters are wounded, probably by the small group of trolls that lives only 70 feet above them, at least what now remains of them. They are not scouting at the moment, but they always watch the area around the two entrances I found. They are well supplied, so it is improbable that they will move out of the caves within the next weeks. If we wait for another day their spellcasters should be healed, so I suggest that we attack today. Two men wounded and their healer out of power will give us an unexpected advantage. The cave entrances are placed within about 230 feet, but it takes 1 minute by flight to move between them from the outside, and probably half that time from the inside. As far as I could make out, the cave is not very big, so I suggest using area spells to weaken them, and then move into melee for capture."

Teh Kolyarut makes no movement towards taking the dagger, but when he has finsihed speaking he hands each of you two sets of manacles.
"Once they have these on, they won't pose any threat."

2007-10-17, 04:51 PM
"Battle. Sounds good, I have a fireball ready to be sprayed on them."

2007-10-17, 05:31 PM
Jondar rubs his chin with the hilt of the dagger, "If their spellcasters are wounded and their healer possibly low on spells, then we should definately attack today. Do we have a way of blocking one of the entrances?"he asks taking the manacles and forcing them into his backpack so the links don't make noise.

"With two primary melee fighters and two spell casters, we should team up." he says. "I'll team with Blaze. His fire spells won't have any effect on me and he can centre the damage on me if he want's to."

2007-10-19, 12:10 PM
"Interesting," says Fasi, looking thoughtful. "I tend to agree - the less magic thrown our way, the better. Not that Fasi minds throwing a few unhelpful favors in their direction."

"With luck, we can make short work of their casters while they're weakened... though if we ignore those warrior types, it could be.... unpleasant," he muses, sounding for once serious. "I have a spell in mind that can hinder two of our foes at best - and another two after we've lost the element of surprise."

Fasi looks hastily at the Kolayut. "Nothing viciously lethal, of course, simply a little enchantment -- one picks up a few things on the road, no?"

"Let's make for the cave and see what we can manage. If we can remove their spellpower and keep them bottled up in that place ... preferably cutting off their escape... we can deal with them at our leisure."

"The other option... hmm. Let's get closer before we decide, but we might see about dipping in and grabbing the leader's sister as leverage. Who knows? If we're terribly lucky, she'll wander off and into our arms."

Fasi pauses as a nasty thought occurs to him.

"Wait - those trolls aren't in our path to these rogues, are they? I'd hate to see use have to deal with them as well... you never know if those things are really dead."

Having said his piece, he sits back to listen, the familiar half-smile and daydream expression snapping back into place.

2007-10-19, 05:24 PM
"You two will block the scond entrance, then," the Koylarut says pointing at Jondar and Blaze. "The rest of us will attack first at the main entrance. We will try to immoblize them magically to make the fire magic more effective, but you still have to remember not to kill them. I doubt we are lucky enough for the leader's sister to wander off somewhere, and the trolls currently hide out of our way."

If you don't ask any other questions the Kolyarut will lead you to the cave.

2007-10-19, 07:53 PM
Jondar nods, "Sounds good. If Blaze and I can conceal ourselves effectively you may be able to flush them our way and we can take them by surprise."

"How long would an invisibility spell last?" he asks Eldan. "It might be worthwhile to make us both invisible, and then I can quickly fly over to the other entrance with Blaze and block it off. What do you think?"

Jondar moves with the Kolyarut not waiting to waste too much time and keeping his voice low.

2007-10-20, 09:32 AM
"Sounds good." He seems a little disapointed at not being able to be on the front lines, but something is better than nothing.

2007-10-22, 10:26 AM
Fasi follows along cheerfully, the spearhead atop his walking staff picking up faint glimmers of light as the group sets off.

2007-10-28, 07:53 PM
"Eldan?" says, Jondar looking around. Not seeing the spellcaster he turns to the others. "Did anyone see where he went?" he asks.

Jondar shrugs, "Maybe he went on ahead and scouted out the area?" he mutters to himself. "I wish this group would tell each other what they plan to do more frequently."

"So does this change our tactics? Should we instead just try and take the sister hostage to force the others to comply?" he queries in a soft voice.

2007-10-30, 02:13 PM
Fasi frowns at Jondar's question.

"Odd. I would have sworn he was here earlier -- but when? If he's off to the caverns before us... I hope he doesn't try for a test of bravery."

Fasi looks thoughtful for a moment, then shakes his head sadly.

"None of my tricks would be a help in finding him, if he's gone ahead. Jondar, do you see any signs of his passage, or did he leave us this morning?"

2007-10-30, 05:27 PM
"I took notice of his absence, but I do not think this is problematic. He probably is trying to get some nourishment. He will find us near the cave's entrance. Are you ready to set off?"

2007-10-31, 10:35 PM
Jondar nods, "Lets get cracking." he says, rolling his shoulders to loosen them and shifting his sword in its scabbard to unsure a smooth draw. He sets of, trying to move quietly yet still have a good pace.

2007-11-01, 11:36 AM
Fasi shrugs and follows.

2007-11-01, 06:11 PM
Blaze follows quitely.

2007-11-02, 05:01 PM
You follow the Kolyarut silently for what seems to be an eternity, making many detours, before it suddenly raises its hand and stops.
It then points up a path that must hae been the reason for the detours. The small stony way is just broad enough for one person and leads from the woods now far behind you up here and right to what must be one of the cave entrances and then further upwards.
After a moment the Kolyarut motions for Fasi to follow and whispers, "We will split here. We will not be able to communicate once we are at the different entrances, so Jondar and Blaze just start the attack approximately 30 minutes from now. Fasi and I will then start attacking from the other entrance. We will act as discussed, Jondar charging in and Blaze casting his spells at the same time. Any questions?"

2007-11-02, 07:21 PM
"What spells should I use? The important battle worthy ones are Ray of Frost, Message for communicating, Burning Hands, True Strike, Magic Weapon, Protection from Arrows, Darkvision, Scorching Ray, Summon Swarm, Fireball, Fire trap, and Emlarge person, mass."

2007-11-03, 01:28 AM
Jondar turns to Blaze and whispers. "If it's fire based I will be immune to it, so keep your area effect spells fire based if you are going to use them centered on me." he says. "Wait until we see how tight the quarters are before using enlarge person. It could do more harm than good."

"What've you got that's defensive?"

2007-11-03, 08:27 AM
"Nothing really. Protection from arrows, Leomunds Tiny Hut, Fire Trap, and thats really it."

2007-11-04, 08:47 PM
Jondar nods at Blazes' response. "It'll be better to keep concealed then, so their melee fighters don't mince you. It's going to depend upon the terrain as to whether I try and take you with me on the charge or whether you find a relatively safe place to snipe at them."

