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2007-09-18, 02:06 PM
Victorious from the whispering cairn you all go to see Nagrom's family friend Alaster. He looks at all of the treasure and identifies what he sees. He also listens to the stories relayed by you from Filge of the unstoppable undead a spawn of Kusk. Alaster has heard of these creatures and fears them. He encourages you to keep the talisman of the sphere and the circlet of wisdom saying there are more to these objects than what he can determine. Also he says that it does not hurt to be prepared.
It is still mid morning and there is much to do in the city of diamond lake

for people not in the group

This thread is for an ongoing campaign done both IRL and on the forms
We are running the Age of Worms campaign from the Dungeon magazine

2007-09-19, 12:55 AM
I am going to the general store to check if my studed leather has come in

2007-09-19, 05:59 AM
"Good friend Allaster, I would have hoped our first meeting could have been longer. I forsee that there is much to learn about the worms, Lost Lake and how it ties into the Whispering Carin"

"My friends have a basic understanding of the Arts, and expect much of me n the coming future. Can you aid me in what you know of the Wind Dukes, the man Filge and if you know of this".

Nagrom points to the staff that jut's out of Nailo's pack as he runs out the door, then her child like finger points to a likeness of it scribed in her book.

"The staff is an important piece of this riddle. The 7 equal parts were scattered in what I believe to be tombs. Have you know of anyone to unearth such a piece?"

Nagrom scratches her head trying to piece together the fragments of information she has.

2007-09-19, 02:04 PM
Nallio: As you walk into the GS you are greeted by a wide smile by a man that thinks he is about to get money. After being asked about the goods he moves over to small desk behind the counter pulls out a ledger. He flips though the large book and says I have a shipment expected in the morning it might be with that, if not, should be 3 days.

Alaster listens to the daughter of his good friend and thinks hard upon the questions posed to him. The wind dukes are of legend. They were the leaders and protectors of one of the first intelligent races to visit Eberon the Auren. If I remember right they fought a great war against a evil chaos. Many plains fell to the chaos before the Dukes made a stand here on Eberon. the offencive was halted by... he moves over to to one of his huge book shelves and mumbles as he looks for a tome AH here it is pulls down a thin book with the spine riped off long ago. this is an incomplete account of history before history was lost during the darkness even before the great kingdom. It mentions a great Wind duke that destoys the queen of the chaos with a staff... but what became of the staff... could be anywhere it is possible that the staff you have now IS the staff yet lost its power... no... a relic of this power would atlest have an aura. Hmmmm... I'm sorry small one I just don't know where these artifact could be. I will research it though from here you might be right as they laid their heroes to rest they sealed the pieces of the artifact in with them.
As far as this Filge goes I have never met him and seems that I do not care to. Sounds like if you want information you might see his unplesent employer, Smnek. Though if you go to see him I would not let your guard down.
I will also research this worm of yours if it is the spawn of Kuyssk like i think it is you will need as much knowledge facing it as you possibly can

2007-09-20, 05:25 AM
Nagrom writes some notes in her journal about what Alustran had said. She also transcibes memory into ink and parchment of her encounter with the wind duke guards.

To herself she thinks, What impressive power and beauty the guards possessed. I would have liked to study the magic that moved air and matter so effortlessly!

Alustran, I am not long for this world. . . forgive me. That is what my father would say! Not necessarily embarrassed, but distracted, the tired gnome refocuses. Alustran I may steal a few more minutes of your company and the flickering light of the candle. I'll need to rest and regroup if our journey is to face Smnek or the journey towards the cave. I think my friends want to finish what they have started with this thug. I however, am intrigued with the cave and the possibility of discovering more about the staff and the worm.
Goodnight Alustran. Thank you again for your hospitality. My father was too conservative of his description of you. You have helped us greatly! Goodnight. . . err ,my the day has come already. Maybe a short nap. . . Seconds later Nagrom falls into a deep sleep still pondering the mysteries ahead of her. . .

2007-09-20, 11:34 AM
Auramun lounges in a shady corner of Alustran's study intentlly listening to the conversation taking place with Nagrom. Of course much of it is beyond the surely warrior's intelligence, though he recognizes a few things mentioned. He even agree's with Nagrom's reasoning that the segments of the staff were probably locked away in the tombs of those great 'Air' people; like the one they had just returned from. How does it tie together--what does this great ancient battle have to do with these worms that create undefeatable zombies? The bais-reliefs showed huge demons--not undead. . . What does the Dourstone mines hold in store for us, I just want to know--as he hears Nagrom say:

Goodnight Alustran. Thank you again for your hospitality. My father was too conservative of his description of you. You have helped us greatly! Goodnight. . . err ,my the day has come already. Maybe a short nap. . .

Under his breath Auramun says:

Not such a bad idea...a little rest never hurt.

Then shrank back a bit and entered revire.

2007-09-23, 12:45 PM
Auramun returns from his meditative trance quietly and casually looks to his surroundings--all is quiet and as it should be, and makes a quick search of his belongings to make sure all is accounted for. He quietly lifts himself out of the cushioned seat he was using and changes from his well worn and weathered traveling clothes to a nice new set of black leather breeches, thigh length boots, swordsman shirt and jerkin, dons his arms and armor completing the ensamble with his traveling cloak then heads for the exit of the Magus' tower. He opens the door leading to the city and makes his way down the main street, taking in the city air, the town-folks faces, and the childrens laughter. Hands resting easily on the finely wrought silver inlaid with gold buckle of the belt that houses his two scimitars, his deep blue traveling cloak resting easily over one shoulder showing his gleaming mithril shirt.

He passes store after store not looking for anything in particular, enjoying the day for what it is and just glad it is good weather. After a good time of walking the streets and seeing the sights and smelling the fresh baked goods he heads decides it's time for a bite to eat--he heads to a respectable higher priced tavern for some sustinance.

2007-09-23, 03:00 PM
Auroman finds the rusty bucket. A large restaurant in the middle of town. still early in the evening but it is almost already full. As you enter the large dining hall light is slowly fading from the large green stained glass windows but still more lit. there are a few tables off in a side room roped off with red velvet.
You are escorted to a table by a beautiful woman and shortly their after a man come up to take your order.

2007-09-23, 04:26 PM
Auramun looks to the gemtleman
I'll have whatever your special of the day might be, and a bottle of wine please.
After the fellow leaves, Auramun scans the room for anyone that looks suspicious, or anyone that just looks entertaining or intriguing.

2007-09-23, 05:32 PM
Very good my Elvin friend the waiter kindly replies. and he bustles back to the kitchen. Around the room seems like the general "high class" of Diamond Lake its about as fancy as this place gets. Compared to the Elvin courts this is nothing. A commotion is stirring at the front door a large overweight over dressed man and a beautiful woman weiring a fine dress followed by a dozen yes men and goons come in. The matrade takes them quickly to the roped off room. they sit in an obvious predeterminede order of hierarchy closer to the fat mans table the better off you are.
(OOC roll search)

2007-09-23, 05:46 PM

Auramun takes special notice of the group--and if available moves to a table closer to the ropped off room for a better look, and to see if he can listen in on any conversations.

2007-09-23, 06:37 PM
The Fat man is obviously wealthy and in charge here nothing else of real interest. the woman on the other hand is very elegant and smooth yet on closer inspection of her dress the upper half is not as it seems. The corset is not of cloth and is more than just a show built into her elegant dress is leather armor. you also catch a gleam of something hidden on her... something dangerous. Not quite as subtle you can see seven of the men following in have weapons mostly poorly concealed. There is a table closer and you move to it with out any obstruction or objection.
The jist of the conversation is about some mines mostly in the little squabbles between the miners and the formans. there is some cheering over a gang that was all but taken out by a group of unknown travelers. Many claim that they had a hand in it but do not give specifics. one sais Shoulda seen it when dat big white bastard was drug outa der. They are in good spirits making small talk

2007-09-23, 07:05 PM
Auramun positions himself around his table to where he can make eye contact with the woman--(if applicable) if she makes eye conatact with him he winks at her slyly, gives a small grin and takes a drink of his wine.

2007-09-24, 02:24 AM
Nagrom gets up from a uneasy rest. Unlike the rest of the party, she is deeply concerned about the origins of the worm. Not to discount the others, it weighs heavier on a wizard when there are things that cannot be explained.

Alustran. Alustran? Nagrom calls out into his home.

Nagrom scans the many books, maps and art work in his house to get a better feel of the wizard.

2007-09-24, 12:27 PM
Auramun is able to get the attention of the woman. once eye contact is met Auramun winks at her. Her eyebrows scrunch up as if confused then ignores it and continues as if nothing happened. She seems to be the only one that is quietly eating her meal, where as everyone else is loudly discussing something and everything. She sits in stoic silence board with the whole seen. Every once in a while she will glance back over to Auramun to see if he is still there.

There are numerous books maps and scrolls all through the house. It is obvious that Alustran collects knowledge. You see maps of sharn and of an old long passed Elven empire. Alustran comes down stairs Yes, yes, Nagrom. I am still here

2007-09-25, 02:18 AM
Sorry Alustran, I did not want to leave without saying goodbye. She pauses long enough to allow him the chance to exit the stair case and enter the same room.

It will be my recommendation to my new friends that we continue along the path that is before us. It seems this path leads to the mines on Filge's map.

I wanted to personally thank you for your hospitality. You have been very grateful. I'm sure we will seek your guidance and knowledge when we return from our findings.

Nagrom checks all of her gear in methotical fashion, left to right, bottom to top. And is ready to start the day.

Again, thank you Alustran. I'm off to find my friends!

2007-09-25, 04:23 PM
Of course my friend yet you might not want to go out like you are. You are still a wanted woman. Warranted or not. A few arcane words and flick of the wrist Nagrom feels different. She looks in the mirror and her hair is now dark ebony and she looks more like a southern gnome instead of herself. Go and do your business in town. This time do not get in trouble.With a wink turns around and heads toward his desk

2007-09-27, 06:46 AM
Nagrom looks at her darker skin, notes the almost black hair. Interesting look . . . she thinks to herself.

