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Hi All this is Draspher you might know me as the mad bomber from “It's not our fault - tales of the guild team that really should have stayed at home” (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?528606-It-s-not-our-fault-tales-of-the-guild-team-that-really-should-have-stayed-at-home) but I thought it would be fun to try running my own game. Unlike that this is going to be a variation of the “ROTRL” campaign however session -2 through 0 are original content and I think it should be fun. I am joined in this by everyone’s favourite half-orc paladin that shoved a sword up a demon bears bum vex. (Here known as Cathleen) Also from session zero onwards as a guest star (possibly long term depends on his other group) Jaune the king of advancing to future victory in the opposite direction of the enemy. (here known as Julian)

Im going to post 5 sessions at once. This is mostly for the players but if you enjoy it im glad.

In this session we were testing the waters with Pre-gen characters and a combat dungeon to see what class our stars would like to be. Our stars in this session are “Cathleen” (duel preforming as Kyra and Aric) and “Bruce” (playing the parts of Crowe and Valeros).

Session -2

Combat using pre-gen charters to show new players the options
After a landslide an ancient man-made cave was discovered with a slim amount of treasure found near the door one of the better-known groups of adventures are sent to investigate.

The group Is made of four level 4 characters
Kyra a cleric who has sworn her life and sword arm to Sarenrae, vowing to protect the helpless and to not spare the blade when the time for redemption has passed.
Aric a vigilante who wields his courtly charms as an outspoken defender of liberty and peace. When nothing can stop an injustice but cold steel, Aric dons his disguise, and the Red Raven flies once more.
Crowe a bloodrager is man of few words, Crowe keeps a tight hold on the storm that always rages inside him, letting it loose only on the battlefield.
And Valeros a fighter who is known to be noble at heart, and fiercely loyal to his friends, Valeros nevertheless hides such sentiments under a jaded and crass demeanour, frequently observing that there’s nothing better than ending a day with an evening of hard drinking and a night of soft company.

After walking though, the tomb for a short while the floor falls out dropping them a down a floor landing in an intersection going north south west and a short drop to the north west. after standing the group rolls perception Valeros and Kyra notice a strange buzzing and realise an almost empathic link between the group. Kyra also notices the sound of pattering feet in the distance.
Kyra goes first and rolls perception and realised the sounds are six dire rats coming from three directions.
One rat goes to attack Kyra but dose nothing.
Crowe charges at the two rats that can now be seen without the fog of war and cruses them both with earthbreaker and a Nat 20.
Another rat runs at Valeros and feebly scratches his boots
Valeros then stomps on the rat killing it.
Another rat runs out at Valeros and yet again scratches his boots
The red raven goes to crush it with his boot and misses stomping on an unpleasant stone taking 1 non-lethal damage
Another rat runs at Kyra and again fails to harm her
Kyra gets her Symitar out and swings it at the rat rolling a Nat 1 she hits the floor and the blade goes flying out of her hands
The first rat strikes at Kyra getting court on her robe and failing
Crowe runs up to the rat between Valeros and the red raven planning to stomp the rat then rolls a Nat 1 hitting the red Ravin for 8 points of damage.
Valeros then pulls out his sword and dices the rat next to him
Red raven then runs and boots one of the rats near Kyra and with a modified 20 slams it into the wall killing it instantly
The last standing rat takes one last bite at Kyra hitting for two damage before jumping down the cliff although from attack of opportunity Kyra manages to strike the rat it still manages to stick the landing.
Kyra and Crowe use their slings to attack the rat Kyra misses edging it next to the wall and crow finishes it.
However, the smell of rat blood excites a few animals and a giant spider quickly starts eating the rat corpse down the hole.

Valeros throws a rock at the giant pit spider for 1 damage and making it mad the spider then makes a fluffing noise and two other giant spiders come down from other parts of the ceiling north and south paths
The red Ravin pulls out his crossbow and shoots the giant spider for 3 damage
The south spider uses its turn to fling its web at Crowe entangling him
The north spider then fails to hit the red Ravin with his web.
Kyra then slices the spider across the face taking out three eyes and a mandible in a single strike.
Crowe attempts to use his free arm to rip the web off but with a Nat 1 entangles himself more
The giant pit spider climbs the wall and sinks its teeth into its free meal of Crowe leaving him poisoned
Valeros strikes the south spider with his long sword barely missing a stalactite and slicing off two of the spider’s legs
The red raven runs up between the pit and spider attacking his team mate and strikes it with his short sword doing 4 damage.
The south spider shoots a web at Valeros sticking him then fails to bite him
The north spider retaliates and then attempts to web Kyra
Kyra runs up to the north spider and slices the head open killing the giant spider
Crowe attempts to free himself but fails twice and his harmed by the poison
The pit spider then attempts to ram the red Ravin off the cliff but fails by 1 the red raven then rolls a Nat 20 to reflex roll on top of the spider and starts riding it like a bucking bronco
Valeros uses his blade to quickly cut himself free runs up to the south spider and slices it across the face leaving it badly injured.
The red raven uses this tern to bash the sides of the giant spider with his feat but does nothing more than enrage the arachnid.
The south spider then attempts to retreat to the back of the path
Suddenly a par of claws tears the south spider apart with an 18 dungeon knowledge Valeros realises this is a brown bear.

To the north a giant bat turns around the corner taking a bite of the spider corpse and seeing Kyra attempts to take a bite from her but rolling a 1 instead smashes its face into her Symitar
Kyra then attempts to strike the bat doing a nasty gash to its neck that although didn’t kill it will be the end of the bat even if it escapes.
Red raven and Crowe roll perception checks to hear something on the other side of the wall digging
Crowe final manages to free himself from the web and with a mighty roar shakes off the poison with a Nat 20 con roll
The pit spider manages to shake the red raven off but fail to bite him
Valeros knowing there is a bear around the corner rather than leaving it alone to enjoy a spider meal runs down the corridor jumps off the wall with the intent to shove his blade down the bears through instead bounces off the bears belly and lands prone.
The red raven ends the pit spider with two Crit full round attacks
The bear then claw attack grapples Valeros and bites his head doing 34 damage.
The giant bat takes a final strike at Kyra again only to Nat 1 and once again smash its head into her Symitar killing it.
Kyra then advances down the cavern spotting with a Nat 1+7 knowledge religion check a devil she slowly backs away, but the devil has seen her.
Suddenly Crowe and raven see a wall smash open and what can only be described as demon Santa pops out with a knowledge 22 arcana Crowe recognised this a red beard devil deformed with a white tendril beard claws and a twisted smile with teeth jotting out in all directions
Crow swings his hammer and with a 19 strikes the demon Santa in the face but with a 1 damage it only makes the Santa laugh ho ho ho
Valeros asks if he can tickle the bear to free himself so I allow it with a Dex bonus he rolled a Nat 20 + 3 the bear drops him, and he lands prone he then grabs his sword and attempts to castrate the bear only to find it doesn’t have anything down there he then rolls away as fast as he can
Red Ravin attempts to stab the Santa in the face but rolls low so the Santa grabs the sword in with his teeth
The bear walks out the corridor followed by a larger dire bear male who seems to be its mate
Kyra retreating from the unidentified demon find Valeros and the two bears rolls handle animal and gets hers and Valeros to toss their food in the corner by the bears with a modified 20 I allowed that to distract and pacify the bears who were just annoyed and a little hungry from being woken up during hibernation she then casts cure moderate wounds on Valeros
The other devil walks down the hall following Kyra who now she has had a better look knows it as a bone devil, but it turns invisible.
Santa attacks Crowe and takes him down to -2 then attempts to reds sword with his mouth but it slips from between his teeth denting the sword but not breaking it
Crowe fails his first saving throw
Red strikes Santa with his sword but bounces off
Valeros charges at the Santa and his sword does nothing
The bears wander off with the spoils of war
Kyra throws her holy water at the spot where the bone demon was with Nat 20 does 3 damage and makes smoke where it is then attempts to strike it with her Symitar but fails
The demon the attacks her for 18 damage
Santa then Attacks red and Valeros
Crowe rolls his saving though and stabilises but is still unconscious
Red attacks Santa but fails
That is how the session ended we ran out of time we are doing two-hour sessions.

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This week’s practise session is narrative based each player has chosen what class they like “Bruce” like the Slayers and “Cathleen” is a druid.

Session -1

The two Adventures have been given an alias by their employer and enter his estate through the kitchen with the door getting heavily bolted after them. They are led by an assistant to their employer’s office.
Two adventures have been hired by a military major who prefers to be called Mr Quinn despite his Nobel title.
“Bruce” is a human slayer with the alias Mr john sprit is pretending to be the son of an alcohol merchant of the Aberystwyth trading association and “Cathleen” is a druid gnome miss Margret fleet pretending to be the daughter of two rich gnomes however she doesn’t know the family business.

The initial meeting with Mr Quinn showed that he disliked having outside people in on his operation of which Mr sprit repeatedly making snide comments. Annoyed by this Mr Quinn made it clear that their job was to keep the diplomats safe and prevent any incidents then kicked them out the office.
In Mr Quinn’s waiting room Mr Quinn’s assistant reminds them that the two diplomats are both elves and that one has brought there husband along. Margret points out that Mr Quinn probably had more information and suggests that Mr Sprit go on ahead and she would join him later.
Margret firstly apologises to Mr Quinn for her partners behaviour, assures Mr Quinn that she will be professional and asks if he had any further information. Mr Quinn informs Margret that someone has been trying to bribe his staff to give out information and plans about his estate and party. At first, he thought his son had been trying to set something up in secret but ruled that out quickly. His staff are loyal because he both treats and pays his staff well and has a policy that if someone tries to bribe or threaten them accept the money then to inform him for a further plan. Because of this policy he has managed to leak false information and has left his agents in key positions. He does have more information, but he doesn’t think it will be relevant to her job. Oh, and one last thing he would not hold her partners actions against her.

Mr sprit enters the room
Roll perception 13 (A1)
he sees an old lady speaking with a youngish middle-aged elf who has the faint whiff of bleach and a fully stocked bar with a tired drunk middle-aged man at it.
To the bar he slides up to the drunk proclaims
“get me and this man a drink in my tab”
“It’s an open bar sir its free”
“Then make it the good s#!t”
He then asks the drunk what he does the man introduces himself as Ezra stuttering all the way though he starts explaining that he is an inventor that works for Mr Quinn and three words before I would let him make a sense motive check Mr Sprits tells Ezra to “shut up and have another drink”.
“Seen anything interesting”
“only the knife ears”
Mr sprits then shares his cover story and claims that if Ezra hands over a couple silver, he could get him some good stuff the next day. (Good Boy)
Roll Bluff 4. (Not So Good Boy)
Ezra rolls an 18 and sees through the bluff “the good stuff would cost a few platinum who are you really.”
Mr sprits panics and tells the barman to give the drunk another drink on his tab and walks off
“It’s an open bar sir its free”
“Then make it a double”

Margret enters the room.
Roll perception 12 (A2)
Overhears the elf diplomat complementing the old lady
Margret talks with Mr Sprit tells him what she has learned and overheard when she tells him about the elf and the old lady.
“Maybe she’s his mother.”
“No, he is a full elf if she was, he would be half.”
“They’re probably banging” (B1)
Margret stays so she can talk to the two diplomats

Mr sprits goes to the main room.
Roll perception 8 (A3)
Roll for everyone in the room
Mr sprits sees two groups one contains an elf woman in a militaristic suit an orc or half-orc woman in a notably armoured dress and a human man. The other group is just two men a large muscular man in finery and a lean man in military garb.
The large muscular man jumps and voice “what was that…” sense motive 8 “someone must have dropped something”.
I don’t trust that big guy.
Roll knowledge local Nat 20.
You recognise that man he was in a portrait in Mr Quinn’s office oh that’s his son you’ve heard a lot about him in passing they say he is a really good guy who treats people with respect he has help a lot of people like a this time where he chased down a woman’s horse that got spooked or that time he helped that person getting attacked by a wolf or that time he scared off that lesser noble who was trying to take advantage of people.
Mr sprits walks up to the group of three and says alright lady’s how you doing. (Joey Tribbiani would be proud)
The human man jokingly says “I’m alright lad but I’m no lady”
Mr sprits “I wasn’t talking to you”
Elf Ambassador “go away”
Mr sprits under his breath insults the human man and his collar is grabbed by the elf woman “what did you just say to me you piece of s#!t”
Mr sprits panicking “I wasn’t talking about you I meant him”
Elf Ambassador “so you were insulting my husband”
Mr sprits “yes sorry?” roll diplomacy 14 (A4)
I let it land she throws him to the ground doing 6 points non-lethal damage and gestures to the group to move away.
Congratulation you both started and diffused an international incident.

