View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next war domain thats better at war

2018-12-01, 02:33 PM
war domain spells: same as PHB

armor and weapon prof:same as PHB

War priest : from 1st level you can call upon your deity to empower your strike. as a bonus action, once on each of your turns you can enhance the next strike you make when with a weapon attack, you can cause the attack to deal extra radiant damage equal to your wisdom modifier.

channel divinity: guided strike: same as PH

extra attack: Beginning at 6th level, you can Attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on Your Turn.

divine strike: same as PHB

avatar of battle:Starting at 17th level, when an attacker that you can see hits you with an Attack or makes you roll a saving throw, you can use your reaction to halve the attack's damage against you or grant advantage on the saving throw.