Thank you Alustran, this may aide me. But I fear that the Changeling will have too much envy in my new form! HA!

She notes his movement to the desk, then exits the door enroute to find Relic and the others.

2007-10-03, 10:28 PM
Auramun keeps a nonchallant cool air about him occasionally chatting with any bar-maid or corresponding patron, all the while keeping his ears perked and eyes open on the unusual group. He eats his food slowly and enjoys his wine, taking his time. Auramun always had an eye for beauty and takes special interest in this woman.

2007-10-19, 11:08 AM
Nagrom heads out and continues to look for her friends.

(obviously you guys have moved on. . . )

2007-10-23, 09:42 AM
The woman Auramun is watching compleatly ignores Auramunfor the rest of her meal in wich she quietly eats. when she is done she gets up kisses the large man on the cheek and exits. After she leaves two men one very thin the other quite large follow her.

Nagrom find Nalio at the genaral store (everyone else is un accounted for)
(and no unfortunetly this is all the RP we have done:smallfurious: :smallfrown: :smallmad: )

The group excluding Relic gathers at the rusty bucket. With a little additional information you learn of the Durstone mines to the north. After picking up Relic and a few new weapons from the blacksmith you head to recon the mines. A meeting with the guards went mostly well and you all received jobs as guards of the mines. That night you trick your fellow guards that there are ghosts in the mine and get the guards and the miners to flee for their lives.
Once in the mines you find a poorly hidden mine shaft with an elevator once you descend into the chamber you find two waiting guards who quickly attack and you quickly defeat.
In the large chamber where the elevator ends in there is a pool of cloudy liquid a staircase around the pool and three exits. Two doors have symbols one blank. One symbol is that of an evil god of secrets the other is a symbol of the evil god of war.
You chose to investigate the door with the evil god of wars flags next to it. Once opened eight skeletons waiting for intruders attack. In the ensuing battle you eliminate all but one yet reinforcements have arrived of 2 tiflings and 3 humans rushing in to battle.

2007-10-27, 04:01 AM
Nagrom grimices seeing the horror unfold in front of her. Not able to see most of her companions, the sounds of steel and bone becomes uneasy rhythms in the otherwise quiet dark.

The sounds of battle get louder and less shadows are apparent now but murmers of talks between Makon, Relic, Auruman and Nailo suggest that the enemy has reinforced itself.

More skeletons? Something else more foul?


Nagrom sees the shadow of Relic slowly backing up. She anticipates withdrawl in to the common area. A nervous glance over her shoulders wonders if the other doors will open and spill more manhem into the chambers.

2007-10-27, 06:38 AM
Auramun finds himself between a rock and hard space (back to the hallway with enemies closing in behind). Bleeding profusely from many deep wounds and barely able to hold his arms aloft to block attacks. Luckily Relic, Nalio and Auramun brought two of the skeletons blocking their way out of the corner of the small room, and Makon bullied the other two out of the doorway to a secured corridor.

Auramun being no novice to battle quickly comes up with a plan telling Nalio and Relic their best chances of survival is to funnel them to the end of the 'safe' corridor we came from to alleviate some of their numbers--We'll line up in front of the door and hold them there fighting one or two at a time.

2007-10-27, 03:55 PM
After scouting back into the entry chamber, Nagrom readys her repair minor spell and looks thru her potion bandleer for potions.

Let's see - gentle repose. . . hopefully one of the fighters has the cure moderate wounds vial from Filge. Intill we find our healer, that potion may all we have. . . except Relic's lay hands. . .

I hope we can hold the ground!

2007-11-03, 02:25 AM
Relic sits down heavily with his back to the door leading into the entry chamber. He is not physically tired, but the damage from the recent fight is beginning to override the elation of combat. He stares down slowly at the damage where the Ogre's blow had almost separated his arm from his body, says a short prayer, and lays hands on himself. He feels better almost instantly, and the damage seems less severe.

The rest of the party prepares for rest to his right. He lifts a hand to acknowledge a tired smile from the little gnome. She had saved him twice during the fight, and it is not a debt he takes lightly. The dwarf is still lingering by the pile of loot they had taken from the dead, hefting battle-axes to check for balance or examining the craftsmanship of a suit of armor. Relic motions with the tip of his sword:

"That flail is a fine piece of work, though I am fain to use it after seeing the damage it did to poor Nalio. He will live, or so I am told."

He stares across the fire to the form of the rogue lying bruised and bloody by the wall, and for a moment he seems to sense a fleeting glimpse of pure evil. But it passes, and when he reaches out with his mind all he can sense are the distant evils that lurk within the further reaches of the cavern. More work for tomorrow.

2007-11-03, 03:30 AM
The remaing skeletons and Tifling were dispatched and two of the three Humans were taken down. one fled down a dark hallway where there was no light. After examining the entry way the group explores the two side doors that the attackers came from. where the humans came from is lit it contains a statue of a six armed man carrying a variaty of wepons and multiple actual wepons lying around the room. Where the Tiflings came from is a small quarters for two people to sleep.

Continuing down the hall where the escaped human ran the party reaches a dead end with three doors one wooden double door to the left, one single wooden door to the right, and a large double bronze door at the end of the hall. While standing there Nalio hears the single door being bared. He also discovers that the keys that everyone seems to have unlocks the door yet still can not open it. They use the key on the door to the room accross the hall it opens wide with both doors. As they serch the room the only thing in side is hay and a dire boar. back in the hallway they decide that the bared door needs to be opened. So after several attemps to open the door it is broken down. A small hallway now is open and explored this one ends in another locked and bared door. After several attemps to open this one it explodes and both light sources go out. At first they are attacked and repelled by an unseen opponent. Nagrom moves out of the magical darkness and light is somewhat restored to the area. a Tifling is attacking them with an ax two more backing her up with bows. The group moves up and kills the first Tifling. Then after knocking down one another opponent appears a half-orc with a very large flail. Nagrom catches a human apparently trying to sneek by or flank the group. She imedialy knockes him out. Nallio hearing her crys comes to assist only to be left with sliting an uncontious man's throat. as he looks into the previously locked room he sees what could be a glatiatorial arena with a man in full plate in it. As the war continues in the small coredors Nallio tryes to ecape the new threat by retreating into the boar's cage. He is followed by the armored opponent but distracted by the small gnome. The new opponent begins to summon what looks to be a Hell Hound in front of the soft target. before the summoning is compleat though the cheif cleric's concentration is broken by an well placed arrow from Nallio. By the time Nagrom makes it back to the main fight to tell of the new opponent the trio of mele warriors have droped the last of the group that they were working on. As they rush to kill the newly summoned Hell Hound they end up going to aid Nalio as he is litraly fighting for his life against a much stronger opponent seeking vengence for inturupting his spell. Like a pack of wolves taking down a bear the party souronds and takes turns in beating down the villan.

The party gathers up the bodys and strip them of all usful items and place them in with the dire boar.

You find

On each Tifling (7)
4 Pots
Battle Ax
Mty Comp (+2) Long bow
Chain Shirt
20 Arrows
Skeleton Key

Skeletons (8)
Rusted Fullplate
Heavy steal sheild
Heavy mace

Cult Fanatic (3)
long spear
studed leather armor
woden symbol of Hexor(still havent found equivlent)
skeleton Key

2 Pots
Half plate
light steel sheild
Heavy flail
pouch 27gp

half plate
heavy steel sheild
heavy flail
pouch 20 gp
silver key

2 scrolls
2 pot
full plate
heavy steel sheild
heavy flail
heavy crossbow
20 bolts
gold symbol of Hexor
pouch 55gp
2 Keys

2007-11-03, 08:34 AM
After Nagrom picks up her new "toy" and places the Darkness coin back in her pocket she surveys the others. Other than being mentally exhausted, she has no injuries other then feeling ill prepared for the fast tempo of combat.

I must scribe some scrolls. I don't have much time, I may be able to scrible some less than powerful buff spells. . . let's see Enlarge would be good, Protection from Evil WILL be used.
She continues to thumb thru her book pausing only to acknowledge Relic nodding to her in thanks for the repairs in combat.

Ah YES identify and some repair scrolls. That should do it.

She sits down in a corner, takes out her light coin, grasps it tight in her small palms to shed only enough light to scribe by. I may only have enough time for a few. I'll concentrate on Repair and Identify.

Pausing before she begins, she sees Makon walk by. Sorry my friend I will have to wait to give you your continual flaming arrow. I have not forgotten. I have to use my spells sparingly. But you already know that.

After scribing the two scrolls, she assists the others with the loot. Not expecting to find much she at least helps. Its the right thing to do anyhow.

Nagrom finds some clean, loose hay from the boar's room, pulls it into the other room near Relic and studies her book. After she picks her spells:

After she has done all of that she uses her last spell of the day, DETECT MAGIC on the consolidated pile that the others have laid down.

Let's see what we have here!

Now for some SLEEP. . .
Relic my friend wake me only if the gates of hell have been opened!

She turns to see the elf in his trance, the dwarf has been asleep now for awhile and Nailo's weapons appear to be grasped in both hands. Her friends are weary and hurt. She feels helpless to get them better.

Where is Dronin?

2007-11-04, 04:28 AM
After his 4 hour reverie Auramun comes out of his trance and discreetly surveys the room scanning side to side--everyone is accounted for. With a nod to 'the ever vigilant' Relic he rises gingerly from his many injuries and braces himself on the wall. With everyone else asleep he picks and winds his way down the already secure corridors. (takes 20 on each room, looking for anything of interest such as journals, notes, maps, treasure, etc etc. as well as secret doors or traps.) After completing his rounds he returns to the party and tends to his wounds once again, making small talk with 'the ever vigilant' in hushed tones.