Jondar squats down comfortably near the entrance to the cave and waits the required amount of time, checking the straps on his armour.

He waits patienty for the Kolyarut and Fasi to get into position wondering what has happened to Eldan and worrying that he has given away the entire operation.

After counting out the half an hour silently in his head, Jondar stands and motions to the cave entrance. "Lets go." he whispers, drawing his sword as silently as possible in case they have posted a guard at the entrance.

are we rolling dice in the thread? I'll do a spot check as we approach the entrance and look for traps.

2007-11-05, 06:05 PM
Blaze is silent throughout the wait, trying to figure what would be the best spells to use in this situation. He casts Magic Weapon (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/magicWeapon.htm) on his scepter right before he leaves. Then he nods silently to Jondar and follows, looking out for good places to hide while casting spells.

2007-11-08, 04:49 PM


((large X means much higher ground (normally wall), x means much lower ground, . means walkable space at your height, = means fields you can't see, S are your targets, # means field that signify the end of the map, if you move (or try to move) there, a new map will be drawn))

You are currently standing or kneeling outside the map, and out of sight of the criminals.
The criminals at the main entrance both wear armor and sheathed longswords; shields lean at the rock behind them.
The criminal at the side entrance is wearing leather and wields a bow.

Fasi and the Kolyarut are now near to the side entrance, waiting for the other two to charge in.

2007-11-08, 06:43 PM



Saving Throws:Fortitude:5 Reflex:5 Will:6

Spell/Special/Extraordinary Effects:Magic Weapon (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/magicWeapon.htm) on my Scepter, lasts 5 min.
For the set of magical items I own:
2 Pieces Worn: When you are dealt fir damage, the set automatically provides you with resistance to fire 5 against that attack only. This ability functions five times per day.

3 Pieces Worn: When you are dealt fire damage, the set automatically provieds you with immunity to fire agains that attack only. This ability functions fife times per day. Only after all five uses of this power are expended does the sets resistance to fire collection benefit(see above)function.

A crown of flames continuously grants you a +2 enhancment bonus to Charisma. In addition, once per day, it can be activated to sorround you in a sheath of red flames that functions like a fire shield spell(warm only)lasting for 5 rounds.


A raptors mask grants you a +5 bonus to spot checks and renders you immune to effects that would leave you blinded or dazzled.


A talon scepter functions as a +1 flaming light mace. In addition, you can activate the scepter to create a ruby-colored ray that extends up to 30 feet. This requires a ranged touch attack and deals 1d6 points of fire damage.

Blaze will wait untill Jondar makes a move, then casts Scorching Ray (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/scorchingRay.htm) at both guards(Two rays).

They are touch attacks.
Fire Damage

2007-11-08, 11:24 PM



Saving Throws:Fortitude:+11 Reflex:+8 Will:+2

First attack
Attack guard (with bow) attack [roll1] damage [roll2] flame [roll3]

If guard still stands...hit again, if down cleave next guard.

Attack guard (with bow) attack [roll4] damage [roll5] flame [roll6]

If guard down cleave next guard.

2007-11-08, 11:26 PM
checking criticals

crit check [roll0]

Jondar looks at the two guards trying to assess which is the most danagerous opponent. After a brief consideration he focusses on the guard with the bow and the need to protect Blaze from long range attacks. He runs forward his sword ablaze, and strikes viciously towards the archer, trying to silence him quickly.

2007-11-11, 04:59 PM
KABUMP! Cog - what's happening?

2007-11-15, 11:59 PM
Ok call me mister impatient ba****** but this is a bit ridiculous Cog. What's going on? If I check again in a few days and there is no response please count me out of the game.

2007-11-16, 10:05 AM
err.. sorry didn't check the IC thread. In turn it seems that you didn't check the OOC thread. I suppose I could have just changed Jondar's action, but I'd like you to do that.

2007-11-18, 09:28 PM
OK I'm going for the left hand Guard at 03:26

Hows that?

2007-11-19, 05:26 PM

The guards just have time to draw their swords before Jondar's attacks hit the unaware man on the left. Hard. He hisses in suppressed agony from the heavy burns he receives and just barely maanges to dodge Blaze's ray. The right man just wants to grab his shield when Blaze's other ray hits him. He screams in rage and looks for the origin of the magic, but attacks Jondar when he sees what he has done to his comrad.

Both of them are still to shaken to hit effectively, though, and Jondar's armor protects him from the weak blows.

At the other entrance the Kolyarut just says "Now" before rushing forward, hitting the Archer with ease.

2007-11-19, 08:12 PM



Saving Throws:Fortitude:+11 Reflex:+8 Will:+2

How's the first guard looking? He's been hit twice by me and once by Blaze, Does he look hale and hearty, on his last legs, preparing to look death in the face? If he looks played out I will switch my attack to the second guard. If he still looks tough enough I'll smack him again - I'm trying not to kill people.

First attack
Attack guard (depending upon above answer) attack [roll0] damage [roll1] flame [roll2]

Attack same guard attack [roll3] damage [roll4] flame [roll5]

If either guard goes down I will switch my attack to the other. If both go down and I still have an action I will do a scorching ray at the archer.

2007-11-21, 01:59 PM
Ah, I forgot the description. Had to write the last post twice because of a forum error, that's why a description of the men is missing.


see OOC Thread

2007-12-11, 01:29 PM

The evening was cool, countless tiny drops of rain reflected the red light of the setting sun. The rain helped settle the dust on the long road that came from somewhere behind the hills and vanished again between dense forests. But that evening the road wasn't on your mind. It had been driven out of it by the mouth-watering smell of roasted deer, by the sweet sound of chattering, and by the warm light that was shed out onto the wooden statue of Rojenica, in the form of a young halfling lass, which was the sole sign that marked the place as a shrine for those far away from home. But before really looking at the statue, you attention was drawn back to the inn, a place of rest for your restless soul. At least for a single night.

(This should be the only post which is exactly equal to the first attempt)

2007-12-11, 05:03 PM
Jondar stomped out of the nearby forest, slapping at the biteme's that were coming out at dusk. After several metres striding towards the road most of the biteme's gave up and Jondar stood looking towards an inn that sat at the crossroads. He reached into his pack and pulled out his last orange, bit into the skin, spitting out the bitter taste and began to peel it whilst watching the road and inn.

"What the hell am I doing here?" he asked himself. "Jondar you are a fool, an utter fool. Of course that map was no good. I should go back to the City of Gold and teach that filthy cheat a lesson." he muttered to himself.

Jondar bit into the sweet fruit, sucking at the juice so as not to leave a sticky residue on his chin. He thought about the day he'd found the map and lost himself in reverie for a moment.

