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2018-10-23, 06:32 AM
In my custom system, I'm working to build a Brawler class, a martial controller. I've got three main class archetypes, a grappler, a stunner, and a tripper. I've got high-level abilities defined for two, but I can't figure out a good corresponding ability for the tripper.

(My system uses different terms, but I'm using D&D analogues for ease of terminology.)

All classes are 10 levels. To take a class, you first need a [Starter] feat, which grants some core function of that class. All classes have multiple possible starters; these define variants of the class progression, with specific class abilities upgrading that core function. If you have multiple feats for the same class, you can spend some "skill points" (how all non-automatic spells/maneuvers/etc are purchased) to buy those alternate versions. The basic action system is kind of like PF's unchained action system, with three 'actions' per round. A basic weapon attack costs two actions, as would most basic spells.

So, the brawler class I've got, all three starter powers use a single action to initiate their manuever, a roll vs touch AC, basically. If that hits, they spend another action to carry through, grabbing, stunning, or tripping the opponent, using an unarmed damage roll to affect the result. The Grab power deals unarmed damage straight up, the Stun power uses the unarmed damage to add stacking Stunned conditions (each of which cancels one action for the enemy), and the Trip power, beyond the basic knocking-prone, can also throw the enemy spaces away. (Basically, the Brawler rolls, and counts the number the damage exceeds a base, like rolling a 16, exceeding a base of 4 in increments of 5, for 2 bonus effects, stunned conditions or yards thrown, respectively.)

There are three boosts to these powers, at 2nd, 6th, and 10th levels.

2nd level: Grab allows the Brawler to spend martial dice, a per-round secondary combat resource, to oppose escape attempts, rather than costing actions, and they can move with the enemy, slowly. They also get a bonus to other attacks on the held target. Stun and Trip both get the ability to chain that power into another regular attack by spending a single extra action.

6th level: All three powers get the ability to spend martial dice to increase the effect; spending dice grants a double-effect of bonus to the attack AND the damage/effect. Grab, the bonus to attacks vs held targets gets bigger, and it's easier to move a held target. Stun, the interval for more Stunned conditions gets smaller, making it more effective. Trip, the interval for yards thrown gets smaller, meaning they are thrown farther.

10th level: Grab, all attacks on the target are automatic successes, rolling with a high bonus for roll-over-X-for-effect purposes. Stun, if you have Stunned conditions greater than one of their base scores, you can choose to leave them instantly dying instead.

But Trip, I don't know. What's a good, high-level effect for a tripping/throwing power? It should be something built into the power itself, so while Grab, a sustained effect, gets boosts to attacks while it's sustained, the Trip/Throw effect is a one-and-done effect, plus I'd want something more original to it than just bonuses to attacking a prone target. What's something I could add to it?

Also, I'd welcome suggestions for a 5th-rank power for each, since each of these still has an optional rank upgrade that the player can buy into when they want.

2018-10-23, 01:32 PM
Some ideas, drawing from my old 3.5 Barbarian rewrite:

Force a grappled foe to hit themselves with their own weapon
Rip off limbs while grappling
Use grappled foes as improvised melee weapons
Throw dudes into other dudes, damaging both

2018-10-23, 09:49 PM
I like the ripping limbs off.

2018-10-23, 11:20 PM
Ripping off limbs: It's definitely something to add to the list, though it feels more like a manuever to do ON someone grappled, rather than part of the base manuever. (I've got plenty of room for branching moves like that.) Could even see it as a low-to-mid-level ability.

Likewise for the other grappling actions. (I will say I've got more gradation of character size. A human is a size 5, a dwarf is a size 4, a gnome would be a size 3, and a housecat would be a size 1. That scale goes upward, too, with playable races all the way up to size 8-9ish, playable ogres and minotaurs.)

My real focus is on the trip/throw ability, for now.

2018-10-29, 08:16 AM
I'm reminded of one of the Martial Arts Charms or Solar Style Martial Arts in Exalted 2nd edition.

It was something tied to ending a grapple with a throw, but I can see applying it to tripping in particular as:
You trip your foe, dealing a bonus X damage, and then kick them away. If they hit another foe, that person is also tripped and pushed back*. If someone is pushed into a solid object (such as another person or a wall), they take X damage.

*if you want more power, it can also domino to a third or even infinite people. You could also increase the player's control by saying you can pushback the initial target or the secondary targets, but don't have to.

In short, it's a push-back and trip combined into one, that also trips anyone the push-back pushes them into. In contrast to the grappler doing extra damage to whoever they grapple, this is wider range control in that you can trip and move multiple foes.