Auramun was never one to enjoy the smell of death but this was a neccesary evil he knew. These people were evil and who knew what plans they had for the surrounding towns... these people were tied into the mysterious green worms that have been plaguing the partys thoughts ever since Filges' tower. He lets out a long sigh and reminds himself this is just one of 3 doors they found at the bottom of the mine shaft. . . What lies behind the other 2 doors?

2007-11-04, 04:30 AM
Nalio rest against the wall, looking off into the darkness, his vision goes blurring then clear again at a slow repitition. As he sits there a icy feeling keeps overwheling him, so, deathlike.

"Am i so close to death it lingurs at my feet?" He thinks so himself.

His eyes focus on frostfell.

"Went to help and she left me there" he thinks as he glares at the little mage writing her scrolls.

Thoughts of pure evil start to flood into his mind, his hands grip tight his weapons, then the thoughts slowly fade, and he falls into a deep sleep.

2007-11-05, 12:55 AM
Nagrom does her encantaions over the loot
for Nagromall pots, scrolls, and wand glow
a long with the full plate and one ring

Auramun starts his way around the dungon sweeping for missed items.
he starts in the gaurd room just inside the Citadel.
in the gaurds chamber you find
for Auramun
This chamber holds two beds against the east wall, a long, wooden table along the south wall, two stools, and a weapons rack along the west wall. A suit of leather armor lies on the table with a variety of tools spread out around it.

The tieflings were in the process of repairing the leather armor, while the tools around it comprise a complete set of artisan’s tools. The search of one bed reveals a small, velvet bag containing 20 pp and a golden necklace.

2007-11-05, 07:12 AM
Auramun continues his search stopping only to drop off the new treasure he's found with Relic in the antechamber.

2007-11-06, 07:55 AM
Frostfell pulls back her now jet black hair, a still new "look" hasn't she hasn't gotten used to. Her soft voice is almost absorbed by the prevading darkness around her. Her last spell to determine which items are magical or not is a success.

She looks at Relic, Please tell the others to let me know what piece they would like me to identify tomorrow. I only have enough energy in me to scribe one scroll tonight. I feel that there will be more bloodshed soon enough to memorize more applicable spells my friend!

She pulls out the glowing potions to the side and draws a circle around it on the floor, and does the same for the scrolls, and wands.

Alchemy check (looking for labels or conduct tests on them to determine properties)
Take 20 + 7 = 27

Nagrom looks at the scrolls to determine if they are arcane or devine.
I have a feeling that clerics DON'T carry arcane tools. . .
KNOWLEDGE ARCANA (to see if it's arcane or devine)
take 20 + 9 =29

Relic you might be able to determine the type of magic this is too. The wands may have to be looked at by Nailo and tried out. I know some rogues have a knack for using ANY magics given enough talent!

Oh, and the armor and ring are magical too. I can identify both of them tomorrow, once from my scroll and once from a spell.

Before curling up into a ball in the corner and finding sleep, Nagrom scribes a single Identify spell to parchment. She studies her book then drifts asleep.

2007-11-08, 12:24 AM

All of the 32 pots you found are labeled yet you can not reed them. 25 are labeled one thing 7 another. You test one of the 25 and find it to be a Pot Mod Healing. After testing one of the 7 you know that it is a Pot of Sheild of faith. Glancing at the scrolls you know that this is not an arcane spell.


Blankets cover the floor of this chamber, surrounding a wooden crate atop which stands a small, crude statue of a six-armed humanoid figure. A few battered weapons, spears, clubs, and flails lean against the far wall. Stone pegs carved into the wall light this area with flickering, bright flames.

There is no aditional tresure to be found here.
(Andrew: I need a direction where your going next
the next choices are the pig room, the sand/battle pit and where you fought the pair of clearics)

2007-11-08, 06:11 AM
Relic, of the 32 potions that are in this pile, 25 are labeled with writing I'm not familar with, 7 with another. I've tested one of the 25 and found it to be a healing potion of sorts. After testing one of the 7 I believe it to be a potion of Faithshield, a protective divine shield.

The other scrolls are best looked at between you, Makon and Nailo.

DECIPHER SCRIPT (to determine language type)
take 20 + 7 = 27

2007-11-08, 09:18 AM
Nagrom goes around the room dispencing the healing potions. Of the 25 she gives everyone 6 and keeps 1 for herself. Each grouping she places on the floor with a chalk writing of what it it, with her initials next to it with the exception to Relic who she just hands them to him.

She also hands out the Shield of Faith potions. Of the 7 she gives 2 each to the two weapon fighters, Auruman, Nailo and Makon and 1 to the heavily fortified Relic. Each grouping she places on the floor with a chalk writing of what it it, with her initials next to it with the exception to Relic who she just hands them to him.

She finally sits down to scribe her Identify spell and memorize her other spells. She falls asleep soon after.

2007-11-08, 12:01 PM
Of each of the next few rooms I'll just roll in a clockwise manner. Boar pit to Arena to the back rooms and the room we fought the 2 clerics.

2007-11-09, 02:07 AM
AuramunA thick chain is wrapped around the handles of these double doors. A crude padlock holds the chain in place, keeping the door locked from this side. The faint, musky smell of a large creature kept in a small area fills the hallway.

You find nothing of intrest other than the very large boar and the bodys that you have stacked in here.

You move to the Battle Temple of Hextor(for now still). This long, wide chamber is surrounded on three sides by a balcony perched twenty feet above the floor. Six torches equally spaced along the walls provide light. The side opposite the large, bronze doors features a sizable viewing box with a sloped floor and several ostentatious wooden chairs positioned to allow easy view of the chamber below. A huge statue of a six-armed humanoid clutching a bewildering array of weapons stands in the midst of the chamber. A fist- sized red gem set in the statue’s forehead glitters in the flickering light. A thick layer of sand covers the floor to a depth of a few inches. The walls are smooth, polished rock, while a crimson banner with the symbol of a black, gauntleted hand clutching six barbed arrows is set above the double doors leading into the bottom level of this chamber.
Before going to sleep Nagrom belives that the writing is in Orc
Relic keeps watch over everyone else sleeping quietly.

2007-11-09, 04:47 AM
I try to climb up on the statue and check the gem--see how well it's placed in the forehead and if it's secure I take 20 to try and pry it out. 20+2=22.

2007-11-09, 05:36 AM
using the arms of the statue it is quite easy to climb. You get to the top and pry the giant ruby out of the statue. From up here you can see there is an elegant chair. There is a door to the rear and to the right side from where you cam in on the balcony. You do not see an easy way to get up to the balcony

2007-11-09, 08:15 AM
Auramun puts the giant ruby in his pouch and searches the rest of the area. (I take 20 to search the area 20+4=24 and then I take the entry to where we fought the clerics. From there I'll go up to the balcony and take another 20 there and from there to the living quarters in the very back.)

2007-11-09, 09:54 AM
When Auruman comes back to the room, Frostfell says to him
This looks like the foul tongue of Orc. Is that so?
She holds a samplings of the potions up to him

What does it say?

2007-11-09, 11:12 AM
Once Auramun returns to the room Nagram inquires about some writing that she has found. Auramun looks over it and if legibal to the elf he reads it for the gnome.

2007-11-10, 12:09 AM
AuramunOne roughly translates to "HEAL" the other to "ARMOR"

2007-11-10, 05:57 AM
Once Auramun returns to the room Nagram inquires about some writing that she has found. Auramun looks over it and if legibal to the elf he reads it for the gnome.

What does it say friend elf?

2007-11-10, 06:21 AM
Well good gnome, they simply if not roughly translate to 'Heal' and 'Armor'.

2007-11-11, 04:09 AM

Frostfell gazes into the different hues of light coming from sunrods and magical items looking for the bird creatures.

Those cowards are deadly in their tactics. We should use split operations sparingly! There are passages cut into these walls that are almost impossible to detect!

Frostfell notches another bolt and adjusts her gear.

Let's see them try that again!:smallfurious:

2007-11-25, 09:55 AM
Frostfell scribes a scroll before bedding down.

Parchment, quill, ink. Yes all present!

Her childlike hands have done this time and time again. Scribing scrolls is better left done with better light and a proper desk, but adventuring has its rewards. The quest of knowledge and more magic is fuel enough for her to make do.

Frostfell scribes Identify.

My friends, it is wise to stick together. I've arranged some good spells that can aid us in our next conflict.

Also, don't forget about the orc translation on the potions you possess. They say Shield and Heal. Relic thinks the "shield" refers to a Shield of Faith potion.

Serrif the Bard, thank you for accompanying us. I know your crossbow will be welcomed!

Goodnight all!

She once again curls up onto a ball keeping her eye on the door and Relic's massive back against it.

Once she wakes up,She then memorizes the following spells:

1st Level
Enlarge Person
Protection from Evil
Chill Touch
Summon Monster I

2nd Level
Flaming Sphere
Spectral Hand
Bull Strength

2007-11-30, 09:23 AM
Serrif looks strangely at the leather mask and garments of the nameless one then does a little tailoring to make his garments wearable. After walking the dungeon and making it look like the birdmen killed each other and staging the cauldron room to look like a huge explosion killed everyone but the faceless one... in addition He writes in blood on the wall in the faceless ones blood. "Experiment in reanimation has gone wrong, acolytes dead and I am heading towards civilization, hopefully I will not bleed to death, Beware of the minions around the area are insane from breathing the smoke from the cauldron , it has made them blood thirsty and they are fighting among themselves" Then Serrif dismembers the facelessone and puts him in a bag for disposal on the road back to town:smallamused:

2007-12-01, 05:54 AM
:smallconfused: Serrif Doesnt want to be in the room when the big explosion to coverup the murders occurs, so he diagrams the plan to stage and ignite the entire room, and has party help him by bringing supplies from the storage room to the door of the inner sanctum.
In the past Serrif has learned his lesson that if he finds a trap on a chest that he cannot disarm, its better to tie a rope around the chest and drag it around the room from around the corner at safe distance then to be next to it when poison darts or toxic gas comes spuing out of it. thats why he carries rope a grappling hook and a crowbar. :smallamused:

2007-12-01, 07:32 AM
Nagrom sees the "Nailo-esque" dismemberment as unnecessary. She turns towards the others and frowns.