Back with Margret
Roll perception 3 (A5)
You can’t quite make out what they’re saying.
so, she walks up to them and introduces herself
Margret talks to the diplomat couple she introduces herself politely and asks the two about themselves
Both were diplomats who partially drew up the original peace terms 60 years ago
Margret doesn’t trust them and rolls sense motive 18
There both humouring you they are more interested in talking to each other when she was 20 and he was 60 they were both about the same physical age and he aged slower than her.
Margret then politely excuses herself.

Back with Mr Sprits
Roll perception 11 (A6)
Mr Quin’s son is walking up to you
Avilin Quinn offers to help him up
the two-start taking
Mr Sprits introduces himself
“I’m Avilin Mr Quinn is my dad and this is Charles he’s a war hero.”
“I don like being called that.”
Mr sprits gets on really well with the two and finds that on a personal level Mr Quinn and his son have been drifting apart since his mom died in an accident eight years ago and now, they are very different people Avilin is a light-hearted guy and Mr Quinn is more high strung. Charles is the son of a family friend whose dad died when he was young, he is considered a war hero because during the resent international scuffle his unit got cornered and he managed to escape trap the much larger pursuing force in a cave without loss of life to either side.
Avilin “ha my dad must hate you because I like you a lot”
Mr sprit “oh the two of you don’t get along”
Avilin “no we get on fine we just don’t like the same kind of people”
Roll sense motive 16
The two of them get on fine they both love and respect one another, and they have the same moral core of respecting people and trying to help people they are just different people.
Avilin “anyway I need to make nice with the knife ears”
Mr sprits “are you allowed to call them that”
Avilin “they call us pig fu##ers so I think its fair game”

Mr sprits goes back to the other room
Roll perception 3 (A7)
Margret talks to Mr Sprit they decide to contact Mr Quinn for an update.

Margret goes on ahead.
In the hallway I have her roll perception 18 (where were you when we needed you)
She sees the door at the end of the hall is ajar she decides to investigate.
In the room she sees an open window and Mr Quinn’s assistant lying down.
“Is she alive?”
Roll medical 14
No, her throat has been slit and her eyes have been gouged out
Roll local knowledge 8
You know that there are assassins that do this, but you don’t know who they are.

Margret then goes and informs Mr sprits they get the barman’s attention and have him move all guests into the main room and get the guards.
A few minutes later the barman returns with two guards.
Mr sprits decides that all the guests should leave three guests decide they will stay
Avilin “this is my home I’m not leaving”
Charles “I’m staying here tonight so I will wait”
The female ambassador “This is unacceptable I don’t know what’s going on, but I plan to find out”
The rest of the guests leave. (A8)
The bar man is told to stay in the main room and keep an eye on the guests that remained

Margret takes the two and Mr Sprits to the body
One guard goes to inform Mr Quinn but returns panicked and tells them both Mr Quinn is dead.
Mr sprits goes and investigates the room he investigates the body
It has a deep knife wound in his shoulder on the back, a slash across his face, throat and his eyes gouged out.
Roll local 18
The eyes being gouged out is the calling card of the dead eyed guild they mostly do thievery but also do assassinations.
Roll perception 14
One of the documents is missing from the table but you don’t know which document.
Margret talks to the head of staff the chef Mr Biggs a large muscular orc who she tells to get all the staff together.

Mr sprits goes and gets Avilin Quinn
Before they go in Mr Sprits breaks it to Avilin that Mr Quinn is dead
Avilin starts tearing up
Mr sprits gets annoyed “get your act together man”
I roll con for Avilin Nat 1
Avilin balls like a baby
“ah **** that’s his dad”
“listen man now not the time to be upset get angry we need to catch the guy who did this”
With his persuasion vs invert con save Avilin calms down and starts saying (and so begins Avilin’s turn to the darkside)
“I going to kill that knife ear it must have been them”
Mr sprits “we don’t know that we do know it’s the dead eyed guild, but it could have been anyone who hired them just help me with this and we can find them can you tell me what’s missing”
Avilin roll int 19
“yes, there is a missing trade rout agreement it’s not really important but it’s the only thing I can think of that’s not here.”

Mr sprits and Margret meet up and share notes and start to go to the main room
Mr Biggs comes out the main room and approaches them.
Mr Biggs “I’ve rounded up all the staff however he hasn’t been able to find miss an Mr Quinn’s assistant or”
Mr sprits “shut up and get in the room”
Mr Biggs “ok sir but”
Mr sprits “Shut Up and Get in The Room”

Mr Sprits “who should we talk to first?”
Margret “The chief?”
Mr Sprits “Ok I’ll call him. OI GET BACK IN HERE BIGGS.”

They decide to bring out Mr Biggs to the bar room for his interrogation.
Mr Sprits “I’m getting a drink”
Mr Biggs “the door to the bar is through the hallway”
Mr sprits: I jump over the bar
Roll acrobatics 17
He backflips over the bar
Mr Biggs applauds
Mr sprits “where have you been tonight”
Mr Biggs “in the kitchen”
Margret “can anyone collaborate your story”
Mr Biggs “you both went past me and miss daisy was in and out the room all night”
Margret “who is daisy”
Mr Biggs “she is one of the new hires a maid I kept trying to tell you she is one of the people who I couldn’t find”
Mr Sprits “I’m going to check the kitchen”
Investigate kitchen roll perception 16
The back door is locked and boulted it would take a few minutes to open and close. There is also a turducken.
Mr Sprits “I’m taking that food”
Margret “how did you get your position”
Mr Biggs “I was the army cook I did good food with bad rations Mr Quinn appetited my work and hired me”
Margret “did you have any issues with Mr Quinn”
Mr Biggs “no he was an amazing boss he always treated me with respect and any time I had any money issues he sorted it for me. I couldn’t have had a better boss heck I don’t think any-one else in Alamar would hire an orc as a cook… oh **** I’m out of a job”
Mr Sprits walks in the room “this food is amazing”
Mr Biggs “yea I used ground garlic as a baste”
Mr Sprits “did you mix it with butter?”
Mr Biggs “ahh the last meal I was going to make him an I phoned it in. I’m a failure of a cook”
After Mr Biggs has a little breakdown, they then send him out and ask him to send in the barman

Mr keeps” Mr Biggs said you wanted me”
Margret “what have you been doing all night”
Mr keeps “I’ve been standing behind the bar until you informed me of the unpleasantness”
Mr Sprits “can anyone calibrate with that?”
Mr keeps “you and the drunk inventor”
Margret “did you have any issues with Mr Quinn”
Mr keeps “no he was a good boss and he paid me really well”
Mr Sprits “ok can you send in that elf b!tc#”

In the main room
Mr keeps “excuse me mam you have been requested in the main room”
Ambassador “He called me a b!tc# didn’t he”
Mr keeps “yes mam”

The ambassador goes into the bar.
Ambassador “ok what’s going on”
Margert “Mr Quinn has been assassinated”
Ambassador “has anything been taken”
Mr Sprits “a document”
Ambassador “take me to his office now I need to identify what documents are missing”

Mr Sprits takes her to the office
Ambassador “it seems that only the trade root document is missing”
The ambassador picks up a document and reads it when she finishes then attempts to pocket it Mr sprits tells her to pass it to him, she agrees they then return to the bar room.
Ambassador “I’m taking over this investigation”
Mr Sprits “No you’re not”
Ambassador “yes I am you two are two incompetent for this”
Mr sprits goes to headbutt the ambassador but rolls poorly and the Ambassador rolls well, so she moves out the way and leaves her fist right behind so that Mr sprits smashes his nose into her fist for 12 points of non-lethal damage.

Margret then kicks Mr sprits out of the interrogation
Ambassador “see this is all the proof I need I”
Margret “you have no jurisdiction here and you’re a suspect”
Ambassador “Fine”
Margret “where were you all night”
Ambassador “in the main hall”
Margret “did you have any problems with Mr Quinn”
Ambassador “yes we were adversary’s on opposite sides of the war, but I respected his talent as a major he deserved to die on the battlefield not by a cowered in his office.”
Margret “I see can you please send in Charles” (B2)

Mr sprit decides to Investigate outside he rolls a perception check and sees someone at the edge of a nearby cliff.
Margret starts Interrogating Charles
Margret “where were you all night”
Charles “I’ve been in the main room with Avilin”
Margret “did you have any problems with Mr Quinn”
Charles “No he helped me a lot after my farther died without him I might not have entered the military. He was a good man”
Margret “ok thank you keep an eye on Avilin he needs a friend right now”

Mr sprits Finds the body of miss daisy throat slit and eyes gouged out

I rolled dice for this section and moved some pieces around the board, but It was all unnoticed
A1 the maid enters the spire to lower a rope ladder and the assassin climes the rope ladder
A2 the assassin enters Mr Quinn’s office
A3 the assassin makes a sneak attack on Mr Quinn stabbing him in the back but fails to kill him in one strike.
A4 Mr Quinn attacks the assassin but fails the ac. the assassin strikes Mr Quinn in the face.
A5 Mr Quinn attacks the assassin but fails the ac again. The assassin slits Mr Quinn’s throat then removes his eyes and grabs the trade root document.
A6 the assassin sneaks out but is spotted by miss Ann and kills her and moves the body. Then removes her eyes.
A7 the assassin removes the rope ladder and climes down the wall
A8 miss daisy walks out the front door with the guest’s token and all.

B1 dam you now I have to roll for that.
B2 the elf diplomat rolled a 2 and broke the old lady’s hip during intercourse.

The inventor got pissed because Mr Quinn shut down one of his projects then contacts the dead eyed guild. He then paid them in platinum and knowledge as the trade root documents can be used to buy property on this new trade root on the cheap then sell it for a fortune. On the night the inventor is so panicked that he hasn’t slept for nights and gets pissed. The PC then tells him to shut up before he has a chance to do exposition.

Avilin Quinn starts a crusade to destroy the dead eyed guild and other criminal organisations. Thanks to there new-found fortune though the dead eyed guild survives. The elven country puts in new legislation limiting adventurer integration on government work. The inventor tries to sell his technology to another organisation but gets sued by Avilin Quinn. Thanks to Charles friendship and support Avilin is prevented from falling to the darkside but goes close at some points.

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Session Zer0

For this session we played a modified version of the stolen century for character building from TAZ Rules bellow.

They players were given point buy 15 and needed to give a character name.
The Stolen Century rules (as gathered from ep. 60 of The Adventure Zone) for personal play, testing, and modification.
The Stolen Century 0.1st Ed. by Forbes' 30 Under 30 Media Luminary Griffin McElroy.

The Stolen Century relies on cooperative world building and improv, and is short on rules, requiring only d6 dice and 3 stats:
1. Body (used for fighting/physical activity) (Str/Con)
2. Mind (used for mental endeavours and magic) (Int/Wis)
3. Heart (used for interpersonal matters) (Dex/Cha)
The players have 4 stat points to put into their stats with no stat exceeding 3 points.
In the main game these become the equivalent ability modifiers for the respective stats

There are 8-20 rounds starting with round 0 each round consists a period of time predetermined by the DM.
Each player rolls 2d6 highest to lowest roller states their intention for the round this can be research, exploration, training, socialising, searching for the McGuffin or any other goal.
The DM dictate the results, rolls required and rewards of their actions.
The result of these actions requires rolling 2d6 on success the players are rewarded with 1 Experience, Bond and or Assets.
At the dm’s discretion a player can be awarded special rewards to be used for the main game such as specific feats or skill points related to there actions during a round.
At the end of the round if the players have retrieved the McGuffin they gain 1 Experience else they lose 1 Experience.
All players gain 1 Asset to be spent on development at the start of the final round.

