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Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d10 per Stand User Level

Hit Points at 1st Level: 10 + your Constitution modifier

Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + your Constitution modifier per Stand User level after 1st

Starting Proficiencies

You are proficient with the following items, in addition to any proficiencies provided by your race or background.

Armor: None
Weapons: Dagger, Club, Handaxe, Light Hammer, Shortbow, Crossbow, Sling, and Improvised Weapons
Saving Throws: Constitution, Strength
Tools: One gaming set or one musical instrument
Skills: Choose two from Intimidation, Athletics, Sleight of Hands, Performance, Perception

Starting Equipment

You start with the following items, plus anything provided by your background.

• (a) a Dagger or (b) any Simple Melee Weapon

• (a) a Handaxe or (b) a Sling and 10 Sling Bullets

• (a) a Dungeoneer’s Pack or (b) a Burglar's Pack

Proficiency Bonus
Stand Points

Manifestation of Fighting Spirit, Stand Summoning



Ability Score Improvement

Talent of the Cards

Ability Score Improvement, Fighting Spirt Improvement




Fighting Spirit Improvement, Menacing




Ability Score Improvement, Fighting Spirit Improvement


Ability Score Improvement, Still Standing



Ability Score Improvement

Stand Awakening

Manifestation of Fighting Spirit

At level 1, you have a certain amount of Stand Points which are used to summon your Stand and use its special abilities. This Stand shares your hit points, and when either the Stand or you are hit, both share damage. Stands cannot be affected by status changes or shape changing magic. Upon changing forms, your Stand is immediately dismissed, and any temporary stat changes are not present to your Stand. As it operates under base statistics. Any magic that results in a condition can affect your Stand, also affecting you.

Stand Summoning

At level 1, Stands are summoned with 1 Stand point as an action, and last an hour after summoning. Whenever your Stand is summoned, it is counted as concentration. Your Stands have their own actions they can take on the same turn as you, they are freely controlled by you. You regain all Stand Points after a short or long rest. Stands improve at 6th, 10th, 14th, and 20th level.

Talent of the Cards

At level 5, you can summon your Stand as a bonus action instead of an action.


At level 10, when you summon your Stand, or use a bonus action to spend a stand point, creatures within a 10 foot radius away from you must make a Charisma save with a DC of 13 or be frightened. This save is made at the end of every turn.

Still Standing

At level 16, when you summon your Stand, it now lasts indefinitely.

Kinkyori Powā-gata

These Stands feature close range power, and are extremely effective at dealing high amounts of damage in a short span of time. When all Stand Points are used, this Stand is dismissed.

Potent Spirit

At level 1, this Stand’s statistics are your statistics but have +1 in dexterity and strength scores. This increases at levels 6, and 14. Its Armor Class is 14 + your Constitution modifier It’s speed is 15 feet. If the Stand is more than 20 feet away from you, it is dismissed. Its hands count as weapons that deal 1d8 bludgeoning + its Strength modifier. It is proficient with this weapon.

Cracking Blows

At level 1, when this Stand successfully lands an attack, as its bonus action it can expend a Stand point and deal thunder damage equal to its bludgeoning.

Bellow of Fists

At level 6, when this Stand successfully lands an attack, the attack damage increases to 3d8 + its Strength modifier. With your action, you can spend another Stand Point, and the Stand can make this attack again as it’s bonus action. Your Stand’s Dexterity and Strength stats are now increased by +3 points.

Affixing Strength

At level 10, when this Stand successfully grapples a large or smaller creature, its speed is reduced to 0 and it is considered incapacitated. Any attacks made on this creature by you have advantage.

Hardened Stand

At level 14, this Stand’s Armor Class is now 20 + your Constitution modifier. Its attack damage is now 6d8 + its Strength modifier. Cracking Blows now deals two times as much damage to the attack. Your Stand’s Dexterity and Strength stats are now increased by +5 points.

Stand Awakening – The World

At level 20, this Stand possesses the ability to stop time for 1d4 + 1 rounds using your action and 5 Stand Points. All creatures in this state are counted as unconscious. You may interact with anything or creature during this period. This ability drains the User, and cannot be used again until a long rest.

Enkaku Sōsa-gata

These Stands feature long range, highly effective, reality changing abilities. From complete mind control, to physics altering, to enemy disarmament.

Powerful Selection

There are many types of Long Distance Stands. The list below gives the types of Stands and their respective abilities. These abilities require the use of a Stand point. All of these Stands have a movement speed of 30 feet, and do not contain any special statistics other than your own. It, and its effects, can be up to 120 feet away from you.