Insert flashback scene

Jondar stretched luxusiously against his pillows, and rolled over to unfortunately get a perfumed mass of long brunette hair in his face. He woke suddenly and smiled slipping an arm around her waist when the girl suddenly woke.
"What time is it?" she squealed looking at the light streaming in the open window.

Jondar glanced at the window and sniffed the air. "Well judging by the angle of the light and smell from the bakery downstairs I'd say two hours past dawn, milady."

The Lady Bretienne Du Chavney looked mortified and leapt out of the bed pushing back the bed curtains and fleeing into the main room to dress. Jondar enjoyed the flash of her curves as she left and smiled as she rapidly pulled on her dress. "My father returns today Jondar and he will be less than impressed with my visits here should he find out. "

Jondar grinned, "Yes milady, but I know you and the discovery by your father that you have been bedding a commoner would merely add to the excitement of our encounters. This is part of the reason why you were attracted to me. I'm not afraid of the reputation of your family, and my skills with the blade can generally keep me out-of-trouble."

Bretienne laughed and sat to put on her shoes, "And I love a man who is confident." she said with a twinkle in her eyes and a toss of her hair.


After the lady had left, Jondar had dressed and walked downstairs to get breakfast from the bakery. He had an arrangement with the baker that he could use the ovens every couple of months to regenerate in, but it would have been a worthwhile residence anyway merely for the sumptious smells that he awoke to each morning.

Jondar stepped into the shop, hearing the bell chime Haran looked up from his last customer and grinned, "Was that the Du Chavney crest I saw tear off like a nightmare was on it's tail this morning lad?"

Jondar grinned and touched his finger to nose in the universal gesture, "Ah Haran, you know a Gentleman never tells." he replied snagging a bun and tossing a couple of silvers on the counter.

Haran chuckled, "You don't need to tell Jondar, You've been having your way with half the noble daughters in the city for years. If you weren't so feared with the blade, you'd have a knife between your shoulder blades years ago. So which daughter tonight?"

Jondar smiled, "Actually no one springs to mind tonight," He responded, "Tonight is for cards, playing for gold with the spoiled dandies from the palace."

End flashback now

He'd managed to win a sizable amount from the well dressed courtier when the ideal hand had come his way. He knew he couldn't lose and the courtier had fallen for the low initial bid to lead him on. When the map had been offered in place of the stake he'd been willing to accept it and won with his superior hand. Now he was wondering whether he'd won the hand too easily and it wasn't simply an excuse to get him out of the city for a while on a wild goose chase.

Jondar spat out a seed and looked once again at the inn here at the crossroads. It's just a point in the middle of the road you idiot. No one would set a trap for you here and that roasted deer is making my stomach growl. Sod it, I need a bath and a hot meal." he thought to himself and started crossing the meadow towards the inn.

"It's not like anything's going to happen in this flyspeck on the map." he thought to himself.

I liked my first post last time sooo

2007-12-11, 05:39 PM
((Yeah, I'm just going to enter the same way as before, but change things up accordingly from it, there are some missing members mentioned in my post earlier....))


Blaze walks into the Inn, completely unaware or ignoring everyone. He goes over to the wall where there seems to be less people than everywhere else, a golden scepter hanging from his belt, a head shaped like an eagles claw, the talons made of what looks like rubies, with a flame design running up the length of it, sits twinkling in the light. Ahh, I really hope that something..fun will happen here. A flash of a women, screaming as she backs away from someone unseen quickly enters and then exits Blaze's mind, as his eyes flash red for a moment. He quickly shuts his eyes and waits for the anger to subsise, only then re-opening them.

((I will be playing Blaze's 'evil' side more than last time, it's more fun. :) ))

2007-12-11, 11:20 PM

Pellus, a lean young man with a jaunty goutee and raffish (think bed-head) hair is sitting at the table in the corner. Leaned against the table is a sword with a ribon tied around its handle. Nearby patrons of the inn have stopped surrepitously stealing looks, and are now openly staring, as he continues to pack away the food. "More wine, my good sir!" He bellows heartily. "And another plate of these excellent cold cuts!" He pauses, eyes sparkling. As the barmaid comes near, he leans forward, saying in a whisper "perhaps later, my good lady, I could tell you the story of the crow and the spider?" As she pours his wine he looks down her blouse with great appreciation, then meets her eyes with a wink. With gusto, he tucks into the renewed pile of food in front of him.

Briefly, his eyes meet those of Blaze. For a moment, you see past the humor in his eyes. Time seems to slow down, and a shiver goes down your spine. Old. Incredibly so. That is what his eyes say. Then, the humor is back, and you begin to doubt the feeling. This man cannot be more than 25, at the oldest.

2007-12-12, 05:16 PM
Jondar walks into the Inn, strolls up to the bar whilst removing his backpack and orders an ale before looking around the room at the patrons. He sees the young man packing away the food with gusto, and the strange one wearing the birdlike mask.

As the barman brings him his drink, Jondar leans companionably against the bar. So what news? I've been out of contact for a bit. he asks, tossing down a few coins to cover the drink.

2007-12-14, 08:08 AM
The girl smiles politely and winks back, but as she leaves your table, she does it in a way more hasty than normal.

The barman quicly puts the coins away, and takes his time before he answers:
"News, hm. I suppose the only interesting thing that happened in the area is a band of deserters from our dear neighbours. Group of high-ranking soldiers, enjoying their retirement stationed up in the north. Until they stopped bringing the collected taxes back to their superiors. They're hiding somewhere in the woods now, or so they say."

2007-12-15, 09:02 PM
Jondar chuckles darkly, "So a group of veterans decided to take their retirement early eh? That was naughty of them. Any reward been offered?" he asks, taking a swig of his ale.

As the barmaid passes, Jondar, grins hugely at her. "Get us a plate of that meat I smell roasting out the back will ya darlin'? The scent ain't half making me mouth water." he says handing over a few coins.

2007-12-16, 06:07 PM

Emptying his last plate, Pellus leans back in his chair. Delicious... Simply delicious. With a small wave, he attracts Jondar's attention I suggest you ask for the roast duck, it is simply divine. With obvious enjoyment, Pellus stretches, standing while slowly relaxing back from the stretch. Picking up his ale, he moves to the bar.

2007-12-16, 06:42 PM
Jondar shuffles backwards to make room, taking a good look at the man who steps up to the bar. "You have good hearing friend. To hear my comments over all this noise." he says waving a hand at the busy room. "You a local?" he asks in a doubtful kind of voice.

