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2018-10-24, 12:17 PM
Kinetic Prowess
Starting at 1st level, a kinetic duelist gains an Elemental Focus as a Kineticist of her level. She gains the basic utility wild talent of that element, and a Simple Blast Wild Talent associated with that element. Additionally, she gains the Energize Weapon form infusion, except it costs 0 points of burn instead of 1. She can only use her kinetic blast with the Energize Weapon form infusion applied, and she can apply the Energize Weapon form infusion to any type of kinetic blast. Kinetic blasts that would deal bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage instead deal extra damage of the same type as the weapon she energizes. A kinetic duelist can still use her charisma modifier in place of her intelligence modifier for meeting feat prerequisites.
This replaces Swashbuckler Finesse

The kinetic duelist gains the following deed, which replaces an existing deed.

Kinetic Defense
As long as the kinetic duelist has at least one point in her panache pool, she gains the benefits of her element’s Defense Wild Talent. This replaces Dodging Panache.

Utility Wild Talents
At 3rd level, and every four following levels, the kinetic duelist gains one utility wild talent, using her swashbuckler level in place of her kineticist level. She pays any burn cost of these wild talents with an equal number of panache points.
This replaces the Menacing Swordplay, Swashbuckler’s Grace, Bleeding Wound, Dizzying Defense, and Stunning Stab deeds.

2018-10-26, 08:28 PM
Question: If a Wild Talent has an effect that normally lasts until the next time the user's burn is removed, how long would that last when used by this archetype? Would it last until the next time the user recovers panache by resting? Or perhaps until the next time their panache pool is completely full, regardless of cause?
Also, if a Wild Talent has an effect that scales with the amount of burn you have, does that simply do nothing? Or perhaps it should scale based on how much panache is missing from the kinetic duelist's panache pool. imo that would be an interesting dynamic, actually.

Edit: Also, a number of Wild Talents, including the Basic Manipulation talent for many elements, have effects that are directly dependent on the character's Constitution. Should these perhaps substitute Charisma, as per the Overwhelming Soul kineticist archetype, in order to make this archetype less MAD?

2018-12-10, 01:58 PM
Scaling based on missing panache is probably going to break something. Just making those talents to not work is probably easier.

And yes, I agree that the effects should depend on Charisma instead, since flavorwise it's fueled by panache.

(whew, replying a thread 44 days old isn't necroing, right?)