Type: Ability

Possessing: Mind control
Projecting: Turn denial
Produceing: Damaging words


At level 1, your Stand can use it’s action to burrow into another creature. When this Stand burrows into a creature, it cannot resist the burrowing, and it deals no damage. The burrowed creature can remove the Stand with an action, on a Strength check with a DC of 13 it is removed. The Stand has a clear tethered connection to you. Your Stand can use it’s bonus action to expend a Stand point and try to control this creature. This creature is considered charmed if it fails a Charisma save with a DC of 10. If the creature is charmed, it cannot break the charm or remove the burrow. If the charm succeeds and you have no Standpoints left, it will last an hour as long as the stand remains burrowed. A creature within 5 feet of the tether from Stand to you, or the possessed creature, can successfully pass a strength check with a DC of 13 and remove the burrow and stop the charm. Damaging this creature will allow it another Charisma saving throw. A remove curse can remove the Stand and dismiss it together.


At level 1 this Stand appears as a projectile weapon, up to player choice, which, when used as an action, fires the Stand up to movement speed. It’s appearance is different from a humanoid, rather, it appears as ammunition. After being fired, it may move freely without any action cost. This Stand cannot take an action of its own. If this Stand gets within 5 feet of a creature, you can use your reaction to attack, this attack has proficiency and uses your dexterity modifier, and uses a Stand point. If the Stand successfully hits the creature, it deals 1d8 piercing + your Dexterity modifier, and prevents this creature from taking any actions on it’s next turn. This Stand has no Armor Class. If this stand passes out of a creatures attack range, it provokes an Attack Of Opportunity. After this Stands ability is used, it is dismissed, whether the attack has hit or not.


At level 1 this Stand has the ability to write onomatopoeia that alter the state of reality. You can spend one Stand point as the Stand’s bonus action to write something on a surface. When a creature comes into contact with that word, the respective effect is applied. You can only place one word on one targeted area at once. These words last only one minute, and cannot deal damage, nor inflict any conditions. You may dismiss them as your bonus action. Even when you have no Stand Points remaining, these words will remain for the duration or until dismissed. You can only have 1 instance of a word.

Higher Mentality

At level 6, if this Stand uses its ability and fails it may try again at the cost of another Stand point and your action.

Mental Masquerade

At level 10, your stand gains these abilities:

Possessing: If you expend half of your Stand Points, you may launch three projectiles that deal 1d6 slashing damage and 1d4 necrotic as your Stand's action. You cannot use this ability while burrowed. The creatures must make a Constitution saving throw with a DC of 10, or be poisoned for 2 rounds. The projectiles can target three different creatures you can see. This must target more than one creature.

Projecting: If you expend half of your Stand Points, you may use your reaction to double the movement speed of this stand.

Producing: If you expend half of your Stand Points, you may place an onomatopoeia that deals up to 10 Hit Points of damage.

Abrasive Psychic

At level 14, you can declare to summon this Stand “Abrasively,” and use it’s ability upon summoning for free. If the Stand’s ability is not utilized this turn, it uses 2 Stand Points.

Stand Awakening – Act 3

At level 20. These Stands can use all its Stand Points as an action to:

Possessing: instantly succeed in a charm.

Projecting: successfully hit a target and disable it for two rounds.

Produce: or write a directly lethal word dealing up to 50 hit points or inflict the stun condition.

This drains the user, and it cannot be used until next long rest


These Stands are the most powerful utility Stands, and can feature exploding objects and people, to healing wounds, and changing your form entirely.

Remote Activation

These Stands also come in many forms. The list below states the two types of Trigger Stands and their abilities. These Stands contain no special statistics but your own. These abilities require the use of a Stand point. These Stands have a movement speed of 15 feet, and a max distance away from user at 30 feet. These Stands have similar physical capabilities of a Kinkyori Powā-gata. It’s fists count as proficient weapons and utilize your Strength score, they deal 1d8 + your Strength modifier.

Type: Abilities

Saving: Healing and wound curing
Shatter: Turning things into bombs


At level 1, this Stand possesses the ability to heal creatures around you. As you or your Stands bonus action, consuming a Stand point, any creature you or your Stand touches can be healed for 1d8 + your Constitution modifier. This can reattach and repair cut off or broken bones and wounds. This ability also allows you to heal objects and constructs. Each healing on an object repairs up to a foot of damage made on an object. If the cumulative destruction of an object is less than one foot, one use of this ability can repair all damages all at once. This Stand cannot heal you.


At level 1, this Stand possesses the ability to turn any object you or your Stand touches into an explosive. When you touch something as an action, the object is considered “Planted.” You can only plant one object with this ability. If you have Planted an object, you can expend a Stand point as an action and trigger its explosion. When it is detonated, it explodes in a five foot sphere, dealing 2d6 fire damage, those who are caught in this radius makes a constitution saving throw and take half damage on a success. This plant can be removed with remove curse.

Set Trigger

At level 6, you double the amount of damage, before the save, or healing you do with your Stand at the cost of an extra Stand point.