Taking her mind off of the "cover-up" , she looks at the many spell books and sees what she can copy into her spellbook.

Makom, please remember that my pearls of power can assist you in your ranger spells. It would be wise to pray for spells that are beneficial many times a day.

Relic, this shield may fancy you nicely. Save the tarnished appearance, it looks to be of masterwork quality or better. . . .

Hopefully Nailo and Auruman have come back from their searching of the other parts.

She pauses and looks around. Should we go into town to see if the store keeper has come up with our orders? Also, word of these camps must be known to Alustran. I think his council would be helpful should we encounter something we can't handle in the third door.

2007-12-01, 08:39 AM
Makom takes a seat after the Thrill of battle. Wishing for a for a pint of Ale, he begins to clean is his weapons and prepare for the next battle.

2007-12-01, 08:45 AM
Makom takes a seat after the Thrill of battle. Wishing for a for a pint of Ale, he begins to clean is his weapons and prepare for the next battle.

Makom, what say your wishes either to stay here or go back to town? We have allot of treasure to barter or convert to gold coin.

2007-12-02, 02:42 PM
Nagrom looks down at the drying blood on her fine clothing then looks up at Serrif with an thankful gesture.

Without our interesting friend here I may have died around the corner. . .

We mustn't split up. These areas and terrain are well mapped for ambush. I think its apparent that our enemy is crafty and patient. Let us not give him another chance to spill blood!

Relic, would you mind carrying some of my items? I'm afraid I'm slowing the party down even more than I usually do! Even the dwarf is moving faster than I!

2007-12-20, 04:33 AM
As the DM -

The last rays of light are veiled in a shadowy darkness concealing the carnage of battle. The men of the fort are very happy to see you and all welcome you inside.

The corporal who wrote back to you, orders additional troops to man the roof line. Another 3 soldiers make their way into the clearing picking up missed arrows, javlins and spears from the lizard folk. Once the return they turn to you for guidance and news from beyond the marsh. . .

2007-12-20, 07:18 AM
I fear we have but a little time to prepare before the next attack. We must try and refortify the keep, and devise a plan before nightfall.
What happen before we got here?

2007-12-20, 08:29 AM
Auramun hushes the crowd, and turns to Makon with an eagerness in his eye, adrenalline still pumping through his taunt muscles. Murky blood drips from his lusterous weapons and shiny Mithral armor. Sweat beads off his brow as he removes his finely wrought helm and his slow steady breathing showing his aptitude and stamina for battle.

"Good Idea Makon--get 2 men and fetch some spare planks of wood to patch the keep door. Make sure it's up to your Dwarven standards good Dwarf. Build it sturdy and reinforce it if you must.

Auramun turns from Makon to the higher ranking fellow of the keep.

Take a small contingent to gather up the Lizard-Mens' dead, stack them up a good distance from the keep and burn them to keep disease infestation down as well as abate the stench and keep the carrion feeders from gathering. Waldorf please assist them and keep Tika circling the area to keep you all notified of any creeping enemies beyond the light's edge well out of your vision. Relic please tend the wounded and have the keep's dead guards moved to a centralized room, preform the rights on those who need it--we bury them before we bed down for the night. Serif please gather some information about the surrounding area and assist with whomever needs it.

Auramun then turns to the acting commander of the keep. Showing a little concern on his face and in a calm and inquiring tone asks:

What befell here and where is your Battle Mage? Alustrin has gone back to Diamond Lake to retrieve reinforcments but will take a couple of days to return. I'll need an accurate count and roster of your men--how many did you start out with, how many are dead, how many are missing, how many are wounded and the extent of their injuries, and how many are still alive and fit for battle. We'll need to work shifts make sure your men get the rest they need but keep a good number on the roof a couple of centurions at the front door and a runner to wake the sleeping men if there is conflict.

With all of that said Auramun scans the floor for a piece of discarded cloth and uses it to clean his weapons before resheathing them. Then heads off to get an account of what befell and get accountability for the keeps forces.

After all that is taken care of he helps where needed.

2007-12-22, 12:38 AM
I fear we have but a little time to prepare before the next attack. We must try and refortify the keep, and devise a plan before nightfall.
What happen before we got here?

The corporal turns towards Makom to answer his question. His uniform is covered with many different hues of blood, some darker, some lighter and some dried.

Our orginal numbers were 30 soldiers and officers. Now only 13 remain. In the first night they broke thru our door and ran off with our battle mage, Marzena and three soldiers, Privates Rolf, Vais, and Commander Ter. It was horrible!

We've seen more and more of the lizard folk, but these fighting parties are deadly. The first night we managed to drive of more of them from the roof top, but since they broke down the door, we had to cut half of our forces on the bottom level.

He slouches down holding his head in his hands.

We've contiplated going after our kidnapped soldiers but decided not to. The lizard folk won the battles on our ground. Out there, in the Mistmarch, that is their territory and they are even more deadly. Besides we are reinforced every week by a caravan from Diamond Lake. It was to arrive in another two days. . .

2007-12-22, 12:55 AM
Auramun hushes the crowd, and turns to Makon with an eagerness in his eye, adrenalline still pumping through his taunt muscles. Murky blood drips from his lusterous weapons and shiny Mithral armor. Sweat beads off his brow as he removes his finely wrought helm and his slow steady breathing showing his aptitude and stamina for battle.

"Good Idea Makon--get 2 men and fetch some spare planks of wood to patch the keep door. Make sure it's up to your Dwarven standards good Dwarf. Build it sturdy and reinforce it if you must.

Auramun turns from Makon to the higher ranking fellow of the keep.

Take a small contingent to gather up the Lizard-Mens' dead, stack them up a good distance from the keep and burn them to keep disease infestation down as well as abate the stench and keep the carrion feeders from gathering. Waldorf please assist them and keep Tika circling the area to keep you all notified of any creeping enemies beyond the light's edge well out of your vision. Relic please tend the wounded and have the keep's dead guards moved to a centralized room, preform the rights on those who need it--we bury them before we bed down for the night. Serif please gather some information about the surrounding area and assist with whomever needs it.

Auramun then turns to the acting commander of the keep. Showing a little concern on his face and in a calm and inquiring tone asks:

What befell here and where is your Battle Mage? Alustrin has gone back to Diamond Lake to retrieve reinforcments but will take a couple of days to return. I'll need an accurate count and roster of your men--how many did you start out with, how many are dead, how many are missing, how many are wounded and the extent of their injuries, and how many are still alive and fit for battle. We'll need to work shifts make sure your men get the rest they need but keep a good number on the roof a couple of centurions at the front door and a runner to wake the sleeping men if there is conflict.

With all of that said Auramun scans the floor for a piece of discarded cloth and uses it to clean his weapons before resheathing them. Then heads off to get an account of what befell and get accountability for the keeps forces.

After all that is taken care of he helps where needed.

The corporal's responce.

DM - two men who just downgraded their armor hurry to Makom. They seem eagar to take orders again from the very confident adventurers.

Auramun turns from Makon to the higher ranking fellow of the keep.

DM -The corporal motions for the biggest soldiers to assist with the dead collecting. He also directs four more to head to the roof to scan the darkness without torches.

Relic? Sir, the Kitchen would double as a clinic or triage. It is there. He points to the direction around the corner.

Auramun then turns to the acting commander of the keep. Showing a little concern on his face and in a calm and inquiring tone asks:

Alustrin has gone back to Diamond Lake to retrieve reinforcments but will take a couple of days to return. I'll need an accurate count and roster of your men--how many did you start out with, how many are dead, how many are missing, how many are wounded and the extent of their injuries, and how many are still alive and fit for battle. We'll need to work shifts make sure your men get the rest they need but keep a good number on the roof a couple of centurions at the front door and a runner to wake the sleeping men if there is conflict.

DM - Good. If the great Allustran has gone back for assistance then we must definitely hold this ground. With the keep gone, then the Lizard folk could use this against them as a ambush. I hear that one of you is an expert in fortifications? Serif is his name?

Our numbers as I stated are 13. 2 are outside with the half-orc, 4 are on the tower, 2 are with the dwarf gathering material for the door to be rebuild, 4 are here with us reconsolidating arms and gathering lizard folk javelins and I am here with you. What are your orders?

He eagarly awaits his commands.

2007-12-22, 07:04 AM
Auramun keeps his eye on the Corporal seeming to draw out schematics in his head.

"For now divide these 4 men up and have them expidite the ongoing tasks. Once everyone is back inside the keep we'll do a fifty-fifty watch with four posted on top of the keep, and two at the keep door one of which will do roaving patrols of the inside of the keep sporadically throughout the night as well as be the runner. We'll switch the guard out after six hours. My friend Relic doesn't require sleep or rest so I'm sure he'll assist in guard tonight, he'll be the extra guard at the keep's door tonight.--I will do the same after a short rest but will post on the roof.

He brings his eyes level with the Corporal

You'll get a full nights rest you'll need it--you're the acting commander as of right now and you'll need your sense about you if my commrades and I are to go out and find your captured soldiers. We'll continue the effort to refortify Blackwall Keep tomorrow but after that it's imparitive that we set out to find your missing. That battle mage was one of Alustins good friends he'd want us to go looking.

Auramun then pulls the Corporal asside

This is outside my scope but you're acting Lieutenant till reinforcments arive from garrison, hand pick two sergeants and two corporals. Keep your soldiers motivated and keep them vigilant there's no doubt in my mind that you and your men will be commended and possibly promoted when the garrison learns of your ability to defend your keep in the face of such an enemy. You have the comm, I'm going to do a check of the outside.

Auramun strides to the open doorway that once held a door and peers out into the surrounding darkness, he closes his eyes and draws in a large cold breath then stares up into the cascade of stars and the sliver of a moon still big in the sky. It's been a long time since he's commanded soldiers, it felt good to feel the rush of battle and have willing soldiers. He exhales the large breath and wispers to himself:

Tonight was a good night--and it will only get better.

