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2007-09-16, 02:57 AM
I am trying to Build a dancing NPC, Gypsy type or something like it.

So far possible Prestige Classes I have found are:

Shadow Dancer
Cloaked Dancer
Blade Singer

Can anyone think of any others?

2007-09-16, 03:55 AM
Astral Dancer (though this is heavily Plane-based)
Blade Dancer (Oriental Adventures)
Sword dancer

That's about it, in addition to what you have already.

2007-09-16, 04:04 AM
The Dragon Compendium has a base class called the Battle Dancer.

Shas aia Toriia
2007-09-16, 09:27 AM
Or the Drunken Master!:smallbiggrin:

I guess it's kind of like dancing. . .

2007-09-16, 09:34 AM
Well, it's not dancing-specific, but you can go Exemplar and choose Perform (Dance) as one of your main skills.

2007-09-16, 09:57 AM
I'm in the same boat for my rogue/shadowdancer1, only I'm trying to figure out what will let me do something useful with my dance ranks aside from qualify for the class (and with the further problem of not being a spellcaster).

Lord Tataraus
2007-09-16, 10:08 AM
The Battle Dancer class is amazing. It is basically a chaotic monk, except much less MAD and better abilities (like pounce!). Though the flavor is more metaphoric dancing as in tumbling around and avoiding your opponents. All the abilities require a minimum amount of tumble ranks.

2007-09-16, 12:01 PM
Snowflake Wardance from Frostburn. Adds CHA to damage I think. Not sure what other Feats include "Dance". The Sandspinner(?) Feat(the one where Lidda is throwing sand at the Ankheg in Sandstorm, I think), involves kicking sand into your opponents' eyes as you dance/tumble around.

2007-09-16, 01:24 PM
Fluffy Virtuoso?

2007-09-16, 01:59 PM
I made a Capoeira fighter PRC.
Its pretty good, you can find it in my signature.