View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Circle of Breath- A shape focused Druid subclass

Magic Myrmidon
2018-11-21, 03:42 PM
This is a homebrew I made for my setting with rather niche flavor, but I definitely feel like that can be generalized. The general idea is a druid who extends their mastery of wildshape outside of themselves. Let me know what you think, if you please!


Gentle Exhalation
At 2nd level, you can coax Gaia into creating minor changes in you, your allies, and your enemies. By expending a use of your wildshape, you can shift the form of a number of creatures equal to 2+your Wisdom modifier within 30 ft. Your abilities allow you to apply any one of the following options:
• Give the creature Water Breathing
• Give the creature a 30 ft Swim Speed
• Give the creature a Climb Speed of 20 ft
• Give the creature a bonus or penalty of 10 ft to their move speed
• Give the creature a strength-based claw attack that does d6 damage
• Add or remove Scent
• Add or Remove Darkvision
• Inflict the blinded condition
• Inflict the deafened condition
You choose an effect for each individual creature. These changes last for a number of hours equal to half your druid level (rounded down). Unwilling creatures are allowed a Constitution save with a DC equal to your spell save DC to resist the effects.

Stable Form
At 6th level, Gaia’s Breath provides shelter against effects that would shift you from your natural physical state.
You have advantage on saves against spells that would alter your physical form such as polymorph, as well as effects that would result in being blinded, deafened, or petrified.

Accelerated Evolution
At 10th level, using Gaia’s Breath to change a creature’s form has become routine.
Polymorph is added to your list of druid spells. It is always considered prepared without counting against your number of spells you can prepare each day. You can choose to target either Constitution or Wisdom with this spell. Furthermore, you can cast Polymorph once per short rest without using a spell slot.

Warping Gale
At 14th level, you have formed a close bond with Gaia, and become a conduit for her to exert her will. When you use your Gentle Exhalation feature, you can choose two effects for each creature. Any movement speed additions or adjustments from Gentle Exhalation are doubled.
Furthermore, the following effects are now available to choose from when you use Gentle Exhalation:

• A flight speed of 30 ft.
• Burrow Speed of 30 ft.
• Tremorsense of 60 ft.
• Blindsight of 30 ft.
• Add or remove a damage resistance
• Give advantage or disadvantage on ability checks for any single attribute.


Soon after posting this, I'm thinking it's probably easier to just give move speeds equal to a character's typical land speed. But then again, that would run into some weirdness with Aaracokra... I dunno.