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Toxic Defiler (Anti-Paladin archetype)

An ancient order of daemonic founding, the chosen weapon of a toxic defiler is poison, whether it is dropped in a well, sprinkled on food, or spread on a blade. While toxic defilers are devoted to the destruction of all life down to the smallest blade of grass, they are taught to find beauty in their work and its tools, and as such prove oddly affable. Many are fond of animals, provided they are sufficiently poisonous. and they will often take on apprentices to continue their work.

The toxic defiler adds Sleight of Hand and Knowledge: Nature to his list of class skills, and loses Knowledge: Religion and Spellcraft.

Well of Venom (Su):
At 3rd level enemies within 10 feet of the toxic defiler gain a -2 penalty on saving throws against poison, and if they are good-aligned lose immunity to poison. This penalty does stack with Aura of Sin. A poison that was applied while they were not immune to poison is not affected if they regain this immunity. This ability functions only while the toxic defiler remains conscious, not if he is unconscious or dead.
This ability replaces of Aura of Cowardice.

Assimilate Toxin (Ex):
At 3rd level the toxic defiler becomes immune to poison. In addition, when he is exposed to a poison he may choose to assimilate it as an immediate action. He may only have one type of poison assimilated at a time. Once per day, he may expel a dose of his assimilated poison from his mouth as a full-round action.
As part of this action, he may apply this poison in one of the following ways: If it is an injury poison he may apply it to a weapon. If it is a contact poison he may make a melee touch attack to inflict it. If it is an ingested poison he may add it to a piece of food within reach. If it is an inhaled poison he may create a 5 foot cloud of poison in an adjacent square that lasts one round.
This ability replaces Plague Bringer.

Virulent Touch (Su):
At 3rd level the toxic defiler gains the ability to poison creatures he damages with his touch of corruption ability. When a creature fails a saving throw against his touch of corruption and takes damage, it also becomes poisoned. His touch of corruption benefits from the save reduction of his well of venom ability. The poison he inflicts has the following statistics:

Toxic Love
Type: Injury
Onset: -
Duration: Equal to the toxic defiler's Charisma modifier
DC: 10 + toxic defiler level + Charisma modifier
Effect: When the toxic defiler inflicts this poison, he chooses a statistic for it to damage. If he chooses Constitution, the damage die is reduced by one step. If he successfully uses toxic love against a creature that is already inflicted with it, it will increase the DC by 2 and the duration by half as normal, and in addition he may change the type of damage it is dealing. The condition the poison inflicts expires when the poison does. The damage and condition inflicted by this poison improves 6th level and every 3 levels thereafter as shown below:

3: 1d2/round, fatigued
6: 1d3/round, fatigued
9: 1d3/round, sickened
12: 1d4/round, sickened
15: 1d4/round, staggered
18: 1d4/round to 2 statistics, staggered

This ability replaces Cruelties.

Death All Around Me (Ex):
Starting at 4th level, the toxic defiler gains a bonus equal to half his level on checks to create poisons using Craft: Alchemy or to milk a creature for poison using Handle Animal. In addition, the time it takes him to perform these actions is halved.

This ability replaces Channel Negative Energy.

Tainted Blade (Su):
Starting at 5th level, the toxic defiler may apply a dose of poison to a weapon as a move action. He may expend a use of his touch of corruption ability to apply a dose of toxic love. He selects which statistic the poison will damage upon application. He may have toxic love applied to a maximum number of weapons at a time equal to his Charisma modifier. Attempting to exceed this number causes the oldest poison to expire.
This ability replaces Fiendish Boon.

Venomstorm (Su):
At 11th level, the toxic defiler may expend two uses of his smite good ability as a free action to apply a dose of toxic love to all weapons wielded by his allies (or a piece of their ammunition) within 60 feet. All doses damage the same statistic, chosen when this ability is used. The poison remains until expended or for 1 minute, whichever is shorter, and does not count against his maximum number of doses applied.
This ability replaces Aura of Vengeance.

Poison Sludge (Ex):
At 20th level, a toxic defiler becomes a pool of poison within a shell of skin. He gains the ooze type. Do not recalculate his base attack bonus, hit points, proficiencies, saving throws, or skills, or statistics. He gains blindsight 30. He is not rendered blind, but may render his eyes functional or nonfunctional as a swift (deciding whether to have the benefits and vulnerabilities of sight).
He may choose to assume the form of a large ooze as a swift action. While in this form he cannot wear armor or wield weapons. Although he can carry them and other objects within his ooze, he gains no benefit from them, unlike other magical items he had equipped. He gains a swim and climb speed equal to his movement speed, a bonus to natural armor equal to his Charisma modifier, the compression ability, and two slam attacks that deal bludgeoning damage equal to his touch of corruption damage and have the poison ability (toxic love). In addition, he may pass through any opening that is not airtight as a full-round action, although he may be unable to bring items with him. He may return to his original form as a standard action and may choose to reform within a suit of clothing or armor, effectively equipping it.
This ability replaces Unholy Champion.

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