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Hunt down Mike Mearls' Lolth Patron for warlocks, and use them recurring issues for the party. That will allow them to run into "Lolth"-esque NPCs that aren't Lolth, Drow or Spiders themselves. Since she's a trickery god, mix in some Champions of Lolth (Oath of Treachery Paladins) and some Priests of Lolth (Trickery Clerics).

The Stolen Magical Protection Stone should be a key to whatever the overarching plan is.

Perhaps the relic rituals are limited in the powers of the wishes - the party won't know that, at first, until they collect 3, make a wish, and get, functionally, an error message.

Someone else should be hunting down the relics that the party wants. It could be the above clerics, paladins & warlocks of Lolth, or an interested 3rd party, such as scholars, cultists, or an opposing nation-state.

Give the party multiple opportunities to use the Idol of Lolth to jump into her realm - Fast Travel, escaping prisons, et cetera - not knowing that each time they use it, it also is allowing more of her agents into the world... thus accidentally creating the problem that will eventually drive the plot. This is stolen from Philip Pullman's The Subtle Knife

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