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2007-09-19, 04:25 PM
Well, this idea came to me when I thought "there sure a ****load of DnD players here, I wonder what their favourite campaign was".
and also, how many campaigns have you Dm'd or played in?

2007-09-19, 04:36 PM
I liked the Keep on the Borderlands and Return to the Keep on the Borderlands for low levels. The City of Greyhawk was nice and some of the Vecna adventures (Very memorable watching four players arguing each time before killing their PC in game for a artifact). Hommlet and the Temple of Elemental Evil was nice for a low level campaign.

Became a Werebear in one campaign. Rolled a 50 once for a Ring of Wishes at level 4 to determine what kind of magic item I had gotten which is why DMs should know what treasure is in the hoard before handing it out.

FRCS was fun for monster slaying in Waterdeep with Blue Alley and Undermountain (You never really had to leave Waterdeep just head down). Raven's Bluff and Cormyr are nice. Liked Raven's Bluff for letting PCs purchase that civic Knighthood (Golden Roosters) in game for 1,000 GP and the various tiers of Knighthood. Played a few levels in the Dales. Raven's Bluff had some nice stuff. Treasure Hunt was fun. Daggerford was fun.

Really miss Planescape and low to mid level planar adventuring in Sigil and the various planes. Liked the Well of Worlds and some of the adventures were really neat. The Infinite Stairway was cool along with being a member of The Planewalker's Society headquartered there.

Zakhara (Al-Qadim) was nice for arabian style story adventuring with genies and elemental magic. The Shair class was pretty cool was similar to the Shaman with arcane casting.

ECS is nice but can be easily be to easily broken via wealth and favors before level 10 using ECS classes and PRCs. I'd like more mechanics behind the Lightning Rail track (Costs to lay and maintain since it is supposed to be magical (I just treat it as train tracks)).

To many.

2007-09-19, 04:39 PM
:smallsigh: Ah... I would have to say my very first campaign would be my favorite, though the one I'm in now is a close second. Granted, I was playing a fighter (silly me) but I was new. How many campaigns have I dmed? I'd say close to 5 maybe. But, I've quit the DM race, and am settling as a PC. Well... at least until maybe I can get a new group who's not hellbent on causing mass internal party struggling, and causing mass chaos, etc. :smallannoyed: I hate my friends. :smallwink:

2007-09-19, 10:30 PM
I've never played in it (though I'm about to start DMing it for like the 3rd time), but "Red Hand of Doom" is my absolute favorite. If you haven't run it, your group should take a look at it.

Also, I really enjoyed "Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil," until that whole gaming group fell apart. Maybe we'll pick it back up at some point, but I doubt it...

2007-09-19, 10:42 PM
I've run about nine campaigns and played in five in the last seven years.

My favourite would have to be either the "Hero School" campaign my friend ran or the campaign I ran centering around a cleric of a Homebrewed Goddess of Misfortune.

2007-09-19, 10:43 PM
I've never played in it (though I'm about to start DMing it for like the 3rd time), but "Red Hand of Doom" is my absolute favorite. If you haven't run it, your group should take a look at it.

Also, I really enjoyed "Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil," until that whole gaming group fell apart. Maybe we'll pick it back up at some point, but I doubt it...

I thought Red Hand of Doom was pretty fun, especially since I played a monk-fighter tripmonkey (far from optimized, but it was fun). My DM kinda got pissed that I tripped/AoOed everthing to death, so he made ray of enfeeblement do strength damage to try and screw me over. Good times.

2007-09-19, 11:20 PM
Either my own New Greyhawk campaign (although it's more of a setting) or Amotis' original In Storm and Sunshine campaign.

Red Hand of Doom is good too.

2007-09-19, 11:41 PM
Personally I'm very fond of Ardanyon's Revenge. Not sure how you'd convert it, however.

Lord Tataraus
2007-09-20, 07:05 AM
One of my plays is going to run Red Hand of Doom *cough*yeah right*cough*

My favorite campaign would have to be the first campaign I ever ran. It was a 1st-18th stretch, but I jumped them up to 20th for the last boss. It was based off the Dragonlance setting and used Dragonlance races, but was still a Homebrew world (different continent), All my players will say the same thing. And if Nobodylovesyou shows up, he'll tell you about the first boss battle in that campaign, he hasn'e stopped talking about it even though it was a year ago. (seems longer)

Kurald Galain
2007-09-20, 07:46 AM
I lost count...

fave as a storyteller would be either my former Werewolf chronicle, or an astral travel campaign.

fave as a player, probably a weird technomagic world.

