View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next PEACH: Custom Magic Item for my Campaign's Wizard (Necromancy/Voodoo)

Barbarian MD
2018-11-07, 03:05 PM
My wizard is getting involved with some dark stuff, magic deals and delving into forbidden magic. He asked about the 3.5 spell Stop Heart from the Book of Vile Darkness. I want to give him a recipe to craft a magic item. For reference, this is Storm King's Thunder and he's currently level 4 but will probably be level 6 by the time the project is completed. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Specifically, I pulled the numbers out of thin air. I wasn't sure whether to go for a higher number of charges at a lower damage, like maximum 50d4+50 (which would be a huge investment during a campaign but super powerful), or lower charges with higher damage, like maximum 20d6+20 or 20d8+20 or 20d6+40, which could be charged with minimal investment and usable about once a week.

Iron Heart (requires attunement), creation cost 5000 gp

Iron cast into shape of a heart
Black Pearl (crushed powder), 500 gp
Actual heart of a creature of at least CR 8
Unholy water
Specific poison to be obtained in game
Bone dust

The item can be charged by expending spell slots (1 charge for 1 first-level spell, 2 charges for 1 second-level spell, etc). It can hold a maximum of 20 charges. The charges can be expended to create two different effects. Undead and constructs are immune to these effects.

Stop Heart: While holding the heart, make a touch attack that deals: Xd6+X necrotic damage, where X = number of charges expended. The caster can cause the effect to occur between 0 and 60 minutes after the touch attack. Con save DC = spellcasting DC.

Voodoo strike: Touch a bit of a creature's tissue (blood, hair) to the heart. 10 minute casting time, range 1 mile, the tissue sample is used up in the process. Concentration. Deals: Xd4+X necrotic damage, where A = number of charges expended.Con save DC = spellcasting DC.