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2007-09-15, 01:07 PM
Appearence: Nikoli is a thin, wiry man, with light brown hair and eyes. His face can only be described as ratlike, with a smattering of freckles on his small nose. His eyes dart about constantly, always assessing the situation. Curiously, he casts no shadow whatsoever.

His outfit is resplendant in obsessively-cleaned white, covered with a tabard that has Pelor's shining image emblazoned upon it. A small ring rides on his right hand, and slightly loose bracers cover his forearms. His only visible armament is a shortsword sheathed at his side.

Biography: With fiendish taint in his ancestory and being born to a family of wererat assasins who were likewise tainted, most would have put Nikoli Valshren as just another thug for some adventurer to kill. Things did not, however, work out that way.

When he was barely a week old, the Church of Pelor launched a surprise attack on Nikoli's wererat family. The older rats fought to the death, while their children fled - all but Nikoli, still in his crib. The paladins and clerics debated long and hard, with many hard feelings on both sides, but eventually, a young and idealistic knight named Brianna took the child into her care, much to the protests of many present. She took the tiefling lycantherope to the Imperial City's High Temple of Pelor, and raised him as a ward of the church.

Nikoli's childhood was both a wonder and a stress for his adopted mother. He proved a precocious child, always willing and eager to learn things - sometimes by spying on people. His habits of lying in wait in certain places (and more worryingly, crawling on the cieling) got him into a lot of mischeif, and the priests threatened to expel him more than once. However, Brianna was always there to vouch for him - she always cited his politeness, courtesy, and quiet faith as proof that he was a good child, just a curious one.

Every so often, Nikoli would change, but he was always in control, and never harmed anyone. Indeed, Brianna spent much effort teaching him the value of kindess, compassion, mercy, and the glories of Pelor, and by the time he reached the age of eight, he wanted nothing more than to be a paladin like his mother. Again, the church tried to fight it, but the consensus was less universal - more paladins and priests knew about the real person behind the lycantherope. In the end, it was left for Pelor to decide. Nikoli was escorted by the clergy to the top tower of the temple, directly in Pelor's gaze.

As the temple tells to all who question them in their decision, the holy radiance of Pelor came down upon the boy, dazzling all withing a city block. Smiling, Nikoli graciously accepted the paladin-aspiriant's tabard and began his training.

Now a full-fledged knight of Pelor, Nikoli is eager to prove to himself - and his doubters - that he is worthy of the title.

Crunch: Nikoli is an ECL 5 Lesser Tiefling (see PGtF) Wererat Paladin who uses Angel's Rebalanced Paladin. He prefers to fight in human form with a +1 Eager shortsword, though he'll shift if pressed. Nikoli doesn't wear armor, but does use Bracers of Armor and a Ring of Protection. His AC is consequently decent, not great. Any suggestions for him?

2007-09-15, 02:02 PM
Is there a story reason why Nikoli doesn't wear armor? If not, I think that you may wish to alter your decision, at least getting a chain shirt or something.

Assuming that you're taking the standard LA, Nikoli's HP isn't going to be impressive, so you're going to need VERY good AC, since you'll probably be expected to frontline as a paladin. I imagine that the DR would help a bit, but if you only shift when in dire danger, then casual encounters could prove difficult for you.

Other than that, I think that your backstory is well written, and I commend you for trying out an unusual race.

2007-09-15, 02:25 PM
He doesn't wear armor because his transformation isn't like a Druid's - his stuff stays RIGHT THERE. Armor could probably kill him if he wore it and transformed.

2007-09-15, 02:29 PM
*blinks* Valid point, but...a wererat is the same size as a human, and magic armor accomodates unusual body shapes. As such, while normal armor may be out of the question, at ECL 5, you shouldn't have any trouble getting +1, and thus flexible, armor. (Assuming standard WBL, which you may not have.)

Edit: I get the feeling that the advice that I'm giving you isn't really what you were aiming for with this thread. Would you please state it plainly, that others with better writing ability than me could help you?

2007-09-15, 07:05 PM
Hmm...a +1 chain shirt might work. I'll ponder it for awhile.

And while I would enjoy writing help, I'm also thinking in terms of combat tactics right now. I'm only mediocre at fighting.

Green Bean
2007-09-15, 07:46 PM
I really like the backstory. I'll leave mechanical considerations to those more experience, but I felt the need to say that.