Roll checks are rolling 2d6 and adding your relevant stat.
• 1-6 is a failure with consequences dictated by the DM.
• 7-9 is a mixed success where the player's plan succeeds, but has a catch dictated by the DM.
• 10+ is a total success, where results of succeed is dictated by the player.
Players can spend 1 Experience, Bond or Asset to add 1 to there roll result.

The players collect Experience Points which, for them can be spent for transfer over to the main game in some way.
Suggested experience expense:
• Level up - the PCs may simply level up at the cost of 2 Experience per level. (This will require XP tracking)
• Upgrade Stats - the PCs may exchange their Experience for stats or stat buy depending on DM digression.
• Gain a Feat - the PCs may gain a feat at the cost of 2 Experience per feat.
• Skills – the PCs may exchange 1 Experience to gain 5 Skill points.

Assets are collected in-game and during the final round can be used to create Standard Weapons, Armor, or Instruments (magical or musical) with added effects. They can also create accessories with magical properties.
All items must have DM approval.
Players cannot craft two items of the same category these being Weapons, Armor, or Instruments (magical, religious or musical) but can make one of each and as many accessory’s as they can afford.
After development remaining assets are exchanged for 1000gp each.
Items crafted this way have no monetary value.
Suggested Asset expense:
Weapons and Armor magical improvements
Name Effect Number of Effects Cost
Weapon Cost 20 gold or less 1 0 Asset
Armor Cost 100 gold or less 1 0 Asset
Simple Magical Instrument. Wand, Musical instrument, Religious symbol. 1 0 Asset
Accessory First Accessory 1 0 Asser
Accessory Additional Accessory’s 1 +1 Asset
Weapon Cost more than 20 gold 2 1 Asset
Armor Cost more than 100 gold 2 1 Asset
Complex Magical Instrument A Staff, Musical instrument, Holy book. 2 1 Asset
Additonal Effects (Excludes item effect cost)
Enchantment 2 effects 1 Asset
Enchantment 3 effects 3 Asset
Enchantment 4 effects 5 Asset
Weapon or Armour Enchantment (Does not count as effect)
Enchantment +1 1 Asset
Enchantment +2 3 Asset
Enchantment +3 5 Asset
Weapon Effects
Elemental Damage Does an extra 1d6 damage of chosen elemental type. 1 Asset
Vampiric Damage When user rolls a 20 with this weapon on an attack roll, the target takes an extra 3d6 energy drain. The user then gains temporary hit points equal to the damage. 1 Asset
Battle Lust User can make an extra attack with this weapon as a bonus action. 1 Asset
Ethereal Attachment As a bonus action, the user may summon their weapon regardless of where it is. The weapon will vanish from it's current location and reappear in the user's hand. 1 Asset
Armor Effects
Resist Damage Armor offers 5 resistance towards the chosen damage type. 1 Asset
Retribution After taking damage in combat, gain +2 on next attack and damage roll. 1 Asset
Holy Protection Gives user and all friendlies within 10ft of user, advantage on saving throws against attack spells. 1 Asset
Miraculous Health When an enemy's attack roll is exactly equal to the user's AC, the user take no damage, but
instead gains hit points equal to half (rounded down) of what the damage would have been. 1 Asset
Instrument Effects
Mulligan's Blesssing If user misses with an attack spell, they do not lose the spell slot for that spell. 1 Asset
Arcane Assurance Gain advantage on a spell by spending 2 spell slots of the same type as original spell. 1 Asset
Physician's Delight All healing spells done by the user heal for an additional 2d4 1 Asset

Mystical Knowledge
Once a day, the user may cast one spell from another class spell list that that class could cast at the same level. (I.E. druid could cast wizard fireball using a level 3 spell slot) 1 Asset
Accessory Effects
Gambler's Luck User may re-roll any 1s rolled on attack rolls. 1 Asset
Champion's Might Land critical hits on 19 and 20 without confirm. 1 Asset
Death's Gaze The user can tell which (or when) enemies are under 10 hit points 1 Asset
Cat's Graces User gains a +1 bonus to all skill check and saving throw. 1 Asset

Lastly, there are Bonds these unlike the experience and assets are to be used in the main game.
After a player has rolled a d20 the player can spend 1 bond to roll a d10 if the result is lower than their previous bond level then the d20 roll counts as a natural 20.
For narrative purpose these are considered remembering what they have been told by friends in the past.

The group are in an interview room with a military major delivering plot. (who in my head is Idris Elba).
The earvn unity has been at war for the last twenty years with the unknown invaders we have very little information on them. Most of the planetary governments were destroyed during the first wave of the war. The only way they have been able to keep them at bay has been using Navon fuel to create a barrier stopping them from getting to us. however, the world only had a small amount. However, thanks to dimension apporting a technology that had been thought to be a dead end they found a method to get a limitless supply.
Acquisition agents are sent out to parallel dimensions to retrieve the native Navon fuel from that dimension. (think stargate via sliders).

“Due to the sad loss of acquisition unit six we are in need of a new team of acquires.
Congratulates you are the best of the best you have all past your tests to become reclaimers.
Now please introduce yourselves and your proffession.”
Cathleen a biologist who’s in it for the political power also known as vex in “It's not our fault - tales of the guild team that really should have stayed at home”
Wilson Dialaticon, phycologist who will analyse the group without even realising it.
Bruce Robert is a specialist who has been trained as a merc he plans to do any work for the right price and credit.
Special guest star:
Julian Monique esquire, a physicists who was previously in the armed forces, and in 10 years’ time he sees himself not in your job but in your bosses job (juan)

Graham a herbologist who got into plants for the wrong reasons but try’s to be a chill dude.
Nattily an astronomer who has issues asserting herself.

Congratulations you have each passed go out celebrate meet your new team mates with will be your last free night for a long while.
They all go to bar
Julian announces his superiority over everyone there, and gets in a fight with some of the guys who failed the final test he gets a burse, 1 experience and 1 bond with Bruce who came to his rescue while pissed of his tits.
Wilon sits at the bar and enjoys the view, he meets some ladies, 1 girl has a good night and he gets a phone number, 1 experience and 1 asset.
Cathleen goes chatting to guys, get on well but no “luck”, 1 bond and 1 experience
Bruce gets a whisky and belts out karaoke, then joins in fight with Julian but gets a 2 by 4 in the face, 1 experience and 1 bond
Gram hustled at pool getting 1 asset and 1 experience.
Nattily sat in the corner and did some reading 1 experience rolled well on heart so add 1 more experience for being left alone.

The team then gets the lowdown on the missions. They get a ping from where it is when the mission starts and if they retrieve the asset they all get 1 experience. if they touch but don’t retrieve there experience wont change. If they don’t get the asset they lose 1 experience. If they die they get nothing that round but are pulled back to the pod. The time dilation is different so normally only a couple seconds will pass eave side despite the time destination side.
Mission on.

The first place they land is in a desert.
Nattily looks up and starts to panic there Is a spire stretching horizon with an eb of light coming from it and beyond that upside down land the team realise they are on the inside of a dyson shell.
The group start walking in the direction of the Navon signal and see a carriage moving in there direction. The carriage arrives, being pulled by giant geckos and two guards question the group. The younger one is panicked about sand bears and thinks the group are demons from the outerworld. The elder guard tells him in order
1. Shut up.
2. Sand bears only come out at night.
3. Demons and the outerworld don’t exist.
4. Most importantly … shut up.
Bruce gets friendly to geckos while the others explain they are travellers who got lost. The guards offer to give them a lift to town the group graciously accepts.
When the get to town Julian attempts to show off to the townsfolk who come to think he is some sort of clown and thanks to his entertaining self-promotion he gets to know the town well and get 1 experience and 1 bond, everyone gets +1 to interactions rolls.
Bruce starts off by trying to learn about the weaknesses of the towns guards in case things need to get loud. But he gets to know solders, gets a 10 on heart, he starts trading war stories learning how they fight, mostly with blades, gets to try riding a gecko and is given an honorary guard rank. He gets 1 experience, 1 asset a decretive version of blade that they use a kukri and a secret bonus the “combat reflects” feat.
Cathleen goes to tavern she gets a drink and gets info on the town. she finds out that the medical centre for the town is a church. She starts learning at the church and finds out that the fuel is a religious item is a glowing gem in cave. 1 bond and 1 experience.
Wilson tries reverse phycology on guards to swap rolls with them, saying gem is evil, rolls 11, makes them believe its cursed, the guards panic tell the religious authority and the group is given the stone wrapped in a sacred cloth to destroy. Well done get a secret bonus, skill focus bluff, 1 asset 1 experience.
Graham learned about local plants mostly cactus variations, 1 experience, 1 asset.
Nattily works out figuring out how the dyson sphere worked, 1 experience.
The team get back with the fuel and additional experience

The team have a couple days rest then go to next job.
The team arrive but the world seems grey the ocean is still, there isn’t any wind, there aren’t even stars in the sky, the only thing in the sky is a strange moon with a skull pattern facing them.
Wilson goes out first looking around, however he rolls a 3 and falls down a cave he dies and gets nothing.
Nattily study’s the moon and looks for starts. A few hours later the group realise she has died somehow.
Bruce looks for civilisation rolls 11, finds not much, some tattered walls however he finds the first living thing they have seen a tree.
Approaching the tree, it talks in an exhausted manor but excited to the point of tears. The Tree explains that he used to be a druid named treewalker but became a tree to avoid to the end of the world. A group of cultists found liquid that gave them the power to summon the god of entropy Groetus. He begs the group to destroy the liquid any way they can so the plant parts he kept alive might spread to give life back to the world. He bestows Bruce with a fragment of his knowledge and a magic twig Bruce gets 1 asset, 1 experience, and a secret bonus talk to trees language.
Julian goes questing for the liquid he rolls well and finds the tomb he takes the urn the fule is in then absorbs liquid as much fuel as he can. Almost immediately the world looks brighter and more colourful and gains, 1 asset urn and 1 experience.
Bruce flips off moon and has to roll body he feels unwell for a second but pulls through.
Cathleen and Grayham spend time helping plants regrow, get some success, some bacteria starts to grow and the two, get 1 asset SoulBone fragments
The team all get 1 experience for retreating the fuel and Nattily collapse claiming the moon tried to swallow her.
Bruce gets tattoo of treewalker on arm when we get back.

The team all go to next world
They arrive in metrolpoitant city, and the team come to the conclusion that this is a Business orientated place when suddenly everyone stops in the street and starts to prays after a minute they go back to normal.
Julian investigates world, he rolls 12 and finds that in this world, they are heavily religious and have a living active god, he gets 1 asset teck-magic lightning lighter, 1 experience and a secret bonus skill focus local.
Cathleen goes around and looks for artefact she finds it’s in a museum’s storage area and its just considered a weird meteor she rolls 10 and convinces the staff to give it her in its case as its just junk. she gets it, 1 asset bomb resistant case, 1 experience, and the secret bonus skill focus diplomacy.
Bruce agrees with Julian to try and kill god, rolls flat 12, im torn but the dice giveth and the dice taketh away. he sneaks up and slits his throat, gets critical strike feat, and 1 asset gods skull. But there is fallout God grows back and his people go after the group Bruce gets accursed story feat.
Wilson Grayham and Nattily, run successfully, but the rest of the group lose 1 experience, the three get 1 experience and 1 bond.

Bruce Cathleen and Julian are taken before the caught, this legal system has two judges the judge of salvation and the judge of damnation.
Bruce takes his first opportunity to receive all the blame. The judge of damnation orders him be flayed alive.
The Judge of Salvation gives Julian and Cathleen the option to forsake Bruce to receive punishment from him.
Without skipping a beat Julian gives him up, swears to himself and I guess glowing guy as well he had nothing to do with it. Confused by his words about god the judge of salvation deems that Julian must be mentally feeble and has him remanded to a mental health institute.
Cathleen says she’s scientist much to the shocks religious group claiming her farther had her learn the sciences. She is remained to the scientific advancement facility for the criminally unwell.
At the flaying ceremony Bruce vanishes as soon as the blade hits him the people take this as god taking his own vengeance.
The team return to there world and Bruce gets god killer tattoo. The group then go to Dasney land the home of Michael moose together.

