View Full Version : Pathfinder Pact ability Ideas for my Pathfinder Warlock?

2018-10-29, 01:33 PM
As it stands, my warlocks get 4 pact abilities in addition to their 15 invocations, plus a capstone ability at level 20. They get these abilities (for now) at levels 1, 6, 14, 16, and (of course) 20, and they relate to the Warlock's Pact.

I have Elysian (CG), Aberrant, Fey, Shadow, Elemental, Infernal (LE), Apocalyptic (NE), and Abyssal (CE) Pacts. Other than that, these Warlocks get many of the same abilities they got in 3.5.

Edit: I've Skimmed it down since I first made this topic. Warlocks now get 2 pact abilities, total, at 1st and 8th level.

I am also thinking if their Eldritch Blast dealt force damage by default, there's nothing that can resist force damage... Should I give it a different default damage type?

2018-11-22, 05:41 PM
I know it's not generally considered a damage type, but what about profane? Or just damage type based on patron. Electricity for one, acid another, cold for abyssal and negative, fire or even sonic? Or you could just have it untyped and just use bludgeoning as a default damage type and allow new feats to change it? Having a default ability able to deal force damage nearly at will is pretty unbalancing and upsets the overall powerscale of the game at lower levels. Depending on how much your damage pool is and what your attack bonus is, you could conceivably insta-gib a wizard of significantly higher level than you if it was typed as force and they didn't have appropriate defenses in place.