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2018-12-03, 11:02 AM
Driderweave Silk
Effects: This template can be added onto anything made of silk. It increases the hitpoints of the item to 8 hp/inch and the hardness to 2. If used for rope, the DC increases by 5. If used on silk clothes, it grants +1 to AC and a +2 circumstance bonus on diplomacy checks with royalty. If used on silk armour, it decreases the weight of the armour by 3 lbs, increases the AC by 1, increases max dex by 1, and lowers the ASF percentage by 5 (to a minimum of 0).
Price for rope: +25gp
Price for clothes: +100gp
Price for armour: +400gp

Driderweave Arcana
Fluff: Pure arcane energies are woven into the item, reinforcing it and covering it with web-like lines.
Effects: This template can be placed on magic items, armour, and weapons. When placed on magic items, the hardness of the item increases by 1 and the item has a 1% chance of working in an antimagic field (this is decided upon entering an antimagic field and the result is the same whenever the same antimagic field in encountered). When placed on armour, the hardness of the armour increases by 2, the HP of the material is increased by 5/inch, the AC is increased by 1, and the mas dex is increased by 1. When placed on weapons, the hardness of the weapon increases by 1, the HP of the material is increased by 2/inch, the category of the weapon is reduced by one if possible(2-handed to 1-handed, 1-handed to light, light to light), and the weapon gains +5 to saves against being sundered.
Price for magic items: +1000
Price for armour: +1 enhancement
Price for weapon: +2 enhancement.

Driderweave Metalis
Ffuff: Small silken foundation threads are treated with magic and implanted into the metal during the forging process.
Effects: All metal items created in this way have their hardness increased by 4. Metal armour made this way increases its' AC bonus by 1. Slashing weapons forged with it have their critical threat range increased by 1.
Price for metal tool or general item: +50gp
Price for armour: +200
Price for non-slashing weapon: +200
Price for slashing weapon: as if +1 enhancement.

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