Next mission the group arrive in a suburb, like in the sims. The are greeted by a weird talking guy calls tony who asks if they were guests for the demonstration, the group walk off but meet another tony who turns up.
The group realise that the Tony’s are mannequin like robots.
Cathleen, investigates and finds tons of book options she rolls 11 and reads books on biology that the Tony’s pint out of their chests. she finds out about plants she’s never heard of before, gets 1 asset, 1 experience, skill focus knowledge nature.
Greyham try’s examining the plant life only to find that it is plastic 1 experience.
Wilson finds out about the culture the Tony’s have then tries to teach them about counter culture he rolls high and gets a good result to the point that the Tony’s save the style to their databanks he gets 1 bond, 1 experience and the secret skill focus diplomacy.
Bruce asks what the demonstration is, finds out it’s a weapon testing planet luckily they will not be on the planet by the time the world goes boom. The entire planet is covered in tony in the same style buildings. Bruce trys goes to office he has been told about but rolls low and gets lost. Bruce uses the magic branch assets to point him in the correct direction then asks a Tony to take him to it, he finds location of fuel, but finds the Tony’s will go hostile if they steal a rank 5 company property. Bruce gets 1 bond, 1 experience.
Nattily uses the opportunity to gain as much astrophysics knowledge as she can gaining 1 asset and 1 experience
Julian suggest finding asset, then waiting till last second to take. He uses his time to fortify the area with a fort, get 1 asset a lv 3 power core and 1 bond
Weird transition back, the planet buster shockwave made trip took 3 months extra but the team still get 1 experience each.

The Next planet is a jungle
Grayham starts examining the plants but goes missing but not dead.
Nattily gets eaten by plant
Julian searches for where to find the fuel, roll 11 13 total, find out area is on Plato, he see birds in nest and craft glider to get to other side, find asset, skill focus fly, 1 asset glider parts, 1 experience, absorb all the fuel as its concentrated he also takes a bird egg.
Bruce starts talking to trees, asks about riding animals to get over, rolls high finds out from tree its mould can become a dog and the mould dog becomes his friend, 1 experience 1 bond, gets skill focus handle animal.
Cathleen starts research into plants and animals, rolls high finds land shark, gets 1 asset shark scales, 1 experience, 1 bond, learns speak with shark
Wilson wants a jungle toad, gets 11, finds giant Kermit talking frog, gets skill focus handel animal, 1 bond, 1 experience
Bonus round.
Cathleen, Bruce and Wilson have three-way Pokémon fight, Cathleen wins and gets 1 bond
Julian reveals that he has hatched and tamed the bird egg, the second round Julian wins and gets 1 bond.
Julian tries to take pet with him but it shrivels up and dies during the trip and he loses 1 bond.
Greyham reveals that he fell off the plato and got stuck on a ledge.

The next mission starts and the team arrive in a warzone, stuck in no mans land
Cathleen runs for hiding place, gets to a fox hole, 1 experience gain
Julian runs for trench, gets to blue side but captured, 1 experience.
Bruce runs to blue side, tries to stop Julians arrest, find out what’s going on, they believe him but he gets taken away anyway, 1 experience, 1 bond.
Wilson scarifies himself to let us escape, rolls 11, does amazing dance to distract, Julian Bruce and Wilson gets 1 bond, Wilson gets skill focus dance.
We see something coming, roll body, we survive but mist goes down over field.
Julian runs from mist, Bruce checks for injuries, Wilson looks for Cathleen, finds her.
The group get ported back, we they all lose 1 experience as mist was it except for Wilson
Greyham and Nattily start a revolution on both sides forcing peace but fail to get the fuel gaining 2 assets 1 bond and 2 experience even without the fuel.
They get back, take day off,
Next job

The group arrive in a small town, as in the building half size, short people everywhere, village of dobbies.
The locals panic from seeing giant monsters.
Wilson goes exploring in this place and finds interesting tools and tech not seen before, 1 asset and 1 experience
Nattily goes off and finds a book shop but cant read the books 1 asset 1 experiance.
Julian beats up police trying to find asset roll 10, gets 2 experience and secret feat intimidating prowess but everyone gets -1 to interactions.
Greyham goes to the gardening center only to find foul smelling plants but takes samples 1 asset and 1 experience
Cathleen tries to make peace and manages to kind of calm them down, 1 bond, 1 experience.
Bruce finds the Asset is in statue of libertys hand, Bruce wants to blow it up and joury rigs a bomb then, tries to blow it up, they all go boom and everyone gets kicked out
Everyone lose 1 experience they are now the bogymen of that planet.
Next mission

The group land in nice world, but empty,
Systems funny after explosion but doesn’t seem to be a big problem.
Nattily and grayham realise planet is dead or to be more accurate never had live to begin with.
Grayham starts planting seeds and has some minor success a few plants start to bloom. +1 asset and +1 experience. World never had life,
Cathleen goes swimming and sees whats in the water, finds nothing, gets skill focus swim
Wilson explores, rolls poorly, has to give up experience to not die, loses himself in desert, hides in cave with gems, gets 1 asset
Nattily searches for Wilson and finds cave of gems but not Wilson 1 assets and 1 experience.
Julian goes to explore for asset while spreading as much germs as possible to seed life and become god, He finds it up mountain, and goes up but has to spend experience to get up there, he find rare stones, interesting conductor and get 1 asset,
Bruce ties to gather stuff to forge things, starts mining, gets interesting metals, finds gold, silver, odd green and orange metals
The team return and get 1 experience

The next world will have highest time dilation yet, 1 second home, 1000 years there. The recall will happen almost immediately but for them a year and a half will pass. The group arrive and see something in the distance, looks like a fire. Looking closer they see that there is a large building and a lighthouse to the north but that the fuel is directly east from where they are.
They find a monastery, they talk to locals, ask about the fuel.
They are then taken to the master of the enchatariam.
The Master detects the group were not from this area.
The group come to an agree to trade knowledge from there world in exchange for the asset.
Each person gets a trainer, 1 asset each, 1 year to try to make something, for submission
Cathleen makes a ring enchanted with death gaze and a +1 breastplate made from SoulBone enchanted with miraculous health, resist damage fire 5.
Bruce makes a Gamblers luck necklace and a +1 mithril kukri with Battle lust and Aetheral attachment
Wilson makes a gamblers luck ring and a Staff of mulligans blessing x1, mystical knowledge x 2
Julian makes a Crown of gablers luck and an Orichalcum Lance with etherial bond, lighting damage, battle lust
Grayham crafts a dagger a set of dice, a headband and is gifted a bag of coins.
Nattily crafts a belt.
Everyone one passes training there items get the enchantery stamp the fuel and the rank of official enchanter.

Everyone gets back with 1 experaince and 1 bond followed by explosions that apports them again.
Everyone is confused and rolls d20 for perception.
They realise that their suits are broken before collapsing.
Welcome to pathfinder, everyone gains a level.

2018-11-18, 04:08 PM
Session 1

The group started by rolling Constitution.
Bruce rolled highest so he woke first.
He looks around the room and sees a man in nice cloth and a woman with slightly pointed ears saying their goodbyes at the door of the room. He sees that there are three other people in the room’s beds one person with tusks and green skin, a child and Julienne however he looks slightly different. He also sees their bracers clothing and most of their tech damaged on the table.
The things that look undamaged are as follows:
• An orange lance with a grey handle.
• A green dagger with roots decorating the handle.
• A green kukri with a grey handle.
• A semi-transparent light grey breastplate with almost a candle glow.
• An obsidian staff with a silver strip and a jewel eyed skull at the tip.
• A set of semi-transparent dice with runes on them.
• A ring with a cartoon skeleton giving the thumbs up
• A beaded headband with an animals carved into each bead
• A crown with 16 points, each point showing a unique indents containing all variations of ♥,♣,♦,♠ contain one of the letters J,Q,K or A.
• A necklace also containing the symbols ♥,♣,♦,♠ in a North west south east configuration
• A ring also containing the symbols ♥,♣,♦,♠ around the rim of the ring.
• A bag that contains coins.
• A belt with clasps all along its surface.
Roll Constitution Wilson wakes up in the same room seeing someone that looks like Bruce, someone who looks like Julian and a child.
The man in the cloth sees them waking and comes over to talk to them. he explains that he is father zantus and a merchant for the festival brought them to the temporary chapel after finding them west of the pyre.
Roll Constitution
Cathleen wakes up noticing that she is shorter and the farther starts to explain again.
Bruce stops him for a moment and tries to get up he rolls a good constitution goes over to Julian and slaps him.
Roll Constitution
Julian wakes up and try’s to exit his bed rolls poor and lands on his face.
The Farther explains that they were all suffering from a transmutation from his knowledge it was as though someone had cast reincarnation while they were alive. He assumes that the group were adventures that had been attacked by bandits who stole there valuables as all they have are odd items. Sadly two of their friends did not survive the group in unison proclaims “what friends”.

The Farther gives them all second hand clothing and lets them rest and later in the day offers to take them out to the magic shop to see if they can sell any of their gear. However at this time the only places that will be open would be Bottled Solutions and the general store.
The first shop they go to is bottled solutions the first thing out of the shop keeps mouth is “oh an orc magic blood. I didn’t know that they could be magic bloods. No offence.”
The group show N the dice, headband, belt, dagger and coins. N reaches under his desk and pulls out a monocle then he examines the items. He is mostly disinterested as each one has a seal he doesn’t recognise that prevents anyone from using them. When he gets to the bag of coins he stops he lifts up one of the coins. He excitedly rummages for a book under his till holds the coin up and it starts to glow. He offers the group 1000GP for the bag of coins explaining they are an ancient type of currency that can be used for a magical catalyst.
Bruce try’s diplomacy expressing “If there that rare then they are worth a lot more than that to other people” to try and raise the price but N retorts that “yes but I’m the only one near hear who would be willing to buy it.” Bruce rolls high so N offers the group 1000GP and a magic scroll each from the scroll bin. The group accept despite not knowing what a magic scroll is.
Each person gets 250g and the following scrolls:
• Detect poison
• Communal protection from good
• Pass without trace
• Shock shield
Julien buys 2 “Cure Light Wounds” potions for 100GP
The party flush with their new cash goes to General Store.
Julien walks up the man at the desk and demands
Julien “Point me to the armour.”
“We don’t sell armour.”
Julien “Then point me to your weapons.”
“We don’t sell weapons.”
Julien “What? Then what do you sell”
“General supply’s you know bedrolls, blankets, maps, rations, tools I suppose you could get a hammer and spade if you need a weapon badly”
Bruce “What maps you got”
“Let’s see. A basic map of the town I would sell that for a couple copper. A map of the hinterland that’s made by some fancy art student that’s a silver. Oh and I actually have a proper map of verel but that’s gonna cost a gold.”
Bruce “Ile take all three maps do you have anything that can keep my gear clean?”
“Well I do have a Master Work weapon maintenance kit but its expencive its 50g.”
Bruce “Consider it sold.”
Wilson “How much is this First aid Kit”
“ten gold. You can each have a slice of pie for a copper peace if you want”
Everyone gets a slice of pie for 1 copper.

After that the group go back to the temporary chapel along the way they see a sign about the new chapel and Cathleen realises that they can all read it without their translators. The Farther explains that they can stay at the temporary chapel today and tomorrow night but after that the building will be repurposed and
Later that night they have a funeral for others at which Julien proudly proclaims that they died for a noble course so that he could live.

