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2018-11-25, 10:11 PM
I was thinking of using the Number Magician from AEG's Magic. It's a pretty neat concept; the mage in question attempts to approximate the subject's true name by expressing as much detail about the subject as possible in the form of mathematical equations (date of birth, height, girth, weight, ect), and then converting the equations into a sentence. And it uses the vancian system, so I don't have to worry about the unwieldiness of ToM truenameing rules.

Only problem (and it's not even really a problem, just a minor nitpick) is that the class isn't given a customized spell list to reflect the eccentricities of its source, unlike most of the other classes in the book. Anyone have any suggestions?

2018-11-25, 11:06 PM
There are the spells in ToM, for starters.

2018-11-26, 02:35 PM
There are the spells in ToM, for starters.

That is a good start, yes. It has both wizard and cleric spells, which would be useful for both the Number Mage and the Archivist (which correspond to each other in the setting as two sides of the same coin).

Any other suggestions?