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Sornjss Lichdom
2007-09-17, 07:22 PM
Other than that, what would be good prestige class for a wizard who specializes in Divanation. I know theres the almighty Archmage, and I've seen fatespinner out there. But I guess the real reason I want a different prestige class is to make divanation specalization a more offensive class, taking a bite out of the compatition. I know the main thing you do with Div is sit in your fortress, study your opponent(s), find the weakness's, then prepare, pick from you best outfits and magical items, go and kick some butt.

TY in advance.

2007-09-17, 09:15 PM
Depends on what you want to do. Master Specialist is nice with Precocius Apprentice for early entry.

Divine Oracle - 2+ Levels and pick up the Oracle Domain.

Loremaster has some nice things in it.

In ECS playing a Medani Prophet could be nice.

Unseen Seer.

Ultimate Magus could be nice with Beguiler and taking the Practiced Spellcaster Feat using Beguiler to fuel occassional Meta like Empower or Quicken and picking a school like Enchantment for your barred school as a Diviner.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-09-18, 05:56 AM
THanks Ill look into those.

2007-09-18, 07:54 AM
Taking the Spontaneous Divination substitution level in Complete Champion is a good idea so you can pull out offensive divinations off the hat. The Unseen Seer Advanced Learning PRC lets you access some pretty awesome divi spells from the ranger list.