The next morning the Farther treats them to breakfast and expresses that they should try to enjoy the festival.
The festival starts with a speech from the town representatives the mayor expresses her joy of the familiar and new faces. The town head guard tells everyone to stay safe we don’t want to burn down the new chapel this is met with a few uncomfortable chuckles. Then they are informed that one of the key speakers won’t be making an appearance due to illness. Next a vibrant man walks up to start telling the crowd the story of the heroic finance bankers who fought agents the evil trade revenue agreements to make the festival happen. Followed by promotion for his play. Lastly the Farther comes up and tells the story of Delna and the blind child that the swallow tail festival is named after. Following this a carriage releases hundreds of butterfly’s into the air.
The group then decide to partake in the festival games.
The first game is a wrestling competition everyone except Cathleen takes part.
Julian goes into the first round and wins first round by knocking the first guy down when the second match starts however Julian loses his footing and loses second round, he is however rewarded with a Master work Backpack.
Wilson wins first round ducking and dogging until he gets behind his opponent and trips him up. In the second round he does well dogging the attacks ducking left and right but gets close lined and goes down like a light he still wins a master work backpack.
Finally its Bruce’s go he easily wins the first round by piledriving his opponent.
He struggels a little with the second but manages to wins by grabbing the legs and flipping him on his face.
As the third round starts a withered old man steps up to the platform the old man takes a breath in flexes and his muscles pop out like master roshe.
Bruce runs up and grapples him as best he can but the old man lets out a chuckle and repeating what bruce did in the first round does a piledriver slamming Bruce down and out.
The old man however is impressed by Bruce and pulls him aside the old man prays to his god but is then confused.
The old man explains that he requested that his god Irori bless Bruce and although he succeeded Irori told the old man that Bruce had been half cursed by two gods.
“Wait two gods I only killed the one?”
Irori did not say who the gods were that cursed him but to remove the curse he must find a way to make amends with one or both of these gods.
The blessing gave a +1 to strength but he was also rewarded with a masterwork backpack and mule back cords.
While the boys are wrestling Cathleen takes part in Archery-wins her first shot flyes true hitting the edge of the bulls eye the second one doesn’t quite do as well but she is rewarded with master work battle axe.

On the next game the group decide to have a go at the hook a duck.
Wilson goes first and hooks a double ring duck winning familiar looking frog.
Cathleen goes next and hooks the gold ring duck winning a new doggy.
“that’s not a dog that’s a baby bear”
“of course, he’s a dog aren’t you Ozzy”
Roll bluff
“raaroof raaroof”
“see he bark’s like a dog”
Bruce goes next but gets a single ring prize looking through his options he sees a gold fish that is slightly grey.
“is that a shark”
Roll knowledge nature
Shore you think it’s a shark
During the hook a duck Julian enters the jousting competition he wins the first round knocking his opponent off his horse in a single charge. The second round begins his opponent gets a swing in but Julian rides his stead with grace holding his ground he charges at his opponent knocking him off the horse. In the third round Julian and his opponent go at it for numerous rounds until the sun gets in his eyes and Julian gets knocked off the horse. Julian is rewarded with a yak, a masterworks saddle pack, a week of trail rations and a bedroll
Everyone enters an obstacle course Bruce Wilson and Cathleen all finnish the game but only win wooden armour however Julian manages to complete the course in the days new record time wining himself a Breastplate.

The group then come across a raffle box Julian decides he would rather have a go at the archery competition.
Bruce decides that he wants to enter the Gold Raffle and wins a puzzle box won.
Wilson enters the Gold Raffle and wins a packet of novelty marked cards.
Cathleen decided to enter the silver Raffle and wins a packet of fortune cards.
While they are having fun with the raffle Julian is doing well at the archery competition he manages to get a bulls eye with one shot but gets just outside the bullseye with the second rewarding him with a plus one weapon
At this point the group are getting hungry so they all stop for lunch Bruce and Julian go to the White Dear’s stall to eat peppercorn venison gaining a temp plus one dex until the end of the day.
Wilson gets some vegetable stew from one of the Pillbug’s Pantry stall plus one charisma until the end of the day.
Cathleen gets meat on a stick from the Sandpoint Meat Market stall gaining plus one wisdom until the end of the day.
After lunch everyone wants to try out the siege weapon competition
Julien takes his time a-lines his shot and strikes the wall knocking part of it down winning him an oddly sized pair of the eyes of an eagle and a pair of binoculars.
Bruce has a good go aims his shot and strikes the door of the wall ripping it open and winning him a rogues kit, master work thieves tool and binoculars.
Cathleen has a go but missies the wall however she wins a pair of binoculars.
Wilson then takes a go but can’t work out how to fire it so he wins nothing.

The group then walks up to the fayglass stand the proprietor then expresses his gladness to see them all ok followed by confusion about the location of there other friends.
This confuses the group who ask how he knows them.
The man introduces himself as Thaddeus McLean a representative of the Magnimar Fayglass academe he found them east of the pyre on his way to sandport so due to his own misfortune at the hands of bandits as a younger man he decided to help them.
Julian then accuses Thaddeus of being involved in there robbery (That did not happen) before the rest of the group tell hims to shut up.
Thaddeus then tells the group how to play the fay glass toss. Over arm (strength) or under arm (dex).
Fayglass is a magic glass that repairs itself back to its container when damaged he is actualy in town to try and convince Lonjiku Kaijitsu to start producing and selling it at his glassworks but as he didn’t show up today he will just have to try and set up an official meeting.
1 copper for a small fayglass throwing bag. 1 silver for a medium fayglass throwing bag and 1 gold for a large fayglass throwing bag.
Julien goes first with a gold bag over arm he throws well and the bag takes little damage each time he manages to wins second place prize a fay glass Lifesize gnome and pedestal.
Bruce goes next at the gold bag he does ok with over arm throw and wins a bag with a fay glass crystal ball which he wants to use as a cannon ball.
Wilson goes next at the Gold bag he doesn’t do as well but still wins a bag of fay glass marbles.
Cathleen goes next at the silver she wins a pouch and a single fay glass marble.
The group then have a second go at the fayglass game.
Julien has another go with the gold and this time and wins a bag with a fay glass crystal ball.
Wilson has another go at the gold he does much better wining the second place price but starts asking the proprietor about if fayglass can be used to make weapons.
Roll diplomacy nat 20
Thaddeus explains that they can and it would be magic but it would be brittle and break as soon as it is used then need time to reform. Wilson explains that he wants it so he receives a +3 fay glass dagger and hilt as his prize.
Bruce has another go at the gold fay glass toss he wins another fay glass crystal ball.
Cathleen decides that she is going for the gold she throws true and wins the grand prize a certificate for free fay glass making lessons at the Magnimar Fayglass academe.

They walk off and have a go at guess the beans
Cathleen goes first and guesses correctly the number weight and type of beans winning a rank 1 bag of holding.
The teenager in charge of this both puts his book down and swaps out the jar of beans then goes back to his book.
Wilson goes next but fails his guess he goes again and wins a silk rope.
Julien goes next and guesses the weight of the beans winning a cloak of resistance.
Bruce goes up guessing the number of beans he wins a platinum figurine of a dragon.

Up on stage farther Zantus starts to prepare for a speech then strikes his thunder stone.
Roll perception
All pass
The group see something moving in the shadows and a dog yelps out in pain before dying as Goblins appear all around them.
The goblins chant a song proclaiming that they be goblins you be food.
The goblins start smashing things and stomping on fruit as the one who killed the dog starts licking the blood off his dog slicer and accidentally slitting his own tongue. The group knoteses that the goblins are branded with numbers.
Bruce charges at a goblin that had been branded 24 he misses (nat 1) and his weapon flies out of his hand he uses aethereal attachment to bring it back. The goblin then mocks the stupid longshanks who cant hold a sword.
Cathleen moves to the goblin branded 14 she attacks goblin 14 on the diagonal but misses.
Goblin 24 takes his dog slicer and attacks the stupid longshank hitting him for 2 pts of damage.
Goblin 14 then attacks the halfshanks Cathleen but his blade bounces off her Soulbone plate.
Wilson runs up the goblin 12 who is enjoying smashing fruit with his feet and uses ray of frost hitting the goblin for 3pts of damage freezing the fruit to his feet.
Julien charges at Goblin 12 and rams his lance through the ribcage of goblin 12 before shocking the corpse and flinging it at the stage doing 21pts damage and killing it.
Bruce attacks goblin 24 who has been pissing him off he just misses the goblin. But he attacks again
“ha ha stupid long shanks cant hit me ha ha stupid long shanks” and then has his throat slit doing 8 pts damage killing Goblin 24.
Cathleen then attacks Goblin 14 with her battle axe hitting him in the foot doing 3pts damage.
Goblin 14 angrily swings at the half shanks but with a nat 1 smashes blade on the floor braking it leaving the goblin confused for a second before it realises and feels depressed.
Ozzy the Bear uses bite on goblin 14 but (nat 1) misses and accidently bites Cathleen for 6pts damage then uses puppy dog eyes and whimpers at Cathleen as it realised what its done.
Wilson then uses ray of frost on goblin 14 hitting it for 3pts damage as the back of its head freezes over it falls down dead.

2018-11-18, 04:15 PM
Session 2
First and foremost, the group decided to call the story CRAZY EPIC STORY TIME.
I preferred the righteous reincarnated but then we have the problem that no one in the game is righteous.
This week we are joined by a guest character who may join the group but may not this week he is playing as NPC Farther Zantus.

The story timers just finished taking down a small group of goblins who had killed a dog and smashed a fruit stand.
Off to the new chapel Farther Zantus is attempting to shew off some goblins who are attempting to set fire to it. He took a swing at the goblin branded with a 17 over the head with his holy book and crit killed it.
Bruce charges in at goblin 13 due to Julian’s abilities he adds +1 to attack and damage with this he slices the goblin in half dropping it but getting the others attention.
At this Goblin 15 goes in and swings his dog slicer at Bruce just piercing his skin he takes 1 damage.
Ozzy the Bear moves in next to Bruce but the narrow passage between the chaple and meat stand is blocked off by Farther Zantus and Bruce so he can’t do anything other than snarl at the goblins.
Cathleen moves next to the meat stand but can’t get round to any of the goblins.
Farther Zantus attacks Goblin 15 with his holy book but misses.
Goblin 20 steps forward and attacks Farther Zantus but instead strikes his book.
Goblin 16 steps out but this Goblin looks different better armored and with better weapons this is the Goblin Smasher
“Why smasher and not slasher.”
“His Dog slicers are sturdy(masterwork) and seem to be pretty blunt so they smash more than slice.”
The Goblin Smasher strikes at Cathleen with his dog slicer hitting her in the ribs and she takes 5pts of damage she is now bleeding out.
Julian moves to Goblin 16 but can’t get a hit in without killing Cathleen.
Bruce swings his kukri down on goblin 15 shoving it into his heart killing it.
Ozzy Ozzbear seeing his new master go down does what all bears who think they are a dog would do in the circumstance he charges at the Goblin smasher and bites down on him doing 5 damage.
Farther Zantus seeing Cathleen is down goes to help her but is struck in the back by Goblin 20 taking 2 damage.
Farther Zantus uses “cure light wounds” giving Cathleen 9 health.
Dialaticon shoots ice at Goblin 20 hits and does 3 damages.
Goblin 20 attacks Bruce and hits he takes 4pts of damage.
Goblin 16 attacks Cathleen, Julian attempts to intercept strike but Goblin 16 doges and misses Cathleen.
Julien strike goblin 16 with a crit and activates his electrics burst goblin 16 doing a total 38 damage. Cathleen and Ozzy also takes 3 damage from the burst.
Bruce attacks goblin 20 slitting his throat.
After a moment Goblin 8 jumps off a roof but lands into a barrel of water.
Farther Zantus casts “channel energy” healing 8 points to everyone including the drowning goblin.
The goblin keeps failing to escape the barrel and eventually drowns.

