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2018-11-25, 06:51 AM
Gloves of Belt Making

These very light beige cloth gloves give the wearer the supernatural ability to form a belt out of an amulet, brooch, medallion, necklace, periapt, or a scarab. This process takes one minute. The belt must be worn immediately after it has been formed or the item returns to its original form. The effect ends if either of or both gloves are taken off or if the belt is taken off, but otherwise the belt form is a permanent supernatural effect.

Furthermore, the gloves grant a +5 competence bonus on Craft (belt making) checks.

Both gloves must be worn for the magic to be effective.

? transmutation; CL ?th; Craft Wondrous Item, creator must have 5 ranks in the Craft (belt making) skill; Price ? gp.

2018-11-25, 02:23 PM
A similar item is the mummified hand so you might want to balance the cost of your item around the cost of a mummified hand with the other features removed(You can reverse engineer the value of the other features with the magic item pricing guide in the dmg)

2018-11-25, 10:24 PM
I'd price it at somewhere around 10,950 gp as an item based off of a limited Make Whole power, which I'd also include in its creation as that spell has the ability to restore the powers of broken (or in this case reshaped) magic items, plus a +5 to a Craft skill (which is an additional not very similar power).

2018-11-26, 12:47 AM
Hand Of Glory: 8,000 gp, CL 5th

Value of daylight 1/day: 6,000 (3rd level spell x CL 5 x 2,000 (use-activated) / 5 (1 use/day))
Value of see invisibility 1/day: 3,000 (2nd level spell x CL 5 x 2,000 (use-activated) / 5 (1 use/day) x0.75 for a similar ability)
Total so far: 9,000 gp

So, even before the "extra ring space" ability (which should also have a 50% cost increase, as it's not a spell-like ability), a hand of glory breaks the magic item creation guidelines. Therefore, I'd be willing to throw in the "amulet/brooch/etc --> belt" ability for free.

So, an item with a +5 skill bonus costs 100 gp x bonus squared = 2,500 gp.

Although you're getting an ability for free, it's so niche I wouldn't see a problem with it.

Incidentally, what inspired this?

2018-11-26, 01:51 AM
Thank you so much for the feedback and estimates! Very good! I'm just disappointed to see that the item is expensive. If I give it to my players, it will eat up a lot of their WBL. I'm not complaining, I'm just disappointed.

Incidentally, what inspired this?

My players are sometimes maybe a little bit annoyed that there are so many items for body slot X but so few for body slot Y. For instance, there are very very few belts but so many neck items. Unfortunately, my idea does not really function due to the WBL system. It would a punishment to give this item to my high-mid level PCs.

2018-11-26, 04:43 AM
Righto. I'd suggest letting them take items to a local wizard to be permanently reshaped for a different body slot (for a small fee).

2018-11-26, 04:46 AM
I am sorry to have confused the two hands in dnd.

2018-11-26, 07:23 AM
I am sorry to have confused the two hands in dnd.

No you referenced the right one! The hand of glory is indeed a mummified hand. :)

2018-11-27, 01:12 PM
Just make whatever item fit a different body slot if you have too much of one thing. If it's random loot, just say it's different.

It sucks to charge them for an item to carry around when you can just handwaive it

2018-11-27, 04:04 PM
I believe there is a provision in the magic item costing rules (I don't have access at the moment) for a cost multiplier when an item is made for a slot into which it doesn't naturally fit, e.g. Boots of Telepathy, Pants of Invisibility, etc. Just apply that as necessary and hand wave all else. Not only is the item unnecessary for the stated purpose, it also stinks of abuse potential once you let it out of your control.

Incidentally, Craft (Belt making) is weirdly specific. I suggest that Craft (Leather) would make sense, or Craft (Any, when applied in making a belt) if you want to allow belts of other materials. It's a skill point tax for using this item in any case, but at least let the skill be a little useful at other times.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, my good man. I see that you are a master belt maker. I have need of your services!"

"Yes, I am a belt maker. I make belts of leather and belts of mail. Belts of silk, of knotted twine, or of pure gold. What's that you ask? Fix the leather strap on your armor? No, I'm sorry, good sir, I have no skill at armory; I only make belts."

Another way is to make up new items for the belt slot, rather than adapt existing items into it. For WBL at character creation, let the players get creative as long as you approve the items' abilities (not game breaking) and their slot applicability and their correct pricing. For treasure, you get to be the creative one. So instead of turning a Brooch of Shielding into a Belt of Shielding, just make up a new item that's appropriate to the belt slot.

Belt of Straightening
When the wearer of this belt adjusts its position on his/her waste, all of his/her clothes become mended, clean, pressed, and straightened. In addition, s/he is clean, and has has a fresh haircut and (if applicable) shave.
Variant: This item can also be made as a neck tie to use the neck body slot instead of the belt slot.

EDIT: Added the suggestion to make new items.