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2007-09-14, 02:41 PM
Descend into the pits of despair and death with Dark Quest Games (http://darkquest.com) and the Wandering Men (http://wanderingmen.com)'s latest release in the Skein of Shadows series of electronic novellas! In Fiend Fighter (http://www.mobipocket.com/en/eBooks/BookDetails.asp?BookID=61886), you will meet a dwarf with skin as hard-as-nails, with a soul to match - Farulazar Fiend Fighter!

The second in a series of five novellas to be released this month, Fiend Fighter comprises part two of the growing tale that will only be fully told in the upcoming novel Skein of Shadows! Be sure and grab the latest in this stunningly crafted fantasy series, and if you're able, meet the author at Hub Con (http://www.hubcon.org/) this weekend! Buy Skein of Shadows: Fiend Fighter now! (http://www.mobipocket.com/en/eBooks/BookDetails.asp?BookID=61886)


Fiend Fighter
There is always excitement every week at The Broken Valor, where gladiators fight for wealth, fame, or simply survival. Gold passes hands with every fight, and the were-rats perform their grim duty on the corpses of the losers. But for Farulazar, a dwarf expelled from the dwarvish fortress known as Dwarfhome, pit fighting is just a job, a lousy, stinking job. Each week he fights and then spends his winnings on drink, biding his time until the next match. Once every year, in commemoration of the beginning of the Demon Scourge, he marches into the pits to slay yet another fiend. It is what he does, for he is Farulazar Fiend Fighter.

As the annual demon fights draw nigh, a storm has descended on Crown. For Farulazar, a storm of a different kind begins to form inside him. His manipulative partner, Alfem is a halfling with dark secrets. Strangely, an assassin has wounded him a week before he is to fight a demon. Convinced that Alfem arranged the attack, Farulazar sets out to discover his motives. What the Fiend Fighter discovers sends him in a pursuit which could cost him his life and bring destruction to Crown.

If you're looking for more information, point your browser to http://wanderingmen.com where you'll find sneak peeks of the book, character excerpts and bios, additional Crown fiction, D20 stats, podcasts, and much, much more!