The group have a moment to breath before hearing a smashing sound and laughter.
The group ignore it for a little while as Bruce and Julien are in a “no im the best” argument before they all hear a boom from around the corner.
Bruce “whoever kills the most wins”
Julien “then may the better man me win”
Running over towards the sound Bruce sees a group of goblins and a large fire burning in the centre of the plaza and goblins having the time of their lives repeated smashing the reforming fayglass.
Bruce throws his Kukri at the Goblin branded 25 he hits it and slices the goblins chest open killing it.
A Goblin Branded with a 2 the warchanter casts hideous laughter on Bruce who collapses on the floor into laughter.
Ozzy Ozzbear rolls for perception he knows that goblins are green informing the group that bears are not colour-blind.
Cathleen walks into range.
Farther Zantus moves 40ft toward fire.
Dialaticon moved closer to goblins
Goblin 10 attacks the collapsed Bruce in the side with his dogslicer doing 5pts damage.
Julian chuckeling to himself at Bruces misfortune charges at Goblin 10 trampling Bruce along the way. (Bruce will remember that) goblin 10 take 17 damage being impaled by the lance twitching while he dies.
Goblin 29 stabs at Dialaticon who takes 4 pts damage.
Bruce is still on his ass laughing hysterically while grasping his stab wound. (talk about side splitting)
Goblin 2 pulls out a short bow and aims at Julian it hits doing 3 points of damage.
Ozzy Ozzbear attacks Goblin 2 but misses his first attack his second attack is nat 20 doing 5 damage
Cathleen charges in at Goblin 2 with her axe but misses.
A new Goblin branded with a 5 walks into the area and throws a Molotov cocktail at Dialaticon but pulls to much to the left and hits goblin 29 for 8 pts damage incinerates goblin 29.
Goblin 29 dies
Farther Zantus casts “create water” and takes out most fire.
Dialaticon uses “ray of frost” to get rid of more of the fire
Julian attacks goblin 2 with a full round attack which thanks to the battle lust allows for a third attack but he misses even getting 1 crit miss however thanks to the Gamblers Crown he gets to roll again but still misses.
Bruce finally gets himself together and gets out of hysterical laughter he stands up and throws his fay glass orb at Goblin 2 and thanks to a nat 1 hits Ozzy for 5 pts damage and the fayglass dust blinds Cathleen.
Goblin 2 Julian attempts attack of opportunity but misses however ozzy gets an attack of opportunity and hits 6 damage.
From goblin 2’s pov she aims her bow doges a lance and has moved her head into the open mouth of a bear before getting it bitted clean off.
Ozzy makes a double move toward Goblin 5
Cathleen grabs the edge of stall to stabilise herself.
Goblin 5 attempts to flee but Ozzy gets an attack of opportunity however with a nat 1 bites his own tongue for 7 pts damage.
Goblin 5 runs away successfully flees.
Dialaticon uses ray of frost to put out the fire.
Farther Zantus heal casts “channel energy” to give back 7pts to everyone.
The group chase after Goblin 5.

Down the alley they see a man in finery hiding behind his dog while being attacked by a goblin branded with a 1 the goblin commander who is riding a goblin dog and three goblins with dogslicers.
The goblin commander swings down his horse chopper slaying the dog to the cheers of his minions.
The man runs over to the group begging them to help him
Julian calls out the goblin commander to a 1v1 fight to the death unless he is a coward.
The Goblin Commander accepts ordering his minions to watch and riding his goblin dog charge attacks Julien but uses his lance to deflect the attack.
The Goblin Dog tries to snap at Julian but he is to fast on his feet and doges.
Julien steps back then attacks the dog and hits for 17 damage stabbing his lance right through eye and into brain killing it.
The Goblin Commander falls forward off his now dead steed but stands up again thrusts his horse slicer at Julien who deflects it again.
Julien pulls back again then attacks the Goblin Commander, but he misses.
Goblin Commander moves forwards to attack but misses.
The goblin commander continued at this stalemate for a while each striking and deflecting Julien retreating and the commander advancing.
Eventually the Goblin Commander attacks Julian and hits with 8 damage.
Julian attacks the Goblin Commander and hits with 15 pts of damage.
The Goblin Commander misses again.
Julian attacks the Goblin Commander again and hits with 21 damage the Goblin Commander is impaled with the lance and dies.
Shocked at the site of the Commander being killed Goblin 27 charges at julian dodging his lance and hitting him for three points damage bringing him down to 1 hp.
Kermit the frog gives everyone a Croke for morale support. (doing nothing)
Goblin 6 charge attacks Julien but his attack of opportunity does 18 pts damage.
Bruce charges in at Goblin 27 and hits 9 damage killing goblin 27.
Goblin 21 pulls out short bow aims true lunching an arrow at Julien who collapses and is now bleeding out excited by his victory Goblin 21 runs away.
Farther Zantus heals everyone as the man they saved gushes at there heroic actions in saving him from the goblins. While Bruce contemplates killing him and taking his stuff. The man thanks them again telling them to find him and the rusty dragon for their reward before running off.
Because im a nice guy everyone gets 2X XP from the 1v1.

The group go back to the centre of town Bruce notices the old man he had been fighting earlier buffed out carrying 3 of goblins over to a circle of guards
They explain that they have been fighting off the goblins all over town but most of the guards were stopping the group at the main gate.
Bruce keeps “requesting” that the guards let him kill the goblins. The guards keep telling him no and that they appetite what they have done but they plan to interrogate the goblins and it would be illegal to kill then without trial.
The group confuse and trick a goblin into admitting a long shank was in charge then Julien electrocutes the prisoner goblin knocking him out.
The guards are annoyed by this as that was the only one who spoke comment.
Bruce beats one of the prisoners and gets told off.
Bruce then stares at one of the goblins who spits at him. Bruce spits at the goblin this happens a couple of times before they both not at each other forming a strange bromance. The goblin turns to his friend and in goblin says “that was wierd”.
The group do a final count.
Julian had killed 4 goblins
Dialaticon had killed 3 goblins
Cathleen had killed 3 goblins
Bruce had killed 2 goblins

At this point a woman runs out in red armour with a sword at her hip
“where are the goblin.”
“Dead ran or arrested where were you?”
“I was busy protecting people at the rusty dragon.”
The group talk with the woman who explains that she is AMEIKO KAIJITSU owner of the rusty dragon. The group explains that they took down a bunch of goblins Ameiko suggests that they take the goblin ears to the stable as the owner will buy them. She also states that although her inn is fully booked tonight the group can have a couple free rooms for a week and a half starting tomorrow.
The group all decide to grab the ears and equipment from the goblins they killed as well as the goblin dogs head.
The group all go to the Goblin Squash Stables the owner Daviren Hosk was hammering goblin parts to the wall and carving the names bellow them. Julien asks Daviren if he can store his yak here but Bruce and Julian get in another argument Daviren tells them to take it outside they agree.
Julien attacks first striking Bruce for 4 damage.
Bruce headbutts Julian for 8 damage knocking him out
Farther Zantus casts cure moderate wounds on Julian and heals 9 damage
Julien speaks to Daviren who is laughing his ass off. Julien them sells the goblin ears and goblin dog head to Daviren for 20 gold however he is disappointed that they don’t know the names.
Julien pocket the gold and his yack can stay for a week for free.
Everyone goes to the old chapel and goes to sleeps.
Section one complete.

2018-11-25, 11:40 AM
Session 3 (2.5)
This week we were a couple people down, so we did a one shot I had put together I count this as in universe however the players had enough fun that we may make a non-cannon continuation.

This week our players are
Julien-(Jaune)-Goblin Commander (1)-Papi
Cathleen-(Vex)-Goblin War Chanter (2)-Scampi
Bruce-Goblin Smasher (16)-also known as Gunter ze Germanic Goblin

The group have all been branded for the awesome raid.
They were told it was so that they know who does what but really, it’s just to see what goblins died along the way.
Gunter is in the nursery looking at the caged goblin baby’s reminiscing about getting to eat meat without having to work and the time that he bit off an elder goblins finder when he got too close to the cage. Looking at his new brand he gets annoyed that he is branded with a 16 and not a good number like 3 or 9. Be he reassures himself that he is the best goblin other than the campions he has the best dog slicers and good armour made from half a human’s leather armour.
In the stables Papi is looking after his goblin dog dogo he thinks to himself that he is the best goblin other than the campions. His horse copper is the strongest one that anyone has, he has sturdy armour that even has the halfling blood of its last owner on it and he has the fiercest goblin dog.
Scampi is in Gogmurts lair listening to him moan about the attack on Sandpoint, but she isn’t really listening as she leaves to go to the meeting rally she reminisces about the time Tanglefoot ate the head warchanter making her the best warchanter around.
The group get to the open area where they line up with the other goblins who are mostly Birdcruncher goblins while Ripnugget makes a speech about the massive goblin army’s attack on the longshank settlement that his longshank adviser has decreed be made in a few days when fake thunder strikes.
Gunter starts to make snarky comment about the army size.
Everyone rolls perception and sees that it is a decent sized army of about 50 goblins.
Gunter claims that the Germanic Thistletop goblins receive a better education than the English goblins.
After the goblins split into groups the three of them go to attack the town together.

The group start by passing through Paupers grave when Scampi notices the bird circling them look dead they are moving in unison and preparing to attack.
Scampi-cast “inspire courage”
Papi who thanks to his added height from his goblin dog attacks dead bird thing though he misses the bird there is a bleeding line in the air having hit for 8 pts of damage.
Gunter tries to do an acrobatic leap off dogo but when he steps on dogo’s back he gets but flicked off.
The bird creature tries to leave but Papi Attack of Opportunity hits at the red line for 9 points of damage.
The creature falls to the ground dead and its glammer falls showing that the creature resembles a peacock but in the shape of a hawk.
The three of them decide they will stop the night to eat the bird
The next morning the group cook the last of the bird and eat before going.
Gunter entranced by the fire they used to cook decides he will bring a burning torch along.
The group then come to a murky river and must come to a solution on how to pass it.
Gunter has the brilliant idea to burn the river away, so he takes his burning torch and strikes the water with a plop and his torch goes out. He pulls it back to find fish on the end of his stick. (he rolled 16 if he had rolled a 20 I would have let that work if an explosive fashion)
The group then enjoy the freshly under cooked fish.
Papi uses his horse slicer to check how deep the water is only to find its shallow even for them and they can easily walk across it. He rolled high enough that he knows that there are pits on the river floor but to fail into one you would have to roll lower than a five on a swim check.
He rides dogo has him do a runup jump acrobatics check 17 no issue.
Scampi walks across swim check 12 no issue
Gunter walks across swim check nat 1.
Gunter falls into a pit and nearly drowns-takes 1 non-lethal damage
The other wait on the other side waiting for him to splash out of the water or for his corpse to surface.
He rolls a climb check 12 and swim check 6.
So, he manages to claw himself out of the whole but then spends a couple minutes splashing and screaming in the shallow water while Papi and Scampi look at him in annoyed confusion.

The group then start travelling through the tickwood forest along the way Gunter sees a wild boar that hasn’t seen them.
He points it out to the other two and they decide to charge at it.
Roll initiative. Papi comments that they should get a surprise round but due to the distance they would have needed to sneak up to it more before charging at it.
Gunter goes first he runs up and slices at the boar and hits the pig doing 6 points of damage and slices off one of the boar’s tusk.
Gunter later picks up and keeps the boar’s tusk.
The Boar then goes to gore Gunter but down a tusk it only hits for 3 points of damage.
The boar then tries to retreat but Gunter Attack of Opportunity does another 6 points of damage to the fleeing meal.
Scampi pulls out her bow then fires an arrow and hits the boar doing 1 point of damage.
Papi charges riding his goblin dog who bites boars throat does six damage and starts eating the boar.
After convincing the goblin dog to give them the bottom half of the boar the group all eat some nice pork and have a night rest back up to full health.
The next day the group are awoken by a pop they decide that they must go find and kill the source.
Over the day Papi grow more deranged in his devotion to killing the popping noise.
Getting to the end of the forest in front of the river when Papi and Scampi realise that Gunter has a giant tick on his back.
Papi grapples him while Scampi uses her whip on the tick (nat 20)-giant tick is whipped off the back straight into the river leaving Gunter confused about what just happened as he still doesn’t know about the tick.
Now the group need to cross the river.
Papi checks the water with his horse chopper its deep but slow moving.
Papi gets dogo to move back charge and leaps across the river just falling short so dogo’s back legs land in the river but he scrambles out no issue.
Gunter rolls a perception 13 there is an old rope bridge un river but its missing the planks the rope looks sturdy you could use that to cross the river the group then ignore the bridge and Gunter just swims for it but rolls well.
Scampi then rolls for perception and notices a dead tree that could be used as a bridge if it was cut down or the group worked together to knock it down, but all her companions are already across the river.
I tell Scampi I will give her 5 attempts
Scampi’s first attempt landed a 3 and she gets smacked in the eye with a branch.
Scampi tries again she charges the tree 6 nothing happens
Scampi gets up charges at the tree and rolls 1 smacks heads first into the tree getting knocked out.
Papi and Gunter decide that she is dead, and Gunter gets on Papi’s dog and they start to leg it leaving Scampi behind.
Scampi wakes up-sees Papi and Gunter leaving if she is going to catch up with them she needs to go now.
Scampi attempt to rip some bark off the tree to help her swim roll 4 smacks herself in the face but she got a reasonable size bark to help her swim.
Scampi hears wolves coming from the forest and starts to panic she attempts to swim across roll 8 she loses her swimming aid but somehow manages to struggle across the river.
The wolves on the other side watch in bemusement but decide not to go after the meal.
Scampi chases after the other acrobatics 20 catches up to Papi and Gunter while they are having a tea break without any issues.