2007-12-16, 06:59 PM
((I'll assume the shudder wasn't going down. Blaz'es back. :) ))

Blaze sees the human(?I'm assuming, I haven't seen you specify) look at him and shudder, and you can obviously see the enjoyment in his eyes as he walks over to him and the other man sitting at the bar.
"Hello there young men."
He looks directly in the mans eyes that he saw before, trying to get some reaction out of him.
"I was wondering if either of you would like a round, on me."
Maybe these two can give me some laughs when their drunk. He calls for the bartender,
"Three of your best ales, for me and these two fellows over here."
He hands over the doubled the required amount of gold,
"And fill 'em up again when they're empty."
Hehe, this should be good for a nice laugh.

2007-12-16, 07:53 PM
shiver was written as going down your spine, see OOC for my response (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=54526), and Pellus appears to be human.

No. For a moment, his eyes loose some of their sparkle, going slightly distant... Not local. His eyes regain their sparkle, and he grins at Jondar. I'm actually doing a bit of a walkabout. I've been out of circulation for a while...
Turning as Blaze approaches, he nods in thanks at the offered beer, and looks to the bartender I'll take brandy next, if you have an old one

2007-12-16, 10:59 PM
Jondar grins at the strangely dressed man with the mask. "Why thank-you. It's always a pleasure to meet a friendly man willing to buy the beers." He sticks out his hand first at Blaze, then at Pellus.

"Jondar, pleasure to meet you both." *Note Jondar will respond with the same amount of pressure in the handshake that you give. It's obvious however that he's capable of cracking walnuts with his bare hands.

2007-12-16, 11:24 PM
Pellus. A pleasure to meet you.

He smiles, returning the handshake with only a second of hesitation. His hands are warm and covered in ridges of rough callous.

2007-12-17, 07:45 AM
Your orders are brought to the table after a few minutes by the barman himself. He takes an almost too long look at you before he answers Jondar's question from earlier: "No reward, I suppose they don't want civilians to mettle in military affairs. Though, if you're here for some good adventure and the odd piece of gold, I might have something for you."
That said, he leaves to fill more mugs with ale.

2007-12-17, 04:41 PM
Jondar begins to eat the roasted meat at the bar, and once his immediate hunger is sated, gets the barmans attention once more ordering another round for the three. As the baarman comes over to deliver the drinks he says. "Well I just popped in for some food and drink. I've been running around in the woods for the last couple of weeks and needed some civilisation. I'm never adverse to some honest work and the chance to earn a gold or two. Speak more on what you need good sir."

2007-12-17, 10:36 PM
Blaze shakes Jondars hand, then pulls it back and shakes it slightly when he thinks no-one is looking.
Wow, better notget this guy mad without being a good distance away...
As he gets his drink he takes only a sip, then just casually holds it in his hand. It is fairly obvious that he doesn't drink all that often, and when the next round came, he is only 1/4 done with his first cup. At the mention of an 'adventure', he seems to listen more closely, but seems once again quiet, like he was when he was by the wall.
The woman backing away screams as a flash of fire is seen shooting towards a young boy of perhaps eight years old-
Blaze shuts his eyes tightly and rubs his temple roughly.
"Gah, these headaches..."

2007-12-18, 09:59 AM

Pellus looks at Blaze for a moment, waiting for him to introduce himself. Then, shrugging slightly, he turns to listen to the Barkeep. "I might be interested in a little adventure!"

2007-12-18, 06:33 PM
"Ahh, an adventure, that sounds interesting..."
He goes like he is about to introduce himself, and is inturupted by a drunken man with a scruffy black beard backing into him, making himdrop his beer. Blaze is lucky enough to only get a little on his shoes as he backs out of the way.
Damn, these drunk bastards need to stop drinking for once, and realise what they are doing in the real world, not their stupid little fantasy blurs drinking gives you-
The boy that the fire was thrown at dove out of the way just in time, just in time, 'get ahold of yourself', you could hear from the man that is closing down on the woman, the boy is hiding in a wooden basket now, 'get ahold of youself', he said again, 'but it would feel so good', and he unleashed a flame towards the woman-
Blaze rubs his head again.
"Geeze, these headaches" he says, as he reaches for his next beer, once again only taking a sip or twon, then rubbing his head roughly.

2007-12-18, 06:46 PM
Jondar looks at Blaze as he complains about the headaches. "I met a healer once who swore by willow bark tea." he says, "Never tried it myself though." He turns back to the barman, waiting for him to clear some of his customers and come speak to him.

2007-12-18, 11:12 PM

Waiting for the barkeep to say more, Pellus notices what is happening just as the black-bearded man backs into Blaze (whose name he still doesnt know:p). Smoothly, predicting the course of events as things start to happen, he catches the mug of beer just before it hits the ground, preventing it from spilling on Blaze's shoes. As Blaze rubs away his headache, Pellus grunts in sympathy. "Well, I have a friend who has always sworn by the remedial powers of alcohol.. here. Nary a drop spilled."

2007-12-19, 04:46 PM
What kind of being is this man in front of me?
At Jondars comment, he says "No healer can fix me.", and hopes to be inturrupted by the barkeep before he has to explain more. "Alchohol can only bring pain."

((I know, I'm creating atmosphere for his character, you know, like how Jondar is all like, 'Adventure!' and Pellus is all like, 'Wisdom!', Blaze has to go, 'Mystery!' You know what I'm saying?))

2007-12-19, 06:51 PM
"Well, it does depend upon your views on honesty, but it would definitely be something to tell you grandchildren. But I suppose me talking won't help you much, so if you're interested in some good money and a worthy tale to tell, try room 12 upstairs."
With that he puts three fresh mugs on your table and leaves again.

2007-12-19, 08:50 PM
"Ahh, room 12, well, I'm in no hurry."
He decides not to drink his beer, but instead, just replace it with the fresh mug, and take one small sip, like he did with the rest. Then Blaze will either pull up a chair or sit down near Jondar and Pellus.

2007-12-21, 05:54 AM

"Sounds... Interesting." Pellus sits for a minute, staring into his brandy glass while he swirls the liquid within. Coming to a decision, he tosses the contents of the glass down his throat, and stands. With a friendly nod to Jondar and Blaze, he heads upstairs.
hope you arent calling dibs on ALL the mystery blaze... lol. my char is all secretive about HIS abilities too... and in case it is in doubt, i am enroute to room 12.

2007-12-21, 08:33 AM
Seeing Pellus make the first move up the stairs, Jondar leaves his unfinished ale and follows making no effort to hide his actions.

2007-12-21, 02:57 PM
As you knock on the door to room number 12, you hear a harsh male voice, almost to low to hear, say, "Enter"

The room looks like the other rooms of the inn, at least the part you can see in the half darkness. In the right corner opposite the door stands a hooded figure, a Longsword gleaming in his hand.