He then steps through the portal and does a perimeter check of the keep.

2007-12-22, 09:20 AM
Serrif takes a very pastel chalk set out of his backpack and begins to draw on the wall at a feverish pace. A chalk masterplan soon appears out of nowhere, The simple minded guard asks Serrif what he is singing about in an odd but simple manner: Yo Sherrif, Lez me AXE ya a Questin, I be from da street and I heard about these two really, Adventurers named Monsigner and Surge. They were cool and used to adventure with a super sexy Half-Drow Half-Angel named Boudicca. Their legend is infamous.
Serrif replies" "Oh you have heard of my half-sister she is a much better shot than I but we were trained by my father in the use of the repeating crossbow. unfortunately my Father was a horney deviant bastard and used to sleep with anything that would walk so there are half angel creatures all over the realm. But enough about that!!"
Serrif then takes his shovel and Very sharp lumber axe and mumbles we have a lot of digging and chopping to do. "We need to slow down the Lizardmens approach and gather grass and brush for bondfires. "
After a few hours in the woods Serrif and his Strong but dull companion emerge for the woodline with dozens of 4' long 3" diameter sharpened and notched poles that appear to have been treelimbs up until an hour or so ago.:smallwink: Additionally there are a few 12' poles as well which are lashed together and topped with grass and treesap.
Serrif also seems to be carring back a large bucket of Red paint that has the words "Warforge touch up paint, do not apply to skin".
He drops it next to Relic and says:
" I thought you might need this I got it from this weird looking guy with a bunch of grey and beige squares all over his clothes in the woods."
He points to the Half-Orc Druid and yells:
"Hey nature boy this guy in the forest said your "Dragonskin-Treehugger lube" was COD and I gave him the 1cp for the delivery fee".
Serrif and the Dull guard then begin to assemble the fortifications.:smallbiggrin:

2007-12-27, 12:49 AM
The soldiers eagarly execute their orders and move with a increase 'purpose'.

The night goes without incident. An occational sound can be heard coming from all levels of the tower as last minute preparations are made.

The next morning the party sets off into the Mistmarsh. You know know that the actual marsh starts at the base of the tower. The marsh is a dark, deadily place which holds both natural and unnatural threats and terrors. . . :smallbiggrin:

2007-12-27, 01:01 AM
The party's blades fall to their side, the heavy breathing and last minute scans into the darkness for additional reinforcements are all that you can muster now.

Still very much full of energy is the now shape shifted Waldar. It seems that he decided to shape shift without telling any of the party members that he could do that. A truely brave act to try out standing next to the battle hardened warforged. But Relic's wisdom allows him to discern the innocent nature of the quiet druid. Relic allows Waldar to 'try out' his new form while the others actually do 'work'.

One of the party releases Marzena and the Commander. (new thread for this, I want you guys to roleplay this)

Makom, Serrif, Auruman and Nailo go thru the lizard men's gear. The Lizardfolk tribal chieftan or 'king' is an impressive brute. He stood almost two heads taller then the other lizard folk and was slightly taller than Relic! His blood spilled around the area finds the lower roots and mangrove twists and turns making it a vile river of blood and guts. . . .

The raging barbarian was also and impressive warrior. Unfortunately his demise was hastened by the crackle and snap of a 'unexpected lightening storm" :smallamused:

The remaining lizard folk are of the same stock as the rest. Half of them bare the fertility wooden egg statue.

2007-12-27, 02:59 AM
The healing magics of Serrif and Waldar find Marzena and the commander just in time.

The commander was knocked unconscious and would be soon eaten in a few days. He had lost allot of blood and kept barely alive.

Marzena had her hands broken aswell as her jaw.

When the two find enough strength and composure they turn towards you.

MARZENA- By the Gods! Thank you! We would have surely have perished! The brutes took us from the keep days ago. The savages have killed and . . .. and. . . eaten Private Wemesley. . .

COMMANDER - I don't know what to say . . .thank you!
My name is Commander Diredell. . . how are my men? The keep?

Marzena goes into the next room to gather her items that were stashed behind the king's throne. She places her cloak around her narrow shoulders, her dagger in a deep pocket in the inside of the cloak, a ring around her right index finger and either a stick or wand in another pocket opposite of the dagger.

The commander grabs the first available weapon, a javelin, and takes in the carnage that you befell the lair. Diredell looks to be more of a politician then as a warrior, but could defend himself when not completely surrounded by lizardfolk.

The both wait for a responce.

[summon creature goes away, you hear no additional reinforcements, Ticka is calm, no radiating evil from anywhere. . . a hint of light grey around Nailo :smallamused: ]

2007-12-28, 06:25 AM
Auramun looks from one to the other.

I'm sorry your commrad died but at least we got to you both in time. Alustin will be glad to hear that you are alive. We came upon your keep durring a Lizardfolk attack--it nearly fell but we fought our way to the keep and reinforced your men. As it stands you've got 13 men there with Alustin bringing garrison reinforcments of an undetermined ammount. We should get you back to the keep soon so you may better heal your wounds and be further safe from harm.

2007-12-28, 10:29 AM
SERRIF says: “Let us get rid of theses fowl bodies I suggest we burn them in the harpies nest ”

SERRIF puts on his gloves and grabs a rope and ties it around the feet of a corpse and drags it to the harpies room and covers it with wood and nest material and continues the process till all of the dead creatures are in a huge piled stack.

Out of force of habit as the Over charismatic and talkative bard that he is, he starts humming a quite amusing Limerick.
It is soon over heard by the party and the two released prisoners.

“ Come listen to a fateful story and you maybe SMITTEN
Stare at me blankly and feel warm like a young KITTEN
Stories of monsters and adventures are soon to a QUICKEN
The details are gory and your stomach may SICKEN
In some parts it was hard and got pretty SCARY
So now take a seat and drink grog made from BERRY
Upon a coven of birdmen that did seem real SCARY
Then bitch slapped the NAMELESS who’s real name was LARRY
Lend an ear now to listen, as you chug down your GRAPE
We beat down that loser , and I now wear his CAPE
The party was hired by a mage whose quite MAD
He does need a bath and breath smells quite BAD:smalltongue:
Two fighter, a rogue, dwarf, half-orc and BARD
Came upon lizard raiders and battle was HARD
Battle was bloody and many were killed by the TOWER
The guards tried to help but were better at COWER
Alustrin soon fled from the group as the battle did QUICKEN
Did say twas for help, but we know hes CHICKEN:smallfurious:
They gave us the info of the big lizardman LAIR
Missing was their cute leader with long silky HAIR
Marzena was sexy and they all thought her HOT
But they sucked at the fighting, so then she got CAUGHT
There is a curse upon their wretched dark LAND
Their harlots were oozing so I used my HAND
We proceeded through the forest and into the MARSH
Lead by a ranger who did smell quite HARSH
Then in the night, we heard a voice yell come HITHER:redcloak:
The fraidy cat orc, found a Snake that did SLITHER
Dwarf tracker got lost and snored like a BEAR
After days venture we came to the LAIR
The Rogue and this Bard went out to soon SCOUT
We were dazzled by mangroves, and then found a ROUTE:smallcool:
Soon fought some harpies, some lizards and THEN
Smacked down their king over and over AGAIN
The Warforged a raging ,tangled but no FEAR
Chest like a target of the lizard king SPEAR:smallamused:
A mage and her lacky were chained to a WALL
She seems very pretty, dark haired and quite TALL
With a flick of my wand ,restored her strength and her BEAUTY
Twas hard to miss her firm breasts and voluptuous BOOTY
I made her all rosey as she smiled with CHEER
Dead is this lizard tribe naught soon REAPPEAR
The legends soon sung and without a DOUBT
The worms play pinochle while in your SNOUT :roach:
The worms crawl in the worms then dried OUT:xykon:
Thank god they die at the end of our BOUT “

Upon completing the Song , SERRIF lights the funeral pyre and walks back toward the Party.He picks up his pack washes his hands and feet in the pool by the throne. Next begins to head to the exit of the cavern and winks at the Mage :smallwink: as he passes and says “ If you would like to follow us back fair maiden I shall assure your safety until we return you to your Tower.On our way back our mechanical killing machine has some questions it needs to ask you.”

2007-12-28, 11:40 AM
The commander looks down in disgust and then back up in full rage. He is sickened to think his men died without his or the mage's leadership. And shows regret in not preparing better for the onslought.

He speaks, The men lost were not in vain it seems if the keep is held. Good news will approach us from the south will the coming of Allustran and reinforcement. I will not fail my men again!

We must move back to the keep incase another tribe has taken advantage of the lowered defences. . .

He's interupted by Marzena New friends. There is more at work here. What we do next may very well decide the fate of the keep AND all of Diamond Lake. You see there was a lizard folk who tended to my wounds AFTER the king broke my jaw and hands. That lizardfolk bore the same symbols of fertility that the others did. Except this one was different. It looked at me with almost compassion, and definitely it did not agree with the king!
Yesterday the very adorned Lizardfolk with a snake wrapped around its neck was about to cure me! It was interupted by the king. Strange how the other lizardfolk had the utmost loyalty to the king. Shortly after that one went out that way. She points in the direction of the water tunnel that leads to the light. Several others would go then come back. Something else is in that direction.

She pauses to remember something sitted deep in her memory. Allustran mentioned to me that there was a black dragon in these parts 10 years or so. An uneasy pack was made with the mutual exchange of protection from each other's eggs. Strange why a dragon would enlist lizardfolk to do something that it's normally willing and able to do. I wonder why?

Marzena doesn't come across as a scholar but her question puzzles her with deep concern.

What knowledge do YOU have in regards to what the lizardfolk are doing? And where is Allustran?

It would be easier for them to make even an uneasy treaty with the other tribes if they wanted to take over the keep. Even easier if they convinced the black dragon from that time ago that man was emproaching on their lair.

