View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next DM seeking help balancing 3 evolving weapons for Storm King's Thunder

Barbarian MD
2018-10-14, 08:00 AM
This all started because my players are in Waterdeep and there's a 5e conversion of Blue Alley on DM's Guild. Naturally I went and read the 2e version of Blue Alley and holy cow, there's a weapon called Magebane that induces muteness/madness x 1d4 rounds when it strikes a caster. I love it, but clearly that's not appropriate for my 5e murder-hoboes.

So I decided to create my own version, and, well, one thing led to another and I've created three legendary artifacts that evolve as the players gain power and satisfy the purpose these weapons were created for.

Specific questions:
1) I know these are powerful, but are they broken?
2) What criteria might be good for leveling them up?
3) Any particularly flavorful suggestions you have for abilities or suggested changes?

Magebane (Shortsword, d8)

Tier 1 (will receive at level 4)
+1d4 damage against casters.
Imposes disadvantage on concentration checks on hit until end of next turn.

Tier 2 (on slaying a magic user, level 4 or higher)
+1 weapon.
Cure wounds as bonus action 2d8, 1x/long rest.

Tier 3 (level 5 or higher)
As reaction, resistance to one spell that does [element] damage. Next attack deals spell level x d8 [element], 1x/short rest.
On a critical hit, caster loses 1 spell slot of lowest level.

Tier 4 (level 5 or higher)
Counterspell at level 3. 1x/long rest
Heal 1x/long rest.

Tier 5 (level 10 or higher)
Counterspell at level 6. 1x/long rest.
Counterspell at level 3. 1x/short rest.
On attack roll of natural 20, casters experience 1d4 rounds of muteness/insanity, DC 15 Constitution Save.

Elminster’s Kindness (Two-handed, Maul, 2d6)

Elminster's Kindness is for my barbarian. He rolled an embroidered handerchief on the trinket table and randomly decided it said "Elminster." He will wake up with his room smelling of pipe smoke and a note that says, "Thanks for finding my handerchief. Hope you'll accept this in trade." I wonder how long it will be before my players realize they're "killing 'em with Kindness."

Tier 1 (will recieve at level 3)
Exploding damage dice: on a 6, roll die again and add. Counts as magical.

Tier 2 (when first drawn within 30’ of giant/dragon)
+1 weapon.
2x rage duration and uses/day

Tier 3 (on slaying a giant/dragon, level 5 or higher)
+1d8 thunder damage against giants and dragons
Thrown weapon, range 20/60, returns to hand

Tier 4 (level 7 or higher)
Strength +2. Can exceed 20.
+1d8 thunder damage.
+2d8 thunder damage against giants and dragons
Giants and Dragons make DC 10 Constitution save or Stunned until end of current turn (limited to once per round)

Tier 5 (level 10 or higher)
Strength +4 (maximum 30). Constitution +2.
Giants and Dragons make DC 17 Constitution save or die on an attack roll of natural 20 (legendary resistance works as normal)
All creatures in 30’ radius make DC 15 Strength save or knocked prone on a hit. 3x/day.

Cursebringer (Versatile Greatsword 1d8/2d6)

Cursebringer is for my Fighter 2/Hexblade X. He has made a pact with the Raven Queen.

Tier 1 (forms in hand first time reducing Undead to 0 hp)
Charisma to attack/damage instead of Strength if Hexblade
Counts as a Pact of the Blade Weapon.
Form as a bonus action in hand, taking 1d6 necrotic damage. Can be sheathed. If ever more than 100’ away disappears in a mist of smoke.

Tier 2 (level 4 or higher)
Armor of Agathys on self, 2x/short rest, cast as bonus action, without using spell slot.
+1d4 against Undead.

Tier 3 (level 5 or higher)
Gain benefits of Cursebringer Invocation (UA):
Change target of Hexblade’s Curse or Hex as free action when target reduced to 0 hp. Does not extend duration.
Expend one spell slot to deal extra 2d8 + (n-1)d8 necrotic damage per spell level.
Reduce enemy speed on hit to 0 feet until end of next turn, 1x/short rest.
+ 1 weapon.
+1d8 against undead.

Tier 4 (level 7 or higher)
Can use Hexblade’s Curse 2x/short rest.
Blade explodes into 30’ cone, 4d6 cold and 4d6 necrotic damage, using your spell save DC. Must be reformed with 1d6 necrotic damage to self. 3x/day, recharges at dusk.

Tier 5 (level 10 or higher)
+2 Weapon
Creatures slain by the blade have their souls immediately trapped within the domain of the Raven Queen and cannot be raised by anything short of a Wish spell.