"Close the door behind you. If you wish you might draw your weapons as well."

Once the door is closed, the man lits a lamp at the bedside table and draws back his hood.
"My name is Lukar Tallandro. I suppose you have heard the name before."
The man's face is almost hidden behind his black tangle of hair and his beard. Only his dark brown eyes and the hooked nose are perfectly visible. There is not much more you can gather from his appearance, safe that he is wearing a full plate armor under his brownish cloak; the parts you can see of it look vaguely familiar.

2007-12-21, 07:50 PM
((Yeah, mostly in the begining, lol.))

"These are my weapons." He makes his hands glow a light magical arorua.

2007-12-21, 10:56 PM

Pellus stands silently, a little to the right of the door, hands held loosely at his sides. To all appearances, he is the picture of unconcern. But... you can't tell why, perhaps the regular slight shift of weight from foot to foot... perhaps the way his eyes, though relaxed and calm, always keep both the door and the man in armor in his sight... Something reminds you of a lion ready to charge.

2007-12-23, 06:35 PM
Jondar grins at Lukar and draws his sword, he places the point onto the floor and rests both hands upon the pommel. "Well Lukar just for the purposes of this discussion, lets assume I know nothing about you. I don't like listening to rumour mongers and gossipers as you never get the true story. If you were to listen to rumour mongers about me you'd hear that I'm a womaniser and fighter, and that I have strange powers the sources of which are hinted as being less than reputable. The barman downstairs indicated that a small adventure with perhaps a little coin may be possible. Talk to us."

2007-12-24, 09:34 AM
"Enough coin and adventure for all of you, should you be able to help us. As to me and my story, it all boils down to a greedy bastard of an Aladon noble. The problem is that this particular fellow is the nephew of the High Priest. He desires to marry my sister to get her late husbands property in Northern Aladon. I think no everything should be clear: My sister refused to be married to that noble, he demanded that she couldn't keep so large a property fi she was alone, I jumped in as the official owner, he send me and my unit to join the Orc wars, pulling us right out of our well-earned peaceful station in the north. Now we are all in hiding, Aladon soldiers behind us. The reason why I'm now speaking with you is that a Kolyarut has joined the hunt, and is likely to return with reinforcements after his defeat about two weeks ago, the man explains shortly in a rather military tone. After he observes your reaction he continues, "You might have heard that we took the taxes of the Northern Provinces with us, so payment for your services wouldn't be a problem. If you help us to destroy the Kolyarut, we will give you 5000 gold pieces plus anything of value the Kolyarut and his minions carry."

2007-12-24, 02:06 PM
"Sounds like fun, but why are you running? How many men do you have? And will those men be able to help us?"

2007-12-25, 09:45 AM

Pellus stands quietly, barely moving... but his whole posture, his expression... It's all changing. The shadows on his face appear to grow slightly, and his smile shifts... from open and happy... to cold and cruel, laughing at the world. His eyes narrow slightly, and he slowly draws his sword.

"Indeed. A good question. I also have... questions...."

He runs his thumb along the edge of the blade, smirking when a drop of blood is drawn.

"If this action ends up getting back to the nation you deserted... we may end up their enemies as well. I don't mind a little killing... but i prefer not becoming the enemy of a nation. IF that happened, you would have to provide us with... Additional... repayment."

Raising his eyes, he meets the gaze of the stranger. He smirks, arching an eyebrow...

"Also, your story brings up the issue of trust. You admit to forfeiting on one promise, that of a soldier to his nation. What guarantee do we have of payment?"

2007-12-25, 05:33 PM
The man's features show disgust, almost bordering on hostility, when Pellus doubts his trustworthiness, but when he answers his voice is the same as ever:
"Aladon promised us a peaceful life after the war we served in. It was they who did not keep their promise and wanted us to die by the hands of some filthy Orcs. But if my word isn't enough I will give you half the gold in advance." At Pellus' other request he answers by pulling three flasks full of white powder, reflecting the dim light in all colours, out of his robe. "This should disguise you well enough. Sprinkle it over you and think of any humanoid disguise you can think of. It only lasts half an hour, though."

2007-12-26, 11:37 AM
"...why are you running? How many men do you have? And will those men be able to help us?"

((Blaze will wait untill he answers his question before doing/saying anything else, unless he doesn't answer, then he will just ask again.))

2007-12-26, 06:31 PM
"So let me see if I have this correct. You've become entangled with some high and mighty noble and messed up his plans. He therefore attempted to place you in circumstances that would lead to your death and have no blame attached to himself. He could then force himself upon your sister and assume ownership of a valuable piece of property. Now there is a Kolyrut after you, and you're being hunted."

Jondar rubs his chin for a moment. "Something doesn't make sense. Before I agree to help you out I'm going to want a LOT more information, as Pellus here indicated, we just met and trust is therefore thin on the ground. So tell me...how is it that this noble was able to have your unit reassigned? If you are military, even a well connected noble should have not been able to change your orders."

Jondar continues to rub his chin. "This guy's made some mistakes. If the noble has broken some some laws - especially if his relative is a high priest - it makes the noble vulnerable. I'm thinking this guys best chance is if he gives himself up and gets put into a nice comfortable cell with due process. As it is he's made himself a target."

2007-12-27, 04:29 PM
"The war's not going well down there, so reassigning units has become a habit in the last months. But we were the only one in retirement. As for the man being well connected, I suppose there is nothing the High Priest can't do within the boundaries of Aladon."
Lukar pauses a moment before he continues, his voice having lost some of the military tone: "To be frank, I hoped the lure of the gold would satisfy your doubts and any conscience you might have. I can't give you much more than that... Let me ask you something: If that Kolyarut approached you and asked you to join his hunt, would you have questioned his intentions before making a decision, asked for all the background knowledge? I told you why they are after us and I explained how they have wronged us, will you help, or not?"

((He seems to have forgotten Blaze's questions over Pellus' and Jondar's remarks.))

2007-12-27, 04:32 PM
Blaze seems a little angered at this man for ignoring his question, but he mannages to keep a calm voice when saying, slightly louder than before, "So how many men do you have that would be willing to join us? You said it was you and a few others, correct?"

2007-12-27, 06:16 PM
Jondar makes a placating gesture towards Blaze, "Let me be perfectly frank then Lukar. You've made some mistakes. You've done things in a way that means that you have lost the moral high ground. Instead of appealling to a higher authority, instead of having someone pay attention to the perhaps corrupt actions of a noble and a high priest, you deserted your post, stole money and are behaving in a way that most people would consider to be guilty. In answer to your question. If a Kolyrut asked me for help I would be as equally suspicious until I knew the full story. So what do we do now?"

