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2007-09-15, 01:47 PM
I happen to be a fan of the Boktai series of games, so I thought "Hey, why not make my first homebrew based on the vampires from that game!" Please note that I am sure this template is overpowered, both because I am a relative noob, and the Immortals well...Let's just say they aren't exactly weak.

Star Vampire

Mysterious servants of the Galaxy, masters of Dark Matter, immortal beings from beyond the stars, they will stop at nothing to achieve their only goal: to turn the universe Undead.

These strange, powerful beings were created by the Dark Will of the Galaxy, an alien organization that believes true life only brings misery and destruction to the planets that it inhabits. Made by infusing a mortal with pure Dark Matter, they are nearly impossible to kill, requiring the use of a device called a Pile Driver(Or it's futuristic variation, the Purity Cannon) to disrupt their Essenes, otherwise they will recover from even the most terrible of wounds. That, combined with the nigh-infinite resources of the Galaxy and its advanced technology, makes them a nearly insurmountable adversary. They usually have class levels.

Despite their seemingly vile goal, however, Star Vampires are not evil. Many truly believe that they are doing the right thing; without life as we know it, their would be no need to consume natural resources or pollute. Without the need to consume resources or pollute, the planet would flourish, hence the Dark Will of the Galaxy(Or the Will of the Galaxy, Dark as it is called when its members reference its credo). Some even fight against their would-be masters, believing their version of a utopia is more or less insane. Make no mistake though: Most Star Vampires are loyal to the Galaxy and the Galaxy only, willing to do anything to further their goals.

Star Vampire(Immortal,[Undead]) is an acquired or inherited template which can be added to any sentient creature with an intelligence of 6 or above and carries the following traits:

Str+6 Dex+2 Int+2 Wis+6 Chr+8 Con -: Star Vampires are extremely powerful, intelligent, perceptive beings with a strong grip on leadership.

Elemental Affinity(Ex): Each Star Vampire has a affinity for a certain element(Air,Fire,Water,Earth,Positive Energy, or Negative Energy) and has a subtype and powers relating to it.
Sample Power: Flight(Su): This Star Vampire has the ability to fly for indefinite amount of time.(Air-Based)

Dark Matter Regeneration(Ex): So long as her Dark Matter survives, a Star Vampire is able to regenerate inside a coffin that protects her from the rest of the world, while regenerating HP per turn at a rate comparable to the quality of the coffin(2d4 per hundred gp spent on materials used to create the coffin). If the Star Vampire has been reduced to 0 HP or lower, she must spend one day per 10 HP needed to get her back to half her maximum health(Although she may stay in longer to get back to full strength, if so desired).
While in the coffin, the Star Vampire may still move at half speed, though if the the coffin is given a good whack, she will be paralyzed for 2d4 turns. She may also use any magic enhancements on the coffin to defend herself. The only known way to permanently kill a Star Vampire is, as mentioned, to subject her to a Pile Driver or shot from a Purity Cannon.

Create Spawn: Star Vampires, by injecting a person with their blood, can create other Star Vampires over the course of a week. They rarely do this unwilling individual, as the victim retains their(less than happy) personality if not controlled through some other means. However, a particularly confident evil-aligned Star Vampire will occasionally do this to a hunter if he has made the Star Vampire extremely angry as a gesture of spite.

Immortal (Ex): Star Vampires share the following qualities with other members of the Galaxy.

Undead(Ra): See Undead subtype.

Undying(Ex): Star Vampires do not die naturally, and do not gain age categories.

Dark Matter(Ex): Star Vampires have mastered a substance called Dark Matter, and regain spell slots by absorbing it(one spell slot per gram).

Sunlight Venerability(Ex): Star Vampires hate the sun even more then their terrestrial counterparts(in fact,focusing sunlight on certain point is the basis for the Pile Driver and Purity Cannon) and take damage as they do.

CR: +5?

LA: I'm not sure how to do this. A little help here?

And thats my template. Questions? Comments? Rotten tomatoes? I'd appreciate it!

2007-09-15, 02:22 PM
Well... that's not a weird. Not at all.

*back away, brandishing cleaver*

OK... Time to critique:

What powers are associated with these elements they are connected to? And undead connected to Positive Energy??????
They seem far weaker than the average vamp... I should know, I am playing an old fashioned vampire count at the moment.
In my opinion, this is rather an odd idea. It needs a lot more work.

2007-09-15, 03:59 PM
Well, I should have mentioned that in the games, they are usually given special ablilties. I'll rewrite it to note that they usually have class levels.

Also, I was hoping that a person that would use these guys would make their own powers. Power to the people, and all that.

And in case you haven't noticed, they pretty much can't die if you don't have a Pile Driver or a Purity Cannon ready. Given that a Pile Driver is erected to a single location while a Purity Cannon is a type of satilllite, and in both cases you have to drag the(less then willing) vampire there to permently kill them, I'd say thats a pretty damn good edge over normal vampires.:smallbiggrin: