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2007-09-18, 03:00 PM
I thought about something interesting the other day while reading my Book of Vile Darkness and reading all the archfiend entries again: If they had ECL's what would they be?
This got me thinking about very very epic games being potential adventures for say, Mephistopheles and his gang of epic devil cohorts or even a group of devil lords say, taking over the material plane.
So what I'd really like to know is if you had to peg the ECL's of those fiendish overlords in the BoVD, what would they be? I'm also curious as to what alterations you'd make to make them 3.5 compliant(such as regeneration or DR).

2007-09-18, 04:01 PM
I do believe they've created new stats in Fiendish Codex II. Other than that, it doesn't really matter what the ECL of the devils and such are, it's the CRs that matter.

2007-09-18, 04:35 PM
Yeah, they updated the Demon Princes in Codex I, and i wish I had FC II, because I love Bator.

Other than that, just use CR, and add about 1/3 HD, that usually works for ECL of uber guys, but I've only done this once, and that was to test soemthing.

As a side note, that is an awesome idea, and I think it is on of the potentially funniest campaigns ever...
Hey Meph, wanna watch me convince that pally to sell his high preist's soul?
Oky Asmo.. uhh.. SIR, your on!
Meph, don't bet with him, he always wins!
SHUT UP Bel, you always take his side...wuss.

2007-09-18, 04:46 PM
Dragon Magazine had also started to print up more details on the demon lords, their cults, and beefed up their challenge ratings. It had been my hope that the Archfiends would get the same treatment.

2007-09-18, 04:49 PM
I do believe they've created new stats in Fiendish Codex II.

Those are only their aspects, which aren't the real deal. Aspects are a part of a powerful being's energy and personality put in one place to form a weaker representation of the original being. BoVD still have the real demon and devil princes.

2007-09-18, 04:50 PM
personally I'd be more inclined to try to run the game around their assistants and secretaries back in Hell having to keep everything running and maybe try to backstab their way anouther rung up the ladder:smallamused:

2007-09-18, 06:56 PM
I'm aware of their reincarnation in the Fiendish Codecies but I'm looking for the higher level of power the BoVD version bring. What with Mephistopheles and Orcus having wizard spellcasting.

2007-09-18, 10:03 PM
Looking at the last issue of Dragon, the Demon Lord template basically converted your class levels into "Outsider HD with class features". That's probably how they got the "casts as a caster of X levels"

That being said, being a Devil is no fun. Asmodeus the lame h4x0r always cheats to win. I really really hope he gets upstaged by his daughter in 4th edition. That would be a more compelling reason for me to convert(to 4th. I still don't much care for Lawful Evil other than Fierna and Glasya) than pretty much anything else they can come up with.