Jondar sheathes his blade as he doesn't want to give an overtly aggressive impression, and clasps his hands behind his back. "There are a limited number of choices you have." Jondar starts ticking them off on his fingers. "You can continue to run, and run whilst the Kolyrut hunts you down and eventually finds you. You can attempt to bargain with the Kolyrut, if it allows you to do so before killing you. You can attempt to hide temporarily until your name is cleared, keeping the money as "insurance". You can hand yourself in to the authorities and sit in a nice safe jail cell where the Kolyrut cannot touch you and wait for due process and have someone try and clear your name. Have I forgotten anything?"

2007-12-28, 06:43 PM
"A higher authority?", Lukar says, his voice raised, "Tell me the name of the person that will have more influence in Aladon than the High Priest, and I will follow your advice. The rest of your choices will land my men dead, me rotting in a jail cell or being torn apart by angry Orcs, and my sister being married to that... No, there is nothing to do but destroying the Kolyarut and heading north west, out of their reach."

"We are 14, and I hoped to get half a dozen to join us until we have crossed the western borders, but now I'm not sure if I will be able to find enough men to help." Lukar's tone is distinctly more calm and friendly as he answers Blaze's question.

2007-12-28, 08:59 PM

Slowly while Jondar, then Lukar spoke, Pellus has been undergoing another change. For lack of a better term, the coldness has left his expression once more... And the warmth is back.

Looking at the man, Pellus raises and eyebrow and asks, "Is your sister with you then? And... I have been out of touch for a while, but don't kingdoms generally have Kings? Seems like, in a place where a priest had such power, your natural ally would be the King. Someone who benefits directly from the lessening of the Priest's influence..."

He pauses, and smiles slightly, as though trying to soften the words to come....

"It just seems as though you have opted to run away from the problem, leaving the scene to repeat itself ad nauseum. Sure, the easiest course is to run. But what then of your sworn duty? An oath is more than just a convenience. By swearing to defend your land, did you not also agree to protect it from internal threats?"

Turning and looking at Jondar, he smiles. "You left out something that occurs to me : engineering evidence of this noble's corruption. Something like a private confession with undoubtably honest witnesses... a political answer, in other words. If the military as a whole knew that such a manipulation had occurred, as well as the public..."

Turning once more to Lukar, his face serious, he concludes :
"I'll bottom-line it for you. You, a soldier, have sworn to give your life in defence of your kingdom. Now, your kingdom, while at war with the orcs also finds itself attacked in a most vital location. Corruption may not kill and rape like an invading army, but the death of the kingdom is just as sure."

He pauses for a long moment, looking into Lukar's eyes, then asks in a quiet voice :

"What does your sense of duty, your sense of honor say you should do?"

2007-12-29, 06:02 PM
Lukar's eyes become empty for a moment, gazing right through Pellus into nothingness. Sitting down on the bed, he lets his head sink into his armored hands. Then, slowly, he stands up again, his eyes again showing the resolution that was present when he first asked for your help.
"I lent Aladon my sword arm, first out of idealism, later for money and power. I sacrificed my friends, my brothers... and the man who was dearest to my sister. I could have prevented the fate of every single one of them. I definitely will prevent that which my sister awaits if she is married to that man. You see, I have little honor left, but all of it belongs to one person now. You see I'm desperate; I have no hope that I will manage to bring her to safety without help. You don't have to help me escape if you think I deserve being imprisoned, but you have to help her."
Lukar's voice, calm at the beginning of his speech, has risen so much that you are not sure if you are still not overheard. Having said his last words, Lukar lets himself fall onto the bed, waiting, looking at the ceiling. He seems years older than only a minute ago.

2007-12-29, 06:15 PM
Trying to lighten up this mans mood, Blaze walks over next to the bed. He says, quietly, "I know how it feels like to seem like you have lost everything, and then to know it was all your fault. You are lucky though, at least you still have someone..." Then, Blaze stands up and says in a louder, more confident voice "Well, you know have 15 men under your service."

2007-12-30, 02:15 AM

Well. Heartfelt, honest, and honorable. I propose that we risk your life and guarantee that of your sister.

Pellus approaches the bed, and puts a friendly hand on the shoulder of Lukar.

Remember those days of idealism... When you felt that your cause was just, when you fought with joy riding alongside fear. This feeling... has its place once more.

I propose that we risk your life, and ours, to avenge this disonor done your kingdom. A plan, of course, is needed. Several questions come to mind... :

Firstly, is your sister with you?

Second, What is the goal of the kolyraut? Can we convert it from enemy to ally by promising a resolution of greater crime before your lawful trial?

Third... And most important... The political climate and any known alliances, who holds the power where.... Is there a King? A High General? A Thieves Guild?

2007-12-30, 05:09 PM
Jondar grins, "Who is a higher authority? Why that would be the God that he is high preist of. Presumably the entire Heirachy isn't corrupt. There will be good men within the church who will find the actions of this High Priest repugnant and an abuse of his position. So we influence them to investigate. As Pellus said, a political solution rather than a military one. I'd recommend we find a bard to tell your story. Don't underestimate the power of a good story to influence people." he responds. "The only thing is to keep you and her protected whilst this occurs. We need to neutralize this Kolyrut, and the easiest way would be to have you in custody. I'm happy to act on your behalf to try and get you out of this mess you've made, but I won't commit a crime for you...Understood?

2007-12-30, 06:23 PM
Lukar slowly stands up, looking at each of you in turn, his face showing gratitude.
"My sister is with me and she is as ready to fight as we all can be. I hope that with your help everything will turn well, and should we be able to find a secure hiding place, We will find a way to clean the names of my comrades and that of myself. I do not know wether a Kolyarut can be bargained with. The first time he assaulted us he read the sentence and attacked. If he can be made to listen he will want evidence and I cannot give him that. As to anyone inside the clerus who might be able to help, I know a few, but they, too, will want to have evidence that I'm speaking the truth. In this position I'd rather not try my luck and let me be brought before any judge..."

2007-12-30, 06:52 PM
Jondar taps his chin thoughtfully, "Would you submit to a truth spell? My concern is that this Kolyrut will attack you without allowing you time to explain. This is why I wish to neutralize him by having you in custody. You obviously don't agree with that however..." Jondar begins to pace, his hands clasped behind him and an expression of great concentration on his face. "How about we leave a message of some kind? Something to get him to the bargaining table rather than combat?"

Jondar goes to his backpack and pulls out a piece of parchment, some ink and a stylus.

