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2018-11-07, 03:14 AM
0 BBY Gaining their first victory by destroying the DEATH STAR, Alliance to Restore the Republic showed the galaxy that there is still hope. This became a major morale boost for Rebel Cells all over the Galaxy, who are fighting their own battles against the evil of the Empire.

Players will be part of a small Rebel Cell that wasn't there for the Battle of Yavin. Based on a remote system in the outer rim, players will try to expand their operations while dealing with pirates, Hutts and, of course, the Empire.
The focus of the campaign and type of adventures will be decided with players in a session zero Character Creation, background connecting, setting discussion etc...
Force-Sensitive characters are always welcome, but I expect a little bit of experience if someone wants to start as one since it is difficult and requires good role-playing and knowledge of the game system. This does not mean a beginner player can't become force sensitive as the campaign continues ;)
I can be a little bit flexible with time for scheduling purposes, but I can't run a game for players that have more than 7-8 hours of difference.
My plan is to run the game on discord, but I am open to suggestions since I never ran an online game.

About me: 9+ years of experience as a GM, I ran many different types of games from fantasy to sci-fi, post-apocalypse, and even anime based games. I love teaching beginners and ran many one-shot games to introduce people to TRPG's.
What do I expect from my players:
- First and foremost, respect each other and the game. We are all here to have fun, so don't be eww that guy...
- Players should be familiar to at least willing to learn the game system.
- Commitment to the game means more motivation for me to create awesome stories with you, so yea...

More questions, ask away from here or if it's too personal, DM me.

2018-11-07, 06:26 PM
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