My understanding of the lizardmen are that they are numbered, but splintered the same. They are up to something. . .

2007-12-28, 12:13 PM
Auramun looks at Marzena with an even stare--

I hoped to have Alustin fill you in on more of these details but It seems that an ancient prophecy is upon us 'The Age of Worms'. He told us about the Black Dragon and the Lizardfolk and how they hade a tentative relationship for her protection of their eggs. I would say that the Dragon had other motives to help the struggling tribe but I can not be certain of it. If you say there is more to this lair down the water-way then it would be in our best interest to take a look and search for clues. My commrades also mentioned that there was a divine caster that fled the area and has yet to be found. If it is the one you spoke of that had shown compassion then it would do us good to find and inquire about your suspissions.

Auramun then turns to the Commander--

Your men did not die in vain--they held strong and with your leadership even though it wasn't present stood firm. They were very adamant about searching for you and hope for your safe return. There was a certain Corporal that had shown great leadership capabilities--you might look to him for a more senior leadership position in my opinion.

Auramun sheathes his weapons after cleaning them of the lizardman filth and surveys the surroundings casually walking through the room. He gets lost in his thoughts--He sighs a relief that the band of adventurers were able to make it in time to save at least a couple of the captured. Alustin will be greatful that one of his good friends and contacts survived. He scans the room looking at each of his companions, new and old. He picks a spot on the floor next to a wall and leans on it casually sliding down to a sitting position removing his helm and taking a fine cloth from beneath his breastplate and wipes the cold sweat and congilled blood from his face and hands--He takes pride in his standards of cleanliness, and even deep within the mistmarsh in the lizards' lair is no exception. He looks up and regards the men and woman across the room and watches them deep in conversation, moving from companion to companion. Relic ever Vigilant and stoic standing in the back taking everything in, Seriff prancing around spouting ammusing limerics and giving the female mage full smiles and whiskfull winks of the eye, Nalio standing to the side casually leaning to one side with his weapons held at his sides seeming to be deep in tought, squinting his eyes and the usual frown that seems to be constant on his face. He notices Makon casually patting his kanine companion behind the ear--casually leaning on the hilt of one of his deadly battleaxes with the usual heartfelt simple smile on his face nodding his head from one to the other in conversation. Waldor one of his newest companions stands easily against a wall with his falcon Tika on his shoulder taking in the conversation. The commander--The commander seems like he knows what he's doing, not a grand fighter by any means but capable of defending himself if needed. He shows sincere concern for the men he lost and I'm sure this experience will haunt him for months and maybe years to come. Then there's Marzena--Even Marzena looks like an attractive lass for being a prisoner for days--weak with hunger and having multiple injuries including a nasty broken jaw. He studies Marzena a little looking at her from top to bottom--she's modest in her dress as far as I can see, she's more simplistic than the average mage bedeckoned in grand flowing robes of bright colors or intricate runes. He thinks back on his home--and he looks beyond the current situation remenicing about days of old--decades before most of these fine people were born.

2007-12-28, 01:06 PM
Allustran and I adventured together years ago, before I worked for the Sharn Council of Araments and Defense. He mentioned that the dragon around these parts was rare, but never mentioned a grand scheme or plan.

Even when he found out that I was being transferred to Blackwall Keep he never mentioned that we would be in danger. I don't think he knew enough even to warn us. And I still think he doesn't know all, but didn't want to persuade me on rumor alone.

If this is true about the dragon and the lizardfolk then I think the path where the water leads maybe a lead. I have not seen any young, and I have not seen any eggs of the lizard folk. Even as damp as this lair is, its not a submerged place to keep eggs of any lizardkin.

I do not know of any "Age of Worms". There were a few lizard folk that took violently ill one day after drinking some potions or exlirs one of them found. I do know the connection but it might be useful to you.

2007-12-28, 01:23 PM
Alustin will explain in more detail--just know that we're in a troubled time and it will just get worse from here. Given your testimonial it might be a good idea not to drink any potions or elixers we find here until we can find out what they are, whats in them, or if they're just a cunning ploy to get an unexpected visitor to drink only to be poisoned.

2007-12-28, 01:47 PM
I agree elf-friend. The lizardmen are crafty but there is no telling where they got those potions. They were not mine.

I can travel with you to investigate further. But we must act with purpose.

The longer we linger here the less manpower can be used at Blackwall. If Allustran is moving heavy troops then he may still be two days out. We maybe closer.

From what I've seen here, you and your commrades can hold their own! Any help is needed to hold that vital foothold in the marsh.

She heads towards the water path.

It looks like we will have to swim a fair amount in order to get to the other side. I would advise those in heavy armor to take it off. Lizardfolk are natural swimmers. I'm sure they made the path just long enough to discourage weak swimmers from entering their lair.

2007-12-30, 12:50 PM
As the party starts to clear the eggs to put them into a bondfire, Waldar notices something about them. There are two types of eggs here!

The eggs that were stepped on were actually bigger, yet buried deeper into the sand. The lizardfolk eggs are a little more harder and smoother to the touch. The other eggs are actually much bigger and more fragile. Their thin outer shell must have been the reason why they were partially buried.

The second type of eggs are actually black with brown spots. Inspecting one of the broken ones you can tell that what ever was inside never had a chance for survival. These black eggs were huge incubators for the green worms.

After further study the first eggs to break actually moved to the first available lizardman egg, buried itself thru the shell and antimated the lizardfolk egg!

Also, the kobold guard here were not the typical kobolds you are accustomed to. Besides their tactics and improved weapondry they all had draconic marks or somesort of brand. None in the party know what the mark means, but surely Allustran will

The party collects up all of the larger eggs and destroys them in the fire. A great debate between the party members erupts, partially due to fatigue and frustration of what has transpired. It appears that only the larger non-lizardfolk eggs were infected by the worms. The others are intact.

MARZENA - Look, I know this sounds crazy but there are many lizard folk in the area this is true. But, the Broken Branch is the only tribe that I know that stood a chance at threatening Diamond Lake. All of the other tribes are peaceful. I think that one lizardfolk druid was trying to convince his king that there might be another path. I'm not sure by killing these unborn lizardfolk will turn the tide in anything other than senceless waste.

She turns towards Waldar, My friend if anyone understands the balance of it all it would be YOU. These lizardfolk were foul. That is understandable with their use of the harpies and that other 'thing'. They were out of balance with the world. Now that threat is gone.

I say we leave the eggs. They may perish, but that would be the natural flow of life. Or they maybe raised by another tribe. Either way there is no ill effect on Diamond Lake or the region. It's an ethical decision that we must make.

I will not support destroying innocent life.

COMMANDER - Marzena you mouth knows you no limits. All I care is to get back to the tower. If I'm delayed here doing something that will not matter to my men, then I say we leave before night fall. We can get there if we move now.

If there are more lizard men alive from the Broken Branch tribe, then this will be my first stop to destroy them. But I agree with Marzena. Besides, its a waste of time and energy.

I say we go!

2007-12-30, 01:43 PM
Auramun casually strolls the area before the bonfire regarding each of the conflicting conversations.

I care not for the outcome of the lizardmen young, I could agree that we just leave them and let nature take it's course, but we should make haste to the tower--whatever the decision.

2007-12-31, 12:17 AM
I do not like leaving the young to hatch on their own. Yet I do not know of anyone that can rear them either. Marzena do you have any way to get in touch with one of the peaceful groups of lizard folk to tell them of the unhatched eggs and the great abominations that have been happening. it is possible that we might gain allies though this tragedy.

Dronin uses up the rest of his healing spells to brign the party up to full health then layes down to rest for the night.

2008-01-01, 03:01 AM
Nalio walks around looking at the eggs, listening vagly to the conversation between the group, as he walks he stomache rumbles,

I heard lizard egg was pretty good, think anyone would notice that one was missing?

Already knowing the answers that the goody goods would say, he chuckles to himself and keeps walking, wondering the joy of raising his own lizard man pet...

2008-01-01, 06:52 AM
Auramun states flatelly....

We should leave--I dont want to be sitting here contemplating our situation and have a mother black dragon come upon us unsuspecting. If rumor serves us right and she serves as a protector for this tribe of lizard-folk. Let us search the area for anything usefull but we shouldn't be here for too long.

2008-01-01, 11:14 AM
You two are most welcomed in your wisdom and foresight!

To my knowledge, the Broken Branch tribe is the only tribe that had any interface with the dragon. The lizardfolk before in this area were actually very peaceful to the point of trading with some of the locals on the fringes.

Now with the Broken Branch gone, I assume that the other tribes will take over this area with the eggs.

On our way north, we can set a bonfire or something out of the ordinary. The wet leaves will cause allot of smoke but we can make it so it won't spread throughout the marsh. From then they will know what to do.

2008-01-03, 03:37 AM
Dronin gives Nalio a cuting look. These eggs should not be eaten. Then turns back to Marzena How long will the eggs last unattended. Our work here is not compleat we must find the source of these worms to stop them. I dont know if the lizardmen would welcome us into their nest even if we just cleard it from evil so I would like to delay them from comming here untill we find the souce. Yet I do belive that Auramon is correct the fort needs its comander and battle mage. This is the time to return to ensure the safty of the troops

2008-01-05, 10:56 AM
My experience is that the eggs will hatch in the beginning parts of summer. Its barely spring in these parts and we had a longer winter this year. I would say that there is another month to hatch or so. The lizardfolk hatchlings take longer to hatch.

If you look over here. . .
She points in the direction of the spawn.
. . . it appears that even the hatchlings are more worm then lizardfolk. I think we might be safe for awhile.

2008-01-08, 11:33 AM
The party decides to keep the eggs there under the watchful eyes of the surrounding lizardfolk. Through the night you hear sounds in the wood followed by an eerie silence that last until dawn. You have been watched.

