View Full Version : Wacky character optimization

2007-09-15, 07:42 PM
I had this idea the other night of a character who fights with sword and board style (well, probably not sword, but whatever), using his weapon to snag his opponent's weapon, then cracking them in the wrist/arm to disarm them. I guess, first off, is there any feat out there that'll let me do this?

So far, mechanically, what I have in mind is a weapon/shield user that uses a heavy spiked shield in his primary hand (bashing, when he can afford it), and some weapon in his off-hand, to keep his TWF penalties down. His off-hand light weapon will be used more in a controlling fashion in the fight, eventually I'll likely pick up the Defending property on it and crank the full enhancement bonus from it into my AC. I'll probably end up with Armor, Shield, Weapon, and Dex bonuses all to my AC.

The idea is to make a front-line fighter of sorts, who doesn't take **** and confuses the hell out of the people he fights, because he's a master of fighting with his shield while still retaining its AC bonus (Improved Shield Bash), despite having a "proper" weapon in his off-hand. That proper weapon will probably be used mainly to do things like use the Pin Shield feat, pushing the opponent's shield off to one side and getting a shot in at their now reduced AC, but as mentioned above, I'd like to find a way to do something similar to this during a disarm attempt.

I'm just looking for feat/PrC ideas right now, but if anyone has a build idea, I'm open to suggestions - I'll likely have to start him around level 1, though I may possibly go as high as 3, and would rather see a build that "finishes" around levels 10-15, but that has options to carry it past there. Due to the powerful rolling methods used by my group, or the high point buy totals used in my online games, you can assume a 40 point buy standard.