View Full Version : 5e Kunai

2018-11-26, 10:49 AM
The Kunai is a long, diamond-shaped blade attached to a handle with a loop on it. They were originally used as farming tools, until they proved to be powerful and versatile weapons. They could also help their user scale surfaces when a rope was passed through the loop.

Ideally, they should work somewhat like daggers with longer range and faster speed at the cost of a little damage. As a Light, Melee Monk weapon in DnD 5e, how would you homebrew a Kunai?

2018-11-26, 10:53 AM
Daggers. I'd call 'em daggers. At the level of abstraction 5e uses for weapons, there's really no point in going any deeper.

2018-11-26, 11:23 AM
A dagger with the additional benefit that it can act like a piton. That's it. 5e does not have very deep or complex weapon mechanics as mentioned before so it's just a dagger.