Upon waking, Relic shows the others the direction of the loudest sounds. There stands a long spear with the Eberron universal sign of peace followed by other markings and another symbol. Waldar recognizes the symbol of that of his peaceful deity. This was a message from the other tribes, they know what happened. You assume that they could have attacked but instead left this message.

The party makes way to the Blackkeep. About mid day, the party spots an odd sight. Coming thru the dank, dark marsh are several horses. The white horses are covered with mud and muck to their knees. The 4 horsemen upfront are very well armored and carry the marks of Sharn. Two other horses follow. One carries a massive man, who looks to be a leader and the fifth horse is as black as night, holds eyes that look like red embers and hoofs that delicately cut thru the marsh.

The party assumes that this party is either very lost or is a search party. The second assumption appears to be correct when the child like person on the dark horse speaks.

You didn't think you would gotten rid of me that easy now do ya! The rider on the back is Nagrom and the men are from either Sharn or Diamondlake.

She continues, The Blackkeep is secured as of late last night. The garrison there had to fend off a few more attackers. Apparently under the first assault when the lizard folk broke in one of them was a worm carrying victim of Kyuss. The guards trapped him in the basement. Some of the worms infected the bodies of the fallen men. Yesterday the door broke and the animated Spawn of Kyuss lizardfolk killed two men before he fell.
The men have cleaned the whole keep out and have burned any suspecting clothing and all of the bodies.

She acknowledges Marzena with a nod and a strange arcane gesture.

Nagrom continues, We are here to send you further to gather more information. Allustran and I are finding out more and more about the worms, but not its source. The worms themselves can actually be boiled into a paste that will repel further attacks. We have not tested this, but in our tests the worms will stay away from the mice that we've coated in worm paste. Interesting.

A few minutes goes by and you explain what you have found at the lizardfolk lair, the king, the disappearing druid, the black kobold guard and the mysteries of the dragon eggs. And of that of the spawn. . .

The four horsemen ride out in all directions to scan the marsh. The fifth larger man rides forward. I am Nelresh head of security and employee of Eligos of Sharn. Eligos and your common friend Allustran adventured together long ago. I would prefer if we talk on the move.

Nagrom, are you ready?

Frostfell nods, pulls out her rod of extend metamagic, Derta folcar Liti Ulnum! a horse appears next to her. Makom seeing this knows what is happening and surrenders the pearls of power to Frostfell. After a few more castings there are enough horses for the whole party.

Let's ride! Nelresh says. The two of the men go ahead 100 feet or so. The rider and the horse make it easier to track since the rider is elevated above MOST of the low mist of the marsh. The remaining two stay behind waiting for the party to mount their horses.

continues. . . . .

2008-01-09, 03:20 AM
Dronin salutes with his arm across his chest the horsemen and then Nagram.
Thank you for your aid. Once we have seen the comander to the fort we should enter the swamp once again to find the source of these worms.
He mounts one of the horses and starts off once the comander and Marzena begin to ride.

2008-01-10, 07:58 AM
Auramun walks out of the Crooked House's front entrance and breathes a long deep breath relishing the morning air and the small cool breeze with the dew still fresh around his feet. He looks down the street--left than right with a long drawn out overhead stretch of his arms. He can hardly remember the last time he was in a beautiful city like this with so many people about.

He's not a social butterfly by any means but he loves to be in the presence of others just to observe them and their ways. He stops his long stretch and adjusts his wondeful vibrant star studded cloak and steps down the street. He weaves in and out of streets casually taking in his surroundings. Looking in shop windows at the merchandise and throwing a wink at some young ladies every now and again. And stops on one occasion to help a genneral store owner who was having a hard time unload a couple of heavy looking boxes from a horse drawn cart.

As the morning draws on he stops for breakfast at a small corner dinner that is uncommon in most cities. A curious little iron gate surrounds a small covered patio filled with tables and chairs on a corner in Sharn--at the far end of the patio is a small indoor bakery where you can purchase freshly baked pastries and other food as well as beverages and take to the patio to enjoy in an outside environment. He enjoys a few sweet pastries and a cup of tea before furthering his adventures of Sharn. Tossing a few silver here and there to poor children wandering the street. His day begins.

2008-01-13, 03:33 PM
As the battle draws to an end and Auramun helps the mysterious elven maid down from the upper rail. He looks into her eyes and gently helps her to her feet, and in a low whisper in elven asks her.

I'm Auramun Galanodel from the Crystal Dawn hailing from a fallen kingdom in Cyre, you've yet to mention your name or why you were imprisoned here--it seems very unlikely that you should be here--the same as us. Is there anything I--or WE can do to help you after we escape this place?

Keeping his eyes on hers he gently takes his hand and fixes her hair a bit where it's been sticking up due to some neglect due to the imprisonment.

Regardless of the situation if we encounter anymore hostile beasts like the ones upstairs find a safe spot and stay out of sight--Dronin our holy man and myself will do our best to keep an eye on you--you wont be harmed under our charge.

With that said Auramun takes up a position with his beautiful weapons bared a small distance from the elven maiden.(OC: That's wearing a T back, lol Oooh lala, J/k)

2008-01-14, 02:22 AM
After all the doors are bared and the place seems secure. Dronin uses up the rest of his spells to heal everyone up and beds down on the ledge preparing for the worst.

The report that the "human" from the cell is gone has him worried. He could not just let him die but we should have secured him before moving on. now he layes down and stares at the door waiting for his enemys to appear. Slowly he nods off to an uneasy sleep knowing that tomarow will be worse than the day before.

2008-01-17, 12:18 AM
Dronin listens to Nalios tale of abduction. He thinks back and the imposter was perfect. He now begins to wonder about his other companions yet if any others were enemies they would have turned on him and not defended themselves with such vigor during the last battle and is satisfied for the time being. He moves over to the young slain elf. He says a prayer asking the celestrial cort to watch over her soul. Bends down to her and whispers that he will avenge her and take her home. He heals himself (CMW) and asks Is there anyone else that needs healing? I have very few spells left.

2008-01-17, 08:16 AM
The scene is odd and chilling. At your collective feet are 6 bodys of the strange alien beings wearing the same clothes as the party. Only Nailo's body double is not there. You know that imposter to have fled to down the hallway.

Where did it run? Are there others? Is there something. . . .else? What is their motivation in hunting down the party? The elven woman? The crazed man who still lives in the cell? Why Nailo? Have the others been taken too? When will they strike? Who can we trust?

A slight current of air can be felt coming from the secret door from the south.

2008-01-20, 07:22 AM
DM to party-
The hard fought battle has been one. This was the first real close battle in a long, long time. Since the battle on the cliff face over looking the water where the bard Francisco had fallen many weeks before.

The maze of moving walls behind you, and the body of Telakin before you, you try to best fortify the area the santuary. The rogue and elf survey the room and it appears that there are no secret doors. One way in and one way out. That may not be the position you want yourselves in should 'doppleganger Nailo' shows up with friends.

The pits do not appear to have a reset. They were triggered by sear weight breaking hollowed peices of wood that joined two halves of the false floor.

The large chamber with a vaulted celing high above. Aong one wall, a mcaabre assembly of vats and tubes connects to a table with numerous straps and a strange silver helmet. On the far side of the room, a raised dais supports a throne.

You deduce that the device on the west wall is used by the dopplegangers to etrat memories and knowledge from the victimes they've captured. They encode the memories into gems called Mind Clones. Each one looks very valueable.

The table shows signs of either torture or restraints used to hold down the victims.

There is a huge mirror that has the magical properties similar to true sight. Telakins live form was seen in the mirror to reflect his true self. All of the party members whose reflection passes by sees his true self. Everyone is who they claim to be. Including Nailo, who all can see his changeling form. The mirror although cumbersome, could be sold for allot of gold in the outside.

2008-01-20, 10:33 AM
After expending all spells Dronin asks is there still somone who needs to be healed?

{if no one answers/answer is no}
He then takes out his sword. Salutes with it one last time and tells it Im sorry my old friend. I have proved my self. He then takes it by the handle lays the blade on the table and sunders it. He places the scabard on the table and the hilt in his belt.

He then lays down to sleep with out talking to anyone.

2008-01-20, 11:13 AM
The act places the 'normal' sword on the table away from it's former owner. A sence of peace fills Dronin and a overall sence of higher status fills the air around him. Dronin has a commanding presence.

Even Relic nods in appreciation of Dronin's status.

2008-01-22, 05:51 AM
Once the battle has passed Auramun scorched from the mage's repertoire of Magic Missiles, Fireballs, and Flamewalls as well as the Greataxe of the wierd alien creature's altered warrior self, he asks for healing. Once he feels better Auramun ventures back out into the cooridors to retrieve the fallen elf maiden and brings her back into the secured room, then continues to tend to his wounds.

Without waiting too long he gets up and checks the corpse of the alien like creature--and the mind gems the dopplegangers have stored as well as look for anything else of value in the room before finally finding a comfortable spot to bed down.

2008-01-22, 06:54 AM
DM to group:

The battle was hard fought with Auruman taking most of the hits from the foul creature.

The emblem on the creature looks to be more of a brand or mark then a simple decoration. This doppleganger is different than the others and none of the more simple dopplegangers shared this mark.

There is no sign of the 'Nailo double' and no additional treasure found in the area.

[note - I summarized already the loot found in this room. A good portion of magic items (wands, rings, a shield, axe etc etc - all are written done in the room)

2008-01-22, 11:15 AM
"my friends i think i might need to up my wisdom and i would like something more then moss for my feet"

"i do hope that the animals are fairing well it has been some time sence we have seen ticka or your dog makom."

Waldar sits looking in to the mirror "i wonder just what this place is for and why would they try to sway nature in this manor. i should think there are easier ways of doing this." Waldar walks of to the worms in the lab devices and studies them for a bit.

2008-01-24, 02:30 AM
DM to party
The night passes without incident. The party rests uncomfortably knowing that the threat against the party is still out there. No answers to the questions of WHY the party is being hunted makes an uneasy feeling.

