View Full Version : D&D 3.x Other Grappling mod houserule

2018-11-04, 08:16 AM
Just an idea I had this morning, and I wondered how good a rule it might be for making grappling more worthwhile in 3.5.

Simple change. When in a grapple, perform as many extra grapple actions as you want, but each subsequent grapple action is at a cumulative -5 (natural 20s don't auto succeed). Example: stab your grappled foe with a dagger at full grapple modifier, then move them at -5, pin them at -10, stab them again at -15 with their own dagger (if you really are that much better than the target at grappling).


2018-11-05, 08:12 PM
Makes sense! I just wish there were some way to simplify grapples...