To the Kolyrut who hunts Lukar Tallandro. My name is Jondar. Lukar is a victim of your employers. His circumstances have been engineered. He is therefore under my protection until his name is cleared. I will defend him and his companions if necessary and he will remain in hiding until I have an agreement from you. It will be impossible for him to clear his name whilst you hunt him. I warn you this way to ensure that you do not attempt to summarily attack or execute him. To do so whilst he is under my protection would be inadvisable. I would like to meet with you to talk about these issues and what we would need to come to an agreement. If you agree we should meet at noon the day after the full moon at the ruins of Castle Carpelin, a local landmark that anyone should be able to direct you to.



"What do you think?" Jondar asks handing the parchement to Lukar.

2008-01-02, 07:02 PM
"If the Kolyarut gets the note before he finds me... It might work, and it seems to be the best idea yet. How do you plan to submit the message? And yes, I am ready to have a truth spell put on me."

2008-01-02, 10:16 PM
"Well, let me think." says Jondar pointing at the piece of paper. "How about painting a sign out the front saying To the Kolyarut. Barman What's-is-name has a message for you, signed Jondar on a large sign and hammer it into the ground next to the road here. We pay the barman to give the message to the Kolyarut once it shows up. I'm sure this thing is around so he's bound to see it or hear of it pretty quickly."

Jondar starts pacing again, frowning in concentration. "So where should we hide you? I don't know this area intimately. We need a place he wouldn't think of."

2008-01-03, 08:13 PM
Lukar can't suppress a grin at Jondar's suggestion. "I suppose this is as good as anything."
"He knows our current hiding place, a cave up in the mountains, but it is good place to defend, that's why I haven't given it up already."

2008-01-03, 09:44 PM
"Wait" says Jondar, "He already know's where you are hiding? We have to get everyone out of there immediately." he states looking worried. "They are in significant danger...I don't think this thing will give up easily and if you've beaten him off once he's gonna come hunting for bear." he says.

Jondar quickly folds up the parchment, grabs a candle and seals it with wax. He writes Kolyarut on the outside of the envelope, picks up his pack and motions for everyone else. "Hide your face. Lets get going and talk to the barman." he says.

2008-01-04, 12:27 AM

Nodding, Pellus sheathes his sword at his side, waits for Lukar to exit, then brings up the rear.

2008-01-05, 06:07 PM
"Calm down, calm down. Even a Kolyarut needs a good deal of time to reach the Aladon borders to get reinforcements. We're safe for at least another week. If you don't want to wait until tomorrow, let me at least buy some supplies for my men."

It is about half an hour later that you all stand outside the inn, each of you beside a horse Lukar has brought with him. "We can ride at least three quarters of the journey before the path becomes to narrow, which means we will need 5 days if we only rest 5 hours a day. Well, let's go."

((Feel free to post anything which happened before you are outside the inn.))

2008-01-11, 02:24 AM

...and the journey was long... :p

2008-01-11, 05:32 PM
((I expected something of the blatant obviousness of the I-jump-into-the-sadlle-and-off-we-are-type but I suppose this is also ok))

Indeed your journey takes some time, and until the 3rd day nothing happens. It is some time around noon when you see a group of three riders a few hundred yards in front of you, and about six feet higher. They seem to have come from the opposite side of the mountains you are currently travelling in.

First you are not sure what to make of the three figures, but a moment later Lukar is waving around with both hands. "That's one of my men, and he also managed to get help. Let's hear what he has to tell."

A few minutes later you are told by a man in his mid-thirties that his name is Coref and that he was a scout before he was stationed in the north. "These two men, missionaries of a new and almighty god they say, have decided to help us to show the world the merciful judgement of their god. This is Graham," the blonde full-bearded scout points at a slightly pudgy figure in simple gray robes under which you can perceive the outlines of some heavy armor; a big club is fastened at his belt, "and this is Logg." The other man, tall and broad, most of his body covered in chainmail, nods curtly. Both men look like they haven't civilization for quite some time; their cloths are dirty, their beards and hair are long and unkempt. "It is exactly as he said. We are here to help you to justice with God's help," The man with the club says after a moment of silence. His voice is deep and resonant, but not very comfortable to listen to.

2008-01-12, 11:35 AM

An unreadable expression on his face, Pellus faces the two unkempt men. "The merciful judgement of your God.... Interesting. I am curious, please... tell me more."

2008-01-12, 08:43 PM
After a few words between Lukar and Coref you continue your way together.
At Pellus' question the more talkative man's eyes light up in a mixture of joy and selfimportance."If you really wish I will tell you about the Almighty on our way. May I ask which of the numerous deities you a paying your respect to?"

2008-01-12, 08:45 PM
((still here, but nothing important to add plus no time to add it is keeping me from posting.))

2008-01-12, 08:53 PM

"Ah, gods... No, I have no greater power I worship. Except, perhaps, Time itself. After all, no god stands forever." With old, tired eyes Pellus smiles. "None." He says with the certainty of personal experience. His tired but relaxed expression slowly fades, and he regards the priest coldly... "In fact, it might be more accurate to say... In the seeds of Greatness lie the rot of Destruction."

2008-01-14, 07:47 PM
The man looks at you with a strange expression which quickly changes into something between anger and good-naturedness: "This may be true of the old deities. The new God is the only true one. And therefore he represents everything at once. So he can't become anything, because he already is everything. But most of all he is reason and mercy. I see there is still a lot I can tell you..."
And the man carries on, mostly with repetitions of the above in almost every version possible.

Apart from the man's attempts to convert everybody in the group, nothing notable happens during the rest of your journey.

It is noon of the 6th day when you finally reach Lukar's hideout. Two men are guarding the entrance, and it is only after a short exchange of words between Lukar and the two men that they lower their bows.
They introduce themselves as Taran and Adrin.
As you enter the small cavern, you are greeted by the rest of Lukar's men as well as two men who look very much like sellswords.
You are introduced to one after another. The men are all looking tired, and a few of them are still sporting injuries from the Kolyarut's last visit. The last person to be introduced to you might be called the reason for all this trouble. Jahanah Tallandro does look very much like her brother, only much more feminine and attractive. She has the same hair color and exactly the same eyes as Lukar, and they are full of determination. "I'm glad you are here to help and I owe you my gratitude." Even Jahanah's voice has some similiarity to her brother's.

2008-01-14, 09:07 PM
Jondar remains relatively quiet during the journey. He doesn't know what to make of the two clerics and feels uncomfortable about their attempts to convert the members of the party. He avoids them as much as possible. When they try and speak to him about their religion he merely responds. "I'm a loyal servant of Prandur. I'm not interested in any other deity." If they are persistant, he'll claim the need to scout the area in the air and leave for a couple of hours until they get the message that speaking to Jondar is pointless.

