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2018-12-04, 08:26 AM
Hello everyone!

What do you think about the conception of dog centaurs creatures?
It's a new race for DnD 5e, our studio made miniatures based on arts by Nikita Orlov. There are more than 20 breeds, each breed has pregenerated class.


Some of the minis have also humanoid versions:


2018-12-05, 03:43 PM
I like the idea.
but 20 seems like a bit much to me. I'd do The main dog types

Sporting Group (hunting, wis based tracking skills)
Hound Group (normal jack of all trades human equivilent)
Working Group (high strength)
Terrier Group (burrowing / tracking)
Toy Group (small)
Non-Sporting Group (other? Charisma maybe)
Herding Group (pack tactics maybe)

Then for cats
House cat (small)
Lion (pack tactics, strength based)
Tiger (str and wis?
Panther (includes all climbing tree climbing cats) (dex and climbing)
Cheetahs (see Tabaxi)

Or even simpler:
Big cat
Small cats

Small dogs
Hunting dogs
Herding dogs
Racing dogs

I would just make sure there's a market for it in your personal game before working on 20 subraces

2018-12-06, 12:29 PM
AD&D's Lupin is said to have more variants though, so I guess there's precedence. But many things in AD&D were messed up and I'm not sure whether Lupin is one of those.
Anyway, AD&D is older than me, so I have no idea how it actually played out...