The group continue travelling west and come to a river. (I’m following the actual map for this.)
Papi has had enough of rivers and attempts to summon eagles animal handling 4 an eagle appears and poops in Papi’s eye. (fun idea bad roll)
The group make a perception roll they see that there is a well-made long shanks bridge on the other side of a rocky outcropping and a disjointed line of rocks in the river that could be hopped across. The group decide to try climbing the outcropping first.
Gunter leaps up the rocky cliff rolls well.
Papi and his dog roll ok struggle up the cliff kicking a load of rocks down behind them.
Scampi rolls poorly getting a load of rocks kicked in their face and loses 4 pts non-lethal damage and falls back off the outcropping with a number of rocks on them.
Scampi then decides to leap across the water via the rocks roll nat 20 and perfectly hop skips and jumps to the other side
Papi and Gunter notice three humans two guards one fat on the bridge with a cart Papi can understand common and that something scared off the horse, so the carriage is stuck on a bridge.
Remembering what happened with the boar the group go into Stealth mode the all roll and get above an unnatural 20.
Papi and dog sneak up behind two human’s guards Papi strikes him hitting him for 7 damage as the horse chopper goes into his chest then dogo bits into his arm hits 4 damage pulling him down forcing the horse chopper deeper into him killing him.
Gunter hits the second human guard with his dogslicer for 3 damage.
Scampi aims bow at the fat human on the cart hitting for 1 damage.
Papi jumps off dogo and attacks fat guy but misses and strikes the carriage by mistake
Dogo jumps up at the hits the human guard for 9 points of damage ripping out his throat and starting to eat it.
The fat man starts begging for mercy, but Gunter doesn’t speak common so hits the fat guy with his dog slicer and does six damage slicing his head off.
Papi hitches up dogo up to the wagon.
Gunter notices there is bottles of something in the carriage he rolls an intelligence check and is convinced that it is alcohol he drinks it and gets two points of health.
Gunter starts to cut up the two guards then throws the fat human in the cart.
Scampi looks at the stuff in the cart roll intelligence she knows its fire starter stuff and healing potions she drinks one and gets 6 pts of healing.

The group follow the road to where they think the popping noise came from only to find some old ground burned to cracked glass and a weird glass ball.
The group strap the glass ball to the back of the carriage and search for some tracks they follow the tracks but find it leads to a human city the one they are actually supposed to be attacking tonight.
The group get to work hollowing out the fat guy’s corpse while Scampi casts prestidigitation to clean up the body and smell of not dead corpse and roll craft untrained and to assist total 20.
They all climb into the body and operate it from the inside like a puppet then move to town
The Guard rolls a 1 and doesn’t notice the corpse puppet is dead he questions why he is using a goblin dog instead of a horse and where his guards are.
The group claims they were attacked the horse ran away but they managed to tame the goblin dog and that his guards are injured.
Group Roll bluff 16 Guard roll sense motive 2.
The guard quickly lets the group in they all enter the city they stop the cart next to the chapel a man is standing on the stage with a rock and the sound of thunder happens.
The group get to work Gunter joins up with some bird munchers and starts lighting a fire in the corner of the chappal.
Papi goes off obsessed with catching the popping noise knowing it is in the city.
Scampi finds a stall of glass things that keep fixing themselves and her group have a ball smashing the self-repairing glass.
Gunter’s group is attacked by the priest who kills one of his goblins more people show up but one half size human tries to sneak around to him but he cuts it down however another human gets in the way when he tries to kill the half shank then a dog attacks him, then a human attacks him with an electric stick and he gets exploded.
One of Scampi’s goblins sets off a spark and the carriage explodes then a human kills one of her goblins she casts laughing magic on the longshank who falls down the humans are killing her goblins and putting out the beautiful fire she pulls out her bow and hit one of the longshanks but gets surrounded by a half shank, a long shank and a dog the stupid long shank who started this hit the dog with a glass thing and blinds another she takes this chance to pull out her bow she doge’s the metal stick but gets its head bitten off by what she realised as its teeth were coming down was a bear.
Papi searches all over town looking for the popping noise he then finds a dog and a long shank in shinny’s, so he will eat the dog and keep the shinny’s. After he takes down the dog he notices a crowd of goblins cheering him on when a long shank shows up calling him a coward demanding a one on one fight. This might be the popping sound he accepts the long shank kills dogo and the two fight valiantly the goblin commander has never had such an even fight but in the end, he is impaled on the metal stick and dies.

2018-12-02, 06:11 PM
Session 4 (or session gob1ish)

Hi everybody we were still down the two players so I we disided to start an offshoot campaign using the goblins set along time ago in a galaxy far far away but nothing to do with the force.

This one is a bit short because we had to cut it short but after talking to the group and asking what they want. I intend for this to be more kingdom building keeping track of resources and subjects. Im hoping for something like Tensei Slime or re monster we will see.

A group of goblins are set out on a hunt by the cave leader. Roll survival they get a 47 between the three of them so they get some berry’s, mushrooms and a Stagg.
Returning to the cave the group find the corpses of goblins and immediately decide to all strip the bodies of loot-get a few rags, dogslicers, and goblin meat. Yes apparently these goblins especially Gunter are cannibals so much for my hopes and dreams.
The group all enter the cave Papi by the door sees some more corpses he decides to roll a heal check and finds that the older corpses were killed by humans however the newer corpses were killed by a beast with claws and some have burns marks.
The group roll knowledge checks with a 1 Gunter does a prostate exam on the corpses and thinks ghosts are responsible.
Scampi rolls well enough to know that this is some kind of lizard.
Papi rolls well and thinks its kobolds.
The group rolls perception and stealth B the B goblins have great stealth.

Scampi sees two black kobolds further down in the cave the kobolds had rolled the same saves at the same time these two had rolled a stealth lower than scampi’s perception.
Gunter charges at the first black kobold and attacks hitting for 3 points of damage through the back taking him down to the sound of the group proclaiming it a hate crime.
At this position I show the other kobolds 1 white 1 green and a red. (Green and red were reskins of ones I built for fun Brunt and Natch)
For some reason that escapes me at the moment (It was relevant at the time) someone who shall not be named (me) started spoken word sings “I’ll be there for you” which results in all of us singing “the friends theme tune”.
Scampi-gets out her bow and aims at other black cobalt and hits 1 non-lethal damage 1d4 -1 at a roll of 1.
When damage is less than 1 it becomes 1 non-lethal I know this due my experience with summon 1.
The red kobold says something in draconic and casts flare down the hallway. (he tells the others to cover their eyes one black and the white fail there sense motive)
Gunter gets blinded Scampi is fine Papi gets dazed and one of the black kobolds is blinded the white kobold makes his save.
Doggo commits Police Brutality charges in and bite attack hits 6 damage rips and tears into the Black kobold killing him.
Scampi-walks a bit further in aims her bow at the white kobold hits 3 damage hits him in the face the kobold is in pain but angry.
Gunter rolls con and recovers from blindness he asks if he can use his five foot step to jumps on the downed black cobalt I tell him to roll acrobatics with a 18 he lands on the kobold inflicting a lot of pain getting labelled a hate crime again.
He then attacks the white kobold proclaiming “It’s not racist if I’m killing the whites and blacks evenly” followed by him missing the kobold with his first strike.
His second attack does 5 damage and takes down and out the whitey.
The red scale then speaks draconic casts shield on himself then in broken common shouts “you stop we work gether” before the Green scale cobalt grapples and drags him down the corridor.
Papi sick’s doggo on Green scaled kobold but with a nat 1 slams face into floor 4 non-lethal damage to himself.
Papi walks up to the group Scampi skips a turn then Gunter attempts to climb over doggo. He steps on Dogo but parallel history repeats itself and doggo jumps.
Gunter then ends up flat on his arse the kobolds escape and the ENCOUNTER ENDS.

The group decide they want to loot the body’s I tell them to roll survival I forgot to tell them the kobold’s are naked. Papi roll 13 he gets a black venom pouch 2 pieces of kobold meat and 40 black scales.
Gunter goes for the white meat rolls 11 he gets 34 white scales, 2 pieces of kobold meat, 1 white venom pouch.
Scampi rolls a 16 and gets 2 black venom pouches, 12 black scales and 1 piece of Kobold meat.
Gunter then starts to eat the goblin corpses when the group looks for some live goblins.
Gunter and Papi roll well and find 11 goblins alive almost max roll.
These are the only survivors Gunter wants them to be terrified slaves while Papi wants them to be loyal servants.
So they roll diplomacy 19 vs intimidate 13.
The goblin children are terrified and have no idea what to do so they become super obedient to Papi.
This annoys Gunter who really wants to beat and or kill some of the goblin children.
(it’s a good thing I forgot to change these guys to true neutral and saved my time by leaving them evil.)
Papi trys to convince Gunter not to kill them by saying if any of them step out of line Gunter can do what he wants this isn’t enough so Papi just says he will get gunter something to kill if he just leaves the goblins alone.
The goblin children tell them what happened they were put in cages to sleep then longshank’s came and killed almost everyone.
The adventurers then took the longshank women away after that kobolds arrived scavenging for anything good because most of the elder goblins were killed or badly injured the kobolds killed them but were hurt in the process.
Gunter grabs one of the goblins and demands all the fire making things in the cave. The goblin child tells them about the room with fire making things.
Gunter leaves to go to the room followed by Papi only finding 14 blocks of wood, a flint and tinder, human flesh, some rusty metal armour, some normal dogslicers, normal horse choppers and 6 puppy goblin dog.
Gunter ready’s his dog slicer with Papi stopping him from getting goblin dog meat and wasting resources.
The group decide that they need to find somewhere save as the long shanks will probably come back to get the rest of them. They lock the children back in the nursery with the puppies and other goods telling them if anything happens to the puppies it’s their neck.
The group deside to go to the upper opening of the cave to look around roll perception they see the following.
1. Three kobolds by the river (red, blue, green but not the ones they fought before).
2. A camp fire with some long shanks on the opposite side of the river.
3. A hours and carriage near by the camp on the other side of the road.
4. A owlbear eating a boar in the treeline.
Before the group leave the cave Gunter attempts to burn the nursery but gets a slap round the head instead.

The story ends there.

Here is the collectables list.

18 berrys
14 mushrooms
9 pieces of deer meat
7 pieces of goblin meat
5 pieces of kobold meat
52 black scales
34 white scales
3 black venom pouches (can be used once for 1d8 acid damage on a 5ft splash)
1 white venom pouch (like the black but 1d8 cold damage)
14 blocks of wood
1 flint and tinder
6 human meat
1 set of rusty metal armour
4 sets of leather armour
9 dogslicers
3 horse choppers

11 goblin children.
6 puppy goblin dog.

2019-02-17, 11:22 AM
Sorry for the late upload we played a couple of session then we had Christmas obligations and after Christmas we lost half the players so we started a new game to be honest I haven’t been enjoying rotrl I have been enjoying the new game a lot more and we are about 5 sessions in at the moment so I decided to finish writing this up and vex is writing up our current game.

Session 5

This week we have two guests the one playing mike was formally playing Farther Zantus.