Waldar, even being alone is probably the safest. The shelter of the forrest provides him concealment from the shifting and prying eyes of the lower belly of Sharn.

Makom, Relic and Dronin find good company in the Temple of Dol Dorn. Though the accomadations are sparce, it is clean and warm.

Auruman and Nailo put the life of an adventurer on hold for the night as they drink, mingle and womanize. . . Auruman is gifting in the art of seduction, Nailo often excuses himself to the back to shift into another form in order to get the next girl's attention. The two are deadly with swords and the silver tongued lies that men use to get what they want from girls.

The night is very much alive in Sharn. The battles waged in the arena will be coming very soon. This air has captivated most of the surrounding district with talks of favored fighters, stories of the past and waggers for the present.

Unless the party does nothing else, the 5th day starts and Waldar is due to link up around 1500 that day.

2008-01-27, 03:22 AM
DM to the party -

The strange sites and sounds of this unground lair have been unforgiving to the party. Both behind and the way ahead oozes with death and destruction. From the tunnel that cuts underneath the busy streets of Sharn, a menance grows in power.

The unusual cooperative nature of this Mindflayer has brought many thralls into its service. The dopplegangers, their master a greater doppleganger, drow, the alien Octopins and now a Vrock are all very mysterious.

The last battle almost claimed the life of two members of the party. If not for the quick reactions of some members the others would have perished. But why did the upperhanded Vrock run away? What lurks around the corner? Could it be more Octopins? The mindflayer you fought before? Or something else entirely is around the corner?!

What does the party do? Where do they rest? Should they rest?

Muuuuuhahahahahahaha! Muuuuuuuuhahahahaha!

2008-02-08, 10:28 AM
as player.

Nagrom comes to after unleashing the power of the Three Thunders.
I hate when that happens!

We must be careful that this cleric has created or has control of these Spawn. In my research I did not find that the Spawn can be controlled as undead are. But if they can be guided then that is truely disturbing.

She collects her thoughts.

These guardians not only do not rest, but can inflict their deadly disease on us all. We need to be prepared to tie each other up should WE get inflicted. The alternative is death. . . .

2008-02-08, 11:53 AM
Auramun puts the tips of his scimitars on the ground and leans easily on them surveying the room; some sort of force field around the dead cleric with a silence spell radiating around these strange scrolls. . . even more wierd are the fact that the scrolls are glowing and emitting a strange beam of green light that leads to that doorway. . . He ***** his head to the side and purses his face up in thought then turns away tawords the others.

Well Nagrom I agree with your assessment that these things could infect us, though instead of death I think we should try to determine if it is disease or curse that infects us and buy wands, potions or scrolls to combat the effect. You also said that we could use a paste made from the crushed remains of these worms. . .

Auramun seems to have an idea and moves quickly down the hallway to the training room and the room with the coffins.

He very carefully gathers up a mass of the dead worms from the spawn and puts them in a container he finds in the training room and proceeds to crush and mush them in the container with a broken table leg till it becomes the consistancy of pudding and hands it to Nagrom.

What do you think? Should we try it out in case we come across any more of these crazy undead worms? We should be on our way--we dont want anyone to miss us in the halls we're supposed to be in.

2008-02-08, 01:40 PM
The paste will help. In the heat of combat we may have to use Waldar's rope, unless we apply this paste.

There is enough in the last room to make enough for all of us. I agree that we take our time to collect and create this paste.

Nagrom turns her attention to the scroll still sheading light in the area. She bends down to examine it without touching it.

2008-02-08, 04:40 PM
You mean she looks up?

The paste will help. In the heat of combat we may have to use Waldar's rope, unless we apply this paste.

There is enough in the last room to make enough for all of us. I agree that we take our time to collect and create this paste.

Nagrom turns her attention to the scroll still sheading light in the area. She bends down to examine it without touching it.

2008-02-09, 12:16 AM
The colusium roars above you is faintly heard as you stand in this chamber. On a alter to the west a scroll strangly glows green and has a magical green light meandering to the closed door to the east. There is the door that you came through to the south and a closed door to the north. In the room there is the body of a Tifling that you have just slain.

2008-02-09, 09:00 AM
My friends, let's not waste too much time away. We may draw undue attention to ourselves should we not be present for the next fight!

Whatever else is down here will have to wait. I say we take and hide the scroll in order to make the next fight! I stil have to study my books.

2008-02-09, 11:44 AM
We've still got over 24 hours till our next fight, I say we make sure this area is clear so as not to raise any alarm that there is an intruder or spy in the arena--and the fact of the matter is the patron of this fine arena already has a bounty on our head so his finger would automatically point to us if we leave a mess.

2008-02-10, 01:20 AM
Nallio discovers that when he touches the scrolls he finds he can speak to a dark creature that calls himself the apostle of Kyuss. By following the light from the scrolls you find a gargantuian monstrosity half asleep in a protected shell.
Unable to releace or destroy the monster you travel on to the next room. There you find Eleckams sister now a zombie. Futhere inspection of her reveals that she was most likely killed a year ago by strangulation. Also in the room you find a distrubing chest with images of Kyuss and his spawns. While attemting to open the chest Nalio sets off a sinister trap in which he fights with his mind to stay in reality. He survives both times yet has worms burst from his hands leaving him weaker than before. Unable to open the chest he turns to Relic to crush the chest. Relic insted of using his phisical might uses his spirit. Relics turn checks supress the great evil with in the chest. Nalio is able to safley open the chest and the party recieves the great treasures inside.
The next room is small and has a strange curtain in it. everyone gathers in the room and Auroman peeks throught the vail. Behind it a Alkilth is waiting and attacks. The battle is fearce yet the party eventualy overwhelms the demon.
The party moves on down the last hall to find a door. on the other side they can hear people talking about laundry. Not wanting to hurt inocents and/or alert the colusium they head back to the bypassed secret door and staircase.
They find themselfes in a wine room where Nagrom picks up a nice bottle of wine and they move on. Waldar creates a distraction of turning into a lion and running around the gaurd room. while the garuds run around looking for the escaped animal Vigilent Eye return to the holding area.

Now waiting in the Coniboy four teams head out and only one came back victorious. Your manager is still there holding a bird awaiting any final instructions so he can assist with the next days battle.

2008-02-10, 03:25 AM
Good Sir. There are a few items I would like to purchase.

She hands him a neatly defined list on parchment. It reads:

Two scrolls of Dispel Magic
One scroll of Ectoplasmic Armor (level1)
Benign Transportation (level1)
Targetting Ray (levle1)
Distract Assailant (level1)
Sting Ray (level2)
Ray of Deanimation (level4)

I know my list is long, but I'm sure to use at least one of the spells in the fight. The others, in time, will assist the party.

Thank you, and I will have the gold to pay you when we win tomorrow's contest!

2008-02-10, 04:44 PM
Auramun looks reluctant as he hands over both of his Adamantine Scimitars to the teams manager--then hands over the extra gold to complete the order for the new magical Starmetal Scimitars he had ordered previouslly.

Thank you for your assistance, and dont worry we'll get your sister back for you when the time comes, and she will be avenged.

2008-02-11, 06:28 AM
The greatful manager gathers the things given him to sell and the bird and takes his leave of you.
There are still 11 teams still in the area but by tonight there will be only 5 others. Even battle worn the other teams look fearce and fearless.

2008-02-12, 01:22 PM
Unless you need something of me, I'll be getting ready for the next contest.

Relic I may not ride in your pack this time around. Waldar and I have devised a interesting plan.

Nagrom gives the half-orc druid a sly grin.

Just remember Waldar to drop your rope before hand.

Nagrom goes to the corner of the room and begins scribing:
level 1 mage armor (25gp)
level 1 reduce person (25gp)
level 1 expeditious retreat (25gp)

Afterwards she studies her spells and then retires for the night.

2008-02-12, 06:01 PM
Auramun looks from the gnome to the half-orc. . . .

. . . Waldor will turn into a cheetah and tie the rope around himself and the gnome will tie one end around her and cast levitate or fly on herself and it'll be a gnome parasailing around the arena raining death and destruction down on our foes--Ingenious!

2008-02-13, 08:10 AM
I'm not familar with the word 'parasailing', but from what I gather from your assessment the 'death and destruction' and riding on a shapeshifted Waldar is pretty close.

2008-02-17, 02:01 AM
Nagrom is sadened by the loss of Makom.

He was a valiant and fearless warrior. His spirt rests soundly with his gods.

She keeps a keen eye on Nailo to see if any items go untouched.

Waldar should you succeed in your encantation, Makom will rise again! Save another form, which I will gladly embrace!

2008-02-24, 01:52 AM
The party avoided the powerful worm only to stubble across the black mirror and its guardian.

After Dronin and Waldar defeat the undead monstrosity they were able to join the others on the other side of the portal. The area on this side is even more foreign than that of the Whispering Carin. Or is it in the Cairn at all?

On the jaunt to the other side, all of the party members are reunited. Not only with themselves but with the ever twisting plot of the Age of Worms.

Greeting the member are sinister bat like creatures that materialize what seems to be from the smoke and ash around you. You're surrounded.

Roll for iniative. . . . . . Muhahahahahahaha

2008-03-18, 04:21 AM
The perilous journey towards the great gates of the General Icisocol is complete. But the chaos demon that guarded the tomb wasn't the only danger between the party and the light of the outside world. Still remain are the greater wind elementals, the creature who calls himself the 'Flycatcher' and the black dragon of Dragotha.

You open up the tomb and you see. . .

2008-03-18, 05:35 PM
See a greater mummie that was Iscitol(sp?) ?!?!? and he's shooting 'freakin' laser beams from his head.

2008-03-18, 06:13 PM
First I heal up the group. Once done and the cofin is opend and I see that there is no more threats here. I take up a position at the door and rest.

2008-03-28, 07:47 AM
Nagrom's curious nature gets the best of her. When her host excuses himself she takes a 'tour' of the room noting anything of recent study.