View Full Version : Epic Hypnotism and Other Skills

2018-11-17, 09:47 AM
What would be a reasonable Epic Hypnotism(Ravenloft) skill check? I was thinking maybe a +10 difficulty per 10 min reduction in time(minimum 1 round action). So +60 to the target's will save against you to make it in one round. Maybe something for a bonus request? It also seems like you should be able to do a Suggestion like with Epic Bluff.

While writing this I realized that I've never seen epic Autohypnosis or Lucid Dreaming skill checks either. Honestly Lucid Dreaming doesn't need one, but +50 to calm a 15ft radius of the Dreamheart with concentration would be about equal to the Avoid Planar Effects spell and on par with Bluff's 2nd level spell as a skill.

Autohypnosis I'm not really sure, an Epic ignore pain/willpower/resist dying might be able to let you get Diehard with a check I guess? That wouldn't be very powerful though. Maybe +50 for an Iron Heart Surge that just suppresses effects for 3d4 rounds or something?

2018-11-17, 10:29 AM
doesn't epic autohypnosis already have enough stuff? though I guess they aren't that good really.

2018-11-17, 03:52 PM
Huh, never actually saw those rules, guess I assumed it would be alphabetized when I double check glances at it. Still, Lucid Dreaming and Hypnosis seem lacking. Do you think the proposed epic checks for them would be out of place?