The Party Wakes up having had a couple weird dreams of goblins with farther Zantus entering the old chapel nervously asking the group to come with him as an issue has occurred.
The group go around the back to the graveyard their they meet two locals a human and a slightly grey man with pointed ears.
Farther zantus introduces the two men as local adventures who helped defend the main gate during the goblin raid.
• Damocles Avertin is a human fighter and the son of the previous sheriff Casp Avertin he is considered an unofficial guard by most the town.
• Mike the bardbarian as he referees to himself is a half elf skald from a wild elf tribe after attaining manhood he was sent away from the tribe with only his ancestral ring and sword.
The two have been called because the graveyard has been ransacked during the goblin raid and something appears to be active in the tomb.
Farther Zantus expresses his apologies that the graves of the groups friends have been dug up. This is met with a resounding and heartfelt “what friends?”
The group approach Father Tomans Mausoleum noting that the door has been broken into several fragments.
Going down the stairs Bruce sees an opportunity for revenge and tries to push Julien down the stairs.
He rolls a 4 attack.
knowing how forgiving his team is he tries to cover it up by pretending to give Julien a pat on the back.
Bluff 18 vs sense motive 7
Julien is slightly confused and starts checking he hasn’t lost any positions.
The group leaves Wilson on guard outside just encase this is a trap.
On the way down the group notice skeletons patrolling the crypt.
Damocles charges to attack the skeleton but not noticing the columns bounces his weapon off the structure missing the target.
Bruce throws his Kukri at the other skeleton doing 10 damage smashing its skull leaving it to wonder around for a few steps before collapsing into a pile of bones. He then summons the kukri back to himself.
Julien moves to help Damocles thrusting his lance he threads his weapon through the column gaps like a needle and strikes for 14 damage through the ribs destroying the skeletons body.
Mike rolls perception then goes to investigate a rag in the corner before pocketing a rob of bones.
Cathleen investigates the smashed coffin of Father Tolbin.
She rolls high and she can tell from the dents and cracks in the coffin and lid that the body was broken up when the lid was smashed but someone gathered up all the parts and stole them for some unknown reason.
At the same time Bruce sees the still animated skull and decides that he wants it as a pet however this is still in initiative so he will not get to pick it up yet.
Damocles slightly annoyed at his miss before decides that the skull is still dangerous smashes it with a single strike.
Cathleen reminds Bruce he already has a pet then asks the weird fish what it name is.
It’s called fish apparently and it wants food.
Bruce decides that Its now called Philip the Fish then he feeds Philip some jerky.
Shuffling through the skull he shattered with his kukri BR fids two platinum coins welded into parts of the eye sockets.
Julien rolls a 1 for perception and can’t see anything past his overblown ego when he sees a mirror on the wall.
The group Damocles has something in his boot but leaves it for now.
As the group leave the tomb they talk with farther Zantus who is disturbed about the necromancy combined with the theft of a holy corpse stating he will contact the sheriff and thanking Damocles and mike the bardbarian.
Bruce states he doesn’t trust the priest asks Julian if he can torture him for information. (he is well on his way to being evil if he actually follows through he may become the next Jason vorhe)
Before he gets permission, he realises that the Priest is already gone.
Damocles checks what’s in his foot but instead of seeing what it is throws it away.
Bruce knowing there was money on the tomb searches for the thing roll 18 and finds a gold coin attacked to a skull fragment in one of the dug-up graves.

With nothing else to do the group decide to go to The Rusty Dragon.
Bruce, Cathleen and Julian roll to see if they notice anything.
Bruce and Cathleen recognise the lady from last night who told them about the stables Ameiko Kaijitsu sweeping up by the bar.
Julian doesn’t recognise anything particularly.
Ameiko is approached by a large man who is complaining about the goblins and his room. Ameiko explains the circumstance but when the man starts acting aggressive and tries to grab her she uses to broom to make a pool/snooker reference.
The man shakily walks away towards the door and bruce uses this to make an attack of opertunity and kicks the guys arse sending him flying out the pub. Followed by “GIT FOOKED”.
Julien attempts to seduce Ameiko but with a nat 1 charisma roll she laughs in his face.
The group then notice Wilson is missing looking outside they see the town Baker shoving bread into his hands and forcing him to eat it.
The group then notice the man they saved coming down the stairs he emidiatly thanks Mike and Damocles. He then spots the rest of the group and expresses the thanks of the foxglove house to both groups.
Bruce suggests buying them drinks foxglove steps up and has a round for all on his tab.
The group orders drinks and Julien claims Cathleen cannot drink because she is a child to the staff’s confusion.
Cathleen then attempts to punch Julien in the balls-but misses and just punches the bar instead.
Everyone has a drink and needs to roll fortitude to resist the drink Even the bear.
Julien slight of hands foxgloves pockets then attempts to roofie the bear.
The bear immediately notices and tries to snap Julien who manages to avoid getting bitten.
After the round foxglove offers to take the whole group hunting with him and the group all go to the stables.
Daviren seeing Julien makes a couple joke about the night before then stands up strait and starts acting in a “Proper manor” when foxglove walks in.
Foxglove purchases a group of horses and a pony for the group to ride.
Lord foxglove expresses his intrest at the size of cathleens dog.
Daviren expresses confusion as he is sure that’s a bear.
Ozzy attempts a bluff dog noices to trick everyone into thinking he is a dog 18.
Julien “for the last time, we don’t care Timmy is down the well!”
The group then set out for tickwood.
Each member is then told to roll a d100 (I had a little graph of things for them to fight overlaps go together then I just split up the group accordingly)
The group discuss if pandas are celestial bears and Julien made a joke about the group fighting a panda. (it was a good joke)

Julien and Mike are paired up together they spot a boar so they sneak up on it Julien is silent almost invisible, but Mike starts to sing a sneaking song (think heavy rock “we are sneaking we are sneaking”) and attracts the attention of the boar. Julien charges the boar-10 damage Mike attempts to slice at boar-just takes the boar tips off-power attack-18 damage. The pork pig is now dead.
Bruce & Cathleen find a boar-pig doesn’t see them Bruce sneaks up hits the boar 6 damage Cathleen just watches the Boar attacks but misses Bruce who crit hits 13 damage to the boar slitting its throat.
Damiclys & Wilson see some of a boar and a really big Panda-bear sees them both it attacks and hits-6 damage to the Panda. The panda then swipes x2 but daily doges both paws, but gets bitten right on the head Damiclys takes 6 pts damage Wilson does 4 damage to the Panda and Damiclys attacks misses he then attempts to intimidate panda. The panda is now disappointed in its meal he attacks with his paws again misses both but gets a good bite again for 10 damage Damiclys goes down Wilson casts message to get attention Julien, Cathleen, and Mike to get attention Bruce follows up with an attempts to hit the panda but misses. Mike attempts to seduce the bear and massages the bear it hits the confused panda. Now the bear is distracted and aroused Julien charges in shouting (FOR NARNIA!!!!!) charges straight past the bear. The bear is now more confused than ever and attacks Julien miss then hits for 7 damage Wilson 5ft step and casts ray of frost hitting for 2 damage Da rolls 20 on his save and 5 ft step back throws his throwing axe but misses then attempts to intimidate the panda again. The panda in now annoyed Bruce throws his kukri but misses then recalls it throws it again and hits 9 damage the kukri now lodged in the Panda. Mike charges rolls low and his sword is sent flying away. Cathleen sends in Ozzy. Ozzy attacks uses bite nat 20 and tares the panda apart it is now dead. (the wwf are gunning for the group now.)
The group starts packing up there spoils
Ozzy growls at Julien as he trys to take food out his mouth.
Damiclys -takes a Cure Light Wounds Potion.
Mike -pulls a muscle when putting bear on the horse-4 non-lethal damage
Both Damiclys and Mike’s horses are injured as the fail ride checks.
Damiclys and Mike drag to panda the rest of the way.
The Panda corpse is now badly damaged.
The stable master attempts to **** Mike round the ear for damaging the horse but misses.
Julian zaps Mike for 2 damage.
Damiclys punches Julian and takes 1 shock damage Julian takes 5 damage and Julian is now knocked out at this point Damiclys and mike realise they left their sword and axe where they had fort the panda and venture out to find it.

Session 6

Back at the Rusty Dragon
Bruce goes to the bar for a drink and gets a bottle of dwarf Jesus brew.
He hears people chatting in the background stuff like “the general store girl is a slut” “kid keeps screaming about closet goblins” “guy who keeps smashing glasses and drinking” “a noble who licking spoons” “illegitimate elf who’s the barkeepers bro” “a glass salesman had a meeting with a guy but he doesn’t appear” “the Hack fish does some strong stuff”. Guess what hook the players go for.
Julian IS THIS WATER OR JUICE????? SPERM???? “the water that the hagfish lives in”
He then Tries to bring guy to back alley to get stabby but fails “I don’t swing that way buddy”.
Julian drags Bruce and Cathleen to the Hagfish.
Along the way they see the abandoned glass stall and deside to loot it.
Julian finds some fae glass marbles.
Bruce finds a lockbox with 20 silver and fae glass cube.
Cathleen finds a special mirror-The Mirror of Entrapment.
The Party goes to the Hagfish.
Julian goes to the barkeep and demands hagfish semen confusing everyone.
Bruce goes to grab the lance but fumbles and gets tazzed for 2 damage.
Then Julian get the lance and tazzed Bruce again-12 damage.
Bruce goes down.
Cathleen casts cure light wounds-9 health added.
Bruce is now at 6 health.
Bruce then drinks blue alcoholic potion and goes back up to full health.
Bruce then goes to drink the weird water and pays 1 silver.
At first he does ok but then gets a hagfish scale stuck in his throat and Vomits it back up.
Cathleen pays 1 silver then downs it like a champ she then carves her name all fancy like into the wall and wins 12 gold and 6 silver.
Julien tries to get the crowd to cheer but fails.
Julien gets a bottle of silver chalice Bourbon thrown at him which he catches.
Bruce sees a group of men at a table making bets on top of a shield he bets them for the Shield and just by the skin of his teeth wins. Bruce now has “The Shield of Chance”.
When a successful attack involves this shield roll a d20. If the roll is 1 do 1d8 damage, 2 do 1d6 damage, 3 do 1d4 damage type negative energy damage to the attack target. If the roll is 20 do 1d8 healing, 19 do 1d6 healing, 18 do 1d4 healing type positive energy to the attack target.
Bruce notices old men snickering and pointing at him.
He demands what they are laughing at but before they can answer Julian stealth attacks Bruce and hits for 8 damage stunned.
Bruce drinks a couple more of the alcoholic heling potions and gets 2 pts of health back followed by 6pts of health.
BR now feels tipsy.
The party the go looking for a fight and are told to go to the meat market.

The Party goes to the meat market and are told
Rule one don’t talk about fight club
Rule two don’t talk about fight club
Rule three don’t swear nobody likes it.
Bruce Back to full Health puts down 2 silver and manages not to piss himself.
Bruce fights Meat elemental but gets hit-7 damage
Throws Kukri and hits-7 damage recalls kukri to Bruce.
Meat monster attacks and hits 5 damage Bruce goes down.
Julian jumps into the ring and gets hit by the Mince monster-7 damage
Julian attacks Mince monster-hits 24 damage-monster dies.
Cathleen casts cure light wounds on Bruce for 1 health then uses cure light wounds potion Bruce wakes up and has 3 pts of health.
Bruce eats the cooked meat monster and gets 2 pts of health back.
They both get a magic sandwich.
Julian and Bruce try to pick a fight with the announcer who claims if they keep acting up he will get the guards.
Cathleen walks off.
Bruce eats his sandwich Bruce is now on 6 health and Temporary enlarge human effect.
Bruce and Julian fight the GIANT elemental meat.
Julian flanks one side
Bruce throws kukri misses draws great sword and flanks
Meat Monster swarms Julian who Attack of Opportunity hits for 5 damage the monster attacks and hits for 7 pts damage.
Julian CMB check avoids grapple and attacks for 4 electric damage.
Bruce attacks with his greatsword a nat 20 confirmed.
Bruce then attempts to eat the mince monster doing 7 damage.
Mince monster attempts to attack Bruce and fails.
Julian attacks the monster and hits9 electric damage.
Bruce attempts to eat Monster again hits 7 damages.
It goes on for a while with Bruce eating the monster julian electrocuting it and the monster failing to hit before the monster retreats.
The Party gets 600 XP each
Party levels up
Bruce notices business man-gives ‘the Nod’
Julian notices the owner of the Rusty Dragon-attempts to impress but fails
Awarded another slab of meat
Sandwich power gone (OOC the vale between the plane of salt and the plain of mortals in thin in most of the ocean but for some reason it is particularly thin in the meat locker so the salt elementals are puppeteering the salt in the meet)
Cathleen during this time has gone back to the inn-goes to bed-reads the note-has a note from a horny noble-Lord Foxglove
Bruce and Julian now back at Inn-go to sleep