When the group gets to the cave, Jondar starts asking questions. "How much time do you need to get packed? We need to get away from this position immediately, and hide the group more effectively. I've made arrangements to speak to the Kolyarut at a neutral location, but before I go there I want to ensure that you are protected. Have you been scouting the area at all?" he asks.

2008-01-14, 11:12 PM

Alternating between personnas for the journey, Pellus will alternate between friendly debate and baiting of the two clerics. After everything that can be said is said, he'll jog ahead of the group, and hang out with Jondar, silently keeping pace with his horse.

Upon reaching the cave, Pellus is in a good mood, and acts in a friendly manner. Bowing briefly, he adresses Jahanah, "Well Met. As to the help, well... we are more than glad to provide assistance, though admittedly it does come with several requirements." Smiling, he pauses. "I believe it is best if Luskar explains."

2008-01-16, 05:33 PM
"We don't need more than half an hour to gather all our things. But do you really think it's safer in the open than here? And yes we are scouting the area; without any pause."

At Pellus' remark Jahanah raises an eyebrow towards her brother.
"I'll tell you later, now isn't the time for this. At the moment it is unimportant for what reason all these men have agreed to help us. What is important is that we decide wether to dig ourselves in or to risk being assaulted on our way. It think we should risk it and leave here as soon as possible."

The others are either nodding or voicing a murmured "Yes", only Jahanah is looking questioningly at Lukar, though she says nothing.

"Well, I suppose this means we should start to pack our stuff. So how exactly do you think we should proceed," Lukar adds in Jondar's direction once everybody else has started packing, "do you really suppose the Kolyarut will listen to our plee?"

2008-01-16, 10:51 PM
Jondar shrugs, "If we don't ask we will never know. What is important however is that there is a critical path ahead of this group. The Kolyarut already knows where this group is. That information gives it power. There is no point in digging in at this position as it can bring resources to bear to eventually overwhelm this position. Only by moving to a location that it is unaware of can we remove this power. Moving has it's own risks, but not as much of a risk as staying put would be."

Jondar removes his pack, laying it next to his horse and he begins to roll his shoulders loosening the muscles. "Ideally I'd like to find an equally defensible position within a couple of miles, somewhere with good lines of sight for some distance. Full moon is three days away." he says orientating himslef by the sun. "If memory serves, the ruins of Alcanton lie in that direction," he says pointing to the southwest, he turns and looks that way. "Any good places to hide around that area?"

2008-01-19, 06:31 AM
"There probably are, at least the undead are happy walking through the ruins. Of yourse, now that we have several more men, we could try and liberate the place."

((Sorry for the overly late post, I tried yesterday evening and after a few attempts at loading the site, all I got was a message stating serious server problems...))

2008-01-19, 07:01 AM

"Well, no use standing about. Let's get a move on, people!"

With that short speech, Pellus starts helping people to get ready. When offered a horse, he once more declines.

2008-01-24, 03:49 PM
After a bit more than half an hour, everything and everybody is ready to leave. "So, to the ruins, or somewhere else? I have talked to the returned scouts and they seem to have discovered another cave within a few hours. Probably a day with all of us."

2008-01-26, 01:57 AM
"Another cave sounds ideal" Jondar responds, "Lets make for that, put the scouts out ahead of the main party and get going. I'd like to make sure we are well away from here if the Kolyarut comes looking for us." he says.

2008-01-27, 04:45 PM
"Pentar, Sodar, lead us to that cave, Mirrus and Urdan, you two scout ahead. Make haste!"

At Lukar's commands the whole group slowly begins to move and soon you are on your way to the other cave.
It is late in the night when you arrive at your destination, a small system of caves, larger than the previous hideout but only with one exit.
"This is definitely better to defend but should they block the entrance there is no way to escape. We should position guards a good way from the cave, just to be on the safe side. Syro," a tall and muscly man in leather armor stops unloading stuff and steps over to Lukar, "Take Corus and Ovion and take position outside. Make sure you can see as far as possible. So," he says to you after Syro has left,"Now all we can do is wait, I suppose?"

2008-01-27, 08:32 PM

"I think myself, Jondar, and any others that are going to meet the Kolyraut should head off as soon as we can. The more time we have to get to the Ruins, the less possibility the Kolyraut will be able to figure our where we came from."

2008-01-28, 05:50 PM
((Sorry, I am having Internet problems, please role-play me untill I am able to return, Sorry fo the short, un-edited message, I don't know how long I can stay on this computer.))

2008-01-29, 09:58 PM
Jondar nods in agreement. "Sounds like a plan, Lukar I probably don't need to tell you to fort up. You're military so I'll assume you know all about crossing lines of fire, false trails and defensive structures. Most importantly it's best if you stay hidden."

Jondar continues talking whilst rearranging his backpack. "What concerns me is whether we have a means of communicating over distance. If the negotiations don't go well, we need a method of letting you know that means we can't be followed back to this location. Any of you magic users have any bright ideas?"

2008-02-10, 02:17 PM
"Hmm... Give me a moment, I see what I can do."
Lukar searches through a few backpacks filled with scroll cases before he comes back to you, a single scroll case in his hand. "Here. It lets you deliver a short message from several miles away. That's the best I have, I hope you can use it."

The scroll case contains two scrolls of Whispering Wind.

2008-02-10, 07:04 PM
welcome back cog

Jondar accepts them and puts them in the pack, "I can't use them, so we will need someone to come with us who can." he states standing up and looking around for direction and landmarks to get him where he needs to go.

"Right whoever is coming with me we should get going now." he says taking a swig of water and rinsing the trail dust from his mouth, before replacing the waterbag in his pack.

He holds his hand out to Lukar, "Stay hidden and keep your sister safe. We'll let you know how it goes."

2008-02-11, 12:00 AM

Nodding respectfully to Lukar and his sister, Pellus exits stage left.. er! I mean accompanies Jondar to the ruins!

ooc: welcome back cognito :)

2008-02-13, 06:48 PM
((Oh right... npc blaze... forgot))

"I will take the scrolls," Blaze says and takes the case from Lukar.

"Good Luck with the Kolyarut. I would send two of my men with you, but that might entice an immediate attack. Maybe one of our other newfound comrades will come with you."

2008-02-14, 04:48 AM
Jondar shakes his head, "It's probably better if we keep our numbers down. That way should the Kolyarut decide our deaths will be useful in trimming your support base you don't lose too much and still have a chance to defend yourself. A half day to get there a day of waiting and a half day back. If we do not return in three days you will know we have failed and you will need to do what you fel is necessary to protect your sister and supporters."

Jondar begins walking towards the ruins.