Trigger Finger

At level 10, When you use your Stand effect:

Saving: When you heal a dead creature that has died within the past minute, it is completely revived. Your healing is now 2d8 + your Constitution modifier.

Shatter: When you trigger the explosion, a creature in direct contact with the object cannot make a saving throw. Your explosive damage is now 4d6 fire damage.

Hair Trigger

At level 14, when this Stand’s ability is activated. You can roll 1d20; if it is a 10 or below you loose another Stand point. When it is 10 or above, you gain one Stand point.

Stand Awakening – Killer Queen

At level 20, your Stands unlock special abilities beyond their normal capacity. These cost half your Stand Points and cannot be used again until a long rest.

Saving: You may use half of your Stand Points to resurrect a creature that you can touch that has not been dead for over 300 years or that has not died from old age. Your healing power is increased to 2d8 + your Constitution modifier.

Shatter: You may use half of your Stand Points to attach a special condition to a target that is an object or creature, this condition must target other creatures other than your initial target. You can only have 1 initial target, and you can dismiss this target as an action. When this condition is met, you are aware this is triggered, and how many creatures that have been planted. You can have no more than three creatures planted with this effect, but you must use 3 Stand Points to detonate each one. As long as they are on the plane of existence you are on, you may trigger the plant. When they leave the plane of existence you are on, you are still aware of a plant. When this plant is detonated using your, or your stand's, action, it forces this creature to make a constitution saving throw with a DC of 15. On a failure it instantly kills that creature, the creature and everything it is wearing and carrying, except Magic Items, are reduced to smoke, flame, and nothingness. On a success it takes 10d10 fire damage. This creature also knows it has a strange presence upon it, it does not know what. You can have a one way telepathic communication with this creature if it is on the same plane. This plant can be removed with a remove curse level 7.


I've spent a lot of time figuring a way to slim the descriptions, and balance the Stands while keeping the same ferocity and power that they contain in the original show. I've been looking for replacement Stand User Subclasses than just Romaji. Feel free to tear me apart, even if this is my first post to the forums. I've been working on it for three days so far, so it is time to seek an audience to trim things down. I've also been looking for a new overall name for the class if anyone would recommend one to me.

2018-11-05, 04:50 PM
What is a Stand?


Mechanics: short rest refresh for Stand Points seems good. However, since this class is a bit weaker than others when without their class feature (e.g., compared to a barbarian out of Rages), I could see at least proficiency in some sort of armor, maybe shields. As my question above shows, I don't know the fluff of this class, so maybe armor is really anathema to it. Likewise, proficiency in some martial weapons would be handy.

Do Stands have a base statblock, or are they based on the Stand User? I wasn't clear what their stats were.

The level 20 power for the Kinkyori Powā-gata archetype seems overpowered. I'd recommend make it as Time Stop. This really sounds like "free kill per round (or take their stuff so they're helpless after they wake up". It seems better than most level 20 features.

2018-11-05, 05:00 PM
What is a Stand? . . .

A Stand is a metaphysical representation and physical manefestation of your physical will and fighting spirit. It comes from an anime by the title JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. I figure it'd make a great idea to make something similar in the D&D verse.

In essence. Stands are a familiar that can do a lot more than just a normal familiar. They have their very own actions, bonus actions, and reactions, etc. They are also controlled freely by the class. They have range limits, and specific specialties. All Stands but Kinkyori Powā-gata do have the exact same stat block as you. KP get's a +5 increase to STR and DEX scores by level 14. All other Stands get no statstic bonus.

I've had that same thought, but I feel like we can keep that effect, while maybe making it cost a sizeable amount of stand points when it is used? (Plus it is a once a day thing, even if you did rest to get all the points back, it would still be much better than the currently proposed one.)

And I figure that'd make it too uncharactaristic from the original source. However, I think light armor and maybe one or two martial weapons could be permitted. What would you recommend?

2018-11-05, 05:00 PM
I believed that people spoke about having stands in which they sell stuff when I first heard about jojo's bizarre adventures.
I am still disappointed they are not using lemonade stands(or other similar commercial stands) to fight.

2018-11-05, 05:01 PM
Is this a JoJo reference? Couldn't help myself lol. I wanna look at this more in depth later

It is indeed. Although I want to separate from it while keeping the concept solid. It just adds a lot more flavor to the D&D verse. (Maybe that is just my opinion)

2018-11-05, 05:04 PM
I believed that people spoke about having stands in which they sell stuff when I first heard about jojo's bizarre adventures.
I am still disappointed they are not using lemonade stands(or other similar commercial stands) to fight.

We need more people like you in the world.

You've given me an idea for the "Xanathar's Expansion" for the class. May fear be unto all who dare drink from an unmonitored Lemonade stand. (Also these things unironically exist in JJBA, stands can litterally be stationary objects independent of the stand user.)