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2018-10-08, 02:03 PM
Goal: attempting to find another use for the druid's wildshape.
Secondary Goal: subverting the "guardian and protector of nature" archetype of druids. Balance must be approached from both sides--from both that of civilization and that of nature.

The Circle of Spirit-Talkers

Some druids take a more active role in society than most. They are the shamans of tribal groups, the advisors to forest-dwelling elven kings. They mediate between the spirits that inhabit the land and the people to maintain the balance. As a result of their more people-focused role, they rarely take the shape of animals themselves. Instead, they are accompanied by a spirit guide, a representative of the spirits with which they mediate. They pour their energy into these spirits to manifest them, aiding allies and hampering enemies.

Manifestations Known
Manifestation Die

Spirit guide, Manifestation

Spirit Specialization

Verge Walking

Spiritual Warding

Spirit Guide
When you choose this circle at 2nd level, you gain the service of a spirit guide. This incorporeal fey spirit travels with you and aids you in your adventures. It takes the shape of a tiny beast of your choice that moves with a flying speed equal to your speed. It cannot attack or take actions unless manifested (see Manifestations). Other creatures can occupy or move through its space without penalty. While not manifested it is immune to all damage and effects and cannot be targeted with attacks or spells.

The same pool of energy that lets you take the shape of animals also can be used to cause your spirit guide to manifest. When you choose this circle at 2nd level, choose 1 of the manifestations listed below. You can use one use of wildshape to activate the listed effect, which lasts for a number of hours equal to half your level. If the spirit guide is reduced to zero hit points it does not die--instead the active manifestation ends early. Whenever a manifestation calls for your manifestation die, use the dice type shown in the Spirit-talkerís table.

Ancestral Warrior: Your spirit guide takes the form of a spectral archer with hit points equal to half your total hit points. It has resistance to all damage, immunity to all conditions, and uses your saving throw modifiers and AC. You can use a bonus action on your turn to command the spirit to attack a creature within 120 feet. It does so using your spell attack modifier and if it hits it deals necrotic damage equal to your manifestation die plus your Wisdom modifier.
Beguiling Nymph: Your spirit guide enters your body, enhancing your charm and persuasive abilities. You add your manifestation die to all Charisma checks and once before the effect ends you can force a humanoid or beast that can see and hear you to make a Wisdom saving throw or be charmed by you for the duration. While charmed, it treats you as a friendly acquaintance. If it succeeds on the saving throw, it knows you attempted to influence it. If it fails, it does not.
Guiding Ancestor: Your spirit guide takes the form of a spectral elder whose presence inspires competence. You can use your reaction to add your manifestation die to an ability check or saving throw made by an ally within 30 feet of the spirit.
Protecting Bear: Your spirit guide takes the shape of a spectral bear and roars. Roll your manifestation dice twice--the spirit has hit points equal to your level times the total of the rolls. It is immune to all conditions and uses your AC and saving throw modifiers. All allies that can see and hear the spirit guide have resistance to all damage. Any damage they take is also taken by the spirit guide.
Prowling Cat: Your spirit guide takes the form of a spectral panther. Its presence aids your efforts at stealth. All allies within 30 feet of it add your manifestation die to their Dexterity (Stealth) and initiative checks.
Watchful Hawk: Your spirit guide circles overhead in the form of a spectral hawk, warning you and your allies of danger. While manifested, you and all allies within 60 feet of you add your manifestation die to their initiative, perception checks, and survival checks.

Spirit Specialization
At 6th level, you specialize in one particular kind of spirit manifestation. This modifies your manifestations as shown in the Spirit Specialization table as well as an additional proficiency. If you already are proficient in the indicated skill, you gain expertise in it instead.

Additional Benefit
Associated Proficiency

Ancestral Warrior
When the warrior hits with an attack, the target has disadvantage on its next attack.
Athletics or heavy armor. If you choose heavy armor proficiency, the restriction on wearing metal armor is removed.

Beguiling Nymph
The charm effect can now target any creature and the target has disadvantage on the saving throw.
Deception or Persuasion

Guiding Ancestor
You no longer have to spend your reaction to use this effect; instead you can use it a maximum of twice between the start of two consecutive of your turns.
a tool of your choice or History

Prowling Bear
The spirit now has resistance to all damage.
Athletics or Nature

Prowling Cat
The range increases to 60 feet and affected allies gain improved darkvision (treating all light conditions as bright light out to 60 feet).
Acrobatics or Stealth

Watchful Hawk
Attacks against allies made by unseen attackers in the area no longer gain advantage.
Investigation or Perception

Verge Walking
Starting at 10th level, you have become preternaturally aware of the presence of spirits and sensitive to their intent. You have advantage on ability checks made to interact with fey or incorporeal undead and cannot be surprised by them while conscious.

Spiritual Warding
Starting at 14th level, your spiritual presence is undeniable. When a fey or an undead creature attacks your or targets you with a spell, they must roll a Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, they must choose another target or lose the action. If they fail the saving throw by 5 or more, they are unable to attack you for one minute. Creatures with an Intelligence score of 14 or more are unaffected by this ability.