2007-09-20, 10:09 AM
:smallsigh: Ah... I would have to say my very first campaign would be my favorite

My favorite campaign would have to be my first Ad&D campaign. There was something magical and terrifying, maybe because I did not know anything about the monsters or creatures of the land.

2007-09-20, 10:29 AM
I've only run three and a half campaigns and can't really pick a favorite. Each accomplished something and each failed spectacularly in other ways. They're all remembered fondly which is what counts.

As a player, my favorite would be my friend's Icewind Dale interpretation. He wanted to do something that wouldn't require as much prep time, so he based the game after the Icewind Dale video games where the world was pretty well known to the players. I can't place my finger on why, but my first three characters in that campaign were the three best I've ever played. Even though I haven't been them in years they're all characters that have stuck with me and I can turn on at will.

Chaos Bringer
2007-09-20, 10:37 AM
I'd have to say one of my more entertaining campaigns was a Hero School kind of thing. We got the exact description of "Like Fable". I played a monk that loved to fight in the arena. Unfortunatly he got caught on fire in the arena several times. After the DM determined i took extra damage from my clothing being on fire, he started going naked. Then his skin just started catching on fire. He gained a huge irrational fear of fire. The rest of my group lit a forest on fire... He cried.

2007-09-20, 11:33 AM
ravenloft, it was fun to break.

2007-09-20, 11:45 AM
Probably my (mostly) solo, 2E, three-year (OOC time) campaign, with several DMs, all of whom fell into "Monty Haul" behavior sooner or later. You don't get characters much more powerful than that character ended up.

I'd never want to play such a cheesy or unstructured campaign again. But doing it once was priceless.

2007-09-20, 02:37 PM
Wow ... stroll down memory lane. I think I have DMed about 6 games of varying backgrounds and played in probably twice that much.

My favorite to DM was most definently a 2nd edition lvl 1 - lvl 12 Ravenloft Pirate game about a year ago. That game was such a blast, and my players kept struggling to try to screw me over - which is impossible, in my opinion - and just kept getting pulled further and further. Had two new players in that game who did amazingly and all the vets continue to talk about it. My current Homebrewed game might beat that one, but for now, that was a great game.

My favorite to play was probably the first game I played, a 2nd edition Ravenloft game that used the three or four modules, ending with Servant of Darkness and Shadow Rift. I took my Half-Elf Bard through all the adventurers to 10 levels, and at the end of Shadow Rift, because of some sneakyness on my part and my DM forgetting the items he gave out two adventures ago, I one-shotted the big bad super Darklord with a crystal life-stealing dagger he gave me in an earlier module - something about bringing Death to life in a tangible form with some machine ... I think I have the module somewhere - with a spell I had made that duplicated the thrown dagger (the DM never intended me to throw that) which level drained the thing to nothingness. Sure, he penalized me by kicking me out of Ravenloft, never allowing me to take another level in Bard again, but I had some fun in Forgotten Realms after that, but nothing beats that win.

Dan Bell
2007-09-20, 02:42 PM
I enjoy playing Birthright. For non-D&D games, I love the rules independent setting of Harn. (http://www.lythia.com/)

2007-09-22, 08:49 AM
well, mr tartarus, youre absolutely right. that boss battle was awesome.

it was the seventh inning stretch, bases were loaded, and the minotaur was up to bat... er, wait...

no, seriously, we all walked into a village that had been burned to the ground. we lok up and see the guy weve been chasing for around 3 sessions. then we beat the crap out of him. trust me, its a lot cooler than it sounds.

and, tartarus, stupid red hand wont happen if you want to do it over the internet.

2007-09-22, 09:52 AM
its not really a campaign but a DM,hes a great DM making a run in with a random Gnoll encounter, smart even using warp wood on my bow(playing a archer) also he gives lots of roleplaying

but not sure of the adventure name but you get turned into puppets