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2018-11-28, 10:17 PM
A homebrew archetype based on the Halcyon Druid archetype, but ported over to Shaman.

Here it is:

Bonded Mask (Su)
A halcyon shaman forms a powerful bond with a mask, which functions identically to a wizardís bonded object except that it can be used to cast shaman spells (including those gained from class abilities) instead of wizard spells. A bonded mask must be worn to have an effect, and it occupies the head slot. A halcyon shaman can enhance her mask with abilities appropriate for a head slot item, and can designate an existing head slot item as her bonded mask (but only if it covers her face).
She prepares spells by spending 1 hour in quiet contemplation.
This ability replaces Spirit Animal and Deliver Touch Spells.

Well-Trained (Ex)
A halcyon shaman adds all Knowledge skills to her list of class skills.
This ability alters the shamanís class skills.

Celestial Magic
A halcyon shaman gains a domain similar to a Cleric, and adds the spells offered by her domain to those she can prepare or spontaneously cast through the Spirit Magic class feature. She does not gain any domain powers from her selection.
Domain Options: Community, Good, Animal
She may elect to instead choose a subdomain of her choice within one of the above domains.
She also gains an Aura as a Cleric of equal level to her Shaman level.
This ability alters spirit magic and replaces wandering spirit.

Natural Arcana
At 2nd level, a halcyon shaman chooses an arcane school, gaining both level one abilities. She may choose the Universalist school, but may not choose Sin magic. She uses her shaman level at all references to her wizard level and uses her Wisdom modifier in place of her Intelligence modifier when referenced.
At 4th level and every 2 levels thereafter, a halcyon shaman chooses a total of two spells from the wizard/sorcerer or druid spell lists, and adds them to her shaman spell list. The chosen spells must be at least 1 level lower than the highest level spell she can currently cast. At 20th level, the halcyon shaman can choose wizard/sorcerer or druid spells of any level.
This ability replaces all hexes and both wandering hexes gained, but she is still considered to have the hex class feature for qualifying for feats like Extra Hex.

Embody Mask (Sp)
At 12th level, a halcyon shaman wearing her bonded mask can embody the spirit it represents, which can be any Tiny to Large agathion, angel, archon, or azata. This ability requires a standard action to activate and functions as per beast shape IV (using the adjustments for magical beasts), but adds the following abilities if the assumed form has them: aura of menace, protective aura, speak with animals, telepathy, and truespeech. If the assumed form has immunity to a condition, the shaman gains a +4 bonus on saving throws against effects that cause that condition. A halcyon shaman can use this ability for a number of minutes per day equal to her shaman level. The duration does not need to be consecutive, but must be used in 1-minute increments.

Eternity (Su)
At 20th level, a halcyon shaman embraces the power of the eternities. She ceases aging, no longer suffer age-related penalties to ability scores, and cannot be magically aged. She gains an extra spell slot for each spell level she can cast. Lastly, she becomes immune to hostile transmutation effects.